If you want to get your auctions promoted on KISS NEWS, please add this banner in your auctions:

Banner[1].jpg (30216 Byte)

Link of the banner:
Do NOT link to Kiss News, links are not allowed on eBay and your auction might get pulled.

How to add the banner: when listing an item go to eBay and click on "Sell an item"  --> search & choose category ---> and then choose option "More listing choices" or "Advanced sell" (NOT "keep it simple" orNOT "Quick sell") --> choose "HTML" at "describe the item you're selling.
You can add the banner at the end of your auctions by adding the following "HTML" code at the very end of the description (click on "HTML" at the description first):

<p align="center"><img src="" width="666" height="114"></p>

Then send a link of your auctions to
However, your auction MUST BE something special to get mentioned on KISS NEWS! Auctions will only get mentioned if they are really interesting.
There will be NO GUARANTEE that your auction(s) will get promoted. Depending on the quantity of requests and how interesting the auctions are, they might get mentioned or not.

Thank you and good luck with your auctions!