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June 30, 2013

New Kiss comics available at Amazon:

The Projection Booth Podcast Episode 100: Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

Kulick talks KISS, Summerfest and more

Richie Sambora talks about his audition for Kiss

June 29, 20133

Here are links to some interesting Kiss Auctions that are ending soon on eBay:

Tommy Thayer guitar pick

Tommy Thayer guitar pick

Monster Tourbook


Poster Magazine 1977

Unmasked Tourbook

Kiss Coffeehouse Truck

Young Idol Now Japan Special 1977

Young Rock Japan Special 1977

1978 Membership Kit

Revenge Tourbook

Ace Rockstics

Trash can

Classic Rock (Nov. 2012)

Spencer Gifts Gene Axe Bass

Psycho Circus Zippo Set

Video: Tommy Thayer of KISS supports pals Robby Krieger & Scott Medlock

June 28, 2013
WATCHIN' YOU Podcast - Episode 7 - MTV Unplugged and the 1996 Reunion

Photo: Kiss Army Depot Store in Vancouver

Eric Singer visits Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original: Eric Singer visits the manufactory

Bruce Kulick heading out to Summerfest in Milwaukee this weekend to help judge the School of Rock USA's GEMBA "Battle of the Bands" event!

New Swedish "Destroyer" Fanzine out now

KISS 'pop-up' store profits benefit Surrey facility for kids

He's a big softie! Kiss frontman Paul Stanley steps out make-up free on a family day out... and swaps his guitar for a Hello Kitty bag

"Reason to live" from the Tribute Album "A World With Heroes"

June 27, 2013

(from Kiss/Facebook)
The first KISS Army Depot store will open tomorrow in Vancouver @ Tom Lee Music - 929 Granville Street. This location will remain open until July 7th.
On Thursday, July 4th, KISS will hold a press conference at this store. Click here to read the rest.

Ace Frehley to be Special Guest at Contamination Derfcon 4 on August 2-4

"Calling Dr. Love" from the Tribute CD "A World With Heroes"

Prague concert review

June 26, 2013
Kiss makes guest appearance in new Bonnie McKee video "American girl"

Olli Mau sings "Sure know something" at Meet & Greet with Kiss unplugged in Prague

Gene Simmons' hand drawn idea for the cover of THE ELDER

New Lyric Video: Right here right now

LYDIA CRISS Interviewed On Talking Metal Podcast


June 25, 2013
Ace Frehley to be Special Guest at Scare-A-Coon September 12-15

KISS will hold a press conference at the Vancouver on July 4th

Photo: Billy Gibbens (ZZ Top) & Paul Stanley at Hellfest


Click here to see Gene Simmons talking about Rock and Brews on Fox Business


Here are some interesting recently closed auctions on eBay:

toy guitar: $ 1.500,-

remote control van: $ 1.034,-

Japan Solo Picture Disc Set: $ 1.000,-

Gene Simmons necklace: $ 700,-

signed Revenge Tourbook: $ 450,-

Halloween costumes promo sheet: $ 252,-

Kiss Promo LP: $ 250,-

Creatures of the night Tourbook: $ 225,-

First Kiss Last Licks US Promo LP: $ 200,-

Set Rockstics: $ 300,-

Show Beam: $ 202,-

More interesting closed auctions: see above the news
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June 24, 2013

Here you can find some photos taken from Ross Halfin in Prague, Milano and at Hellfest.


Here you can see a report on the Movie Days in Dortmund (with Bruce Kulick).

Check out the TV-broadcast from Kiss live in Zürich here on YouTube.

June 23, 2013

"Monster" US-Vinyl LP for $ 8,95

Videos: Kiss live at Hellfest on YouTube

AMERICAN DOG Frontman Michael Hannon Comments On KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute Album

Here's the Reader's Digest version of the KISS tribute track listing "A World With Heroes"

Set List from Hellfest in France


June 22, 2013
Kiss unplugged at Meet & Greet in Zürich

Videos: Kiss live in Zürich on YouTube

The story of "Rock and Roll hell"


Here are links to some interesting Kiss Auctions that are ending soon on eBay:

Ace Frehley's personal mirror 1976

Single "New York Groove"

Monster Tour Merchandise

Single "Beth" Italy

Berlin concert-poster

Bravo 12/1975

4 Singles

Gene's blod cup 1999

Gene Halloween costume

Monster Promo Poster

Revenge Tourbook

Paul USB-Stick

original sealed toy guitar

KISS 1976 Cadillac High School Yearbook and Flyer

remote control van

Dynasty Poster Book


Twisted Sister's JJ French "I was never in Wicked Lester" the band that eventually became KISS!

KISS AXS TV Zurich, Swithzerland Concert Review

KISS 40th Anniversary Tribute album for cancer care final Track listing

Video: "Hard luck women" unplugged from the Meet & Greet in Zürich


June 21, 2013
Tommy Thayer of KISS Meet & Greet: Long & McQuade Vancouver

Video: Psycho Circus Soundcheck in Zürich

Video: "Christine 16" unplugged at Meet & Greet in Zürich

Photos: Kiss in Udine

Video: Kiss arriving at hotel after the concert in Zürich

Video: Psycho Circus live in Zürich

Photo: Kiss and the Swiss Kiss Army

Set list from Zürich

June 20, 2013
Set list from Zürich

Photo: Soundcheck in Zürich

Great Photo from Ross Halfin: Gene in Milano


June 19, 2013
Long, interesting interview with Eric Singer

PodKISSt #71 Jean Beauvoir Interview Part 1

TV-report from Villa Manin
It turned out, that in Udine the show was at a sort of square with private houses ON the grounds. The people that lived there could just walk everywhere & they just 'invaded' the photo-session Kiss did with some people! Nobody had any overview on that. There was not enuff security, so extra security was hired for the next day.

Set list from Milano

(from Sam Schlagenhaufen)
The Meet & Greet in Udine got cancelled due to unknown reasons. People who booked the Meet & Greets were promised to get their money back. They also got the Merchandise Package including a signed photo (Paul's signature was unfortunately missing).

A local crew-member tragically died after the Kiss concert in Milano when the stage was taken down. Two further local crew members got injured. More infos here.

Videos von Kiss live in Mailand auf YouTube


(from Kissonline)

ROCK AND ROLL LIVE with KISS! This KISS MONSTER TOUR show promises to blow you away as we bring it to you LIVE from Zurich, Switzerland this Thursday. The event guarantees the greatest KISS songs plus music from the new KISS MONSTER album. KISS is rocking the world and AXS TV has it. BONUS: AXS TV will WORLD PREMIERE the amazing brand new KISS staging, lighting & pyrotechnics from most explosive show of the decade. Never before seen on TV, EVER!
This clip will run at the top of the show to introduce the concert.


June 18, 2013
(from Roberto Ariberti)
There is a KISS EXPO on Saturday July 27 in Modena, with a tribute band and guest DJ set, merchandise and memorabilia, and the presentation of a statue life size with costume and boots of Paul Stanley, created by artist  Maurizio Ferraresi. See infos here.

Podcast: Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides Talks KISS with Three Sides Of The Coin

Video: New interview with Tommy Thayer (part 1) - (part 2)

the new Monster Tourbook is available here. Please note that qualtities are limited.
Kiss Official Store

Kiss played "Calling Dr. Love" instead of "Deuce" in Udine.


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Gibson USA Les Paul Custom Ace Frehley Budokan Electric Guitar: $ 2.151,-

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1979 Ibanez Iceman IIC100 Guitar: $ 1.100,-

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The Best of Kiss Japan LP: $ 840,-

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The Originals Japan LP Box Set: $ 650,-

record player: $ 611,-

Kiss Garden Gnome Set: $ 499,-

1974 concert poster: $ 400,-

Destroyer LP red vinyl: $ 399,-

signed paper 1974: $ 365,-

10 photos from 1977: $ 325,-

Hotter than hell LP Argentina: $ 315,-

The Elder LP Turkey: $ 300,-

backpack: $ 282,-

Kiss Symphony Tourbook: $ 285,-

"I want you" 12" Bootleg Picture Disc: $ 270,-

belt buckle: $ 262,-

Paul Stanley Japan Songbook: $ 250,-

More interesting closed auctions: see above the news
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Videos: Kiss live in Udine

Photo: Kiss and the Italian Kiss Army in Udine

Win a Kiss Fan experience!

Here is the huge spider light truss being taken through its paces in Vegas.


In the latest "Dropping the needle" Podcast Udo Dirkschneider talks about his experience opening with Accept for Kiss in the USA in 1984. He said Kiss always watched Accept playing and gave them tipps. Listen to Udo talking about Kiss here (after 8 minutes).

Kiss' Rock & Brews will 'Shout It Out Loud' in Overland Park in early 2014

June 17, 2013
Set list from Udine

Photos: Kiss in Prague (from Ross Halfin)

Austrian Nova Rock TV-report from "Burgenland heute" featuring Kiss

German concert-report from Berlin with photos

German Meet & Greet report with photos and videos from Berlin

Gene had lunch yesterday at the rooftop at the Haas Haus at Stephansplatz in Vienna. On the way he posted this photo of his son Nick in front of the Stephansdom. His wife Shannon postet this photo while having lunch. Gene went with Frank Stronach (Austrian billionair, candidate for chancellor in Austria) to his golf course, which got him the front-cover of todays newspaper "Heute".


The Austrian newspapers today were full of Kiss. Most reports about the Nova Rock Festival were mainly about Kiss. Almost every newspaper had full page coverage of Kiss:
Zeitungen2013-06-17.gif (24649 Byte)
Here are some of the biggest articles in the Austrian newspapers:

Kronen Zeitung 16.6.2013: 2 pages
Heute 17.6.2013 (Austrian daily free newspaper): front-cover + small article
Kleine Zeitung 17.6.2013 (Graz-edition): 2 pages
OÖ Nachrichten 17.6.2013: 1 big page
Neues Volksblatt 17.6.2013: 1 page
Kurier 17.6.2013: 1 page
Salzburger Nachrichten 17.6.2013: 1 page
Der Standard 17.6.2013: 1 page
Kiss even got on the front-cover of an Austrian kiddie-magazine!
Cool! (June/July/August 2013): front-cover + 1 page
Gene was already on the front-cover of the "Heute" newspaper on June 11 (only Lower Austria and Upper Austria edition, not in Vienna)

Gene Simmons & Frank Stronach - with & without make-up

Obama visits Germany - Gene gives Obama advice

More videos from the Meet & Greet Unlugged session in Berlin

June 16, 2013
Video: Kiss live at Nova Rock on YouTube

Kiss on German TV: Morgenmagazin, Brisant & Leute heute

Video: Hard Luck Women unplugged at Meet & Greet in Berlin

Video: Unplugged at Meet & Greet in Berlin

People who have booked a Meet & Greet for Udine have received an e-mail from the organisation, that nfortunately it had to be cancelled. Thanks to Roberto Ariberti for the info.

Kiss at Nova Rock Austrian ZIB TV News report

Check out this photo of Paul unmasked with Tom Cruise in 1981

tom cruise 2011 07 24

(from Albert Zellner)
This is the stage in Udine!
You can drive with the car up to 50 meters to the stage, but I guess the street will be closed tomorrow.

Udine1.jpg (17649 Byte) Udine2.jpg (8284 Byte)

Kiss played at the "Nova Rock" Festival in Nickelsdorf yesterday. Frank Stronach was seen backstage. He said Gene is a good friend of his and that they will have lunch together today in Vienna. Gene said in an interview that he will go with Frank Stronach to his golf course today.

Photo Gene & Shannon backstage at Nova Rock

Photo: Kiss and the Austrian Kiss Army

Set List from Nova Rock

TV-commercial for the Italian concerts

Article in Italian newspaper "Il Giornale" (Thanks to Roberto Ariberti for the photo)

Legendary Drummer VINNY APPICE To Guest On A World With Heroes (A 40th Anniversary Tribute To KISS)

June 15, 2013
KISS-Themed Outerwear, Motorcycle Suits Coming Soon

Set list from Meet & Greet in Prague

Video: complete concert from Prague on YouTube

Czech TV report about Kiss (at the 42:45 mark, thanks to Pavel Hromada for the link)

Videos: Kiss unpluggded at Meet & Greet in Prague yesterday

Videos: Kiss live in Prague


Here are some interesting recently closed auctions on eBay:

French Hard Rock Kiss Special 1987

Set Monster Promo Photos

10 Mini LP Style CD Box Destroyer from Japan

10 Mini LP Style CD Box Double Platinum from Japan

10 Mini LP Style CD Box Unmasked from Japan
96[2].jpg (3815 Byte)

Kiss/Iron Maiden Special 1980

Bravo Poster 1975

Hello Kitty Slipper

Gene Simmons RIAA Award from Bill Aucoin

Hotter than hell LP Argentina

Double-Vue viewmaster

Dynasty Press Kit

Podcast: Kisstory Science Theatre: Hot in the Shade

Photos: Kiss live in Prague

Set list from Prague

Kiss rocker Gene Simmons restaurant proposal worries small Maui town

Creatures of the net Podcast: Episode 59- Is KISS A Nostalgia Act?

Video: Skid Row & Pantera with Ace Frehley - Cold Gin (Thanks to Walter for the link - worth seeing!)

Pic: Merchandise-booth in Berlin

(from Niels von Beers)
Gene Simmons Family Jewels will be aired on Dutch t.v. RTL5 starting Monday 17 of june 18.30 till 19.00 h. It will be 133 episodes, broadcast on Monday till Friday:

June 13, 2013
Swiss concert live on AXS TV!

Video: "Nowhere to run" unplugged at Meet & Greet in Copenhagen

Video: Unplugged at Meet & Greet in Copenhagen

Video: Gene Simmons in Berlin

KISS' Monster Attacks Copenhagen!

June 13, 2013
There were reports on Kiss on "Brisant" (ARD), "Leute heute" (ZDF) and "zibb" (rbb). These shows will be repeated. The reports should also be available online soon.

June 13, 2013
Kiss played at the Waldbühne in Berlin yesterday. The venue holds over 22.000 people and was almost sold out. Due to the circumstances given at the Waldbühne, Gene and Paul were not able to fly or to use the spider. There was no tourbook available (??) and just a few shirts with censored logo. There was a report in ZDF Morgenmagazin, which should soon be available online. It was said, that Kiss want to come back again next year. SAT 1 Frühstücksfernsehen also did a report on Gene's visit at the Hard Rock Café in Berlin. Kiss will also be on ZDF "Leute heute" at 17:45 today. Meanwhile Paul has released a statement, that reports about him getting hurt at the concert in Copenhagen are false.

Here are some German press reports:
Kiss explodiert in der Waldbühne

Kiss brennen Rock-Feuerwerk ab

Kiss-Legende Simmons gibt Tipps zum Berlin-Besuch

Küsschen aus der Hölle

Konzertbericht: KISS live auf der Berliner Waldbühne

Video: interviews Gene Simmons

Kiss rocken auf der Berliner Waldbühne

KISS - Mit "MONSTER"-Show rocken sie die Berliner Waldbühne

Kiss me, Gene!

Videos from Kiss at the Waldbühne

Aufmarsch der geschminkten Männer - Kiss rocken die Waldbühne

Das Monster ist noch nicht besänftigt: Kiss rocken 16.000 Fans auf der Berliner Waldbühne

B.Z.-Reporterin holt sich ihren ersten Kiss

June 12, 2013
Paul Stanley injured at KISS gig

Kiss tomorrow on TV at 17:45 on ZDF "Leute heute"

Sonic: Kiss still shouting it out loud

Kiss live in Berlin set list

Photo: Kiss posing at the Waldbühne in front of their fans

Video: Gene Simmons at Hard Rock Café in Berlin

Photo: Kiss on stage in Berlin

Kiss will be on ZDF Morgenmagazin tomorrow!

Photo: Gene at Hard Rock Café in Berlin

Photo: Gene just before the soundcheck in Berlin

Listen to "Spit" featuring Accept's Mark Tornillo

Kiss drummer tired of haters

Videos: Kiss live in Copenhagen

Deuce News reports, that Tommy Thayer will be doing a sign session at Lucky Music Network in Milano on June 19th at 16:00

June 11, 2013
Kiss parody on Mexican TV

Kiss in Copenhagen set list (the spider did not work, it was a small concert in a small venue)

Photo: Kiss and the Danish Kiss Army

Three Sides of the coin Podcast: Dr. Mitch Visits with Tommy on the KISS Couch for some KISS Therapy

TV commercial for Kiss concert in Prague (thanks to Pavel Hromada for the link)

newspaper ad for the Kiss concert in Osaka (thnaks to naokiss)

June 11, 2013
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Set Halloween costumes: $ 811,-
96[1].jpg (6582 Byte)

remote control van: $ 635,-

96[1].jpg (4581 Byte)

10 Mini LP Style CD Box Set from Japan: $ 377,-

96[1].jpg (3323 Byte)

The Best of Solo LP from Zimbabwe: $ 366,-

96[2].jpg (2838 Byte)

Lunchbox & Thermos: $ 360,-

96[1].jpg (3106 Byte)

3-D wall hanging from Australia 1980: $ 350,-
96[1].jpg (2981 Byte)

make-up kit: $ 340,-
96[2].jpg (4150 Byte)

Set Japan Promo Solo Singles: $ 338,-
96[1].jpg (4503 Byte)

Set Dynasty Teddybears: $ 305,-
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Destroyer Chevy Van: $ 300,-
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Set of 4 cars: $ 295,-
96[1].jpg (7148 Byte)

More interesting closed auctions: see above the news
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June 11, 2013


Video: Kiss backstage in Norway

Photo: Kiss T-shirts on sale at concert (pic: Kiss Army Spain)

June 10, 2013


Japanese Monster Tourposter

KISS will bring their 2013 MONSTER World Tour to the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida on August 18th.

Here is an ad of The KISS Monster Japan Tour 2013 in Tokyo on today's(June 11) paper. (thanks to naokiss)

June 10, 2013



June 10, 2013


Kiss Japan Monster Tour confirmed (Oct. 19 Tokyo; Oct. 21 Osaka - more infos coming soon)

Peter Criss Honored with Bonzo Bash Founder's Legend Award


June 9, 2013


Video: Black Diamond live in Norway (filmed from the stage with focus on Eric)

Kiss 40th Anniversary Tribute Album T-shirt

‘We’re dedicated; maybe some of the others weren’t': Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer on Kiss’ current lineup


June 9, 2013


Photo: Kiss and the Norwegian Kiss Army

Video: On stage with Kiss in Norway just before the show + Psycho Circus filmed from backstage

Videos: Kiss live at Viking Fest in Stavanger, Norway

Video: Kiss live in Stavanger filmed from the photo-pit

Photo: Paul Stanley with members of Rush at the airport in Sweden

June 8, 2013


(from Live Nation)

This 2013 KISS Mosnter UK/European Tour Program features amazing photos and notes that celebrates 40 years of one the most iconic Rock 'N' Roll bands to ever perform.
Please note that quantities are limited. The tourbook is available here.

Kiss Official Store

June 8, 2013


Here you can listen to an interview with Eric Singer in Helsinki (click on the 2 buttons to hear it)

Set list from Viking Fest in Norway

(from naokiss/Japan)

The Monster Tour in Japan (Oct. 19 & Oct. 21) confirmed on the local FM Radio program. Oct. 23 & 24 at Budokan Hall don't confirm yet. Seems to be confirmed 'em next week.”


June 8, 2013


Here are links to some interesting Kiss Auctions that are ending soon on eBay:


96[2].jpg (3678 Byte)

Offenbach 1976 concert-poster
96[1].jpg (3056 Byte)

Kiss coffin, signed by Eric Singer

96[1].jpg (3976 Byte)

Paul Stanley Ibanez PS10 Japan Promo Poster
96[1].jpg (2885 Byte)

Aussie ice cream promo display

96[1].jpg (3727 Byte)

book: Sealed with a Kiss

96[1].jpg (3516 Byte)

Set dolls

96[1].jpg (4090 Byte)

Set German movie posters

96[2].jpg (3974 Byte)

make-up kit #1

96[4].jpg (4875 Byte)

make-up kit #2

96[3].jpg (4150 Byte)

Lunchbox & Thermos

96[4].jpg (3106 Byte)

Ongaku Senka Kiss booklet

96[2].jpg (3660 Byte)

Ongaku Senka Kiss Special
96[1].jpg (3379 Byte)


June 8, 2013
PodKISSt #70 Boots!
Today we discuss the topic that we dare not name, but we will do it anyway… bootlegs! Most KISS fans love and collect them, so we can’t ignore them! On this edition of PodKISSt, we look at the phenomenon of bootlegs and how they have changed with the times. All this – and rare tunes, too – on PodKISSt… the KISS fanzine for your ears! Listen to it here.

Kisstory Science Theatre: Episode Zero
In the first of a (hopefully) ongoing series of freeform podcasts, Des, Lee and Adam open up the mailbag and answer some questions from the KISS army. Listen to it here.


June 7, 2013
Video: full Gene Simmons Q & A at Hard Rock Café Helsinki

Video: full Sweden Rock press conference

Photo: Paul Stanley & Rick Springfield backstage at Sweden Rock Festival

Video: "Psycho Circus" live at Sweden Rock Festival (incl. Spider malfunction at the beginning)


June 7, 2013
Kiss photos from Sweden Rock Festival last night

Kiss videos from Sweden Rock Festival last night

June 7, 2013
All infos on Gene Simmons visting the Hard Rock Café Berlin on June 12th can be found here.

June 7, 2013
Video: Kiss at Sweden Rock press conference

Monster Tour Edition CD (pics by Pavel Hromada):

MonsterTourEditionCDfront.gif (8986 Byte) MonsterTourEditionCDback.gif (9377 Byte) MonsterTourEditionCDbooklet.gif (16134 Byte)
The German edition can be seen here.

June 6, 2013
Kiss played at the sold out Sweden Rock Festival today. They played "Calling Dr. Love" instead of "Heaven's on fire". See the complete set list here

The Monster Tour Edition with the Bonus Track "Right here right now" ha sjust been released and is availabe here at WowHD for just € 9,56 inkl. postage (but usually takes longer to ship). It is also available at Amazon.


June 6, 2013
Here are some Japanese tourdates revealed on Gene's website:
Japan2013Tourdates.jpg (11544 Byte)


June 6, 2013
Gene revealed at the Q&A session at the Hard Rock Café Helsinki, that Kiss are already working on a new stage: "We're gonna have a whole stage that can go into the audience, above it, and then come down...". Listen to Gene explaining the new stage here.

June 6, 2013
Videos: Universal Music Germany has put some videos online incl. a never before seen video from Gene & Paul greeting PolyGram people 1987

Video: Christine 16 & Let me know unplugged from Stockholm Meet & Greet

Kiss Premiere Spider Monster Stage Setting At Stockholm Concert

Message from Bruce Kulick on his trip to Mexico on his website

June 5, 2013
Video: Interview with Gene Simmons at the Hard Rock Café Helsinki

"Creatures of the night" from Brighton Rock from the Tribute Album "A world with heroes" now streaming


June 5, 2013
(from Something Else! Reviews)

Gene Simmons sorts through his stormy relationship with Kiss’ initial replacement for Ace Frehley, guitarist Vinnie Vincent — saying the split had less to do with artistic differences than it did with simple business.

Simmons says they originally met Vincent through songwriter Adam Mitchell, who co-wrote the title track for 1982's Creatures of the Night with Paul Stanley. “We started writing songs together, and we found out he could play guitar,” Simmons says of Vincent, in the attached video. “He sang, and he was a multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalist. He kept asking to be in the band, and we said: ‘You can’t. You’re smaller, shorter. With the front line, there’s like a thing.’”

Vincent, still going by his real name of Cusano, pressed — and eventually Simmons and Co. relented. He’d eventually be part of three Kiss studio albums, co-writing the hit title track to 1983's Lick It Up and participating in 1992's Revenge as well. But this particular marriage, like the one with Frehley before it, was not to be.
Click here to read the rest and to see the full Q&A session from the Indianapolis Kiss expo with Gene.


June 5, 2013
Video: Hard luck women & Beth unplugged in Helsinki at Meet & Greet

Video: Gene getting into car in Helsinki

Photo: Gene entering the Kiss jet on the way to Helsinki

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast: How Big Would KISS Be With Only Ace Frehley and Peter Criss?

Bruce Kulick YouTube Video Channel

Playmate Carrie Stevens talks about Eric Carr

June 4, 2013
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pinball machine: $ 3.895,-

96[1].jpg (4937 Byte)

Gene Simmons Punisher Bass: $ 1.900,-
96[1].jpg (2222 Byte)

Ace Frehley RIAA Award: $ 810,-

96[1].jpg (4784 Byte)

Alive II LP: $ 450,-

96[1].jpg (3358 Byte)

Destroyer LP red vinyl: $ 399,-

96[2].jpg (4559 Byte)

vintage poster: $ 343,-

96[1].jpg (3270 Byte)

Unmasked Picture Disc: $ 290,-

96[1].jpg (4297 Byte)

Kisstory signed by Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter: $ 250,-

96[2].jpg (3149 Byte)

Gene Simmons cap: $ 225,-

96[3].jpg (3383 Byte)

Set Halloween costumes: $ 1.000,-

96[1].jpg (3425 Byte)

remote control van: $ 518,-

More interesting closed auctions: see above the news
most expensive recently closed KISSLogo.jpg (1003 Byte) Auctions >>
most interesting Auctions >>


June 4, 2013
Photo: Kiss with the Finnish Kiss Army at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki (pic by Dean Snowden for Kissonline)

Photos: Kiss live in Stockholm

Watch Kiss perform on new "spider" stage

Check out this photo of Paul Stanley with Mike Tyson, Samantha Fox and Billy Squier at China Club in the late '80s
paul stanley mike tyson amantha-fox billy-squier


June 4, 2013
(from Yahoo)
No band has ever merged marketing and music quite so deftly as Kiss, which has lent its name and face paint to hundreds of geegaws over the years, from condoms to cremation urns for your pets. All of which pales in comparison to this inspired work of fandom, a Volkswagen Beetle transformed into a rolling tribute to Gene Simmons' bovine-quality tongue — which can rock your driveway all night for the right price.

For sale at eBay, the seller traces the car's creation to a radio station that wanted to build a special kind of promotional vehicle from a 1970 Beetle. Since then, the Kiss Bug has been given a lick of mechanical and appearance upgrades, from better seals and engine cleaning to making sure that the hair blows freely in the wind while the Bug's on the road.

Last year, the previous owner/restorer put the Bug up for sale in a half-finished condition for $10,000; the eBay bidding so far has risen to $5,300 without meeting the reserve. Whomever ends up with the keys to this rock masterpiece can comfort themselves with having a unique piece of Kiss memorabilia — even if getting behind the wheel turns them into a blown-up replica of Gene Simmons' uvula.
KissCar.jpg (103300 Byte)

June 3, 2013
Kiss played in Helsinki today the same set list as in Stockholm.
Videos from Helsinki can be seen here.


June 3, 2013
Interview with Kiss in Stockholm

Here's an up close look at the new KISS stage. The clip was filmed in Stockholm, Sweden's Friends Arena Stadium on Saturday June 1, 2013. Filmed by Keith Leroux for KISSONLINE.

ACE FREHLEY Featured On Season Premiere Of 'Celebrity Ghost Stories'

Kiss gone in 5 to 10 years

Video: Shock me/Outta this world live in Stockholm

Gene revealed at the Q&A at the Hard Rock Hotel in Stockholm, that Kissology Vol. 4 (a 10 hrs. DVD set) will be released very soon and that a Box set of  Kissology Vol. 1 to Vol. 4 will be coming out as well. See Gene revealing the info here!

"She" from the Tribute Album "A word with heroes" is now streaming here

Musicians in Disguise: Why They Hide


June 2, 2013

Video: Shock me/Outta this world live in Stockholm

Gene revealed at the Q&A at the Hard Rock Hotel in Stockholm, that Kissology Vol. 4 (a 10 hrs. DVD set) will be released very soon and that a Box set of  Kissology Vol. 1 to Vol. 4 will be coming out as well. See Gene revealing the info here!

"She" from the Tribute Album "A word with heroes" is now streaming here

Musicians in Disguise: Why They Hide


June 2, 2013
Here are some interesting videos from the Kiss concert in Stockholm yesterday:
Psycho Circus (show beginning)
Detroit Rock city

Black Diamond
God of thunder
Rock and Roll all nite
Love Gun
Let me go Rock and Roll
War machine
Gene spitting blood
Many more videos can be found here!
Kiss live in Stockholm set list

June 2, 2013
According to a Twitter messgae, Gene Simmons will be visiting the Hard Rock Cafe in Berlin on June 12th, 2013.

June 1, 2013
(from Ultimate Clasic Rock)
Somebody dropped more than $1,000 on a ’70s-era guitar pick from Ace Frehley. The tiny stage accessory owned by the Kiss guitarist recently sold for a whopping $1,178.56 on eBay.

The yellow pick, which features Frehley’s name on one side and Pastore Music on the other, was reportedly snagged by the seller’s dad during an unknown mid-’70s Kiss tour stop at the Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Ind. “He was on the floor and caught this pick,” eBay user loshe8 said. “Ace Frehley threw it out into the crowd, and my dad said he stuck his hand out, and it landed right in it!”

The only appearance in Fort Wayne by Kiss during their 1975-76 tour was on April 11, 1976. Frehley’s guitar showcase on that tour followed the ‘Dressed to Kill’ song ‘She.’

The same seller earlier auctioned off a Kiss ticket stub from the same era. “At the time, my dad wasn’t able to find this pick,” loshe8 added, “or I would have attempted to sell them both together.”
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June 1, 2013
Kiss play their first concert today with new stage! Find out the latest infos here...
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Photos: Kiss arrive at hotel after the concert
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June 1, 2013


Here are links to some interesting Kiss Auctions that are ending soon on eBay:

Rock and Roll over Dragonfly Shirt

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Aussie Eric Carr 3D wall hanging 1980
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Set Halloween costume

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Gene Simmons Destroyer costume

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Double Platinum press kit

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toy guitar

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The Elder Promo Poster

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Set 8" Sonic Boom Action Figures

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Intrepid Reunion Tour press kit

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remote control van

Pepsi scream machine

Alive II notebook

Solo Faces notebook
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June 1, 2013
Check out this official video of T
ommy Thayer at Friends Arena Stadium in Stockholm, Sweden during production rehearsals May 31, 2013. Tommy is working with KISS sound man James 'Trip' Khalaf on getting the guitar sound in the venue right. Tommy is actually at the sound board in the middle of the stadium.

Meanwhile photos of the new stage have been posted on Kissonline.

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Photo: Keith Leroux for Kissonline

The spider in Action (Photo: Deucenews/Twitter)

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June 1, 2013
Ace Frehley tells his ghost stories on the Biography Channel. See Ace telling his experiences with a "ghost" here...