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March 31, 2023  
Watch the moment Kiss’ Gene Simmons set his hair on fire during a 1973 show

‘Spinning Gold’ Director Discusses Kiss’ Early History: Exclusive
March 30, 2023  
KISS Add Four New Dates To The End Of The Road Tour

KISS Adds Four U.S. Shows To Fall 2023 'End Of The Road' Tour

ACE FREHLEY To Finish Recording His New Album 'In Another Week'

Kiss’ ‘Beth’ History Disputed by ‘Spinning Gold’ Director

Ace Frehley Threatens to Spill ‘Dirt’ on KISS’ Paul Stanley + Gene Simmons if No Apology Issued In Seven Days

Ace Frehley Issues Threat to Paul Stanley Over 'Piss' Comment: 'I'm Gonna Tell Some Dirt That Nobody Knows if I Don't Get an Apology Within Seven Days'

Ace Frehley has a 120 page manuscript with all the dirt that he has on Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley

Ace Frehley claims to keep a 120-page document of "dirt" on Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons in a safety deposit box

ACE FREHLEY Wants Apology From PAUL STANLEY, Threatens To “Tell Some Dirt”

ACE FREHLEY Wants PAUL STANLEY To Apologize For 'PISS' Comment, Threatens To Tell 'Some Dirt That Nobody Knows'

Ace Frehley Gives Paul Stanley a Week to Retract ‘Piss’ Comment

Full Eddie Trunk Interview with Ace Frehley From 3/29/2023
March 29, 2023  
Ace Frehley gives Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons a choice apologize or else !!
March 28, 2023  
KISS ON TOUR 1983 - 2001
(from Amazon)
KISS on Tour" is a KissFAQ title that had been in print in physical format for some years. This is the fiftieth anniversary printing of the standalone volume that covers the period from the band's unmasking through the end of the Farewell Tour in 2001. It has more than 100 additional reviews and show notes than previous printings.

March 27, 2023  
Timothy Bogart and Joyce Biawitz Share Stories About KISS and Spinning Gold

Gene Simmons gives fans new opportunity to record song with him for ú5000
March 25, 2023  
A new Japanese Kiss Special is now available at CD Japan.
Japanese KISS CDs & DVDs

(from Gino van Lackner)
Hi there,
Just want you to know that I made a 32 page KISS special for the Belgian magazine Rock Tribune.
I still have 200 copies left, so if anyone would be interested, they can order it trough me for 10 euro + shipping at
I enclosed some pictures of the magazine and as you can see it's approved by Gene Simmons ;-)
Gino Van Lancker 

March 24, 2023  
I Love It Loud (Live From Mid-Hudson Civic Arena, Poughkeepsie NY / 1984)
March 23, 2023  
ACE FREHLEY, GENE SIMMONS Solo Band Members Form New Project ROCK CITY MACHINE COMPANY (RCMC); "Can't Stop The Train" Single Streaming

A Kiss biopic, Shout It Out Loud, will be coming to Netflix next year
March 22, 2023  
KISS biopic coming in 2024

Vinnie Vincent to hold ‘Record Listening Party’ event on May 19th-20th

Everything We Know So Far About the Upcoming KISS Biopic on Netflix

KISS Biopic "Shout It Out Loud" Heading To Netflix In 2024

KISS' GENE SIMMONS Finally Sells Las Vegas Estate, But Did He Get The Amount He Asked For?

KISS Biopic To Arrive In 2024

GENE SIMMONS Sells Las Vegas House For $11 Million

‘Shout It Out Loud’: Kiss Biopic Heading to Netflix in 2024

Ep. 231 - Doc McGhee talks KISS End Of The Road Final 50 Tour Dates

Vinnie Vincent Announces New ‘Judgment Day’ Album Listening Party

VINNIE VINCENT Announces Listening Party For VINNIE VINCENT INVASION Album 'Judgment Day (Guitarmageddon Pt. I)'

VINNIE VINCENT Announces Listening Party For VINNIE VINCENT INVASION Album, Judgment Day (Guitarmageddon Pt. I)

Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed are accompanied by their children and son-in-law while attending the Los Angeles premiere of John Wick: Chapter Four
March 20, 2023  
KISS’ Gene Simmons offering fans a chance to record a song with him at New York’s Electric Lady Studios

You can record a song with Gene Simmons at Electric Lady studios for $6000

KISS' PAUL STANLEY Contacts Three Sides Of The Coin, Says BOB KULICK Did Not Play On Alive! Album

‘Dressed To Kill’: Why KISS’ Third Album Was Tailor-Made For Success

Is JOE BIDEN Too Old For A Second Term As U.S. President? GENE SIMMONS Weighs In
March 19, 2023  
‘Paul Stanley Wrote The Book Of Being A Rock God,’ Dave Sabo Weighs In

Bruce Kulick names 10 guitarists who shaped his sound
March 18, 2023  
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Samantha Fox Thoughts On Lip Syncing & Manscaping
March 17, 2023  

March 15, 2023  
Video: 1981 - Mexico VHS Restore

Rachel Bolan On Struggling To Accept His Idol Gene Simmons’ Farewell

20 things only Kiss fanatics know about Destroyer
March 14, 2023  
KISS Engineer Confirms That BOB KULICK Played On Alive! Album; Video

ACE FREHLEY's The 21st Century Singles Collection Unboxed; Video

KISS - Join GENE SIMMONS At Electric Lady Studios In New York City
March 13, 2023  
Poll: What’s the Best KISS Album? – Vote Now
March 12, 2023  
KISS's GENE SIMMONS: 'It Would Be Nice To Do A Las Vegas Residency' Again
March 11, 2023  
SKID ROW To Support KISS On European Tour Dates
March 10, 2023  
Ace Frehley - The 21st Century Singles Collection

Mad Monster Party Carolina 2023
March 9, 2023  
Gene is on the front-cover of "Tapas" magazine (March 2023) in Spain.


gGene Simmons sets a mega-VIP event at Rio

Despite final show announcement, KISS’ Gene Simmons says it’d be “nice to do a Vegas residency”
March 8, 2023  
KISS' GENE SIMMONS Announces Up Close & Personal VIP Event In Las Vegas
March 7, 2023  
Bruce Kulick recalls that it was very hard for Eric Carr to get his song ideas included on KISS albums

Ex-KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick emphasizes the importance of Eric Carr's 'Rockology'
March 5, 2023  
Paul Stanley says a reunion of KISS’ original line-up would be more like ‘PISS’

KISS Hit "I Was Made For Lovin' You" Gets Spaghetti Western Treatment By POSTMODERN JUKEBOX (Video)
March 4, 2023  
Kiss squash long-standing rumour that their band name is a Satanic acronym: "We're smart, but we're not that smart"
March 3, 2023  
Paul Stanley Blasts the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Over KISS’ Induction

War Machine (Live From Mid-Hudson Civic Arena, Poughkeepsie NY / 1984)

KISS perform three songs on SiriusXM’s Howard Stern Show

PAUL STANLEY Explains Why He Declined To Perform With Original KISS Lineup At ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME

Why KISS Said No to Performing at Their Rock Hall of Fame Ceremony
March 2, 2023  
KISS Debunk Long Rumored Satanic Acronym

GENE SIMMONS Explains What He Hates About KISS Classic "I Was Made For Lovin' You", But There's An Exception... "Stadiums Full Of People Jump Up And Down Like Biblical Locusts"; Video

Watch KISS Perform Three Classics On The Howard Stern Show; Official Video

Watch KISS Perform Three Classic Songs On 'The Howard Stern Show'

Kiss Discusses Truth Behind Rumor They Planned to Call Band F—

KISS “Detroit Rock City” Live on the Stern Show

KISS “Shout It Out Loud” Live on the Stern Show

KISS “Rock and Roll All Nite” Live on the Stern Show

(from Amazon)
"Kiss in the 1970s: Decades"
They pulled on their platform boots and slapped on the makeup when everybody else was discarding theirs. Their albums were subject to poor production, scathing reviews, and commercial indifference. Other bands refused to have them as their opening act. Their record company was up against the wall. By all reasoning, they should have become one of the ‘lost’ bands of the 1970s, like the Harlots of 42nd Street or the Hollywood Stars. Yet in 1975 Kiss unexpectedly came Alive! and by the following year, they were the biggest rock and roll band – and brand – in America. This is a journey through Kiss’s first and most storied decade. It is the story of the four men behind the masks, and the music they made, the studio albums, the legendary live albums, and of one of the greatest rock follies in music history, the four simultaneously released solo album. Along the way, it tells of the costumes and the concerts, the merchandise and the Marvel comic books, the television appearances and the disastrous 1978 movie, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. And having bestrode the 1970s like an unstoppable colossus, it ends with Kiss under siege, beset by changing public taste without, and combustible personalities within.

"Kiss at 50" will be released on Oktober 10, 2023 and can be pre-ordered already now at Amazon.

Kiss' Paul Stanley Opens Up on His Biggest Regret, Admits He & Gene Simmons Should've Handled Late Drummer Eric Carr's Illness Differently

PAUL STANLEY Blasts MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE After She Complains Of Harassment

How Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley’s Relationship Has Evolved

How KISS Decided on Their Band Name

KISS Announces Their Final Concert Ever Will Be in 2023

What Gene Simmons Hates About the KISS Hit “I Was Made for Lovin’ You”
March 1, 2023  
Paul Stanley Encourages Americans To Stand Up For Freedom

Kiss Announce Details of Two Last-Ever Shows

KISS announce ‘absolute final shows’ for their ‘End of The Road World Tour’

Kiss announce the dates and venue for the last two gigs they'll ever play

KISS To Take Their Final Bow With 2-Night Stand At NYC's Famed Madison Square Garden

Watch KISS Announce Final Concert Ever: 'This Is The End'

Paul Stanley’s Anger Over Too Many Kiss Shows

Treated Eric Carr ‘More Sensitively’

Kiss Announces Final Dates for End of the Road Farewell Tour

KISS Announces Final Concerts

10 Albums That Changed My Life: Ace Frehley