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March 31, 2021    
Sebastian Bach Applauds Paul Stanley For Ranking At The Top 10 With His New Album And Credits KISS Fans

PAUL STANLEY On KISS's New Year's Eve Concert: 'We Were Determined To Make It As Good As We Could'

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KISS Guitar of the Month - March 2021 - 1983 Gibson Moderne
March 30, 2021    
Gene Simmons Says ‘No More Tour Buses In Front Of Our House’ While Talking On Moving From Beverly Hills

KISS - Brands For Fans To Release Cold Gin This Summer; Third Rum And Exclusive Gift Box In The Works
March 29, 2021    
GENE SIMMONS On His Decision To Leave California: 'It's Time For A Change'

Sounds of silence: singers who lost their voices

Lil Nas X is courting controversy with his blood-infused kicks, but the rock band KISS actually did it first - in a bloody 1977 collaboration with Marvel Comics
March 28, 2021    
War Gods of The Deep unveil their cover of KISS’ song “Who Wants To Be Lonely”

Gene Simmons Beverly Hilly Home

A 6 CD Box set called "The rare Broadcast Archives" will be released on April 23. It can be pre-ordered at Amazon Germany.

March 27, 2021    
Paul Stanley Praises Elton John’s ‘Stellar Accomplishments’ While Wishing Him A Happy Birthday

Sebastian Bach Tries To Pick The Best KISS Concert He’s Ever Been To

KISS’s Lead Guitarist Tommy Thayer Documents Everything He’s Been Through Since The Outbreak

1472 BRUCE KULICK Guitar ICON | Epic Stories of KISS & Michael Bolton?! - Jordan Travel Vlog 3/26/21

Gene Simmons Leaving California for ‘Quieter Life’ in Nevada

Gene Simmons wants you to know he is leaving California, moving to Nevada
March 25, 2021    
KISS / SOUL STATION Frontman PAUL STANLEY - "I Can't Be Limited Or Confined By Somebody's Idea Of Who I Am"; Video

Paul Stanley on new KISS material: "Never Say Never"

GENE SIMMONS Sets Record Straight On Home Purchase, Confirms Relocation To Nevada

Paul Stanley Releases New Full Length Album with His R&B Group "Soul Station"

When Kiss Classic ‘God of Thunder’ Left Paul Stanley ‘Devastated’

GENE SIMMONS Buys Malibu Hilltop Home
March 24, 2021    
Gene Simmons Says ‘I Was Blown Away’ After Watching Billie Eilish’s Latest Documentary

Gene Simmons Buys Hilltop Malibu Hideaway

GENE SIMMONS And SHANNON TWEED Purchase Malibu Mountaintop Home For $5.8 Million; Photos

Gene Simmons selling his Beverly Hills Mansion for $25mil !!!

1471 BRUCE KULICK Playing GUITAR With MEAT LOAF & Early Beginnings in Brooklyn - Travel Vlog 3/24/21

Paul Stanley on wearing masks, KISS's larger-than-life persona, and Paul Stanley's Soul Station

KISS Superfans Donate Decades-Long Collection For Preservation And Research
March 23, 2021    
Paul Stanley Shares What He Thinks About The Weeknd

Frontman Paul Stanley Explains Why He Named the Band KISS

PAUL STANLEY Says JIMI HENDRIX Was 'Arguably The Greatest Rock Guitar Player'

Vintage KISS Aucoin Jewelry with John 5


KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY - "What We Are Known For Is Bombastic And Overwhelming, But Those Songs Are Undeniable"

Paul Stanley of Kiss, Soul Station
March 22, 2021    
Paul Stanley on Soul Station, His Favorite Singers, and Whether KISS Will Complete Their Farewell Tour

Paul Stanley Admits He And Gene Simmons Were At Odds Sometimes While Deciding Who Will Sing Certain KISS Songs

Paul Stanley Says ‘I Was Devastated’ While Sharing His Biggest Regret About Gene Simmons

Rock legends from Kiss to Korn donate memorabilia to Roadie Relief fundraiser

KISS, METALLICA, GHOST, FAITH NO MORE, BON JOVI, QUEEN And Others Donate Invaluable Fan Memorabilia To Support Roadie Relief

KISS's PAUL STANLEY Explains How He Came Up With Band's Name

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley talks COVID-19 vaccine, R&B classics on new Soul Station album

Sebastian Bach Congratulates Paul Stanley On His New Album And Says He Can’t Wait To Listen To It On Vinyl

KISS - Video Of 1995 Performance And Interview On Conan O'Brian Resurfaces
March 21, 2021    
Shameless unveil video for new single “Live Your Dream” featuring Bruce Kulick on guitar

ECHO Releases Second Design In 'Kiss Poster Series' By FRANK KOZIK
March 20, 2021    
Paul Stanley Reveals Whether There Have Been Any Talks With Gene Simmons About New KISS Music

PAUL STANLEY: 'It's Unfortunate That Some People Are Vehemently Against' Wearing Masks

KISS singer Paul Stanley's Soul sounds

Live Your Dream, the brandnew single to celebrate the release of "Looking Inside" will be available on a limited edition Picture disc and audio cassette this June at  and on all digital plattforms March 22nd. Also includes 8 Shameless classics + a brand-new cover of the Smokey and the Bandit smash “Eastbound and Down” feat. Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup on vocals and KISS legend Bruce Kulick on lead guitars.
For more information please visit or

Gene Simmons Announces That He Got His Second Vaccine Shot And Reveals His Current Status

Bruce Kulick Pays Tribute to Brother Bob With ‘I Still Love You’
March 19, 2021    
Gene Simmons Says Ignore Conspiracy Lunatics While Confirming He Got The Second Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine

Stevie Rachelle recalls The Demon being “one of the guys” during writing session with Tuff members

Paul Stanley explains why drummer Eric Singer was included in his new project Soul Station

GENE SIMMONS: Why Masks Should Be Mandatory, Not Optional

Paul Stanley talks Soul Station, masculinity and the importance of wearing masks: 'To not be able to voice my opinion actually seems un-American

New Kiss Songs Would Be Like Unaged Wine, Says Paul Stanley

Paul is on the fron-cover of "Rockcellar" magazine (March 2021).

Paul Stanley: On His New Album with Soul Station and the ‘Perfect Imperfection’ of Soul/R&B (The Interview)

Tommy Thayer recalls playing lead guitar and Bruce Kulick playing bass on KISS’ album ‘Psycho Circus’
March 18, 2021    
Gene Simmons Shares A Stunning Detail About Coronavirus By Comparing It To World War II

PAUL STANLEY - Win A Virtual Meet & Greet With KISS / SOUL STATION Frontman; Video Message

PAUL STANLEY Says Pyrotechnics At KISS's New Year's Eve Concert Were 'Frightening' And 'Glorious'

KISS frontman's on-air confession about rock career

Review: Paul Stanley’s Soul Station

Paul Stanley: Rock Isn't Dead But The Chance Of Another Kiss Album Is

Paul Stanley on speaking out about masks, new music with Paul Stanley's Soul Station

Review: Kiss star man Paul Stanley shows a whole lotta soul

Q&A: Paul Stanley On Why Soul Station Is A Part Of Him, ‘That Music Is At My Foundation’

Paul Stanley on singing Motown, why there won't be new Kiss music: 'I don't really see any reason for it'

KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY Holding SOUL STATION Online Listening Party And Live Chat This Friday
March 17, 2021    
Gene Simmons Responds To Anti-Maskers, ‘Find Somewhere Else You Can Be Free’

Gene Simmons Starts Believing That ‘Anything Is Possible’ After Trump’s Latest Statement

KISS’ Paul Stanley Explains Why It’s ‘Not Feasible’ to Tour Beyond ‘End of the Road’ Run

PAUL STANLEY Explains His Connection To R&B / Soul Music - "It's One Of The Cornerstones Of What I Do"; Video

PAUL STANLEY: Why It's 'Not Feasible' For KISS To Continue To Tour After 'End Of The Road'

Paul Stanley on Why He’s Singing Soul Classics and How Motown Influenced Kiss

KISS Announces A New Show Added To End Of The World Tour Due To The Fans’ Overwhelming Demand

Gene Simmons Relists Beverly Hills Mansion for $25 Million

KISS’s Tommy Thayer Les Paul - signed to winner
March 16, 2021    
Paul Stanley Soul Station Interview Sirius XM March 2021

TM 915 Ronnie Romero, Sevi & Paul Stanley

PAUL STANLEY Looks Back On KISS' "Fabulous" Album Revenge - "Everybody Was On Point, And Bob Ezrin Was Just Firing On All Cylinders"

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Paul Stanley joins Jeff Sammut on Canada Now

KISS’ Gene Simmons Feels Outraged And Calls A Senator ‘Idiot’

March 15, 2021    
Paul Stanley Addresses The Anti-Maskers, ‘If You Don’t Share My Beliefs Please Stay Away From Me’

Coloring books for kids and adults are the new hit!

PAUL STANLEY - "For Me, There's Always Been Two Kinds Of Music, Good And Bad"
March 14, 2021    
Looking Inside - Episode 10 Back To The Future & Ace Frehley from KISS - DeLorean Book

Gene Simmons Reacts To A Fan Reminding Him America Is The Land Of The Free, ‘Not When You’re A Danger To Me’

Paul Stanley Shares Honest Opinion on Gene Simmons, Talks How He Feels About KISS Bassist's Wife

Paul Stanley Says The Marvelous Marvin Hagler Died Heartborken Due To ‘Lack Of Recognition’

KISS’ Paul Stanley Reveals His Plans On Doing Smaller Shows With Soul Station

I Still Love You All Star Fundraiser video

Films, religion, KISS posters ... banning Nazi hate symbols is no simple task

KISS's PAUL STANLEY: 'We've Got A Long Way To Go' Before Big Rock Concerts Return
March 13, 2021    
Gene Simmons Puts His Rockin’ Two-Acre Mini-KISS Museum On The Market For $25 Million

PAUL STANLEY On SOUL STATION - "We Are Like A Family Just Championing This Music; There's An Undeniable Chemistry And Joy In What We Do"

80’s Glam Livecast - Best and Worst Of KISS

The Night Kiss Played a Show With Two Lead Guitarists
March 12, 2021    
PAUL STANLEY Talks KISS Going Back On Tour This Year- "You Have More Of A Chance Of Seeing SOUL STATION"

PAUL STANLEY's SOUL STATION Releases Performance Video For Original Song "I, Oh I"

ACE FREHLEY Shows Off Impressive Memorabilia Collection On AXS TV's "Rock & Tell"; Video

GENE SIMMONS Selling Renovated Beverly Hills Home For $25 Million; Photo Gallery

PAUL STANLEY's SOUL STATION Releases Official Video Performance Of 'I, Oh I'

ACE FREHLEY Shows Off A Few Pieces In His Rock And Roll Memorabilia Collection (Video)

GENE SIMMONS Re-Lists Beverly Hills Mansion At Higher Price


Paul Stanley's Soul Station - I, Oh I

Paul Stanley On Soul Station

talkshoplive with Paul Stanley
March 11, 2021    
Gene Simmons Puts Foo Fighters On The Table As He Asks ‘Who Is The New Beatles?’

PAUL STANLEY On GENE SIMMONS: 'We've Never Been Closer Than We Are Now'

Paul Stanley Expects Solo Band Tour Before Kiss Return

Kiss frontman Paul Stanley talks COVID-19 vaccine, R&B classics on new Soul Station album

KISS's PAUL STANLEY: Big Rock Concerts Coming Back In Near Future Is 'Wishful Thinking'
March 10, 2021    
Sophie Simmons Gets Nominated For A Juno Award, Gene Simmons Reacts

KISS - Professor Of Rock Examines Band's Signature Song "Rock and Roll All Nite"; Video

KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY On Launching SOUL STATION - "To Work Within The Confinement Or Boundaries Somebody Else Has For Me Is Ridiculous" (Video)

Jim & Sam - Paul Stanley on his weird Folgers coffee commercial (3/8/21)
March 8, 2021    
Gene Simmons Reiterates ‘Rock Is Dead’ Claim, Paul Stanley Disagrees

PAUL STANLEY Doesn't Believe Rock Is Dead: 'I Don't Think That Music Can Ever Be Dead'

GENE SIMMONS: Why I Keep Saying 'Rock Is Dead'

Paul is on the front-cover of the Canadian magazine "519".

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KISS - PAUL STANLEY On Band Name - "It Had So Many Different Meanings"
March 6, 2021    
KISS Guitarist TOMMY THAYER - "My Daughter And I Were Blessed To Find Each Other Last Summer"

Tommy Thayer ‘Blessed’ with Previously Unknown Daughter

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KISS Guitarist TOMMY THAYER Says He 'Found' His Daughter Last Summer: 'I Couldn't Be Happier'

Paul Stanley’s Soul Station Releases First Original Song

Paul Stanley Releases New Original Soul Station Song ‘I, Oh I’

Lisa Reminds KISS Frontman Paul Stanley Of A Very Memorable Australian Visit | The Project
March 4, 2021    
KISS's PAUL STANLEY Was 'Excited' To Get Second COVID-19 Vaccine: 'The Vaccine Means Nothing Until You Put It In Your Arm'

PAUL STANLEY Talks Launching SOUL STATION - "I Like Pasta, But It Doesn't Mean I Want To Eat It Three Times A Day; Music Should Be The Same Way"

KISS have added a second Sydney show to their farewell tour

PAUL STANLEY On KISS's Final Tour: 'Certain Things Can't Be Done Forever'

Gene Simmons Admits That KISS’s Concert Ticket Prices Are High And Explains The Reason Why
March 3, 2021    
BRUCE KULICK Takes You Inside The KISS Asylum Tour, Showcases Tour Guitars On New Three Sides Of The Coin Episode; Video

KISS 2020 Goodbye New Year’s Eve Features Claypaky Mythos 2 And Scenius Unicos
March 2, 2021    
Mike Portnoy Explains Why Peter Criss Doesn’t Get The Credit He Deserved

Who Is A More Underrated Drummer: PETER CRISS Or RINGO STARR?

Gene Simmons Talks What Severely Disappointed Him About Some of His Favorite Bands, Talks The Who Influence on KISS

KISS – “Shout It Loud” Anniversary Collection Launched

Ep. 107 - Mitch Weissman talks KISS, Beatlemania, Aerosmith, Bruce Kulick, Vinnie Vincent & more!

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Double Platinum LP Japan:  $ 389,-
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KISS's PAUL STANLEY Reacts To Attack On Asian American Man In L.A.'s Koreatown: 'So Demoralizing'
March 1, 2021    
Paul Stanley Says He Is Not A Rock Singer While Opening Up About His Projects Outside Of Rock Music

Paul Stanley Says ‘It Doesn’t Have To Please Everybody’ While Talking About Soul Station’s New Album

Bruce Kulick Revisits Kiss’ ‘Asylum’ on ‘Three Sides of the Coin’

KISSONLINE is reporting, that Kiss will headline the opening night of next year's festival on Friday, June 10th - Donington Park - Derby, England
Visit  for tickets and more information.

BRUCE KULICK - February 2021 Episode Of KISS Guitar Of The Month Streaming

Kiss-off: Paul Stanley embraces love of vintage R&B with new Soul Station band and album: ‘It’s liberating!’