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May 31, 2002
CDGreatestKissmitPappschuber2002-05Germany.gif (4281 Byte)GREATEST KISS RERELEASED
"Greatest Kiss" is part of a "Best of the Best" series from Universal. The CD is now available in a cardboard slip cover.

May 31, 2002

(from Nicola Ciccarone)
"In Milan, Italy there will be a major Tribute Bands / Fan Clubs event in a 10,000 seat arena. Obviusly KISS will be represented by the tribute band KISS KONFUSION and by the KISS ARMY INTERNATIONAL fan club. The KISS fans will find a big merchandise stand loaded with merchandise. Don't miss this event!!! For more info check the event web page"

May 31, 2002

(from Brian Warner)
A tribute to the "shock rock" kings Kiss. "Unpainted" is a tribute to these metal legends and is unique in that it only covers the "non-makeup" era. Features tracks by AMERICA TO MARS (featuring former Tuff Luck guitarist Dave Scott), STAR 2K (former members of Jagged Edge and Gods Gift), respected Kiss cover bands such as KISS COVER SHOW, UNMASKED, KISSKONFUSION, KISS FOREVER BAND,and DEAR VICTIMS. Brought to you by our good friends at Shark Bite Records. Audio samples are available on our site.

May 22, 2002

drumkitPeter1978SanDiegoHardRockCafe.gif (4707 Byte)(from Peter Korr)
At the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego you find Peters Drumkit from 1978 over the exit door...

May 17, 2002

The TEXAS KISS ARMY is gathering in Houston, Texas on Friday Night, May 24th as DESTROYER (KISS TRIBUTE BAND) plays at the World Famous, Cardi's Rock Club.  Check out the Official Destroyer Website for more details.  Mars Music is giving away a guitar during the Destroyer set and "one of the founding members of the original Kiss Army (Terre Haute, Indiana), Rob Smith (he made the FI RST KISS ARMY SHIRT EVER!) will be there as well.

May 15, 2002

(from Stefan Cedervall/Kiss Army Sweden)
Remember the Ace Bash in NJ? Well, Kiss Army Sweden and Eric Singer threw their own "Singer Bash" in Sweden on May 12th. About 300 people showed up at Club Rockers in Vasteras to participate in the annual Kiss Convention festivities. A tight six-hour schedule included several Kissdealers, contests, live perfomances by four Swedish bands including Kiss coverband Kiss Alive, later joined by Eric Singer on two encores, and last but not least, a long signingsession (no limits, kids) with Eric, and a great on-stage Q/A-session. Since Eric celebrated his birthday, Kiss Army Sweden EricSingerinStockholm2002-05-12.jpg (16060 Byte)presented him with a custom made birthday cake.
cakeEricSinger44.jpg (20734 Byte)
Eric photo, courtesy of Stefan Cedervall
Cake photo, courtesy of Marko Rouvinen

May 13, 2002

McFarlane is about to release some more figures in the near future. A Boxed Set of the "Unmasked" and "Alive" Figures as well as a 12" Gene Simmons "Unmasked" figure will be available soon at Spencers stores in the US. And by the way, they still think the "Unmasked" figures are from the Creatures of the night tour... More details here.

May 13, 2002

As previously reported, Alive IV has been delayed. "Alive IV" is the last album Kiss owes to the record company. After that, Kiss fulfilled their record contract with Universal and might go with a different record company in the future. In the meantime, the studio-songs delayed the release of the album, which is now rumoured to be released sometime possibly in the winter. In Germany the record company plans for the first time ever to make a limited edition print in a digipack sleeve.

May 13, 2002

Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties with some of the e-mails. All e-mails that were sent to an e-mail address with the ending "" between November 2001 and February 2002 seem to have gotten lost. Usually mainly photos for the Fan Pages and Tattoo Pages are being sent to such an e-mail address. If you contributed to those pages and your contribution is not yet online, please send it again. Thank you!

May 13, 2002

On May 8th we had a competition here on KISS NEWS to win one of three German "Kiss in Vegas" DVD's. Deadline was May 10th.

The question was:
Name ALL drummers who played with Kiss at live-shows.

The correct answer was: Peter Criss, Eric Carr, Eric Singer and Ed Kanon. (Drumtech Ed Kanon replaced Peter Criss for one show in 1997 as you might remember...)

Many contributions, but only about 30 correct answers within' the Deadline.
Here are the winners: 

Sandra Csandl (Austria)
Oliver Mira (Germany)
Jiri Konfrst (Czech Republic)

Congratulation to the winners! The distributer will be sending the DVD's directly to the winners within' the next few days.

May 12, 2002

On our French page you will find a big report about the Ace Frehley Birthday Bash 2002, including photos of Monique Frehley (Ace's daughter), a photo of Ace's parents and a photo of Gene with his birthday cake... click here to see the report with photos.

May 12, 2002

The German Discography is now online on the German KISS NEWS site. It contains all records and videos released in Germany, incl. reviews, rereleases and statistics, Click here to take a look.

May 12, 2002

(from Andreas Balzer)
In the Mai issue of the "Previews" catalog you can find 3 pages of adverts/introduction for the new Kiss Comic. Seems to be a short series, only 3 parts will be coming out.The first issue will definately be released with 2 different covers: a comic cover and a group photo cover. If it is the photo pictures in the Previews-catalog, it will be a picture from 1998. I believethere will be also 2 different cover for issue 2 and 3. They took over the basic idea for Psycho Circus. That means "The four who are one". Ace is still the travelling Spaceman etc. But there are no more circus people and there should be more "action". The story in the comic has nothing to do with the band Kiss.

May 10, 2002

The release-date for the "Kiss Exposed" DVD in Europe has once again been pushed back to May 13, 2002. Kiss' record company Universal just recently announced the delay of "Alive IV". Meanwhile, Gene Simmons has mentioned on his website, that the band is "no longer with Universal"...

May 9, 2002

condomsGene2002.gif (2808 Byte)KISS CONDOMS
What the world, and especially Gene Simmons has been waiting for: KISS condoms. Coming soon...

May 8, 2002

According to Kiss' record company, the releae of "Alive IV" will be delayed. Reason: the 2 new studio-tracks will not be ready by then. Accoring to Gene Simmons' Homepage, the 2 new songs will be called "Wait" und "All the kids with painted faces".

May 8, 2002

Today the "KISS in Vegas" DVD has been released in Germany. The distributer kindly gave us 3 DVD's for a competition. If you want to participate to win one of 3 German "Kiss in Vegas" DVD's (PAL, Code 2), send an e-mail until May 10, 2002 to and answer the following question:

Name ALL drummers who played with Kiss at live-shows.

Don't forget your name and address. There will be 3 winners drawn amongst all completely correct answers. You will be able to read the answer and the name of the winners here in the News.

May 8, 2002

Dark Horse Comics are putting out a short series of KISS comics in a few weeks. There is supposed to be 2 versions of the comic, one with a comic-cover and one with a real Kiss band photo on the cover...

May 8, 2002

(from Phil Elliott)
Two years in the planning... From the Promoter of the successful Atlanta and Nashville KISS Expos comes the birth of a long awaited event! Calling all KISS Fans to another Mother of all KISS Expos! The KISS Army will unite again at Kreatures of the South’s 1st Annual Charlotte KISS Expo Sunday, August 25, 2002 (Gene Simmons Birthday!) 11am-9pm at The Charlotte Hilton University Place (8629 JM Keynes Drive.) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Very Special Guests to include: Former KISS Lead Guitarist Bruce Kulick, KEEL Lead Singer Ron Keel, Charlotte North Carolina's very own KISS Tribute Band "KLOWN," Kentucky's own "SSG" Band, a Top Touring KISS Tribute Band and more Guests to be announced soon! All Major Guests will be doing Q & A sessions, Photo/Autograph sessions, Live Performances by all, and (of course) some surprises! Featuring well over 100+ KISS Dealer Tables from KISS Dealers all over the world in (2) Giant Ballrooms! Makeup/Costume Contest with (3) winners by category: (male-female-kid). Come dressed up for a chance to win $$$ and Prizes! Photo and Video Cameras are welcome! Like in Atlanta, we’re offering (2) levels of admission. The Souvenir VIP Laminate: This allows the holder to enter The Expo :45 minutes early @ 10:15, and also makes for an instant collectable! The Souvenir VIP Laminate is limited to 125(Hurry 93 Sold already), and the cost is $20. (in advance only). The Souvenir Ticket: This allows the holder to enter the expo @ 11:00, and is numbered. The Souvenir Ticket is $10. (in
advance), and $12. (at the door). Kids under 10 will be admitted "FREE" with paying adult. Hotel Rooms: The Charlotte Hilton University Place is offering our group a specially discounted "KISS EXPO" room rate of just $72. a night (King-or-Double) by reserving and calling 1-800-HILTONS or call the hotel direct @ 704-547-7444.

NOTE: Like in Atlanta we will SELL OUT the Hilton's rooms. So get your rooms reserved early:>) ***This Hilton sits next to a man made lake with a boardwalk, paddle boats, shops, bars, and restaurants all around in a high-end part of town! So why not enjoy a long weekend with us at probably the nicest venue on the Expo circuit! You're gonna love it! Stay tuned to for all the latest additions to "The Biggest 100% KISS Expo!" Fans claim our Atlanta KISS Expo is The Best, so maybe it's time you come to a show that'll give you The Biggest Band for your KISS Dollar and where we all come together as family and friends! The Charlotte KISS Expo is RUN BY THE FANS.....FOR THE FANS!!!

Dealer info: Write/Fax/Email/Call us your complete mailing address, and we'll send you a "Dealer packet" with all the necessary info. This packet will include a table map where you can pick your table location. Our Phone: 678-455-7891. The address: Charlotte KISS Expo Dealer Info, PO Box 3456,
Cumming, Georgia 30028.

Ticket info: Send check, or money orders Payable to: "Kreatures of the South" The address: Charlotte KISS Expo Tickets, PO Box 3456, Cumming, Georgia 30028. You can also "Charge by phone" your tickets using any major credit card. Simply call Phil at 678-455-7891, leave a message (if no one answers) and we'll call you back. Call backs are only for Ticket purchasers and

You can Email us with any questions or request: See you the weekend of August 25th! I-A!


May 7, 2002

The Ace Frehley Birthday Bash last week has been sold out in advance with over 500 fans showing up. Many thanks to everybody who sent a photo of the event. Here are 2 photos, one showing Ace at the sign-session, the other one Gene on his way out after presenting Ace a birthday cake...

AceatBirthdayBash2002.jpg (4499 Byte)  GeneatAceBirthdayBash2002.jpg (8524 Byte)

May 4, 2002
specialMetalHeadPosterSpecial2002Brazil.gif (3710 Byte)NEW BRAZILIAN KISS POSTER SPECIAL
(from Marcio)
Metal Head Collection has released a new Kiss Poster Special magazine in Brazil. It´s called SANGUE, MÁSCARAS (blood, masks) and it came out folded in 3 parts presenting 2 posters with great known photos.

May 3, 2002

Kiss are about to go on tour again soon, and there is even talk about a new studio album, although they said 2 years ago, that the last tour will be their last one and Kiss will not be recording any more albums. It's time again for an opinion poll...

What do you think? Will Tommy Thayer replace Ace Frehley on the next tour? Ace is not happy to go on tour again after the so called "Farewell" tour. He plans to start his solo-career now, and even refused a huge amount of money to play at a private party with Kiss in Jamaica. But Ace will not be able to stop Kiss going on tour again. So wouldn't it be better to make the money himself now as long as he still can with Kiss? It seems like history will repeat itself after 22 years. Back then Ace also wanted to start a successfull solo-career...
cleardot.gif (53 Byte)

If Tommy Thayer will replace Ace Frehley on the next tour, will you to see a Kiss concert?

May 3, 2002
Gene Simmons has just made public through his website, that his father passed away in Israel today.

May 3, 2002

specialColecaoMetalMassacreKissPosterSpecial2002Brazil.gif (3602 Byte)NEW KISS POSTER SPECIAL AVAILABLE
The new Colecao Metal Massacre Kiss Poster Special from Brazil is now available at the Kiss Fan Shop. Click here for details.

May 3, 2002

KISS has once again imploded, and it is getting messy in the press. Check the News Section for the latest on Gene and Paul's future with KISS. But more importantly, click here to listen to a phone interview Ed did with Ace Frehley last weekend! Ace doesn't hold back on his feelings about the band! It's a must listen for any Kiss fan.

May 1, 2002

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick has contributed lead guitar to the track "Sweet FA" for an upcoming SWEET tribute album, to be released later this year. Appearing under the banner JK'S ALL STAR EXPERIENCE, Kulick is backed on the track by an all-Swedish cast consisting of, among others, bassist John Levén (ex-EUROPE), rhythm guitarist Lars Chriss (LION'S SHARE), vocalist Jonas Nilsson (REDNEX), and keyboardist Tommy Denander (RADIOACTIVE).