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last update: 10/25/14

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October 25, 2014
Kiss will be playing in Mexico at the "Heaven and Hell" Festival today. Here you can see the commercial.


Here are links to some interesting Kiss Auctions that are ending soon on eBay:

Heidelberg 1980 concert poster

Monster Promo Poster Japan

Gene Simmons Teddy bear

Hard Rock Las Vegas Button

Peter Criss Drumstick

biding battle for the Unmasked Promo Poster

The Originals Box Set Japan

Dynasty Poster Book

Emailing Vinnie Vincent- The Cassius Morris Show Episode 004

Video: GENE SIMMONS Signs Copies Of 'Me, Inc.' Book In New York City

KISS - Video Of GENE SIMMONS On The Today Show Discussing New Book Me, Inc.

Gene Simmons Does ‘The Tongue’ Thing on Outnumbered, Because of Course

Gene Simmons to women: Stop depending on men

Gene Simmons of KISS Bashes School on Live TV: "Nothing You Learn in School Prepares You for Success

October 24, 2014

Peter Criss music drives Gene Simmons crazy at book signing

'I'm Outing the Guys': Hear Gene Simmons' Advice to Single Women

Video: Gene Simmons: Facepaint Demon Turned Financial King

Video: Paul Stanley's 1st Impression of Gene Simmons | Oprah: Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network

KFIX Rock News: KISS To Release Deluxe Version Of “Love Gun” Next Week


October 23, 2014

Audio: Kiss 1985-12-28 Charlotte,NC(SOUNDBOARD) Asylum Tour

Audio: Kiss - 1985-01-31 - Live In Houston, USA ANIMALIZE TOUR SOUNDBOARD

KISS: 1974-04-01 The Agora, Cleveland, OH 1974-04-01 (Full Show) FM Broadcast

KISS Frontman Paul Stanley Guests On Oprah: Where Are They Now This Sunday

Gene Simmons: I Was “Mr. Super Arrogant” On Reality TV

Gene Simmons on Winning in Life and Business: An Exclusive Excerpt from the Rock Legend's Latest Book Me, Inc.

Video: The secret to Gene Simmons' success


(from Amazon)

The band’s sixth studio recording, Love Gun was the first album to feature lead vocal performances from all four original band members, and the last studio album with the original KISS line-up. This 2CD edition includes the complete original album re-mastered on the first disc and rare, previously unreleased Love Gun demos of “Plaster Caster”, “Then She Kissed Me”, “Tomorrow and Tonight” and “Much Too Soon” on the second disc. Also included is a 1977 interview with Gene Simmons, three never-before-available live tracks from the KISS show at the Capitol Centre and liner notes written by Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott, currently on tour with KISS.


October 22, 2014

Video: Paul Stanley | Oprah: Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network

Deluxe Reissue of KISS' 1977 "Love Gun" Album Arriving Next Tuesday

40 Year Itch : The Demons of Rock

GENE SIMMONS: Success Offers You Freedom

Gene Simmons: No High School Course Teaches You ‘How to Be Steve Doocy’

Rocker Gene Simmons: Jews Aren’t Popular Unless They Are Needed

Gene Simmons to ‘Fox & Friends': ‘You Get Paid an Enormous Amount’

Photos: Gene Simmons at NBC's Today Show

Ace Frehley and Chris Jericho Talk Moon Landing Hoax

40 Years Ago: Kiss Release ‘Hotter than Hell’

Interview with Gene Simmons of KISS on ‘Me, Inc.’

Gene Simmons Describes 'The Most Profound Capitalist Lesson' He Ever Learned

Gene Simmons Explains Why You're Probably Doomed

The new KISS principle: Unleash your inner rock god, find the right partners and be a better boss

Paul Stanley Says KISS Characters Will Live On


October 21, 2014

Gene Simmons On How He And KISS Frontman Paul Stanley Have Remained Business Partners For 40 Years

Gene Simmons' new book aims to help you 'Unleash Your Inner Rock God'

Video: Gene Simmons: Young women should marry older men

Kiss star Gene Simmons has some killer ideas about politics, as well as a new book

Gene Simmons has a lot to say when he isn’t busy spitting blood and playing bass with his rock band KISS.

Gene's romance tips for women

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #98: Chris Lendt Returns and Talks Contracts with Peter Criss & Ace Frehley


Here are some interesting recently closed auctions on eBay:

Best of Solo LP Chile: $ 480,-

96[1].jpg (2628 Byte)

Set busts: $ 400,-
96[1].jpg (2815 Byte)

Set Bearbrick Figures: $ 380,-

96[1].jpg (2945 Byte)

Ace Frehley Guitar Pick 1976: $ 305,-
96[1].jpg (1209 Byte)

Lunchbox & Thermos: $ 305,-

96[1].jpg (3351 Byte)

Set LA Kiss Bobble Heads: $ 280,-
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belt buckle: $ 265,-
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More interesting closed auctions: see above the news
most expensive recently closed KISSLogo.jpg (1003 Byte) Auctions >>
most interesting Auctions >>

10 business advice gems from KISS frontman Gene Simmons

Bruce Kulick celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Hot in the shade

October 20, 2014

Paul Stanley Explains Why KISS Replacements Wear Same Makeup

Gene Simmons: His Secrets To Building A Brand Name

Gene Simmons to Entrepreneurs: 'Unleash Your Inner Rock God'

GENE SIMMONS Talks KISS' Success - "Critics Still Live In Their Mother's Basement; We Own The World"

Video: The Best of Gene Simmons (Sound Bite Edition)

Gene Simmons Me, Inc Book Signing, Sunday Nov 9, 2014

PAUL STANLEY Says Illegal Music Downloading Is 'Morally And Ethically Wrong, And It Hurts People'

Gene Simmons at book signing

Photo: Kiss at rehearsals

GENE SIMMONS To Sign New Book Me, Inc. At KISS Monster Mini Golf

PodKISSt #97 Tabloid KISS-How to enjoy KISS in 2014


October 18, 2014

Photo: Kiss at rehearsals today for the concert in Mexico

CBS News: Paul Stanley interview.

Win A Meet & Greet With Gene Simmons & A Copy Of His New Book ‘Me, Inc.’!


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- Ace Frehley releases new Solo Abum "Space Invader"
- Kiss play Las Vegas in November 2014
- Kiss Kruise IV Oct. 31

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