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June 30, 2021  
Our Review of KISSTORY Vol #1
June 29, 2021  
Paul Stanley Mourns KISS’ Legendary Manager Bill Aucoin

Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley Talk 'KISStory', Farewell Tour

Gene Simmons Talks KISStory + Being Friends With Ringo Starr

Biography: KISStory Volume 2

Biography: KISStory Volume 1

Peter Criss 1968 in his pre-Kiss band, The Brotherhood. Rare 8mm no audio

KISS backstage 1975 - rare footage
June 28, 2021  
KISS Frontman Speaks on What Gene Simmons Is Really Like, Talks Personal 'Spats' With Bassist

Paul Stanley Reflects On The Sounds Of Early KISS Albums Saying He Was Never A Fan Of The First Three Albums

KISS - Part 2 Of A&E Documentary Biography: KISStory Airs Tonight; Two Clips Available

KISS Gene Simmons 'Don't come to shows if you're not vaccinated & think the Earth is flat'

Revisiting Kiss’ First Reunion Show

KISS catalog consultant Robert V. Conte warns not to be surprised if brand sold to big conglomerate
June 27, 2021  
Gene Simmons Addresses His Health Status And Wellness, ‘I’ve Never Been High Or Drunk In My Life’

Gene Simmons Explains Why KISS Must Retire Now

PAUL STANLEY On ACE FREHLEY And PETER CRISS Requesting 'Final Approval' Of KISS Documentary: 'That's Fantasy'

Gene Simmons: Fans ‘Loved’ Fire-Breathing Fail at First Kiss Show

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You can watch
A & E TV US at this link:
Kiss Biography tonight at 3 am European time, repeated at different times later on.

How to Watch KISS A&E Documentary ‘KISStory’ Online

Biography: KISStory Review: A KISS ... Before Dying?
June 26, 2021  
Paul Stanley Has A Special Plan After KISS’ Retirement

KISS Frontman Admits He Thinks Sound of Band's Debut Album Sucks, Says He Was 'Never a Fan of 1st Three Albums, Sonically'

Gene Simmons Confesses That He Named One Of The Upcoming Titles Of Marvel

PAUL STANLEY On His Relationship With GENE SIMMONS As Portrayed In A&E Documentary Biography: KISStory - "This Is Really Both Of Us Letting Down Our Guard"

GENE SIMMONS Says KISS Wanted To 'Come Clean' In 'Biography: KISStory' Documentary: We Owe Fans 'The Truth'

A&E’s “Biography: KISStory” celebrates the iconic KISS in new documentary on 6/27 & 6/28

Kiss break down origins of ultimate party song 'Rock and Roll All Nite'

Kiss Recall the Marketing Savvy of Manager Bill Aucoin in New ‘Biography: KISStory’ Clip

Paul Stanley Teases Upcoming KISS Documentary Shows the 'Heart and Soul' of the Band

‘Biography: KISStory’ on A&E Is An Exhaustive Tale Of Determination, Egotism, And Face Paint
June 25, 2021  
Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS To Guest On New JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES Album 'Sinner'

GENE SIMMONS: Why Now Is The Right Time For KISS To Retire From Touring

Why Paul Stanley Didn’t Like the First Kiss Album

KISS looks back on iconic career in new documentary l GMA

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Go Back to the Beginning in Sneak Peek of A&E's 'Biography: KISStory': Exclusive

KISS react to Peter Criss banning them from using 'Beth' in new documentary

Revelations In New KISS Doc Will 'Upset Some Fans,' Says Gene Simmons

Kiss talk new documentary, why Mick Jagger would ‘pass out in a half hour’ doing their shows
‘Biography: KISStory’ Director Sets Stage for A&E Documentary on Band

Gene Simmons Opens Up About the New Documentary Biography: KISStory and the Stories Behind the Band's Success

“Biography: KISStory” chronicles Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and the band’s 5 decades in the business

Peter Criss Makes a Guest Appearance on John 5’s New Album
June 24, 2021    
KISS Frontman GENE SIMMONS - "We're Approaching 50 Years Of Doing This, Wearing More Makeup And Higher Heels Than Your Mommy Ever Did"

PAUL STANLEY Wasn't A Fan Of KISS' First Albums - "This Band Live Was Thunder, And On Albums It Sounded A Little Rinky Dink To Me"; Video

Peter Criss, Ace Frehley Declined To Participate In A&E's KISS Documentary
June 23, 2021    
Paul Stanley Reflects On Ace Frehley And Peter Criss’ Not Taking Part In The New KISS Documentary

Paul Stanley Talks What 1st Three KISS Albums Failed to Do, Confirms Director for Netflix-Produced Biopic

Gene Simmons Names The KISS Song That He Would Want Bob Dylan To Cover

KISS's PAUL STANLEY 'Would Love To' Release A Cookbook

Rock legend Gene Simmons on the legacy of KISS and new documentary

Reggae Kiss - I Love it Loud (Live)
June 22, 2021    
Paul Stanley Reflects On ‘KISS 2.0’ After He And Gene Simmons Retire

Paul Stanley Speaks on KISS Continuing Without Him & Gene Simmons

PAUL STANLEY - "Could I See KISS Evolving With Different Personnel? Yeah."; Video

PETER CRISS Denied KISS Permission To Use "Beth" In A&E Documentary Biography: KISStory - "It's Sad, But That Kind Of Fits Into The Whole Dynamic," Says PAUL STANLEY

KISS Unmasked Tour - 1980 New Zealand Poster Fix

Paul Stanley Says ‘Kisstory’ Captures the ‘Human Side’ of Kiss: Exclusive Interview

PETER CRISS Refused To Grant KISS Permission To Use 'Beth' In 'KISStory' Documentary


Paul Stanley Explains How KISS Came Back From Almost Hitting Rock Bottom

A KISS Army Loyalist on How KISS Transformed His Life and How the Band Should End It All

PAUL STANLEY Says KISS Can Continue Without Him And GENE SIMMONS In It: The Band Is 'Bigger Than Any Member'
June 21, 2021    
Gene Simmons Comments On One Of The Most Controversial KISS Albums Ever, ‘Dynasty’

Kiss have launched an official gin and you'll never guess what it's called

At Long Last, KISS Release an Official Alcoholic Beverage Called ‘Cold Gin’

GENE SIMMONS On A&E Documentary Biography: KISStory - "The Story Of Four Knuckleheads Who Ascended The Stairs And Made The American Dream Proof Positive That Anything Is Possible"

KISS Paul Stanley: 'Ace's erratic playing and Peter's poor quality is why they had to go'
June 20, 2021    
Gene Simmons Says KISS Was Ahead Of The Beatles And The Rolling Stones Even In The Late ’70s

Gene Simmons Addresses People Hating KISS for Going Disco: 'Idiot, It Was a Home Run'

Gene Simmons of KISS Exclusive Interview on Coffee Talk Adika Live!
June 19, 2021    
Paul Stanley Explains Why It’s Right Time To Release A New KISS Documentary

KISS - Tribeca 2021 Red Carpet Photoshoot And Interview Available (Video)

GENE SIMMONS Defends KISS's 'Dynasty' Album: 'It Was A Multi-Platinum Record, So That's Called A Hit'

KISS Returns To Comics In New Series From Dynamite

Gene Simmons: ‘There’s Not Going To Be Another John Lennon, Paul McCartney Or Gershwin’

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Recount 50 Years as Part of KISS in Forthcoming Documentary: WATCH

PAUL STANLEY: Why Now Is 'Best Time' To Tell KISS Story In New A&E Documentary


June 18, 2021    
KISS Frontman Compares Tommy Thayer & Ace Frehley, Offers What He 'Has to Say' About Ace's Playing

PAUL STANLEY On Upcoming A&E Documentary Biography: KISStory - "It's A Great Bookend"

KISS consultant Robert V. Conte feels there’s enough material for “special edition” of ‘Music From The Elder’

PAUL STANLEY: 'The Story Of KISS Really Is A Story Of A Friendship Between Two People'
June 17, 2021    
GENE SIMMONS Meets With American Congress Members In Support Of Songwriter Advocacy

Ep.133 - A&E KISStory Documentary Director D.J. Viola (KISS, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley,Paul Stanley)

GENE SIMMONS Meets With Members Of Congress As Part Of ASCAP Songwriters Virtual 'Stand With Songwriters' Advocacy Month

25 Years Ago: Kiss Preview Their Blockbuster Reunion Tour
June 16, 2021    
KISS - Rockin' At The Ritz Live Recording To Be Released On Limited Edition Blue Double Vinyl

Former KISS / CINDERELLA Keyboardist GARY CORBETT Fighting Lung And Brain Cancer; GoFundMe Campaign Launched

Former KISS Touring Keyboardist GARY CORBETT Is Battling Cancer

KISS: A Definitive Timeline of the Rock Band

KISS legend Gene Simmons' original outrageously filthy name for the band: New interview
June 15, 2021    
Paul Stanley Updates Fans On Ace Frehley And Peter Criss’ Possibility To Join KISS For The Farewell Tour

KISS Frontman Shares Honest Opinion on Gene Simmons, Answers if He'll Be Buried in a KISS Casket

KISS - Never seen before clips from the upcoming A&E documentary

Our friend Gary Corbett needs your help please.

Kiss cold Gin is now available!


Rock Legends KISS Share Never-Before-Heard Stories Ahead of New Documentary (Exclusive)
June 14, 2021    
Everything We Know About Sophie Simmons, Gene Simmons’ Daughter

Paul Stanley Confesses That KISS Would Not Exist With Ace Frehley Today

PAUL STANLEY On Performing Final Show With KISS - "I Think It'll Be Overwhelming; I'm Sure It's Going To Affect Us More Than We Know"

KISS Announce Rescheduled & New End Of The Road US Dates For 2021

KISS Announces Summer/Fall 2021 U.S. Tour

When Ace Frehley and Kings of Chaos Gate-Crashed a Slash Show

Kiss Add New Dates to 2021 North American Tour

JUST ANNOUNCED: Rescheduled & new End Of The Road US dates for 2021!
June 13, 2021    
Gene Simmons Recalls NSFW Name He Wanted for KISS at First, Explains Origin of Band's Name & Who Came Up With It

Gene Simmons Reveals The Story Of How Paul Stanley Found The Name ‘KISS’

KISS's PAUL STANLEY On ACE FREHLEY And PETER CRISS Making Appearances During 'End Of The Road' Tour: 'If It's Meant To Be, It Will Happen'

Some Kiss Members Took Fitness ‘Beating’ Before 1996 Reunion Tour

KISS Star Gene Simmons Claims That Republicans And Democrats Can Still Work Together

KISS Electrifies Tribeca Festival with Live Performance
June 12, 2021    
Paul Stanley Compares Tommy Thayer To Ace Frehley And Explains The Biggest Difference

KISS Frontman Speaks Up on Ace Frehley Rejoining Band on Final Tour, Explains What Fans Must Understand About Ace & Criss

KISS - Fan-Filmed Video Of Five Song Set At 2021 Tribeca Festival Available


PAUL STANLEY Says Current KISS Band Is 'Much More Consistent' Than Original Lineup: 'We're Always In Sync With Each Other'

'It feels good!': Kiss brings fiery outdoor concert, new documentary to Tribeca Festival

KISS Setlist at Battery Park, New York, NY, USA, 11.6.2021

Videos: KISS live at Battery Park, New York, NY, USA, 11.6.2021

Kiss Perform First Post-COVID Show at the Tribeca Film Festival
June 11, 2021    
Gene Simmons Reveals The Deal He Made With His Mother To Join KISS

KISS Gene Simmons Accuses A Texas Republican Of Being An Effin Moron


There are some new Kiss calendars now available at Amazon:

KISS Bassist GENE SIMMONS - "You're Not Going To Meet A More Patriotic Person Than I Am"

We talk to Gene Simmons from the legendary group, KiSS! He gives us a preview of the "Biography: KISStory" which airs on A & E

Gene Simmons Blasts Politician Who Asked if We Can Alter the Moon’s Orbit

GENE SIMMONS Blasts 'Moron' Politician For Asking Forest Service To Alter Moon's Orbit To Combat Climate Change
June 8, 2021    
Alice Cooper Announces That Ace Frehley Will Be His Special Guest In His Upcoming Summer Tour

CREEM Magazine Journalist / Co-Founder JAAN UHELSZKI Talks KISS On Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast; Audio

June 7, 2021    
Vintage KISS In Store Displays with John 5

Kiss Hot In The Shade Tour Georgia Footage 1990

Kiss - Footage Portland (1975) RARE
June 6, 2021    
Did Gene Simmons Graft A Cow’s Tongue Onto His Own? KISS Conspiracy Theories Explained

VINNIE VINCENT Looks Back On Final VINNIE VINCENT INVASION Show, Working With KISS On Revenge Album In New Video Interview

Vinnie Vincent ‘Really Could Have’ Rejoined Kiss in 1992

Netflix movie about KISS reportedly in the works
June 5, 2021    
Paul Stanley Closes All The Doors About Not Ending KISS After The End Of The Road Tour

Gene Simmons’ Daughter Sophie Releases A New Song That She Co-Wrote With Lena

VINNIE VINCENT Believes He 'Could Have' Rejoined KISS After 'Revenge' Writing Sessions

Interview: Bill Aucoin

The Japanese edition of "Off the Soundboard" will include a Bonus Poster.
It will be released on June 25th and can be ordered here at CD Japan.
Japanese KISS CDs & DVDs

Paul Stanley Talks Motown & The Temptations | The Top Ten Revealed

Vinnie Vincent performs two-hour live set to backing tracks on May 29th
June 4, 2021    
Frontman Explains Why KISS Must Retire: 'I Think It's Better That We Stop'

Paul Stanley thinks KISS should retire: “We can’t do it forever”


June 3, 2021    
KISS Gene Simmons Reveals Whether He’s A Marvel Or DC Comics Geek

Grand Funk Railroad Plot Some Kind of Wonderful 2021 U.S. Tour

GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Announces 'Some Kind Of Wonderful' Summer/Fall 2021 U.S. Tour

Paul Stanley Explains Which Actor He Would Like To Play Him In The KISS Biopic
June 2, 2021    
KISS Star Paul Stanley Backs Naomi Osaka Up Right After The Supportive Message Of Gene Simmons

KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY Discusses THE TEMPTATIONS In "Top Ten Revealed" Bonus Clip - "They Were A Band To Be Reckoned With"; Video

Paul Stanley Ponders What Actor Should Play Him in Upcoming KISS Biopic

Paul Stanley On KISS Biopic: "It Is Definitely Happening"

KISS Star Paul Stanley Finally Found The Acoustic Guitar He’s Been Looking For Years

PAUL STANLEY Talks Forthcoming KISS Biopic - "I Would Rather Not Do It Than Do It Half-Assed Or Poorly"
June 1, 2021    
PAUL STANLEY Says KISS Biopic Is 'Definitely Happening': 'The Script Was Really Good'

Ep. 130 - Vinnie Vincent May Metal Madness 2021 Interview (KISS Revenge, Invasion, Archives & More!)

Gene Simmons Honors Troops And Veterans With His Military Tribute Show