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May 31, 2021    
KISS Star Gene Simmons Recalls His Military Tribute While Celebrating Memorial Day

GENE SIMMONS And FLEA Show Support For NAOMI OSAKA After She Withdraws From FRENCH OPEN

“The 70 Year Old Demon” - NHK Gene Simmons Documentary
May 30, 2021    
Paul Stanley Mourns The Death Of B.J. Thomas, ‘I Will Always Know That Voice’

'It wasn't always as it appeared.' Legendary Kiss rock star Paul Stanley on life on and off stage

GENE SIMMONS Reportedly Buys House Near Las Vegas For $8.2 Million

Gene Simmons Buys Vegas Mansion After Vowing to Leave California
May 28, 2021    
Paul Stanley Remembers A ‘Prophecy’ That KISS Won’t Be Around Long In 1974

BRUCE KULICK Pays Tribute To Brother BOB KULICK On First Anniversary Of His Death; Video

BRUCE KULICK Releases 'Loving Video Tribute' To Brother On First Anniversary Of BOB KULICK's Death

PAUL STANLEY: 'With Age, You Start To Realize That Life Is Finite And It Does Come To An End'

Paul Stanley Takes Potshot at Reviewer From 1974

Paul Stanley Donates Guitar for Jason Becker Virtual Fundraiser

Bruce Kulick Celebrates Late Brother With New Video Tribute

Gene Simmons of KISS to teach bass and songwriting in Las Vegas MasterClass event
May 27, 2021    
PAUL STANLEY Still Remembers A Bad KISS Review From 47 Years Ago

KISS Partners With Dynamite Comics For New Series

KISS Returns To Comics In New Series From DYNAMITE

Paul Stanley interview: soul, loneliness, and why Download will be mind-boggling
May 26, 2021    
Paul Stanley Explains Why KISS Is Still Relevant And The Secret Behind Their Success, ‘We Do What The Fans Want’

Gene Simmons Shares His Honest Thoughts On Box Legend Mike Tyson

An Interview with Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick recalls Paul Stanley not being that motivated with the type of music on ‘Carnival of Souls’
May 25, 2021    
KISS Bassist GENE SIMMONS Announces 2021 MasterClass Event In Las Vegas

GENE SIMMONS Will Teach You How To Play Bass And Write A Song At Special Las Vegas 'MasterClass'

Paul Stanley’s Soul Station – ‘Now And Then’ [Album Review]

VINNIE VINCENT: Previously Unreleased Music To Finally See Light Of Day

Vinnie Vincent Says He’ll Release New Music in ’12 to 18 Months’
May 23, 2021    
KISS - "Heaven's On Fire" Teaser From Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001 Streaming
May 22, 2021    
Gene Simmons Breaks Silence About Bitcoin’s Sudden Drop And Explains His Advice

KISS Shares Snippet Of 'Heaven's On Fire' From 'Off The Soundboard: Tokyo 2001'

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Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Recount 50 Years as Part of KISS in Forthcoming Documentary: WATCH
May 21, 2021    
Gene Simmons Recalls How He Reacted To Paul Stanley Asking Him To Sing Like Girls

KISS - New Video Trailer Released For A&E's 2-Night Documentary Event, Biography: KISStory

Watch Trailer For New KISS Documentary, 'Biography: KISStory', From A&E

"Biography: KISStory” celebrates 5 decades of KISS. Special premieres June 27 & 28 at 9-11pm ET

Paul Stanley Recalls The KISS Tour He Begged ‘Please No Party Tonight’
May 20, 2021    
Gene Simmons Explains Why He Doesn’t Have To Wear Mask In Public After The Criticizes About His NHL Game Appearance

Gene Simmons Explains Why He Doesn't Like Biggest KISS Song, Talks How Long It Takes Him to Put That Makeup On: 'Kill Me Now'

KISS announce rescheduled and new European dates for 2022 ‘End of The Road Tour’
May 19, 2021    
Kiss announce new 2022 European dates for their End Of The Road tour

KISS Announce 2022 European Tour Dates

KISS Announces 2022 European Tour

JUST ANNOUNCED: European Tour Dates 2022

ANTHRAX Bassist FRANK BELLO To Release Memoir In October; Features Foreword By GENE SIMMONS

KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY Recalls Touring With AC/DC - "They Were Phenomenal... Now They're Legendary"
May 18, 2021    
Gene Simmons Recalls The Day He Discovered AC/DC And Gave Them A Chance Tour With KISS

Gene Simmons Became One Of The Stars That Sign Open Letter To Call Israel For Peace

Kiss' Gene Simmons on meeting AC/DC's Angus Young for the first time: "He didn't have front teeth"

Gene Simmons Says Angus Young Had No Front Teeth When He First Met Him

KISS’ Gene Simmons Says ‘Asshole’ To The Oklahoma Governor Tusa Race

Paul Stanley from KISS on their first Aussie tour to the final, young AC/DC, Dave Grohl | Triple M
May 17, 2021    
Gene Simmons Shares Opinions On The ‘God-Like Keith Richards’ While Comparing KISS And The Rolling Stones

Tour package of the year? — Alice Cooper announces US tour dates with opener Ace Frehley

Alice Cooper Announces Fall 2021 Tour With Ace Frehley

Alice Cooper and Ace Frehley Are Teaming Up for a Fall Tour

Alice Cooper & Ace Frehley Fall 2021 Tour Dates

Ace Frehley Shares His Opinion About A Possible KISS Reunion Offer From Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons

KISS icon Gene Simmons reveals how he stays fit and healthy at age 71 - and why he wouldn't recommend plastic surgery despite having a facelift
May 16, 2021    
KISS Manager DOC McGHEE - "We Do Four Chords And Bad Lyrics, And It Works Fabulous"

KISS's GENE SIMMONS Recalls His First-Ever Meeting With AC/DC's ANGUS YOUNG: 'He Didn't Have Front Teeth'

DISTURBED's DAVID DRAIMAN And KISS's GENE SIMMONS Are Among Celebrities Urging Peace In Middle East

Looking Inside the Ace Frehley DeLorean Vin 5712 Rock Soldiers


Paul Stanley Shares What Kirk Hammett Thinks About His Side-Project Soul Station

Ace Frehley Talks Rejoining KISS, Shares Honest Opinion on Band's Controversial Album

Meat Loaf - Live In Offenbach, Germany (Rockpalast) - June 11th 1978 (with Kulick brothers)
May 14, 2021    
Kiss Manager Credits Success to ‘Four Chords and Bad Lyrics’

Gene Simmons Reacts To Rage Against The Machine And Iron Maiden Not Being Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

KISS Frontman Shares Opinion on Mick Jagger's Dave Grohl Collaboration, Reveals What Kirk Hammett Thinks of His New Solo Album

Ex-Dream Theater Mike Portnoy Pays His Tribute To KISS Star Eric Singer

Gene Simmons Says ‘It’s A Shame’ After Rage Against The Machine Snubbed By R&R Hall Of Fame

KISS’ Gene Simmons Says It’s ‘Disgusting’ Iron Maiden Aren’t in Rock Hall

KISS's Longtime Manager Says ACE FREHLEY Will 'Show Up' At Some Point During 'End Of The Road' Tour
May 13, 2021    
KISS's Manager Says Ace Frehley Likely To 'Show Up' On Band's Farewell Tour

Gene Simmons says Iron Maiden’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame snub is “disgusting”
May 12, 2021    
Gene Simmons Shows Support To The NFL Player Who Was Criticized Due To His Christian Fate

KISS’ Tommy Thayer Explains Whether ‘The End Of The Road’ Tour Will Continue Or Not

Gene Simmons Says The Usual Gigs Are Child’s Play Compared To KISS’ Record-Breaking Live Show

Vinnie Vincent selling ‘Handwritten Lyrics’ w/ prices ranging from $3,500 per song to $125,000 for full set

Ex-KISS Guitarist VINNIE VINCENT Is Selling Set Of Handwritten Lyrics For $125,000
May 11, 2021    
VINNIE VINCENT – Former KISS Guitarist Selling Handwritten Lyrics For Up To $125,000

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May 10, 2021    
KISS Frontman Shares Honest Opinion on Billie Eilish, Talks How He Feels About Music His Kids Listen To

KISS Stars Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons Sent Emotional Messages To Their Mothers

KISS Frontman GENE SIMMONS - "I Have More Fun Than The Pope Does"

Chris K. Lendt Interview -- Author of "KISS & Sell" Book

Gene Simmons: “We are the hardest-working band in show business, but we do have an awful lot of fun. I have more fun than the Pope!“


May 8, 2021    
UNION - Rare 1998 German Television Performance Of "October Morning Wind"

(from Thomas Bußmann)
in Japan the first pressing of the CD includes a poster (External Bonus B2-sized poster for 2021 Tokyo Dome Concert)!
Japanese KISS CDs & DVDs

The Story Of How Gene Simmons Discovered Van Halen, Signed Them And Then Tore Up Their Contract

GENE SIMMONS - "Everybody's Journey Should Be A Personal Choice; Don't Look Over Your Shoulder While You're Running The Race Of Life"

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Maybelline bag #4
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KISS Star Gene Simmons Says ‘Goodbye’ To Famed EDM Producer Pierce Fulton
May 7, 2021    
Paul Stanley Admits The End Is In Sight For KISS But Ensures That Final Show Will Be Mind-Boggling
May 6, 2021    
KISS’ Paul Stanley Reveals His Plans On Doing Smaller Shows With Soul Station

Gene is on the front-cover of the Japanese magazine "Burrn!" (June 2021). The magazine can be ordered here at CD Japan.

Japanese KISS CDs & DVDs

Paul Stanley faces up to the end of Kiss: ‘We just can’t continue to do this for much longer’

KISS's PAUL STANLEY Discusses Different Surgical Procedures He's Undergone Over The Years
May 4, 2021    
ACE FREHLEY - Original KISS Guitarist's 70th Birthday Celebrated On Three Sides Of The Coin; Video

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Paul Stanley Does Not Want To Rule Out ‘Reunion’ Probability Of KISS
May 3, 2021    
KISS's PAUL STANLEY Is Still 'Open' To ACE FREHLEY And PETER CRISS Making Guest Appearances During 'End Of The Road' Tour
May 1, 2021    
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Greta Van Fleet Singer on Gene Simmons’ “Rock Is Dead” Claim: “Maybe the World of Rock He Remembers Is Dead”

Kiss - 1976 - Live in Mannheim