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tradelist.gif (2765 Byte)

Russia04-04-1999Secondcoming.GIF (9159 Byte)

Russian concert-poster for April 4, 1999, vertical (Second coming photo), A1, Russia

Russia04-04-1999sawblade.GIF (9179 Byte)

Russian concert-poster for April 4, 1999 (black/yellow, no photo), A1, Russia

Russia04-04-1999sawblade.GIF (9179 Byte)

Russian concert-poster for April 4, 1999
(slightly different writing)

Aftonbladet1997PROMO2Sweden.GIF (8447 Byte)

promo-poster for AFTONBLADET Swedish newspaper with Gene on cover, 18.6.1997, A3, Sweden

promo-poster for POLITIKKEN newspaper, 20.7.1997, A3, Denmark

Politiken1997PROMODenmark.GIF (8148 Byte)

(newspaper did not have KISS on cover; just article, but the poster was with KISS!)

KissPhantoms2xA0HUGE1-2Italy.GIF (3377 Byte)
KissPhantoms2xAoHUGE2-2Italy.GIF (3462 Byte)

mega-huge KISS PHANTOMS promo-poster
( 2 huge parts),

movie-posterA1Germany.GIF (9436 Byte)

KISS in Attack of the Phantoms movie poster 1979, Germany (machine folded)

GreatestKisspromosmallEngland.GIF (8536 Byte)

Greatest KISS, A1, 1996, England

singleShandiSouthAfrica.GIF (8159 Byte)

Shandi/She's so European, South Africa

singleSureknowsomethingIreland.GIF (9797 Byte)

Sure know something/Dirty livin', Ireland

singleTalktomeIreland.GIF (7948 Byte)

Talk to me/She's so European, Ireland

magTVWeekVictoria1980-12-06Australia.GIF (3684 Byte)

Promo-poster for TV Week (6.12.1980) with KISS on the cover, A2 (VG-), Australia

singleDirtylivinPROMMexico.GIF (9693 Byte)

Dirty livin'stereo/stereo PROMO, Mexico

singleHideyourheartPROMOCanada.GIF (7861 Byte)

Hide your heart stereo/stereo PROMO, Canada

specialJuke1980-10-31Australia.GIF (3352 Byte)

Juke Kiss Special, 31.10.1980, big size newspaper style, Australia

singleDRCGermany.GIF (1427 Byte)

7" single: Detroit Rock city/Beth (Germany)

KICP029smallParis1988-2France.GIF (3729 Byte)

Paris 1988 concert poster

singleKissintimeUSA.GIF (10003 Byte)

Kissin'time/Nothin'to lose, USA

singlekissintimePROMOUSA.GIF (9604 Byte)

Kissin'time stereo/mono PROMO, USA

magPelo1999-04Argentina.GIF (3651 Byte)

Pelo #495 (April 1999), Argentina

singleNothintolost(red)TESTPRESSINGAustralia.GIF (8277 Byte)

single: Nothing to lose (red vinyl) TEST PRESSING, Australia 1999

posterlifesizePopRocky1981Germanysmall.GIF (6028 Byte)

super rare huge life size Elder poster from German Pop/Rocky magazine 1981,  came in 12 parts (48 pages!!!)

GenePaullifesizedBRAVOGermany.GIF (3465 Byte)

huge life size poster from German Bravo magazine 1980, very rare, came in 36 parts, you had to buy Bravo magazine every week for half a year to get it complete!

RElifesizeposter.GIF (6443 Byte)

huge life size poster from Austrian magazine "Rennbahn Express" 1980, came in 4 huge parts (32 pages in total)

magBravo1979-09-27Germany.GIF (3712 Byte)

Bravo # 40/1979

magBravo1979-11-22Germany.GIF (3881 Byte)

Bravo #48/1979
(Germany): cover + article

singleLetmegoRRGermany.GIF (1513 Byte)

7" single: Let me go Rock and Roll/Hotter than hell (Germany)

magZmagazin1996-09Hungary.GIF (9958 Byte)

(9/1996), Hungary

singleNothintolost(white)TESTPRESSINGAustralia.GIF (7427 Byte)

single: Nothing to lose (white vinyl) TEST PRESSING, Australia 1999

penPeter.GIF (3619 Byte)

Peter pen, 1978 (USA)

magPlayer1979-05Japan.GIF (3584 Byte)

Player 5/1979
(Paul cover), Japan

notebookPeter.gif (3483 Byte)

notebook Peter (originally 50 pages, but a few missing)

notebookAce.gif (3543 Byte)

notebook Ace

notebook4singleAliveIIphotos.gif (3706 Byte)

notebook 4 single photos 1977 (many Kiss clippings sticked inside)

magSuosikkiExtra1984-10Finland.GIF (3522 Byte)

Suosikki Extra magazine 10B/1984 (Finland)

notebook1977Kisoncubes.gif (3784 Byte)

notebook Kiss on cubes 1977 (originally 42 sheets, but a few missing)

Discobag.gif (4104 Byte)

Discobagcontent.gif (6239 Byte)

Discobag with all contant: Gene mask, haircomb, picture, transfer, button, necklace (Australia 1980)


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