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October 16, 2005
By Newsferatu, Writer
Sunday, October 16, 2005 @ 5:51 AM

"Not a Musician" reports Latin Rock guitarist Carlos Santana has slammed Kiss frontman Gene Simmons by questioning his musical ability and branding him "Las Vegas entertainment".

Santana says he is appalled by the standard of Simmons' music and insists the rocker hides his lack of skill behind layers of gothic clothing and black make-up. "He's not a musician, he's an entertainer," Santana says. "A musician is (John) Coltrane, Bob Marley. Kiss is Las Vegas entertainment, so he wouldn't know what music is anyway. That's why he wears all that stuff.

He continues, "A musician doesn't need the mask and the mascara so there's a difference between an entertainer and a musician."

October 16, 2005
McFarlane are releasing a 3-pack Action Figure box of Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. They incude the already known figures, but no new figures.
ActionFigureGene3-pack2005.gif (42028 Byte) ActionFigurePaul3-pack2005.gif (44267 Byte)


October 12, 2005
(from Heike)
The Band and I would like to do something for the soldiers that just got back from IRAQ.
The MWR Darmstadt will give out 100 tickets to the soldiers that just got back. This will start on October 24th.
Please contact Jackie at the Office in Darmstadt for more information:
DSN 348.7255 or civilian  06151 - 697255


October 5, 2005
(from oneofthose/Kiss Forum)
Channel 4/Slashmusic have a video interview, presumably to promote Rock School, where Gene is asked which Channel 4 reality TV women he'd shag. Quite extraordinary. There's a story about in in The Mirror today too.

October 5, 2005
Click here for some infos and videosclips from Gene Simmons about Rock school. The DVD from the first series will be available from November 14th.

October 2, 2005
AceEddiwVedderAtlanticCity2005-10-01.jpg (6635 Byte)ACE FREHLEY ON STAGE WITH PEARL JAM
(from PeeMan/Kiss Forum)

At the end of Pearl Jam's fantastic concert in Atlantic City on October 1, Ace Frehley came onstage and played with them on Neil Young's classic "Rockin' in the Free World" with fantastic solos.. (more pics in the Forum).

October 1, 2005
DVDRocktheNation.jpg (72349 Byte)KISS ROCK THE NATION DVD

KISS - ROCK THE NATION LIVE! The new live KISS two-disc DVD set will be available in stores on December 6th through Image Entertainment. Shot in High Def, the DVD will feature the hottest songs from the Washington, DC and Virginia Beach, VA concerts, filmed during last year's 2004 Rock The Nation tour. The song list is vast and features a collection of KISS gems, many performed and recorded live for the first time in many years. The DVD will also include KISS Powervision interactive bonus features that include Select-A-KISS, allowing the viewer access to separate channels for each of the four band members. At any time the viewer can watch the main concert program or switch to different cameras focusing just on Paul, Gene, Tommy or Eric. The DVD will be loaded with additional behind-the-scenes, life on the road footage and interviews, giving the viewer a virtual all access pass to sound checks, the famed KISS dressing room and other rare glimpses into the world of KISS.

October 1,  2005

(from Tom Shannon)
Available October 4, 2005 "Warman's KISS Collectibles Field Guide"

512 high gloss pages packed with over 525 full color photographs of rare KISS collectibles! No black and white photo's on poor grade paper here!

Signed copies are available for shipping around the world at the books companion web site

This vast identification and price guide is the second work on KISS produced by Tom Shannon, author of the Bible of the KISS collecting world "Goldmine KISS Collectibles Price Guide" published in 2000. Prices have been updated, and the range of items covered has been multiplied. As if all of that is not enough, the price has been slashed to an unheard of $12.99! That's right, a KISS book, value priced. At this price everyone can afford to become a KISS memorabilia expert.

bookWarmansKissCollectiblesFieldGuide2005OctoberUSA.jpg (22368 Byte)Highlights of the book include:
. 512 easy read pages jam packed into a handy 4.25" x 5.25" size, with descriptions and prices of thousands of pieces of KISS memorabilia from around the world!
. Over 525 full color photographs on quality high gloss paper. This is a top quality book through and through, not rough paper with a couple of color insert pages.
. Also included is an exclusive twenty nine page interview that Tom Shannon conducted with the genius behind KISS, original manager Bill Aucoin. Bill discusses such topics as:
o The first appearance of KISS as a group on vinyl (not the KISS LP).
o How KISS singles were selected, and why there were not more photo picture sleeves from America.
o Why Alive! has not been certified Platinum to this day (seriously, it is not certified.)
o The error version of the Alive II LP.
o The greatest publicity stunt ever for KISS, the Cadillac Michigan celebration, including a hilarious version of how the KISS helicopter was used.
o The story behind the Gibson Marauder guitars Paul busted.
o Why Paul does not wear a Fire helmet anymore.
o The real reason KISS included inserts in their LP's (Bill is a genius! The record labels need to do this again to cut down on consumers burning CD's)
o And much, much, much more!