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September 28, 2007

Hard Rock and Eddie Trunk Present Halloween Bash 08 with Ace Frehley

WED OCT 31, 2007 8:00PM

Tickets are $60 and go on sale Monday at Ticketmaster.


September 27, 2007

George Xirocostas
/Kiss Army Australia)
ere are some Exclusive pictures from the 2007 KISS EXPO in Japan that was on this weekend.

September 26, 2007


Hope everyone had a great time this summer! I am happy to say that my busy summer is finally over and it was quite successful. First I have to share with everyone an amazing evening spent with Paul, Gene and Tommy up at Doc McGhee's office in Los Angeles. The distributors of the KISSology DVD's wanted to get us an award for the sales success already of the second one of the series, and since we all got together in the same room, time to be interviewed for KISSology III. Alex and Roger Coletti, the producers of the DVD's from MTV, were present to show us the footage and get our reactions on tape to add to the commentary track of the next DVD.

I was so excited to watch some amazing footage, and of course the stories we all shared about those KISS years brought back great memories. From REVENGE live, to the KISS convention tour, to MTV Unplugged, to the joining on MTV of Ace and Peter, and then of course into the huge KISS Reunion tour, with bonus footage of Carnival Of Souls recording sessions, this DVD is a must have! I am so proud of these DVD's coming out.

And for those of you who have EVERYTHING on KISS, understand MTV can only put out product that has been properly cleared. So don't get into the "where is this footage" etc. The stories behind putting out product like this are complicated. But no matter, they are a MUST have for all of you. I have been beaming about the footage on KISSology II and knowing that III is coming later this year will make my holiday season for sure. Gene and Paul seemed really happy with the footage, and especially touched by the footage of the COS recording sessions as Evan and Nick were in there, as very young boys. That made the proud fathers smile big time.


September 26, 2007

(from Blabbermouth)

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons recently taped an interview for the CNBC show "Conversations with Michael Eisner", which is set to air on September 26 at 9:00 p.m. PST/12:00 a.m. (midnight) EST. Gene talks about his music and his new career starring and producing in his own reality television show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels". Simmons answers the question…is he a rock star, a business star or both! An excerpt from the interview follows (video clio available here):

Q: Are you maniacal to get your children to succeed like you succeeded?

Gene: "No. What I wanna do is what every bird does in its nest — it forces the kids to go out there and figure it out for themselves. By the way, in terms of an inheritance and stuff, they're gonna be taken care of, but they will never be rich off my money. Because every year they should be forced to get up out of bed and go out and work and make their own way."

Q: What are you gonna do with your money?

Gene: "I might give it all away. But the point is, there's gonna be a yearly allowance so that their rent and their food and all that stuff's gonna be taken care of, but if you wanna riches, you should do that yourself — you should never thank your parents, 'I was born into money.' 'Well, that's nice, but what have you done lately?' Because I don't them to say, 'Thanks, dad, for making me rich.' No, you wanna be able to stand on your own two feet and say, 'I did that.'"

Watch a preview of the "Conversations with Michael Eisner" episode featuring Gene Simmons below.

Unlike any other interview program on television, "Conversations with Michael Eisner" re-creates the experience of being at a power lunch with the giants of their industries. The interviews focus on the importance of creativity and innovation in all pursuits, from business to politics to entertainment

September 26, 2007

Click here to hear a radio interview with Paul Stanley from from August 15th.


September 25, 2007


(from Amazon)

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special aired only once (on October 29, 1976) and featured a "Who's Who" of mid-'70s TV and film stars; Paul held everything together as the ringmaster of a circus that featured Margaret Hamilton (her only prime time TV appearance wearing the full outfit from The Wizard of Oz), Witchie Poo from H.R. Pufnstuf, Donnie and Marie (who had Paul as a regular on their series), Tim Conway, Billy Barty and in their first prime time TV appearance, KISS. They perform three songs but the on-stage conversation with KISS, Paul and Margaret Hamilton is priceless.

Special Features:
Extensive photo scrapbook containing images from The Hollywood Squares, at home, family shots, young Paul. This includes large quantities of photos provided by his family and heirs.
Three stage interactive trivia game based on questions asked on The Hollywood Squares with a bonus feature when consumer answers all 30- 60 questions correctly.
Extensive quotes from Paul Lynde about family, entertainment, food and mental health Liner notes by producer and writer, Bob Book.


September 24, 2007

A great TV report about Kiss in New Zealand 1980 has surfaced on Youtube. Watch it here.


September 23, 2007

(from Kissonline)
by Ken Gullic (Sr. Vice President, Fontana Distribution)
Kissology2AwardPresentation.jpg (38323 Byte)Yesterday, thanks to Alex and Roger Coletti (Kissology producers), I was able to drop by the Doc McGhee offices and get a sneak peek at KISSology 3 footage and do a special award presentation (on behalf of Fontana distribution) for KISSology 2.

Gene and Paul were slated to arrive at any given moment, but Alex and Roger had already cued up footage of Volume 3 for the commentary session they were about to do with the band. Bruce Kulick, a long time friend (whom I had recorded with on the Boot Camp “As You Were” release [available on iTunes!]) was already on hand, and it immediately turned into quite the experience as I was able to sneak a peak at one of the easter eggs for Volume 3! Yes, it’s true folks, the often rumored (but never before seen) Carnival of Souls studio footage exists, and the 5 or 6 minute montage that Alex and Roger had put together was stunning. Bruce was seeing this footage for the first time, and you could see (hear) all of the memories come back to him. It was quite the thrill to see footage of Bruce firing up a completely different (but altogether smokin’!) solo for ‘Hate’, and to watch Paul record his 12 string parts for “I Will Be There”; but one of the most amazing moments was to watch Gene coach the children’s choir for “Childhood’s End” in the studio as Paul remains in the control booth and decides to pull the rug out from everyone with an elaborate prank designed to scare the kids (by growling into the control booth mic “DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!”) There’s also a segment of the band shooting photos for what turned out to be the album cover... not to forget the awe inspiring sounds and sights of Gene and Paul standing at a studio mic together doing elaborate Beatle-esque harmonies that later never made the album. And that’s just 6 minutes of Volume 3, folks!

Expect an even larger package of content than either of the previous volumes, spanning 1992 thru 2001, to be precise. It’s too early to give any other details away, but I’m confident one and all will be immensely satisfied. All involved are targeting a late December KISSmass 2007 release!

Above you can see a photo taken just prior to the commentary session for Volume 3. Holding their own trophies commemorating the #1 debut of Kissology Vol. 2 are: Roger Coletti, Alex Coletti, Bruce Kulick, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Gene Simmons and yours truly: Ken Gullic. See you in the stores at KISSmass!


September 23, 2007

(from Blabbermouth)
Original KISS drummer Peter Criss recently spoke to Australia's Undercover News about his current relationship with his former bandmates and the fact that the group is carrying on with someone else (Eric Singer) playing the role of "Catman."

When asked about some KISS fans' objections to Peter's makeup being used by another drummer, Criss said, "Same here. I feel the same way like you as a fan. And I get upset with it and it comes down to money, man, and power and politics. And I have nothing to do with that. And when I did have something to do with that, it got backfired and it knocked me on my butt. And so now all I have to say is, it's gotta be a fair baseball — it has to be. 'Cause it's only common respect."

He added, "We put a foundation of something for respect — for you and me. And, of course, it seems no big deal to some people, but it is a big deal. And to me it's kind of like taking the Lone Ranger's mask and putting it on another guy — it just wouldn't be the Lone Ranger, man. And I say that to some kids — 'Look, you can put my makeup on, but you're not Catman. You don't have my hands, you don't have my heart, you don't have my brain and you weren't there from Day One."

Click here to see the video.

September 22, 2007

(from Kissonline)
Here's a photo of Gene, Paul and Bruce Kulick from their KISSOLOGY Volume 3 commentary session on Thursday.

GenePaulBruce2007.jpg (36317 Byte)

September 17, 2007

A new Kiss book has just been released in Japan. It as about 200 pages and it is about the 1977 and 1978 Japanese tours...

bookKiss2007Japan.jpg (43754 Byte)

September 13, 2007

Here you can see some video-footage of Vinnie Vincents appearance at the Kiss-Expo in Atlanta early 1996, where he appeared in Kiss make-up.


September 13, 2007


KISS Drummer Eric Singer and the legendary Alice Cooper visited the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach on Wednesday! They greeted the staff, posed for photos and signed items for surprised Coffeehouse customers. Both Eric and Alice also autographed the Coffeehouse itself!

Pictured are Eric and Alice posing with the Coffeehouse staff.

EricSingerAliceCooper2007.jpg (47408 Byte)

September 13, 2007

(from has posted their Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp New York 2007 photo gallery. Over 150 images of Paul Stanley, Glenn Hughes, Bruce Kulick, Scott Ian, and more from both rehearsals and the concert finale are included. Talking Metal co-host John Ostronomy was honored to have been asked by Glenn Hughes to join him, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick, and the Late Show Horns to perform the KISS classic “Detroit Rock City” with Fantasy Camp band Kaiser Soze during their performance at the B.B. King Blues Bar and Grill in New York City.

CLICK HERE to view the gallery


September 8, 2007


Below are links to two TV interviews Paul did Friday in California to promote his La Jolla Art Gallery Shows. Remember Paul will be at the La Jolla Wentworth Gallery again today (Saturday) from 6 - 9 PM.

Wentworth Gallery Prospect Square 1025 Prospect Street La Jolla, CA

CLICK HERE to view the Fox 6 News Clip

CLICK HERE to view the KUSI News Clip


September 7, 2007


We here at GlamMetal are extremely proud to be one of 5 outlets that were able to interview Paul Stanley while he was in town promoting his appearance at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp in New York City. Paul was very candid and talked about his health, Kiss, his theater work, and of course his appearance at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. We were scheduled to do an interview with Paul in January before NAMM but due to timing, it didn’t work out. He did remember me from that and was happy to provide us this interview. Unfortunately, we were very limited in our time with Paul but we managed to cover a lot of ground nonetheless! So lose your mind for GlamMetal Rock City!!!!

Editors Note: The interview took place on September 2nd before Kiss announced they cancelled their Whistler show in British Columbia (one of the questions was directed towards this show and Kiss touring in general.)  We want thank Courtney at Freud Communications, Elizabeth Vargas from Visual Media, and David Fishof at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp for making this possible!!

Click here to see the interview.

September 7, 2007

(from Diamant Noir)

Wetta is a new French publishing company which is part of the KISS Comics Group (the comic book entertainment joint venture managed by KISS and Platinum Studios), and takes charge of its European branch: the KISS Comics Group Europe. Starting January 2008, Wetta will publish all the KISS comics in French in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxemburg! From November, you will get a sneak peek at all these publications with an exclusive collector box set called "KISS 4K: The Art Of" (see cover below) including 16 KISSographies (6.7x10.2 inches red metal embossed cards) taken from the KISS 4K comic, 2 19.7x27.5 inches posters and 2 other posters! Diamant Noir is proud to announce it will be the exclusive partner for Wetta providing you with all the info on forthcoming KISS-related comics releases in a new section called "KISS Comics"! This section should be available with Diamant Noir v2.0 that is coming this month! Stay tuned.
Kiss4Ktheartof.jpg (150498 Byte)

September 6, 2007

Click here to see a clip of Paul singing "Vehicle" at the "Rock & Roll Fantasy Camp" in New York last weekend.


September 6, 2007

(from Kissonline)

The 4th Japanese KISS Fan Expo will take place on September 22nd (Sat) & 23rd (Sun) at Takadanobaba Club Phase in Tokyo. Special Guests are BOB KULICK, NATE MORTON (Paul Stanley Solo Band), MICHAEL NORTON (Mark St. John's Brother) and FRAN STUART(Paul's Tech). The guys will be available for photos and autographs and will also perform KISS and PAUL STANLEY songs live!

Earlier in the day there will be a Tribute to Mark St. John which includes a Q&A with Michael. Nate and Fran will hold their own Q&A speaking about working with Paul. Japanese KISS Tribute bands KISS DOLLS and KIKU HOLE will also perform. KISSONLINE will be attending the event too!

Tickets and other info is available at .


September 5, 2007


According to secureTicket, KISS' previously announced September 15, 2007 concert on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada has been cancelled due to "logistical problems at the mountain concert site." If you have already purchased tickets for this concert, secureTicket will be processing the refunds during the next 48 hours.

September 5, 2007


Last night Paul appeared at BB King's in New York City for the Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp's closing concert. Paul performed with all 10 Camp Bands and their counselors including Spike Edney (QUEEN), Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Alan White (YES), Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Jane Wiedlin ( The Go-Go's) and Corky Laing (Mountain).

Paul was in particularly fine vocal form Monday, belting out "Shout It Out Loud", "Rock 'N' Roll All Nite", "Detroit Rock City", "Strutter", Led Zeppelin's "Rock n Roll", Bad Company's "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love", Rolling Stones' "Honky-tonk Woman", Ides Of March's "Vehicle", Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love" and Free's "Alright Now". He also teased the crowd with a short a cappella version of "Love Gun".

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick joined Paul on "Rock 'N' Roll All Nite", "Detroit Rock City" as well as the song "I'm Your Captain/ Closer To Home" which featured Paul singing with original Grand Funk Railroad singer Mark Farner.
Check out photos at


September 3, 2007

Get A Life Inc presents the first ever Dayton, OH KISS Expo. Get ready for another great KISS Expo!

The 2007 Dayton KISS Expo will be held
Saturday September 15th from 1:00PM to 8:00PM
(11:00AM for VIP holders) at:
Dayton Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites
2455 Dryden Road
Dayton, OH 45439
Call for hotel reservations at: 937-294-1471

Special guest includes Nate Morton, drummer from Paul Stanley's Live To Win Tour and part of Rock Star House Band from the show Rock Star INXS and Rock Star Supernova.

Also the ultimate KISS tribute band Mr. Speed will perform. The same band that Ace Frehley jumped up on stage with at the first anniversary of the KISS Coffee House and performed Shock Me in June.

Just added to the Dayton Expo is KISS kid drummer Angelo Coppola. The eleven year old from Detroit Rock City will be opening the entertainment with a set of KISS classics and rarities. Angelo played drum tracks on the recent KISS tribute CD titled Christine Sixteen 2 (Another High School Tribute to KISS) and was a winner on TV’s America’s Most Talented Kids. Check out this drumming dynamo at:  

Children 12 and under get in free! Merchandise and collectibles will be on sale throughout the day. There will be giveaways and contests too. Let’s make this first ever Dayton KISS Expo a huge success!

VIP ticket holders will be able to get in two hours early 11am) and get a FREE collectible. VIP tickets are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. Regular admission is $20 in advance and $25 at the door. There will be very limited tickets available at the door, so please order now so you don't miss out!

For vendor information contact us at: 

For more info keep checking in at   for details.

To order tickets click here!


September 1, 2007

Kissology Vol. 1 has gone 6 x platinum. Will Kissology Vol. 2 follow the footsteps of Vol. 1? Overall Kissology 1 was great, but we remember there was some terrible quality footage. Drop outs were not cleaned out and the editing job wasn't done very well. Unfortunately that job wasn't done any better on Vol. 2. They have not learned from their mistakes you might think. Vol. 2 also isn't without mistakes. But which DVD or video has been all perfect? A DVD without mistakes and errors is not a Kiss DVD...

The DVD box set comes in a nice box, with booklet and a reprint of the "Kiss meets the Phantom" concert ticket. It's all nice and there's nothing to complain about that, except the mistakes printed on the back (the Philadelphia 1987 songs are listed in the wrong order, and it does list "Rock and Roll all nite" in Rio 1983, which is not on the disc). Just like for Kissology 1, the content was probably printed wrong and it had been reprinted on a sheet of paper and glued on on the backside. But why doing all this, when you still can't get it right? No big deal though...

A nice feature are the comments. If you go to the menue and choose "set up", and then click on "Kiss commentary" (you need to do that right at the beginning before you start playing the disc), you can hear Paul, Gene and Bruce talk over the footage. Some nice stories are told, although especially Gene tends to do the usual talk and tends to mix up some facts, and they usually praise the original line-up above all others making you think something special is coming up ...

Disc 1

Land of hype and glory
This was a great TV report about Kiss on US TV back in 1978. Nothing new to collectors though. The version is better in quality than the version around, but it is not complete. It is not even 4 minutes, the original unedited version is much longer.
Kissology2-Landofhypeandglory.jpg (14749 Byte)

Kiss in Attack of the Phantoms
The famous Kiss movie from 1978. It is listed in the menue under 1979 though, probably because this is the European cinema-version, which came out in 1979. Now, this movie has also been around in collectors circles in almost perfect quality, but only in German. The quality on Kissology 2 is absolutely brilliant. Problem is, that it is in extreme cinemascope format, which makes it very uncomforatble to watch. When you play it with Power DVD (see screenshot), you have black borders all around, and that's not the way it should be. It's also just in English. It should have been on there in more languages like most movie-releases. Another missed opportunity to gain extra sales... but once again... the quality is unbelievable!
Kissology2-Kissinattackofthephantoms.jpg (11935 Byte)

The Tomorrow show
The famous talkshow Kiss have been on in 1979. Very funny to watch! The quality is quite good, but probably not taken from the master. And something went wrong with the transfer again. The contrast is just not right, it looks too dark. Again, it is not the full show, just a short excerpt.
Kissology2-Tomorrow.jpg (15748 Byte)
There are no easter eggs on disc 1.


Disc 2

On Disc 2 you can choose sub-menues... you may click on 1982 and you get to see some footage from the San Remo festival 1981. And when you click on 1980, you get to see some great footage of Eric Carr at the Palladium 1980 in his first make-up. This footage seems to be the footage shot at the rehearslas, which was used in the promo-film for 1980 where Peter's shots got replaced by the ones from Eric Carr. And it's in brilliant quality. Here's a screenshot from the 1980 menue:
Kissology2-menue1980.jpg (18562 Byte)


The video-clip from 1980. At least it is in full length, and the quality is OK as well.
Kissology2-Shandi.jpg (13334 Byte)

Peter Criss CNN interview 1980
This is something never before seen, also in great quality... but the interview is not complete as well, although it has not been stated as an excerpt anywhere, it is just that. It's not even 2 minutes and you wonder, why it is on Kissology anyways. It is an interview with Peter Criss without make-up after he left Kiss, but you can't see his face. It might have been OK for an easter egg, but to have this as a regular clip on the disc is just weird. Why not putting a Vinnie Vincent Invasion interview on the disc as well then?
Kissology2-CNNPeterinterview1980.jpg (19063 Byte)

Countdown 1980
These are just the outtakes from the Australian TV show "Countdown" in 1980 where they introduced Eric Carr. This footage is a classic and well circulated in the same quality in full length. Again, this is just an excerpt (maybe 2 minutes). Great to see and very funny.
Kissology2-Countdown1980Eric.jpg (10417 Byte)

Rock Pop 1980
"She's so European" and "Talk to me" performed in the studio in Germany in 1980. The quality is great and it is also complete (except the introduction is missing). 
Kissology2-RpckPop1980.jpg (18089 Byte)

Australian documentary 1980

This is nothing else than short excerpts from "Countdown" and "Inner Sanctum" (maybe 2 minutes). Nice footage though for someone who has never seen it. Something is wrong again with the contrast, it is partly too dark...
Kissology2-Documentary1980.jpg (11470 Byte)

Sydney 1980

This is what everybody was waiting for: the full concert from Sydney 1980 in perfect quality! But is it really what everybody was hoping for? Well, almost... the quality seems to be right, but again it seems a bit too dark. Again, this footage is unfortunately not complete. The beginning of "God of thunder" and Gene's blood-spitting has been cut out!? Why putting half a song on the disc? When you watch it with Power DVD you can see some distortion at the bottom of the screen, which is no big deal, but it could have been taken out. There are a few short drop-outs as well. Again, it's really no big deal, just another sign, that the footage was just transferred somehow to DVD and left the way it was. No matter what, this is a great concert!
Kissology2-Sydney1980.jpg (14292 Byte)

Fridays 1982

Kiss perform 3 songs live: "The Oath", "A world without heroes" and "I". The introduction has been cut short (no big deal), and unfortunately the ending with the credits (where Kiss can be seen as well) are missing, so it isn't really complete. The quality is almost perfect, but the colours seem to be not correct, there's too much yellow... but again, the footage was taken as it was, nothing remastered. It could have been fixed easily. For the people who have never seen it, this is some nice footage again to see from a strange period in Kisstory...
Kissology2-Fridays.jpg (16158 Byte)

Toppop 1982
"I love it loud" performed in the studios of Toppop in Holland in 1982. And the song is complete! The unedited footage of the making of this clip surfaced in the mid '80s and it does have the copyright info on top of the screen. What is weird in this clip is, that this copyright info appears also on this version in Kissology, but at the bottom of the screen, and it comes and goes all the time in different colours. You can tell, that the footage was not taken from the master, but overall the quality is OK. With some effort, they could have taken off that copyright info, but just like all the footage on Kissology, it was left untouched the way it was. On a side-note, what's really weird is, that in the credits the German TV station ZDF gets credited for this footage, although they have nothing to do with it....
Kissology2-Toppop1982.jpg (15251 Byte)
There are no easter eggs on disc 2.


Disc 3
Just like on Disc 2 you can choose sub-menues... you may click on 1983 and you get to see some extra footage from "MTV Unmasking", which has been edited out. When you click on 1987, you get to see some "Asylum" live footage. This footage just recently surfaced on Youtube. It is originally about 4 minutes silent footage from bits and pieces from an "Asylum" concert. It would have been nice to see this in full and not just as a menue-feature. When you click on 1990-91 you get to see a photo-session from 1990, which has been video-taped. Nice never before seen footage! Also this could have been a nice easter egg. Here's a screenshot from the 1987 and 1990-91 menue:
Kissology2-menue1987.jpg (12391 Byte)
Kissology2-menue1990.jpg (19978 Byte)

Rio 1983
Seven songs from Rio 1983. The quality is pretty good. Unfortunately "Rock and Roll all nite" is missing (although it is stated on the backcover). The TV-broadcast also featured interviews, which have been cut out here as well. And of course, Rio 1983 was not the last concert in make-up before they took it off as it is said so often. Footage (one camera pro-shot, about 60 minutes) from their last concert in make-up from Sao Paulo does exist as well (and can be partly seen on Youtube), but is not included anywhere on Kissology. This is great footage for someone who has never seen it.
Kissology2-Rio1983.jpg (10840 Byte)

MTV Unmasking 1983
The very first time Kiss appeared on TV without make-up. The quality is brilliant and would have been a great upgrade for collectors. Too bad, this interview is also incomplete!?
Kissology2-MTVunmasking.jpg (13165 Byte)

Portugal 1983
The first two songs from the first ever concert without make-up in Lisbon 1983: "Creatures of the night" and "Detroit Rock city". This footage surfaced about 5-6 years ago in really great quality and it featured also their first unmasked TV-interview (besides MTV unmasking). The version used here on Kissology is a bit disappointing. Not only is the interview missing, but the quality is also not the best quality around. Something is wrong with the contrast.
This is amazing footage for someone who has never seen it.
Kissology2-Portugal1983.jpg (19115 Byte)

Philadelphia 1987
The disc continues with the Crazy Nights tour. No footage at all from the Animalize or Asylum tour. Not even one song. Why?
Anyhow, so we get 5 songs (?) from Philadelphia 1987. Nothing to complain about the quality here, it's great! But why only 5 songs? The running order is different than printed on the cover.
Kissology2-Philadelphia1987.jpg (26660 Byte)

Detroit 1990
This is almost the full concert from Detroit, 14.10.1990. Almost... because again something has been cut out. While Paul announces "Rise to it" as a song from "Hot in the shade" and plays the intro to it, the song is missing and it continues with "Fits like a glove". Bad editing job that is... The show is also censored. Every time Paul says "motherfucking", the audio goes away... what's the problem with that? What a joke. But besides that, this is an awesome concert in brilliant quality!
Kissology2-Detroit1990.jpg (13956 Byte)

Day in Rock 25.11.1991
News-report about Erics death from MTV. On the disc as a Tribute to Eric Carr.
Kissology2-Dayinrock1991.jpg (17647 Byte)

God gave Rock & Roll to you II

The video-clip from 1991. Another Tribute to Eric Carr. Oh, and it is in full length, and the quality is OK as well.
Kissology2-Godgaveclip.jpg (14083 Byte)

easter eggs:

At the end of disc 3 it continues with an easter egg of some footage of Eric Carr he recorded himself in the hospital. It's about 2 minutes long. It's a thank you speech to his fans, which hasn't surfaced until now. He shows a lot of humor in this clip, he also shows his naked bottom into the camera.... which has been censored again !!???

Kissology2-eastereggEricCarr.jpg (17442 Byte)

When you click on the word "Kissology" on the main menue on disc 3, you get to see an interview with Mark St. John (about one minute) when he just joined the band in 1984. The interview was done for "Countdown" Australia, but somehow never surfaced. This is just a small excerpt from the interview though and meant to be a Tribute to Mark St. John.
Kissology2-eastereggMark.jpg (13494 Byte)

Disc 4

Disc 4 is the bonus disc. The content varies depending on where you bought it. The standard version (when you buy it from Amazon) features 9 songs from Tokyo, 22.4.1988. The date on the sleeve of the disc is misprinted as 21.4.1988. Why is that? Nobody knows, it even says the correct date in the video... the full concert has been on Japanese TV in 1988. Nice extra footage for someone who doesn't have it yet.
Kissology2-Tokyo1988.jpg (18322 Byte)

If you bought Kissology at Best Buy, you should have an incomplete concert from Ritz 1988 as a bonus disc (a lot of sets were mixed up and ended up with a wrong bonus disc though). That is never before seen footage. Supposedly it is a pro-shot, but looks like a bootleg. And there is already a bootleg-version of this concert which looks almost the same. However, if you already have Tokyo 1988 and Largo 1979 (which most people do), you better go with this one.

If you bought Kissology at Wal-Mart, you will have some songs from Largo 1979 as a bonus disc. Any by the way, the date on the sleeve for that bonus disc is also incorrect. A nice Dynasty concert, but it is supposedly circulating in even better quality...

So is it worth buying? Definately yes, despite all the cutting, editing and mistakes, this is a picky review from a collectos point of view. You won't find a Kiss release ever with nothing to complain about... for the price it costs it is a definite must have!

With Kissology 1 there was more new footage for the collectors (Largo 1977, Cadillac report 1975...) while on Kissology 2 there is hardly any new footage which hasn't surfaced somewhere before. And all the upgrades are just half the fun, if they are incomplete. So don't throw away your bootlegs, none of the clips on Kissology will replace them.

The sales for Kissology 2 so far dropped about 30% compared to the sales of Kissology 1. This is probaly mainly due to the bad release-date in the middle of August. You usually release something either before the summer or before X-mas, but not in the middle of the holiday-season...

All the editing and the fact, that none of the footage has been remastered, makes you think, that all the footage will be released again one day, but in full length and remastered. Everybody would buy it again, right?

Already with Vol. 1 they realised, that just the footage that Kiss owns isn't enough for the Kissology set, so they licensed footage from TV stations and other people. This has also been done on Vol. 2, but the problem is, that they haven't done a proper research for the footage until just recently. So does there more interesting footage even exist? Yes it does, and some very interesting footage indeed has been found from throughout the bands career, which will hopefully be released soon. But you can't have everything. Some people are asking for footage that just don't exist. If you want to see footage of Gene being pulled out by his tongue at birth, sorry it doesn't exist...