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October 31, 2004

KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons is scheduled to appear as one of the presenters on the 32nd annual "American Music Awards". The special, a presentation of Dick Clark Productions, airs live on Sunday, November 14 on ABC-TV from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

The "American Music Awards" honor the past year's elite in contemporary music as voted by record-buyers. Awards will be presented to top artists in Pop/Rock, Country, Soul/Rhythm & Blues, Rap/Hip-Hop, Latin Music, Contemporary Inspirational, Adult Contemporary and Alternative Music. Additionally, the T-Mobile Text In Award as voted by the fans, will be presented on the show. T-Mobile subscribers can cast their votes via text messaging using their T-Mobile SMS Capable cellular phones. Other members of the public wishing to cast their votes can do so at, Keyword: AMA, and viewers of the "American Music Awards" can also vote during the show via Enhanced TV by logging on to and clicking on the Enhanced TV logo. Voting is now open and will conclude during the show on November 14. [Comments]  

October 29, 2004


Over the last few months we’ve been mentioning Into The Void... With Ace Frehley a few times before (and already back in early 2002 we mentioned the book in our KISS Kollector magazine), but every time the publication date got pushed back. Until now, as finally Pitbull Publishing in New York (the same publisher who brought us the KISS & Tell books by Gordon Gebert) put out a ‘limited first edition’ of Wendy Moore’s 220 page ‘tell all’ book. Wendy was friends with Ace (and for a while even one of his girlfriends) for about two years – starting in February of 1998 and ending in March of 2000, around the time of the KISS Farewell Tour. If you’re only into the music and/or image of KISS/Ace and don’t wish to discover the man behind the rock star, this book is not your cup of tea – but if you want to learn about everything and anything that goes on in the professional and especially private life of one of your idols, than this book is a must have! You’ll learn more about Ace Frehley than you ever imagined or wished for.

When she was 28 years Wendy Moore (now 34) ran into Ace Frehley at the Key Club on Sunset Boulevard, where Ace was with Eric Singer (at that time the drummer for Alice Cooper). It was Ace’s first night in LA, as he had been moved out temporary to the West Coast by KISS’ management because the band had to record the album that would become Psycho Circus and later on they would be rehearsing for the Psycho Circus Tour in LA. Ace and Wendy hit it off immediately and she ended up spending the night at Ace’s temporary condo in the Westview Towers in West Hollywood. Wendy ended up hanging out with Ace (who hardly did anything else than lying on bed drinking beer or using drugs with his friends) for a few days and became his cleaning lady. Although Wendy had never done any drugs and hardly drank alcohol, she was easily pursuaded by Ace to do cocaine together with him. Long story short, Wendy as quickly became addicted to cocaine as she became Ace’s Personal Assistent and girlfriend.

The only times Ace would sort of clean up his act was when his daughter Monique, who was living with her mom (who still is Ace’s wife, despite all of his girlfriends) in New York, came over to visit her dad for a few days every once in a while. Ace was doing cocaine and/or pills every day, and never seemed to travel anywhere without his coke. The only ‘secret’ on Ace that Wendy didn’t want to reveal in her book, is how/where he hides his stash of coke while traveling. But other than that, you’ll find a lot of dirt on Ace (and sometimes the rest of KISS, especially Gene) in Into The Void... With Ace Frehley. While reading all the – mostly drug induced – stories, you might wonder why Wendy Moore wanted to publish these tales from the private life of both Ace and herself, and share with the readers so many details of, for instance, their sex and drug life. On the other hand, if you really want to know everything about Ace Frehley, you probably don’t want to put this book down until you’ve finished reading it from cover to cover. Throughout the book you’ll also find a lot of (black and white) photos of Ace and Wendy – at home, at parties (including Gene’s birthday party in ’98 ), concerts, a KISS photo shoot, in a Las Vegas casino, etc. etc. – which gives you a pretty good idea too of what goes on in the real life of Ace Frehley.

Like the KISS & Tell and KISS & Tell More books, some details of Ace’s private life kind of make you feel embarrassed to be even reading it (like his insecurities in regards to his love life, or worse yet his sex toys), and if not that, then you just can’t help but to think of Ace as a pathetic and sad junkie most of the time. And if you weren’t already feeling for Paul and Gene to had to have been involved with Ace on a professional level, you surely will understand why they don’t want to be working with Ace anymore after reading Into The Void... With Ace Frehley (if you weren’t already convinced of that after reading KISS & Tell, or the books by former KISS bodyguards Andre ‘the Giant’ Augustine and Michael ‘Starman’ Francis). A lot of Ace fans blame Paul and Gene for the fact that the original band isn’t together anymore, but this book is prove (once again!) that it’s impossible to work with Ace for a longer period of time (if for any period of time at all). Here’s a man in his late 40s (at the time the book was written, now Ace is in his early 50s of course) who can’t function without drugs and spends his days/nights using cocaine, pills and beer, who can’t keep a relationship (neither with his wife nor his girlfriends), who turns his (or a girlfriend’s) house into an incredible mess within only a few days, who never keeps a promise, who never shows up on time, who cheats on (girl)friends or band members, etc. etc.

After a while you start feeling sorry for all the people he cheats on and fucks with, and at the same time you can’t believe how someone like Wendy Moore didn’t wake up earlier instead of hanging on to him for so long during all that shit. She went out of her way to support Ace and run many errants for him, but never ever did he show any appreciation for all she did. In fact, he often gave her a hard time when he couldn’t find his drugs and accused her of stealing it. From a healthy woman, she turned into a skinny, sad junkie who went from a cocaine addiction to a heroine addiction while losing a lot of friends in the process. And Ace of course believed he was hiding his drug abuse for the outside world but always get very nervous when he accidentally ran into Gene or Paul at a rock club where he would always be high on coke or booze.

The book also describes how paranoid both Ace and Wendy became because of all the drugs (this book might be a good educational tool to keep children, or anybody for that matter, staying away from drugs). And in between all the drug related stories, you’ll get a bit of an impression of how things within the KISS organisation are functioning as Wendy also joined Ace sometimes when he had to actually ‘work’ with KISS, being it a photoshoot, recording session, tour rehearsal, concert or party. Probably more than any other KISS (related) book, Into The Void... With Ace Frehley shines a light on the inner band relationships. And believe you me, it’s not all gold that glitters in the flashy rock business. You might not agree with Wendy's decision to publish these tabloid like private tales in a book for the entire world to read, but once you've read the book you can only conclude that you know quite a bit more about Ace Frehley (and KISS) than you ever thought you would. And you will definately understand why Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have such a problem working with their original Spaceman. (As for Wendy Moore, she no longer speaks to Ace but is doing well again after being admitted to a drug-rehad treatment facility thanks to Musician’s Assistance Program, which according to Wendy is an organiziation supported and partly funded by KISS)..[Comments]   

October 29, 2004


(from LadySpace/Kiss Forum English)
Gene Simmons has graciously offered the following donation to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation:
The highest bidder will receive a first class ticket to either New York or
Los Angeles, hotel accommodations, and will be picked up from their home in a limo to be driven to the airport. While in either New York or Los Angeles, the lucky winner will have dinner with Gene Simmons and be his personal guest of honor to his ginormous CD release party for his massive Box Set featuring one hundred never before release Gene Simmons songs from over the past three decades.
Go to to bid!   [Comments]


October 25, 2004
For a 6 episode English TV-series "Rock School" Gene Simmons will be visiting 12 year olds in a school in the UK to teach them how to form a Rockband. [Comments]

October 14, 2004

With about 450 new posts yesterday has been the most busy day at the new KISS Board. Unfortunately quite a few people do not take active part in the Fan Finder.

What is the Finder?
it's very simple, just click here ---> Fan Finder <---
the Fan Finder is kinda self explanatory. It puts a flag to your location where you live. By default the Austrian/German/Swiss mag will show up, but you can choose the map of your country at any time on the right side at the drop down menue.

how can I get my flag to show up on the map?
just go into your profile: click here ---> Profile <---
and fill out your geographical localtion (longitude and lattitude), that is right after the password. Please follow the instructions there. If you filled out longitude and latitude of your city correctly, then a flag will show up on the map at your location.
You may also upload your Avatar (at the bottom in your profile), if you haven't done that yet....

If you still have any questions, just post it on the Board.

The Collectors Corner has moved to this location. So if you are a collector, you may check it out. [Your Opinion]

October 14, 2004

magNurfuerErwachsene2004Germany.gif (2898 Byte)NUR F▄R ERWACHSENE
That is the title ("only for adults") of a new German book, that just came out. It deals about censorship in music business. On the cover there are the censored and the uncensored versions of KISS Alive! [Your Opinion]

October 13, 2004

Some Users of the Forum were nice enough to share some interesting photos and videos with everybody. Some "interesting photos" threads are already here or here. Photos include Gene playing with a Paul Stanley guitar on stage on the "Animalize" tour, all 4 pages from the Gene Simmons homestory from Star magazine, rare photo session outtake shots or funny cartoons. Have you got any interesting photos to share with other KISS fans? Then post them in the KISS Forum. [Your Opinion]
KissForumInterestingPhoto1.jpg (4189 Byte) KissForumInterestingPhoto3.jpg (3968 Byte) KissForumInterestingPhoto4.jpg (5236 Byte) KissForumInterestingPhoto5.jpg (2978 Byte) KissForumInterestingPhoto6.jpg (2687 Byte) KissForumInterestingPhoto7.jpg (3182 Byte) KissForumInterestingPhoto8.jpg (6936 Byte)

October 13, 2004

According to an official statement on the bands website, Paul Stanley had hip replacement surgery on his left hip. The recovery will take up to 8 weeks. [Your Opinion]

October 13, 2004


Statement from Eric Singer on his website:
"I played last weekend with Paul & Tommy at a surprise birthday party in Hollywood for some friends of paul & myself.
There was a House band that supplied the gear and other people played as well like Michael DesBarres/from Silverhead&Detective, Fred Coury from Cinderella & Shifty Shellshock from Crazytown
It was at a vibey place called Club AD on Highland ave. We played 5 songs "All right Now" by FREE / "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin /"You Shook Me" (Zep version) "Lick it Up" by of course KISS and "Comunication Breakdown" also by Zeppelin.
Paul & Tommy sounded really good & it was a blast playing with them!” [Your Opinion]

October 12, 2004


According to a report in USA Today, the KISS Rock the Nation Tour is amongst the Flops of this summer Tours. Kiss sold 49% of all tickets with an average of 8.444 tickets sold per show. Hottest Acts were rather unknown bands like Jimmy Buffett, Phish and the Dave Matthews Band, who sold more than 20.000 tickets per show. Also Madonna and Prince have sold 100% of their tickets.

"Kiss may have rang that farewell tour bell one too many times," says Ray Waddell from Billboard Magazine. "There were only two originals. And how many times can you go to the well without offering something new and different." Click here to read the complete article. [Your Opinion]

October 11, 2004


A great new feature has been in the testing stages for months, and now it is finally ready to go online: the KISS Forum! But it is not just a Forum, it's more an ultimate worldwide Kiss Online Community! The Kiss Online Community is an interesting and important Feature for every KISS Fan, even if you are not interested in the Board itself. This way you can find out about news much faster. Everybody is able to post the news directly on the Board. Click here to get to the Forum.

Every KISS Fan should get registered. Besides the Message Board there are a lot of Feartures, which are interesting and to the advantage of everyone:

Fan Finder
The Fan Finder is a great Feature on this Board! With the help of the Fan Finder you can easily find KISS fans from all over the world, and other people can find you. You can put a flag on a map where you live. See --> Fan Finder <--. This way you can find KISS Fans in your neighbourhood. It can also help you in many other ways. For instance, if you would like to go to New York to see a Kiss, you could find Kiss fans there and contact them. They may give you infos on hotels or they can get you tickets, you can arrange meetings etc...
Or you would like to spend your holidays in Rome and you would like to get some more local information about something. You can take a look at the Fan Finder, get the card from Italy and contact someone in this city. It is especially great for collectors. If you are collecting magazines with Kiss on the cover for instance, and you know about a new Japanese magazine that came out and has KISS on the cover, you can go to the Japanese Board and there you can easily find local Japanese fans who could get you this magazine. Since not everybody puts a flag on the map, you can also check the memberslist (but this gets more difficult the more members this Board has).


Similar to the Fan Pages everybody can set up a Nickpage in the Forum. The Nickpage you can do yourself, you can edit it or delete it at any time. You can also easily sort the Nickpages to your needs. You can easily find the newest Nickpages to take a look at them...

get help

Do you have a question about something particular? Whatever it is, just ask it in the Forum and you will get a fast answer.

receive important information
The Administrator can send an e-mail to all registered Users. This way, important information can be sent to you in the last minute (for instance: Kiss are TV today, or KISS Tour confirmed with Tourdates!). You will also receive a newsletter with all important Kiss News and Infos unless you do not want to receive these infos.

Private Messages (PM)/e-mails
As a registered member you can send other members a private message - anytime, anywhere in the world. If your friends are registered here as well, you do not even need to remember their e-mail address...

You can save your favorite pages and websites. Not just the internal Favorites (click on the link at the bottom left at the post), also the external Favorites from the Internet. The favorites are usually saved in the Browser (Internet Explorer) on your PC at home. But you can also use these at home on your PC. If you save those Favorites on the Message Board, you have access to it anytime, anywhere - when you are at work, on holiday, at a friends place or somewhere else... and if your PC crashes at home, you still have your Favorites set on the Board and they did not get lost.

Online Statistics
There is a great statistics block included (see "Who is Online" Box). There you can see all the users, who are Online on this Board at the moment, and if you click on "Who is Online", you can even see on which page they are browsing. There are also two extensive Statistics pages on this site.

A Chat is included, which supports the Smilies on this Board. If you see someone online (in the online statistics box) and you want to chat with this User, just send him a private message and tell him so. You can enter the Chat and wait for him to join the Chat.

You do not have to be afraid of Spam. In your Profile you choose the setting: "Always show my e-mail address: no". Then your e-mail address will not shown to anybody anywhere.

Board language
An amazing feature of this Board is, that it is internationally flexible. Everybody has the Board in his own language automatically. Even for Guests this works immediately and automatically. The Board checks the language settings of your Browser and chooses your language by default. Of course you can change the language manually at any time when you are registered in your profile-settings. If you have set a language in your profile, the Board will always show up in this language as long as you are logged in, even if you are in Simbabwe. If a language is not defined, the default language will be english. The language settings are for the Board itself of course, and not for the posts. But even the posts can be translated for registered Users. So it is possible for an English User to read and understand the Japanese posts on the Japanese Board for example. More infos about this in the Board infos...

If you check the box „automatically log in“ while logging in, you won┤t have to enter your user name and passoword the next time you visit the website, because you will be logged in automatically then. This, of course, does not work, if you visit the website from another computer the next time. In case you forgot your password completely, you can claim for a new password easily.

In your profile (find the respective link on top in the header) you can adjust lots of things individually like choosing your country-flag, your residence, date of birth, male/female, ICQ-ID, AIM ID, MSN Messenger ID, Yahoo Messenger ID, links to other websites, you profession, hobbies, board language, translation language, time zone, Avatar, your Flag for the Fan Finder and so much more... To protect yourself from spam mail, just choose “no” by “alsways show my e-mail address”. Choose “yes” by „notify me about new private messages“ so you will get an e-mail as soons as somebody has sent you a private message.

additional Features
The features of the message board will be mentioned in the following. Also there is a search engine available where you can search for certain words and phrases. Also there is a member list, which not only can be checked out, also you can set up your member list in many different orders. If you still have any questions, check out the FAQ, or post your question directly at the „Questions about the board“ topic. Usually you will receive a response immediately by one of our nice users.icon_mrgreen.gif
In the end, this board will have so many advantages for everybody reading this. Especially when you’re registered. In the worst case, there won’t be advantages, but we can assure you that it won’t cause any disadvantages for you.

Message Board
First of all I’d like to mention as follows: the Message Board is a part of Kiss News and the Kiss Fan Shop. Please do not post any links to any websites that compete with the Fan Shop. Nobody would go to HMV and hands out flyers for Tower Records or any other business (and IF so, this person can be sure to be kicked out and not being allowed to enter the building ever again). We appreciate your understanding. Thanks a lot. Any message with any of these links will be deleted by the administrator or the moderators immediately. If a user will keep posting any of the mentioned links, unfortunetaly he/she will be banned. Also it is not allowed to post any items for sale, neither on the bord itself, nor by private message (excluding the administrator and – after mutual agreement – the moderators).

The board is made for posting any news about KISS and discussing about Kiss in the first place. Many of the announcements at Kiss News are based on posts on message boards or newsgroups. At Kiss News usually only the important news for the appropriate language edition will be posted. If you need more detailed information such as concert reviews or whatever, you might find it right here on the board. If you find any news about KISS on the internet or anywhere else, we shall appreciate your post very much!

There are so many other features on this board. Most of them are pretty much self-explaining or mentioned in the FAQ. Here’s a list of the most interesting and most important features that are not mentioned in the FAQ:


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There are more then 100 smilies you may use, also many KISS-Smilies. If you wanna use a smiley in your message, just click one of the smilies in the box in the left side. You can also enter the code for a certain smiley manually in case you know it by heart. In the header on top there is a list of all the smilies there are on this board. If you find another cool smiley on another website, just make your suggestion. Also, you can upload your personal pictures.
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Have fun at the KISS-Forum! icon_wink.gif

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October 9, 2004

The Spanish version of KISS NEWS is now being updated again frequently by our new webmaster Francisco from Mexico. To check out the Spanish version of KISS NEWS click here.

October 5, 2004

If you save the KISS NEWS page as a Favorite, you are get to see the KISS Logo at the Favorites and in the Browser next to the Address. This is how it looks like:
FaviconKissNewsUSAFavoritesScreenshot.jpg (7223 Byte)

and in the Browser it looks like this:

FaviconKissNewsUSAURLScreenshot.jpg (8106 Byte)

With Internet Explorer you have to save the site as a Favorite again, even if you have saved it as a Favorite before. You may have to restart your computer to make the Icon show up. With Mozilla and Opera you should be getting the icon even without saving the site as a Favorite...

saveasfavorite.gif (185 Byte)

October 3, 2004

It is rare that I can say this, but I have never experienced an hour of radio like I did on Thursday. Former KISS front-man Gene Simmons made his way into the studio for an hour-long interview. He is one of the most interesting guys I have ever sat down with. I’m not saying that I agree with or condone the way he has chosen to go about life, I will just say that he is an interesting dude.

One of the first things I had to clear with him was the number of women that he says he has been with. I had read reports of 4500 and 4600. Gene told me that the number is actually 4700. It is a good thing I got that number straight. Gene told me that he isn’t married because the leading cause of divorce is marriage. He also said that the male species generates billions of sperm each day and wives and girlfriends are under the impression that each of those billions are for them only. He says it goes against human biology to be monogamous.

Gene likes money. He makes no bones about it. He laughs at performers in the music industry that talk about integrity and credibility. He says that it is called the music business for a reason. Everyone is in it to make money, and anyone who tells you differently is lying.

Gene is a big fan of racecars. He is part owner of three NASCAR teams and has interest in teams on the NHRA circuit. He thinks that racecar driving is a great slice of Americana. Gene is fascinated by the original concept that American cars were made to outperform other American cars. He thinks few things are more American than that.

I could have spoken to Gene for much more than an hour. He has takes on just about everything. It was truly one of the most interesting hours I have ever experience on this show.

October 2, 2004

(from Guido Gorgas)
Here you can watch the new
Suzuki TV commercial (which includes 'I was made for loving you'). The Spot can be played as Flash or Windows Media. Legends never die!!!

October 1, 2004

(from Carsten Fuhrmann)
I do have a nice KISS-Screensaver, which I have created some time ago in Flash. I would like to offer it here at KISS-News for everybody. It is basically the KISS-Logo, really nice.. click here to download the Screensaver for free.