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DOUBLE VIRGO: "Secretly Cruel"

"Got to Foo: A Tribute to KISS" is the name of a new, yet unreleased, tribute CD to KISS. I know what many of you are thinking: "Oh well, another KISS tribute!" To which I'd reply: "No! Not just another KISS tribute, but a helluva KISS tribute!" It's true, KISS tribute CD's have surfaced like mushrooms after the rain over the last few years, but this time, you're in for a KISS tribute with a different feel! When it comes to tributes, there often are two opposite camps among the listeners: those who want covers that stick to the originals, and those who expect something different. Here, you simply have the best of both worlds!

You can enjoy some dead-on, but nonetheless excellent, covers like Casaboontha's "Sure Know Something" or Skulljam9 and Jayjerz's "Take Me," and yet get yourself stucked in the 4th dimension with UFO's like this cartoon-esque rendition of "Let Me Know" (KISS meets Primus!), or Jim Tucker's Darkside version of "Strange Ways" which, as the name says, is a Floyd-esque cover of the "Hotter Than Hell" tune. Something not even Sack Trick would have thought of! Definitely one of the CD's highlights! Another good point on "Got to Foo" is the tracklisting, which is a well-balanced mix between KISS' classics and more off-the-wall material. In the latter category, the KISS fans you are will certainly be pleased to know that the tribute CD's host, Sagafoo himself, has recorded a great cover of Gene $immon$' unreleased song "Reputation," whose general feel and killer guitar licks make it somewhat reminiscent of Ted Nugent's early releases! Not enough? Well, you'll even get to hear "Secretly Cruel," an 80's track played in the 70's style by Double Virgo, who became an Internet fame thanks to his funny video clip on YouTube!

When I will have told you that all proceeds will go to a charity (Village Community Services in Arlington, WA), you'll certainly find yourself wanting a copy of it!

= Fred Vehert =


October 1, 2008
Meanwhile "Kiss my Ankh", a Vinnie Vincent Tribute Album, has been released by Split Screen Entertainment:

CdKissmyAnkh.jpg (28116 Byte)
1. Killer
2. I Still Love You
Gods of Fire
3. Lick It Up
Future 86
4. A Million To One
Steve Brown
5. Boyz Are Gonna Rock
Mike Weeks (with Andre LaBelle and T.J. Racer)
6. Back on the Streets
Jazan Wild
7. That Time of Year
Sheldon Tarsha, Ryan Roxie, Marko Pukkila, Troy Patrick Farrell
8. Love Kills
Vic Rivera / Kelli McCloud
9. Unholy
Curse God and Die
10. I Just Wanna
The Dead Zoo Keepers
11. Ted Poley (parody of Unholy)
C.C. Banana (with Banana 7, featuring Chris Caffery)