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sorry, just a few items pictured here...


In this list you find some of the rare items I have for trade against other rare items. I may also sell them, if I get a good offer that I can't refuse. Please click here, to view my WANTED-list.


penAceballpoint1978.GIF (2173 Byte)

Ace Frehley pen from 1978, sealed, USA

PeterAheadPROMOposterUSA.GIF (8235 Byte)

Peter Criss Ahead promo-poster

KIPO007smallcoinsPROMOposterUSA.GIF (8825 Byte)

promo-poster for the KISS coins, 1997, USA

bedspread.gif (7337 Byte)


displayAsylumHolland.gif (3305 Byte)

Dutch Asylum stand up promo display

magHaagscheCourant1996-12-11Holland.GIF (10859 Byte)

newspaper: Haagsche Courant 11.12.1996 (great Gene live cover + article), Holland

BremenJune1980DynastyGermany.GIF (3518 Byte)

Bremen concert-poster, Germany, June 1980

KIMA128smallmagRockBrigade1996-08Brazil.GIF (9593 Byte)

Rock Brigade (August 1996), Paul live '96 cover, Brazil

KIMA154smallmagShowbizz1996-10Brazil.GIF (10938 Byte)

Showbizz, 1996, Gene cover, Brazil

singleKissintimeArgentina.GIF (4694 Byte) 7" single: Kissin' time/Love theme from Kiss (mispressed 100.000 years!!), Argentina

magPlayer1979-06Japan.GIF (9770 Byte)

Player 6/79 (#138), Gene live '77 cover + article, Japan

singleNewYorkGrooveZimbabwe.GIF (4804 Byte)

7" single: New York Groove (Zimbabwe) VG- (woc), (it's not the one pictured here)

singleGeneSimmonssoloThailand.GIF (4736 Byte)

7" single with Gene Simmons cover, Thailand

singleAceFrehleysoloThailand.GIF (4672 Byte)

7" single with Ace Frehley cover, Thailand

BestofSoloPROMOposterArgentina.GIF (3428 Byte) Best of Solo LP Promo poster, Argentina



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Peter Criss AHEAD promo-poster, USA
bedspread, USA
Asylum stand up display, Holland
Peter Criss pen, 1978, USA
Ace Frehley pen 1978, USA
set of all 8 Majik cups, USA 1978
9 different German Kiss Phantom lobby cards
Kiss pencils from 1978 still sealed, USA

Juke KISS Special, 31.10.1980 (Kiss 1980 on cover),big size newspaper style), Australia
Ongaku Senka Kiss Special 1977, Japan
Kiss meets the Phantom 1978, USA
Marvel Comic 1978, USA
Music Life Kiss Special 1978, Japan
Sonido presenta Kiss Special, 1981, Mexico (cover in bad condition)
Hard Rock Kiss Special 1987, France
book: Still on fire 1989, Sweden
Hard Rock Kiss Poster Special 1984, France
Kiss Mega Poster Special 2004, Brazil
songbook: Easy Guitar (Destroyer/Rock & Roll over) 1977, USA
songbook: The best of Kiss (EMI Music) 1981, England
songbook: Double Platinum, USA (VG)
songbook: Dynasty, USA (VG-)

newspaper: Haagsche Courant 11.12.1996 (great Gene live cover + article), Holland
Player 6/79 (#138), Gene live '77 cover + article, Japan
Player 5/1979 with Paul on the cover, Japan
Joepie # 340, 21.9.1980: Eric at the gate on cover + article + sticker, Belgium
Pop Rock Aug. 25, 1979 (Kiss 1979 cover), Canada (few pix cut out, but NOTHING from Kiss missing)
The Marquee May 1977 (Kiss in Japan 1977 cover), USA (Kiss pages only)
Rocky, das Freizeit Magazin 24.5.1980 (Kiss 1976 cover), Germany
Bravo 29.4.1976 (Kiss 1974 cover + poster) VG+
Live! June 28, 1980 (Ace live cover), Canada
Live! Feb. 6, 1982 (Gene face cover), Canada
Live! Dec. 19, 1981 (Kiss 1981 cover), Canada
Live! Jan. 29, 1983 (Kiss cover), Canada Kiss pages only
Live! Feb. 11, 1984 (Kiss live cover), Canada Kiss pages only
Suosikki Extra 10B/1984 with Paul on the cover, Finland
Suosikki Extra 5B/1984 with Gene on the cover, Finland (poster missing)
Australian Musician Winter 2004 (Gene live cover 2003), Australia
Red Hot Rock Magazine June 2004 (Gene unmasked cover), Sweden
Musik Woche July 21, 2003 (Symphony cover), Germany
Canadian Music Network July 3, 2003 (Kiss Beethoven cover), Canada
Canadian Entertainment Network Aug. 14, 2003 (Kiss live cover), Canada
Bravo #48/1979 with KISS on the cover, Germany
Bravo #40/79 with Paul on the cover, Germany
Two Louies Dec. 2003 (Tommy Thayer live cover), USA
Rock Brigade (August 1996), Paul live '96 cover, Brazil
Showbizz, 1996, Gene cover, Brazil
Metal Hammer 10/1987, Gene & Paul '87 cover + article, Germany
Z-magazine 1996 with Kiss on the cover, Hungary
Pelo 4/1999 with Kiss on the cover, Argentina
The Island Ear July 24, 2000 (Kiss cover), USA
The Island Ear July 22, 1996 (Kiss cover), USA
Music News (Oct. 2003) Kiss cover, USA
The Patriot News Aug. 31, 2003 (Kiss/Aerosmith cover), USA
R & R (#4, Aug. 15, 2004), Kiss cover, Mexico
Real Detroit May 4, 1999 (Kiss cover), USA
At the shore July 25, 2003 (Gene live cover), USA
At the shore July 16, 2004 (Paul live cover), USA
Mixdown #120, April 2004 (Kiss 2004 cover), Australia
X-Press #899 (6.5.2004) Kiss 2004 cover, Australia
Enter Active weekly July 12, 2000 (Gene live 2000 cover), USA
Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin Apr. 14-15, 2001 (Kiss live 2001 cover), Australia (Kiss pages only)
The Age March 1, 2003 (Gene live 2003 cover), Australia (section with Kiss only)
The Rocket May 12, 1999 (Gene cover), USA
Rock city 12/02/2002 (Gene cover), Russia
Rock Fever Awards (Kiss Solo Albums cover) Summer 1979, USA
Faces Jan. 1986 (Paul cover), USA
Classic Rock 2002 (Kiss cover), Russia
Heavy Rock #223, 2002 (Gene live cover), Spain
CD Expert Games (Kiss cover), 2002, Brazil
Airbrush 3/1999 (Gene cover unmasked airbrush), Germany
Hard Symphonies May 2002 (Eric Singer cover), Argentina
Camm Aug. 14, 1992 (Kiss 1992 cover), USA
Metal #109/Feb. 1989 (Kiss 1987 cover), Argentina
Heavy Rock Especial #50 (September 1999), Ace live cover, Spain
Rockor July 2004 (Kiss cover), Russia
Toca Rock 2003 (Kis painted cover), Mexico
Comics Aug. 2004 (Kiss comic cover), Mexico
Sound Attitude Oct. 1992 (Kiss 1992 cover), USA
Rock Power 6/1992 Gene cover, Germany
Breakout 11/1989 Paul cover, Germany

KISS live '74, A1, Yorkshire Productions 1976, England
Best of Kiss Solo LP promo poster, Argentina

huge Paris 1996 concert-poster (not the small one, this one is HUGE, about twice the size as the other one), France
Brussels 1996, A1, b/w, Belgium
Stockholm 1997 OLYMPIC STADION, Sweden (awesome poster!)
Helsinki 1997, Finland (same layout as Stockholm 1997)
Oslo 1997, Norway (same layout as Stockholm '97) does not say any dates on the poster but is blank
Geneva 1997, A2, b/w kinda small but unique looking, Switzerland (French part)
Germany 1996 YELLOW first poster with only 4 dates, A1
Leipzig/Hamburg concert-poster w/Die Ärzte, A1, Germany (one poster for 2 dates!)
Imst 1997 (folded), first print, A1, Austria
Vienna 1983, black/yellow, A1, Austria
blue 1980 all dates concert-poster, A1 (bad condition), Germany
Frehley's Comet "TICKETS ON SALE NOW" London Hammersmith Odeon promo-poster 3/1988, England
Stockholm 1980, Sweden
Barcelona 1983, Spain (Gene make-up photo)
New Orleans, 9.7.96, USA
promo-poster for official KISS Convention Atlanta, 1995, USA
Helsinki 1999, A1, Finland
Russia '99 (horizontal, blue, band photo), A1, Russia
Russian concert-poster for April 4, 1999, vertical (Second coming photo), A1, Russia
Russian concert-poster for April 4, 1999 (black/yellow, no photo), A1, Russia
Bremen 1980 concert-poster, Germany

promo-poster for POLITIKKEN newspaper, 20.7.1997, A3, Denmark (newspaper did not have KISS on cover; just article, but the poster was with KISS!)
KISS in Attack of the Phantoms movie poster 1979, Germany (machine folded)
huge KISS PHANTOMS promo-poster, Italy
Greatest KISS, A1, 1996, England
Promo-poster for TV Week (6.12.1980) with KISS on the cover, A2 (VG-), Australia
Peter Ahead promo-poster 1999
Promo-poster for the KISS coins, 1997

LP: Rock and Roll over (different cover), Argentina (VG-)
LP: Alive III (single black vinyl), Brazil
LP: Best of Solo (Argentina)
LP: Unmasked (green vinyl), Mexico
12" single: Turn on the night (Holland)
12" single: I was made (green vinyl), Mexico
CD: Fifteen years on
CD-single: let's put the X in sex PROMO, USA
CD-single: I love it loud (live) PROMO, USA
CD-single: Detroit rock city movie PROMO, USA
CD: ESP-Lost and spaced cardboard edition, USA
CD-single: Rise to it PROMO, USA
CD-video: Tears are falling, UK
reel to reel: Destroyer, USA

Kissin'time/Nothin'to lose, USA
Kissin'time stereo/mono PROMO, USA
Shandi/She's so European, South Africa
Sure know something/Dirty livin', Ireland
Talk to me/She's so European, Ireland
Dirty livin'stereo/stereo PROMO, Mexico
Hide your heart stereo/stereo PROMO, Canada
Nothin' to lose (red vinyl) TEST PRESSING, Australia
Nothin' to lose (white vinyl) TEST PRESSING, Australia
Let me go, Rock and Roll (Germany)
New York Gorrove (Zimbabwe)
Shandi (South Africa)
Beth (Thailand)
Ace Frehley Solo-single (Thailand)
Gene Simmons Solo-single (Thailand)
7" single: Kissin' time/Love theme from Kiss (mispressed 100.000 years!!), Argentina
7" single: Nothin' to lose/Kissin' time, USA (no cover)
7" single: Christine 16, Germany
7" single: Strutter '78, Germany
7" single: Hard luck women, Germany
7" single: Shout it out loud (live), Germany
7" single: Shout it out loud BF 18503, Germany
7" single: C'mon and love me, Germany
7" single: Radioactive, Germany
7" single: Calling Dr. Love, Germany
7" single: Rock and Roll all nite (live), Germany
7" single: C'mon and love me, Australia
7" single: Hold me, touch me (purplr vinyl) + mask, Germany
7" single: Crazy crazy nights PROMO, Japan
7" single: Shout it out loud (live)/Love Gun Acetate, Japan