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24. Mai 2024  
Tommy Thayer: KISS’s End Was A Group Decision, Not Just Gene And Paul

KISS - New York, London, Dubai And Las Vegas In Consideration For Avatar Show
[Deine Meinung]       
23. Mai 2024  
Why Gene Simmons Thinks Playing Bass With a Pick Is Better Than Fingers

TOMMY THAYER Says Las Vegas Is A 'Strong Contender' For KISS Avatar Show

Kiss: Jimmy Page hält große Stücke auf Gene Simmons

Did Ace Frehley Steal Gene Simmons’ Solo Band? Ryan Spencer Cook Explains

GENE SIMMONS Says JIMMY PAGE Gave Him The 'Highest Compliment' About His Bass Playing

Kiss: 45 Jahre DYNASTY
[Deine Meinung]       
22. Mai 2024  
“All the kids would record it with their iPhones, and then A/B it and say, ‘Yeah, this isn’t live’”: Ace Frehley talked his label out of making him do a live album to follow 10,000 Volts

Gene Simmons on R&B and Paprikash + Todd Rose on Collective Illusions & Conformity
[Deine Meinung]       
16. Mai 2024  
Bruce Kulick Says He Was Hurt By Gene And Paul’s Recent KISS Decision

Bruce Kulick’s ‘Weird’ Part in Kiss’ Farewell Show

Bruce Kulick: finale Kiss-Show war „verpasste Chance“

BRUCE KULICK Recalls Officially Joining KISS In 1984 – “I Thought It Was Going To Last Three To Four Years”
[Deine Meinung]       
15. Mai 2024  
"I have a new solo album and autobiography in the works" - Exclusive interview with Bruce Kulick

Grammy Winner Micki Free & KISS Legend Bruce Kulick

BRUCE KULICK Says KISS's Final Concert Was 'A Missed Opportunity' To Celebrate The Band's Past

The Best KISS Of My Life – Autor Stefan Frommann erkundet in seinem Buch die unglaubliche Welt von KISS und ihren Fans

[Deine Meinung]       
13. Mai 2024  
This KISS Photo Went Viral On Reddit For A Creepy Reason
[Deine Meinung]       
11. Mai 2024  
Kiss World Museum In The Rio Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Gene Simmons Collection of Kiss Memorabilia
[Deine Meinung]       
10. Mai 2024  
The Making of the KISS Album Artwork with Dennis Woloch - Chapter 14: Asylum

GENE SIMMONS Solo Bnad Declares "We Play Live"

BRUCE KULICK To Appear At KISS Themed Benefit For Alzheimer’s Association
[Deine Meinung]       
7. Mai 2024  
ACE FREHLEY Takes You Behind The Scenes On Video Shoot For "Walkin' On The Moon"

Private Dinner with KISS Guitarist Tommy Thayer at Carbone in Las Vegas

KISS' Tommy Thayer Interview at George Lopez Foundation 17th Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament
[Deine Meinung]       
5. Mai 2024  
[Deine Meinung]       
4. Mai 2024  
Professional Opera Singer / Vocal Coach ELIZABETH ZHAROFF Shares Vocal Analysis Of KISS Classic "Detroit Rock City" Live (Video)

TOMMY THAYER Talks Gear – “For 95% Of Our KISS Show, I Prefer A Simple Guitar Directly Into Amp Approach”

Is this good? First Time hearing KISS and I'm not sure what to think.
[Deine Meinung]       
3. Mai 2024  
Tommy Thayer of Kiss: The Interview
[Deine Meinung]       
29. April 2024  
Album der Woche: Ace Frehley: 10.000 Volts
[Deine Meinung]       
28. April 2024  
Here's Gene Simmons Performing Motörhead's 'Ace of Spades': The Demon Pays Tribute to Lemmy

Watch GENE SIMMONS Performs At Summer Breeze Brazil 2024

[Deine Meinung]       
27. April 2024  
Paul Stanley Faces Backlash Over His Stance Against Students’ Rights To Protest

Ace Frehley: „Ich werde immer jünger“

YUNGBLUD Covers KISS's 'I Was Made For Lovin' You' For 'The Fall Guy' Movie

Videos: Gene Simmons Band live at Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo, Brazil, 26.4.2024

Gene Simmons Band Setlist at Memorial da América Latina, São Paulo, Brazil, 26.4.2024
[Deine Meinung]       
26. April 2024  
Gene Simmons Keeps KISS Alive Without Paul Stanley, His Setlist Proves
[Deine Meinung]       
25. April 2024  
GENE SIMMONS - Fan-Filmed Video Of Ridgefield Rock & Brews Grand Opening Concert Featuring Special Appearance By KISS Guitarist TOMMY THAYER Streaming

Pearl Jam: Matt Cameron erhielt Unterlassungsklage von Kiss

Gene Simmons has some great advice for this season's American Idol finalists

PEARL JAM's MATT CAMERON Recalls Getting Cease-And-Desist Letter From KISS As A Teenager
[Deine Meinung]       
24. April 2024  
American Idol Gets Big Ratings Boost Courtesy Of Mentor GENE SIMMONS

Watch: GENE SIMMONS And TOMMY THAYER Perform KISS Classics At Rock & Brews Grand Opening In Ridgefield

How a Kiss Tour DISASTER Changed Lou Gramms Life!

Gene Simmons Plays First Post-Kiss Solo Show: Videos, Set List

Setlist + Video – Gene Simmons Plays First Post-KISS Solo Show

Videos: Gene Simmons Band live at Rock & Brews, Ridgefield, WA, USA, 23.4.2024

Gene Simmons Band Setlist at Rock & Brews, Ridgefield, WA, USA, 23.4.2024

GENE SIMMONS - Video Of Grand Opening Speech At Ridgefield Rock & Brews Restaurant And Concert Bar Available; Setlist Revealed
[Deine Meinung]       
23. April 2024  
Gene Simmons Rock & Brews Grand Opening speech Ridgefield, WA 4/23/24

NEW BOOK! The Demons of Rock Cover 50 Years! US& CANADA
[Deine Meinung]       
21. April 2024  
Gene Simmons Announces A Free Live Show (Yes, You Heard Right) After KISS Retirement

NYC locals shred proposal to rename street corner after iconic rock group Kiss
[Deine Meinung]       
19. April 2024  
GENE SIMMONS To Play First Post-KISS Show At New Rock & Brews Opening

GENE SIMMONS To Play First Post-KISS Concert At Rock & Brews Grand Opening In Ridgefield, Washington

In "Gitarre und Bass" (5/2024) als auch in der neuen Ausgabe von "Deaf Forever" (#58) ist ein Interview mit Ace Frehley enthalten. Vielen Dank an Marc Scholl für die Info

The First Album I Ever Bought: Dave Mustaine, Megadeth
[Deine Meinung]       
16. April 2024  
Kiss-Ehrung in NYC: Öffentliche Debatte zur Umbenennung der West 23rd Street.

Gene Simmons über die Avatar-Zukunft von KISS: „Alles entwickelt sich weiter“

Gene Simmons: Avatare sind die Zukunft von Kiss
[Deine Meinung]       
15. April 2024  
GENE SIMMONS: 'The Avatars Are The Future Of KISS'

GENE SIMMONS Talks KISS' Pophouse Deal - "There Will Be Movies, Cartoon Shows, All Kinds Of Things, But The Avatars Are The Future Of KISS"; Video

BRUCE KULICK Endorses BRAVEWORDS Writer MARTIN POPOFF's KISS At 50 Book - "He’s Honest With His Opinions"
[Deine Meinung]       
14. April 2024  
Watch: ACE FREHLEY Joined By '10,000 Volts' Collaborator STEVE BROWN On Stage In New Jersey


Videos: Ace Frehley live at Carteret Performing Arts & Events Center, Carteret, NJ, USA, 13.4.2024

Ace Frehley Setlist at Carteret Performing Arts & Events Center, Carteret, NJ, USA, 13.4.2024

Watch ACE FREHLEY Perform In Rome, New York

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Capitol Theatre, Rome, NY, USA, 12.4.2024

Ace Frehley Setlist at Capitol Theatre, Rome, NY, USA, 12.4.2024
[Deine Meinung]       
12. April 2024  
KISS - Campaign Underway To Have New York City Street Named After Band

KISS Could Have New York City Street Renamed In Band's Honor

Kiss Could Have ‘Dressed to Kill’ New York Street Renamed in Its Honor

Kiss sollen in New York „Dressed to Kill“-Straßen bekommen
[Deine Meinung]       
10. April 2024  
Gene Simmons Announces George Lucas’ Contribution To KISS Avatars
[Deine Meinung]       
8. April 2024  
»Eine natürliche Sache«

(von Amazon)
KISS is a unique rock band. They have an army, a navy, and the craziest fans in the world. Journalist Stefan Frommann has been a loyal follower for 48 years. He saw almost 100 concerts, met Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for personal interviews, he was backstage and in the recording studio with Simmons. In this book, he tells the stories of 30 fans from 16 countries, each a special KISStory, unique and emotional. The reader enters a magical world of collectors, tattoo lovers, creatives, imitators, insiders, and rebels. Those who love KISS will find themselves in it. Those who have not known KISS before will be amazed at a world they would not have thought possible. With additional interviews: » Bob Ezrin, producer of “Destroyer”, “Music from the Elder” and “Revenge” » William Starkey, inventor of the KISS Army » Jordi Ballera, Professor at the University of Madrid » Cheryl Rixon Davis, friend of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons for 50 years » Gil Garcia, best Paul-Stanley-Double in the world » Tommy Thayer, KISS guitarist

[Deine Meinung]       
6. April 2024  
„KISS ist viel mehr als AC/DC und Guns N’Roses! KISS ist eine einzigartige Marke“
[Deine Meinung]       
5. April 2024  
 I WAS MADE FOR WAL-MART … Ace Frehley goes Shopping for T-Shirts, CDs, Fishing Poles, Dunkin’ Donuts and Coffee

Kiss verkaufen Rechte an Katalog, Band-Name und Website

KISS Sold Music Catalog, Name, And Likeness "For About $300 Million"; GENE SIMMONS Considers Sale A "Natural Thing"

KISS - The Music Biz Weekly Podcast Dissect And Clarify Band's Brand, Catalog & Publishing Sale; Video


GENE SIMMONS Says KISS's Decision To Sell Catalog, Name, Likeness And More Was A 'Natural Thing' To Do

Gene Simmons Considers KISS Catalog Sale a 'Natural Thing': 'Out of Respect and Love for the Fans' (Exclusive)

Gene Simmons Says Kiss Rights Sale Wasn’t About Money
[Deine Meinung]       
4. April 2024  
ABBA-Star verschafft Rockern von Kiss Millionen-Rente

ABBA-Björn macht die Rockstars unsterblich: 300-Millionen-Deal für KISS!

Ace Frehley Is Aware Of His Failure As A Solo Artist, Steve Brown Explains

KISS - Pophouse Acquires Band's Music Catalogue, Brand Name And IP; "The Future Could Not Be More Exciting," Says GENE SIMMONS

KISS's Music Catalog, Brand Name And IP Acquired By Swedish Investment Firm POPHOUSE

Ace Frehley’s UFO Encounters: ‘The Evidence is Overwhelming’

Kiss verkauft den Katalog, den Markennamen und das geistige Eigentum. Gene Simmons versichert den Fans, dass es sich um eine „Zusammenarbeit“ handelt

Von Abba zu Kiss: Firma kauft Musikkatalog von Hard-Rock-Band

KISS verkaufen alles, also auch den Look, für 300 Millionen an Abbatar-Produzenten

Der millionenschwere Zukunftsplan von Kiss

Von Abba zu Kiss: Schwedische Firma kauft Musikkatalog von US-Hard-Rock-Band

Die Rockband Kiss verkauft Rechte für 300 Millionen US-Dollar, um die Abba-Hologramm-Show zu unterstützen

US-Band Kiss verkauft Musikrechte nach Schweden

Kiss verkaufen alle Musikrechte für 300 Millionen Dollar

Show für 2027 geplant: Kiss kehren als Avatare zurück. Das Unternehmen von Abba-Musiker Björn Ulvaeus hat die Rechte der Band Kiss gekauft.

Kiss sells catalog, brand name and IP. Gene Simmons assures fans it is a ‘collaboration’

Pophouse acquires the music catalogue, brand name and IP of legendary rock band KISS

KISS Sells Song Catalog to Pophouse for More Than $300 Million

Pophouse Buys Rights to KISS – Here’s What They Have Planned
[Deine Meinung]       
3. April 2024  
Gene Simmons defends JoJo Siwa and her KISS-inspired look

Gene Simmons Responds to Accusations Pop Star Stole KISS ‘Demon’ Look

KISS' GENE SIMMONS Defends JOJO SIWA's "Demon" Look - "Never Be Ordinary, Always Be Extraordinary"; Audio

ACE FREHLEY Goes Shopping At Walmart - "I Don't Look Like A Plumber Today, Do I?"; Video

Watch: Shopping At Walmart With ACE FREHLEY
[Deine Meinung]       
2. April 2024  
Ace Frehley Misses Pre-Millionaire Status With Gene And Paul

Original KISS Guitarist ACE FREHLEY Shares "Cold Gin" Live Video From Vermont

ACE FREHLEY Explains Decision To Cover NADIA's 'Life Of A Stranger' For '10,000 Volts' Album

Kiss-Legende Gene Simmons rockt 2024 in Oberhausen

[Deine Meinung]       
1. April 2024  
Album der Woche: Ace Frehley "10.000 Volts"
[Deine Meinung]       

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