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March 30, 2005

E! Senior Producer Mike Gange worked the camera in the green room today when Ace Frehley was in, just to be close to him. Howard said that was very gay because he took over somebody else's job just to see a dude. Gange came in and agreed, but said he only did a 30 second interview with him. Howard said he'd understand if it was a hot chick like Pam Anderson, but a DUDE? Gange said he grew up listening to the band and is a huge fan. Howard said Gange crossed over some gay line today.AceonHowardStern2005-03-29small.jpg (3980 Byte)

Howard admitted that he doesn't know a lot about Ace or KISS, but said he seems like a really nice guy. Chuck Zito came in with him and Howard asked if Ace was scared that Howard might beat him up so he brought Chuck with him as a bodyguard?Ace just laughed and said, "Are you kidding???" Ace and Chuck are in a movie together called Remedy, now on DVD. Ace is not currently touring with KISS but said he has no hard feelings for Gene. He did say they have had their run-ins though. Ace still gets checks because he's one of the original "family" members of KISS. Ace revealed that he didn't want to talk about KISS today, just promote his movie. About 5 minutes into the interview, Gary came in and said Ace's manager wanted him to leave immediately because he didn't want him talking about KISS, so the interview was cut short. Sal the Stockbroker came in, in full Ace make up, to blow some smoke while he had his chance, and then all hell broke loose when Howard went to break. [read the rest]


March 26, 2005

The new Kiss DVD seems not to be released before the summer. Meanwhile Eric Singer is playing drums on the upcoming Alice Cooper album. He will also sit behind the drum kit on the next Alice Cooper Tour this summer.

March 25, 2005

KISS star is inspired dad on animated children's show

By David E. Williams
Friday, March 25, 2005 Posted: 7:53 AM EST (1253 GMT)

(CNN) -- Gene Simmons, the fire-breathing, blood-spitting KISS star, just might be the next SpongeBob, thanks to his latest project: "My Dad the Rock Star."

The show recently started airing in the United States on the cable channel Nickelodeon, alongside animated favorites like "Jimmy Neutron," "Rugrats" and "The Fairly Oddparents."

It's a typical tale of pre-teen rebellion, complete with green hair, tattoos and screams of "turn that music down." Only in this case, dad's the rebel and his son is the one seeking a quiet, normal life.

Simmons, the cartoon's creator and executive producer, said the idea sprang out of a conversation about career day at his son, Nick's, school.

"So you had people coming in with scissors, you know, 'my mom's a hair stylist,' or a toothbrush, 'my dad's a dentist,' and my son came in with a poster of me spewing blood and spitting fire," Simmons said. [read the rest]


March 19, 2005

Yesterday you could see a candidate leaving the Big Brother village, but no exact information was given about the tattoo. The candidate himself claimed the tattoo to be the "Kiss" logo. In fact a photo surfaced on the internet where he seems to have something that looks like a Gene Simmons tattoo on his arm. This photo seems to show also the questionable tattoo, but is it the original KISS logo? Make up your own mind... see the tattoo.

March 18, 2005

Charly, a 42 year old Kiss fan from Frankfurt got fired from the German "Big Brother" house, because he had a Tattoo with the original KISS-logo on his arm. To avoid any protests against nazi-symbols on German TV, the fan got fired from the show yesterday evening! Click here to read the full story from See also the Statement on the Big Brother website here.

March 15, 2005

Some great pictures from the "Rock the Nation" Tour can be seen here.

March 11, 2005

(from Kissonline)
Paul Stanley checked in with KISSONLINE and chatted briefly about his upcoming solo album.

The album should be done and ready to mix by mid May. Drumming on all the tracks to date is Victor Indruzzo who has toured and recorded with Macy Gray, toured with Beck and appears on various recordings by the Matrix production team. Most of the guitars have been handled by Corky James who also is heard on various recordings by the Matrix team including Avril Lavigne. In talking about their contributions Paul raved, "Victor is just an amazing drummer who can bash with the best of them while keeping a great groove going." As for James, he added "Corky just blows me away with his parts and sounds." As far as bass..."I've always been a big fan of Bruce Kulick's bass playing so it's great to have him on some of the album." Keyboards have been handled by Russ Irwin who has toured with both Sting and Aerosmith. "I've known Russ for over 15 years before the KISS/Aerosmith tour happened and his being a part of the project seemed like a natural".Of course all the vocals are handled by Paul.  A few of the tracks recorded include "Wake Up Screaming," "Second To None" and "Live To Win."

Paul has been collaborating with Andreas Carlsson and for the first time in 15 or so years, Desmond Child and said, "It's magic." Paul went on to add, "From the songs to the playing and singing, everything about this album is consistent without compromise. The album is exactly who I am now and what I want to be doing. It's got all the sides of what I do, so it's not surprising that it's got elements of everything I've done plus a leap into the 21st century. I don't need to hype it. I'll leave that to everyone else who's heard it."


March 8, 2005

There is now an Auction online on the Board where you can find Kiss items in 3 different categories. T-shirts from 1 Euro and much more. Click here to get to the Auction rooms. The Auctions end in 6 days.

March 6, 2005

10-year-old David Dingman-Grover bravely beat his cancer, now he gets a great big surprise...KISS! See the video!

March 3, 2005

PHOTO FROM ELLEN DE GENERES SHOWKissEllenDeGeneresShowFebruary2005.gif (6010 Byte)
KISS surprises David Dingman-Grover on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Photo credit: Chris Polk/Warner Bros.


March 1, 2005

Today KISS filmed an appearance on the Ellen Show. The episode will air on Tuesday. Check your local TV listings. Ellen gave nine-year old cancer survivor DAVID DINGMAN-GROVER the surprise of his life - a meeting with his idols, KISS. Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric appeared in full costume and makeup! The nine-year-old boy from Sterling who nicknamed his brain tumor "Frank" will celebrate his tenth birthday Tuesday. He's appearing as part of Ellen's "Who's Your Hero?" series.

Dingman-Grover had most of his tumor removed earlier this month at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and the family later learned that the boy is now cancer-free. David was diagnosed in 2003 with a grapefruit-sized malignant brain tumor, which was causing blindness and headaches. He nicknamed it "Frank" after Frankenstein, who scared him until he dressed up as the monster for Halloween.

[note: click here to see a preview]