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September 30, 2004

CDGeneSimmonsSpeakingintongues.gif (4224 Byte) CD-DVDGold2004-10-05USA.gif (3511 Byte)October 25th is the official European release-date for the KISS Gold Double CD (with free Exposed DVD, according to the info-sheet in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound). At the same day the Gene Simmons "Speaking in Tongues" CD is being released in Europe. Both CDs are available now in the Kiss Fan Shop.

September 28, 2004

AxeBathDuckGene2004.gif (4787 Byte)
"Axe" just released some collectors bathing ducks under the theme "music" as limited edition 2004. Besides the King of "Duck'n' Roll" and "Mr. Raasta Dack" there is also a "Demon Duck" available...

September 24, 2004

(from Rikard G÷ransson/Strike)
Yesterday there was an interview with Gene (which was recorded earlier this year when Gene was in Stockholm to make promotion for his current solo album..
Gene talked about the music business in general and the relation to money. He also mentioned, that you should be able to see the Kiss logon on everyhing except for tobacco and strong liqour (although they have been offred big bucks to have their name on.) Video clips which were included in the program: Shout it out loud / Lick it Up / I love it Loud / Rock ' n' Roll All running time was ca 4minutes, after it was a debate, but no general topics about Kiss.

September 22, 2004

In a few days a lot of  new features will be available here on KISS NEWS. This site will become to an internationalen KISS Online Community. The new features are in a testrun since May and they are amazing new features. They should become available here for everybody very soon!

September 22, 2004

The opinion poll continues with "KISS Killers".  What is your favorite song from this album? Everybody is able to vote only once, othewise you will be punished by Britney Spears...

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Click here to Vote for your favorite song of other albums!

September 21, 2004
magValhalla2004-10Brazil.gif (3769 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS
(from Marcio)
The latest issue (#25, October/2004) of the Brazilian magazine named VALHALLA features Mr. Simmons on the cover. It also features 4 pages article inside with a great interview!! Magazine with a great quality!!

September 19, 2004

magHeavyRock2004-09Spain.gif (3462 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS
Gene Simmons is on the front-cover of the September-issue of "Heavy Rock" in Spain. Thanks to Mauricio for the photo.

September 16, 2004



Kiss bassist Gene Simmons could soon join the ranks of rockers in reality TV.
Simmons, known for spitting blood onstage and dalliances with thousands of women off-stage, is considering three different reality-show pitches that will revolve around his life.

"People want to follow me around," he said. "I publish magazines, and I have a bizarre lifestyle. I can be up on stage and wear more makeup and high heels than your mommy did. And off stage I wear suits."

What also makes Simmons intriguing to producers is his personal life - he refuses to get married, though he lives with former Playboy playmate turned soft-core star Shannon Tweed, and he's made no qualms about squeezing every penny he can from Kiss fans.

In fact, which reality show he chooses - if any - will be based on the paycheck.

"There are three on the table," he said. "And I'm no different than the whore on the street corner: For the right price, I'll do it."

For now, however, Simmons can be seen on Friday's 9 p.m. season opener of NBC's "Third Watch."

It's the third part of a story arc that began at the end of last season. He plays a creep whose kid was killed by the cops. He's now out for revenge.

The producers called last season, and it turns out Simmons was already a regular viewer of the John Wells-produced series.

"It's an ensemble cast, it's not based around the stars, most people don't know who's on the show," he said. "It's very riveting. I find the show well-written. I did it because I was a fan of the show."

Simmons said he is called frequently for similar roles. The success of Kiss, which recently ended a tour, allows him to be choosy. Most of the roles he gets, however, are similar.

"I have certain looks," he said. "I'm sort of big and dark. If you take a look at the history of television characters, and motion picture characters, you have to get off the ground, then you get some flexibility. ... It takes a while before you can break out of the bad guys and break into comedy."

Besides "Third Watch," Simmons will also be seen in an upcoming edition of "American Idol" and may do more.

He's also working on launching a production company to produce movie and television fare.

"I appreciate not having to work for a living," he said.

Which is, of course, exactly what makes him a draw for reality producers.

"I refuse to abide by the rules of society. Life's too short to make society happy," he said. "I have to say that every day of my life has been wonderful."

September 16, 2004


On Friday Sept 17th, Third Watch will be premiering with a returning special guest appearance by Gene Simmons.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2004
"More Monsters"
Written by: Edward Allen Bernero
Directed by: Christopher Chulack

Several brave and dedicated people serve as paramedics, firefighters and police on the "third watch," the shift from 3:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., in New York City. Assisted by cocky medic Carlos Nieto (series star ANTHONY RUIVIVAR) and newcomer Grace Foster (series star CARA BUONO), Kim Zambrano (series star KIM RAVER) takes on the lead paramedic responsibilities. Across the street, the police of the 55th precinct include streetwise longtime cop John "Sully" Sullivan (series star SKIPP SUDDUTH), who battles alcoholism and the never-ending stress of the job but remains a mentor of sorts to headstrong Ty Davis Jr. (series star COBY BELL). In order to have time during the day to help her teenage sister raise a baby, Sasha Monroe (series star NIA LONG) works the third watch as well. And Maurice "Bosco" Boscorelli's (series star JASON WILES) "supercop" mentality frequently gets him into trouble, especially with his superior, elite Anti-crime Unit Sergeant Maritza Cruz (series star TIA TEXADA). Meanwhile, stalwart police officer Faith Yokas (series star MOLLY PRICE), along with her husband, Fred (series star CHRIS BAUER), raises two children, including teenage Emily (series star BONNIE DENNISON).

Cruz and a large contingent of police officers are at the hospital dealing with a witness, their own injuries and other victims from two separate bombings. Suddenly, four men with bulletproof vests and submachine guns arrive and cause carnage as they try to obliterate the cops and kill the man who can implicate the killing spree's mastermind, vengeful father Donald Mann (recurring guest star GENE SIMMONS of the rock group KISS). Davis endures a mighty hand-to-hand struggle with one of the assassins. Kim saves two innocent bystanders. Sullivan, Monroe and Carlos battle to penetrate the shooters' defenses. Grace tries to protect doctors, nurses and patients in an operating room. And Bosco is gravely injured shielding Yokas. But Cruz manages to capture one gunman and forces him to reveal a crucial clue to Mann's whereabouts. Followed by the distraught Yokas, Cruz sets out to find a traitor within the ranks--and somehow stop Mann before he flees the country.

Meanwhile, in the midst of her ordeal at the hospital, Kim copes with the news that she is pregnant. She tries desperately to contact her boyfriend, firefighter Jimmy Doherty (former series star EDDIE CIBRIAN), and finally reunites with him at the station house. He emotionally proposes marriage to her--again--and, this time, she accepts.

September 13, 2004


KISS designer Christopher Franchi of Metaluna5 has contacted BLABBERMOUTH.NET to set the record straight with regards to the report that McFarlane Toys are planning to release a seventh series of KISS figures. The original report, which was published last week, indicated that the "Destroyer" figures would be posed as they were on the 1976 album cover. In addition, a tentative pre-Christmas release date was mentioned.

Says Franchi: "This story is bogus. I should know, I am the subject of the article that featured designs for potential KISS Destroyer figures, and let the magazine KISS Kollector publish the photos of the figures that will never see the light of day.

"The images were featured in an interview with myself, about my work for KISS, and more so to show some rare stuff that fans have never seen. Those package designs were featured in print and someone somewhere didn't read the caption and ran with the rumor.

"Simply not true, however, let's see if rumor has an power of suggestion, and McFarlane DOES make them."

September 13, 2004

GeneatChevyRockandRollrace.jpg (71143 Byte)
KISS member Gene Simmons (left) poses with Kevin Harvick before the event.

September 10, 2004


Kiss were on the RTL Chartshow today again. Kiss reached # 28 at the RTL Charts of the most successfull Love-songs of all time in Germany with "I was made forlovin' you".  The song has been 16 weeks in the Top 10. See the Charts here.

September 8, 2004


(from Carol Hendrix)DestroyerFiguresPackaging2004.gif (8379 Byte)
McFarlane will release a 7th series of KISS figures. These will be the Destroyer-figures posed like on their album-cover from 1976. As for now these will be 4 seperate figures and no boxset (yet) Release date: unknown, but probely before christmas. I don't have pictures of the figures (yet) but here's a picture of the packaging of these new dolls. This new series will be another cool collectable for KISS-fans.

September 6, 2004


(from Hinky)
If you have missed the show, or if you can not get the "ZDF Dokukanal", you can download the
"Gottschalk meets Simmons" part of the "Gottschalk America" show here.

September 5, 2004


According to the RTL Chartshow, Kiss are the 98th most successfull band in Germany depending on Top 10 singles. Kiss reached the Top 100 position with 2 Top 10 Hits (I was made for lovin' you and God gave Rock & Roll to you). : The most successfull bands in Germany are the Beatles, followed by Abba, the Sweet and Boney M. Top Metal bands are: Scorpions at # 29, Bon Jovi # 42, Rammstein # 59, Led Zeppelin # 80, Guns 'n Roses # 87 and Aerosmith at # 89.

September 5, 2004


(from Vladimir)
Some information about Kiss "secret" show on Jamaika, March 2002

...Among Kiss, Scorpions, Nazareth and Sugar Ray there were russian
"girls" bands like "Slivki", "Chicherina" and "ViaGra".
...About 100 young girls were ordered from Russia for 50 close friends
of "GasProm" banker-millionaire.
...All guests were impressed about this event.
...The event going for 2 days long.
...Girls from "Slivki" put a pictures their official site from Yamayka
and one enclude Gene Simmons. See the photo here.

September 4, 2004


(from Hinky)
This evening (Sa) I saw a repeat (from April 2004) of "Gottschalk America" on the "ZDF Dokokanal", where Gottschalk meets Lenny Krevitz, Hans Zimmer and GENE SIMMONS

further repeats of the show on "ZDF Dokokanal":
Su.05.09.2004 - 04.15
Su.05.09.2004 - 09.45
Su.05.09.2004 - 17.45
Mo.06.09.2004 - 01.45
Tu.07.09.2004 - 08.45
Tu.07.09.2004 - 16.45
We.08.09.2004 - 00.45
We.08.09.2004 - 08.00
We.08.09.2004 - 16.00
Th.09.09.2004 - 00.00
Th.09.09.2004 - 07.00
Th.09.09.2004 - 11.30
Th.09.09.2004 - 15.00
Th.09.09.2004 - 19.30
Th.09.09.2004 - 23.00
Fr.10.09.2004 - 03.30
Fr.10.09.2004 - 05.45
Fr.10.09.2004 - 13.45
Fr.10.09.2004 - 21.45

Also some time ago I found something about KISS on a BUD SPENCER - Fan Homepage. In 1981 Bud Spencer was invited at a KISS Starparty in Vienna. Incl. a photo, see here!

September 4, 2004


Kiss News USA is now back at its old address:

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September 4, 2004


Michael Anthony has posted a recent photo of himself with Paul Stanley, Sammy Hagar and some other guys backstage most likely at a Van Halen concert. See the photo here.

September 4, 2004


The Tattoo - and Fan Pages have been updated recently, as well as the Tourpages. The last Tour has been one of their shortest. In total, Kiss played 1.932 concerts in 31 countries during 24 tours in their career from 1973 - 2004.

September 3, 2004


Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace 9 meters high!

Where?    During the biggest flower-parade of Eutrope!!
When?     The 5th of September 2004
Location?   In Zundert (Noord Brabant, the Netherlands)

The size of the fleats are 20 metres (66 ft.) long, 4.5 metres (15 ft.) wide and 9 metres (30 ft.) high. One of these floats will be entirely dedicated to Kiss. Can you imagine; Gene, Paul, Peter en Ace in postures of 9 meter (30 ft!!) sliding trough the streets of Zundert, leaving a trail of astonishment...

Curious? Check it out!

September 3, 2004


Gene Simmons has purchased a DVD pressing plant in China and plans now to release finally all those old KISS videos on DVD.
In October the Kiss Gold CD will be released with Exposed as a Bonus DVD. The new Kiss live concert from Mexico should also see the day of light on DVD before X-mas. Paul Stanleys Solo Album is scheduled for an early 2005 relaese. 

September 3, 2004

CDMillenniumCollectionVol2June15-2004USA.gif (4362 Byte)
The first official magazine has not been available at the newsstands yet, there seem to be some major problems with the distribution. A few copies have arrived at the Fan Shop, enough to fullfill the pre-orders. The new Millennium Collection CD has also arrived and is still available. The magazine is sold out.

September 1, 2004


Kiss News has temporarily moved address. You might save the new address under your favorites... there will be a lot of new Freatures available on this site soon, which are going to be very interesting for everybody. More infos hopefully later this month.