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May 31, 2023  
KISS Announce Exclusive One Night Only Middle East Concert; Video Trailer

KISS icon Gene Simmons on their last ever Australian show
May 30, 2023  
Vinnie Vincent elects to look for and audition new singers while blindsiding latest singer Scott Board

Vinnie Vincent Announces and Cans New Singer Within a Week

SHOCKING … Vinnie Vincent introduces new singer Scott Board then 6 days later back-pedals and announces: “I’m auditioning singers”
May 29, 2023  
KISS Announces Last-Ever Australian Show At 83,500-Capacity Stadium In Sydney

KISS Announce Last Ever Australia Show For Sydney In October 2023
May 28, 2023  
Vinnie Vincent reunites with original Vinnie Vincent Invasion singer Robert Fleischman for upcoming 'Judgement Day' album

Kiss' Gene Simmons Doesn't 'See' Any Eric Clapton Influence in Eddie Van Halen's Playing, Recalls How Late Icon's Kindness Affected Him

Vinnie Vincent has a new singer — No Love Lost’s Scott Board

KISS Setlist at Historic Crew Stadium, Columbus, OH, USA, 27.5.2023

Videos: KISS live at Historic Crew Stadium, Columbus, OH, USA, 27.5.2023
May 27, 2023  
The Ele Series: Meeting KISS Part I
May 25, 2023  
(from Amazon)
Some bands—through a magical combination of talent, timing and luck—stake a claim to musical immortality almost immediately. That was not the case with KISS. For a long time, the band members themselves—Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss—were KISS’s biggest fans. They invented onstage alter egos, crafted do-it-yourself, glittery logo T-shirts, and played any club that would have them with absolute commitment. The result: fame and riches, which was pretty fortunate, because for KISS there was no plan B. Today the band has sold more than 100 million records—30 of their albums have gone gold and 14 went platinum. Many critics used to consider the band a joke—a carnival sideshow of smoking guitars, over-the-top pyrotechnics, cartoonish costumes and blood-spitting. But with the passage of time, KISS has come to represent something much more meaningful. Beneath the makeup, smoke and mirrors, that trifecta of determination is what KISS has always been about. This is their story.


Drew And Mike – May 23, 2023: Gordon G.G. Gebert tells us some great Ace Frehley stories
May 24, 2023  
VINNIE VINCENT Introduces His New Singer SCOTT BOARD At 'Judgment Day' Listening Party In Nashville

Nashville, TN news 8/14/79

Vinnie Vincent Tells Fans to Expect New Album This Year
May 23, 2023  
(from Amazon)
Spinning Gold tells the unbelievably true story of music industry's most colorful and brilliant music producer, Neil Bogart, founder of Casablanca Records. Along with a rag tag team of young music lovers, Neil and Casablanca Records would rewrite history and change the music industry forever—igniting the careers of legendary icons like Donna Summer, Parliament, Gladys Knight and KISS, whose mix of creative insanity shaped our culture and ultimately defined a generation. In a story so incredible that it can only be true, comes the motion picture event that created and inspired the greatest soundtrack of our lives.

May 22, 2023  

(from Bernhard/Slam Media GmbH)
The new KISS collector's magazine is out now (in German language). We give away 5 copies! To win a copy, send an e-mail to mentioning your favourite KISS song and your address.
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May 21, 2023  
(from Pavel Hromada)
Kiss is one among heavy metal legends like AC/DC, Metallica, Black Sabbath etc. 6th book of "Planet Metal" belongs to Kiss and hits the stores around Czechia and Slovakia (Czech language only) now.
See more at:
May 20, 2023  
New Renny Harlin Shark Thriller on the way…from Gene Simmons!
May 18, 2023  
KISS celebrating 30th anniversary of ‘Alive III’ with new vinyl reissue

BRUCE KULICK Celebrates 30th Anniversary Of KISS Alive III; Video

KISS cancels Plymouth Home Park End of the Road Tour gig due to 'logistical problems'
May 17, 2023  
GENE SIMMONS' Former Beverly Hills Estate Sees $32 Million Price Bump Following "Insane Makeover"; Photo Gallery

Eddie Van Halen Made Gene Simmons Want to Be a Better Person
May 16, 2023  
KISS At 50 Coffee Table Book By MARTIN POPOFF Available In October

May 15, 2023  
The Eddie Van Halen I knew, by Gene Simmons

GENE SIMMONS Launches Production Company With Arclight Films Chairman GARY HAMILTON

(from Jens Otto)
I regret to bring you some bad news. My friend from Berlin, Roman Schwarz, peacefully passed away on April 22, 2023. He had cancer.
He was also a huge KISS fan, especially of Eric Singer! I experienced many KISS concerts with Roman. I traveled with Roman to Japan, the USA, and many other countries to see KISS. In 1995, I worked with Roman for three weeks in the USA, setting up the stage for KISS. He was 56 years old.

May 13, 2023  
Kiss star Gene Simmons on sleeping with ‘5,000’ women and farewell tour
May 11, 2023  
Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem - Rock and Roll All Nite (From "The Muppets Mayhem")
May 10, 2023  
Ted Nugent Congratulates Paul Stanley’s Controversial Stance
May 9, 2023  
Gene Simmons’ Special With Eric Singer And Bruce Kulick Signals KISS Reunion

BRUCE KULICK And ERIC SINGER Join KISS' GENE SIMMONS At Up Close & Personal VIP Event In Las Vegas; Video
May 8, 2023  
ACE FREHLEY Welcomes Back Drummer SCOT COOGAN For First Time In Five Years
May 7, 2023  
Watch: GENE SIMMONS Performs With BRUCE KULICK And ERIC SINGER At 'An Evening With' VIP Event In Las Vegas

Videos: Gene Simmons live at Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 6.5.2023

Gene Simmons Setlist at Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 6.5.2023

Gene Simmons Plays Solo Show With Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer

Alex Gaskarth - Beth (SPINNING GOLD: Music From The Motion Picture)
May 6, 2023  
Monday morning at 3:40 am German TV channel ZDF Info will repeat the docu "The story of Kiss".

TED NUGENT Says PAUL STANLEY 'Hit The Nail On The Head' With His Comments On Gender-Affirming Care
May 5, 2023  
KISS’ Paul Stanley backtracks on gender confirming treatment tweet; Dee Snider defends his position
May 4, 2023  
SF Pride Distances Themselves From Dee Snider After Singer Supports Paul Stanley Trans Tweet

Paul Stanley Walks Back Controversial Transgender Post In New Statement

DEE SNIDER's Performance At SAN FRANCISCO PRIDE Canceled After His Support Of PAUL STANLEY's 'Transphobic Statement'

PAUL STANLEY Clarifies His Comments About Gender Transition, Says He Supports Those Who Are Struggling With Their Sexual Identity

Kiss Contest: Win a Trip to NYC to See the Band’s Final Show

Dee Snider Dropped by SF Pride for Supporting Paul Stanley’s Controversial Tweet
May 3, 2023  
KISS Rock and Roll All Nite (Live) 2022 Edit

Rock Classics #38 is a new Kiss Special released in Germany and available at Amazon Germany.

(from Amazon)
Limited Half-Speed Master on Translucent vinyl. Music from "The Elder" is the ninth studio album released by American rock band Kiss on the Casablanca Records label in 1981. The album marked a substantial departure from their previous output with the concept and orchestral elements.

Black Diamond - Kiss | The Midnight Special
May 2, 2023  
‘Give Paul Stanley A Break,’ Michael Starr Weighs In After Controversy
May 1, 2023  
KISS’ Paul Stanley calls gender confirmation treatment for children “a sad and dangerous fad”

KISS' PAUL STANLEY Speaks Out Against Gender Reassignment For Children, Saying Adults Have "Turned It Into A Sad And Dangerous Fad"

Elvis Presley’s Stepbrother Reveals King’s Thoughts on Kiss

Eric Singer Recalls Seeing First-Ever Kiss Press Coverage

Videos. KISS live at Estadio Santa Laura, Santiago, Chile, 30.4.2023

KISS Setlist at Estadio Santa Laura, Santiago, Chile, 30.4.2023