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July 31, 2013

Seasons of the Kiss

Kiss at Bell Center – Montreal Live Review – flawless performance!

Long-tongued Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has reignited his feud with Michael Jackson fans — more than three years after he said the King of Pop was a child molester.

Refusing to hold his world famous tongue, the 63-year-old was confronted by a barrage of abuse at the weekend from Jacko supporters after a fan group supporting Wade Robson — the dancer-choreographer who has filed a claim against Michael Jackson‘s estate claiming alleged child sex abuse — reached out to him via the social media site.

Responding to the tweet, one fan wrote: “Gene Simmons never even met much less knew MJ.”

To which the glam rocker retorted, “In 80s, i went put w/Diana Ross, we visited Michael Jackson. You don’t know me. Don’t make up things about me.”
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July 30, 2013
set list from Montreal

Videos from Montreal on YouTube

Video: "Mr. Speed" unplugged at Toronto Meet & Greet

Review: Kiss with Shinedown, Bell Centre, July 29

Concert Review: Kiss at the Molson Amphitheatre

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #34: Inside the KISS Tribute CD A World With Heroes and the Ace Frehley CD Return of the Comet


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CTV Montreal: KISS rocks Bell centre

Decibel Geek Podcast: KISS Road Stories with Peter Moose Oreckinto (Part 2)


Gene is on the cover of the new issue of Metal Hammer (August 2013) in Spain.

magMetalHammer2013-08Spain.gif (16287 Byte)

July 29, 2013
Video: Ace Frehley jams with Jason Hook & Bill Kelliher at Gibson Brands Showroom in New York City

Kiss and makeup, now and forever

Solo Album Radio Commercial 1978

Interview with 1978 Solo Albums graphic artist David Edward Byrd

A.L.I.V.E.! Members Interviewed On Dean Delray's Let There Be Talk; Audio

Photo: Gene Simmons & Stan Lee at FandomFest.

Toronto concert review

Set list from London, Ontario

July 28, 2013


(from Naokiss)

Here is a Japanese Tour Billboard at the subway station in Tokyo.
concertposterJapan2013-10-23-24TokyoJapan2.gif (23498 Byte)

Bruce Kulick posts photos of him backstage with Kiss

Photo: Kiss on the cover of "Ottawa Citizen"

Photos: Kiss in Ottawa

Video: "Love her all I can" unplugged in Toronto


KISS rocks Budweiser Gardens in London

Photo: Bruce Kulick at Kiss-concert in London, Ontario in Canada

Kiss unleash the 'Monster' in Toronto (Photos)

PodKISSt #73 The Long Form Videos Pt:1

Things you learn when wearing face paint to a KISS concert...

July 27, 2013
Video: Bruce Kulick performs "Highway to Hell" with James LoMenzo (bass), Kenny Aronoff (drums), Paulie Z (vocals) and Brent Woods (guitar) at Lucy's 51


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Kiss Logo Zippo

Aussie Unmasked Tourbook 1980

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Japanese Guts Magazine 1977
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make-up kit

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Summer Tour 1976 US Promo EP

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The Originals Japan LP Box Set

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Detroit Rock city Single

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Japanese Destroyer LP with Poster

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Set liste from Toronto

July 26, 2013
Video: KISS Visits Rock And Roll Academy Kids

Photos from KISS concert by Citizen photographer Wayne Cuddington on July 25, 2013

Kiss brings the rock to Ottawa

Set list from Ottawa

Rob Zombie talks about Peter Criss on stage

July 25, 2013

The Kiss Solo Comics will be released as a paperback edition on August 20, 2013. You can take a look inside and pre-order it for a special price at Amazon.


... that Vinnie Vincent has released a Metal Tech Video many years ago? Click here to watch it on YouTube.


(from Pacific University Oregon)

Rock Musicians and Sports Celebs to Gather at Waverley CC on Aug. 25

In what has become the largest event of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, Pacific University Legends, hosted by Tommy Thayer will take place Sun., Aug. 25 at the beautiful and exclusive Waverley Country Club in Portland.

Click here to read the rest.

July 24, 2013
Video: CTV Northern Ontario: Shout it out Loud

Set list from Sudbury

Photo: Eddie Trunk posts photo of Peter Criss backstage at Mayhem Fest in New Jersey yesterday

July 23, 2013
Three Sides of The Coin Podcast #33: Were KISS Scared to Record Rock And Roll Over? Do You Care?

Photo: Japanese Tour Billboard


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Kiss Give Wounded War Veteran New House

Video: Paul Stanley - throwing out 1st pitch at Blue Jays game July 22 2013

July 22, 2013
Kiss Visits Rock And Roll Academy In Sioux Falls

ACE FREHLEY Working On New Album

National search for KISS legend's boots leads to Maitland

Gene Simmons to appear at Fandomfest in Louisville, KY

Photo: Kiss & Megadeth backstage at Rock Fest

Decibel Geek Podcast: KISS Road Stories with Peter Moose Oreckinto

KISS Visits Brennan Rock & Roll Academy

July 21, 2013
Rare KISS Items Of For Grabs In New Charity Auction

Set list from Rock Fest July 20, 2013

Video: KISS stops in Sioux Falls to visit Brennan Rock & Roll Academy

KISS brings theatrics to Rock Fest stage

Photo: Kiss  and founder Chuck Brennan the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy in Sioux Falls, Dakota; more photos of Gene, Paul, Tommy, Eric

KISS Soundcheck 10 TRILLION Times Louder Than Your Hearbeat

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal: my five favorite KISS songs

July 20, 2013

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Rub'n Play Set

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Alive! reel to reel
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Japan Songbook 1977

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The entire disc one of the A World With Heroes CD is now available for download for all pledgers

Video: CTV Winnipeg: KISS guitarist greets fans at music

July 19, 2013
Front page of todays Winnipeg Free Press newspeper

Dressed as Kiss, crowd licks it up at MTS Centre

Video: CTV Bericht: KISS fan showcases thousands of memorabilia items

Podcast: Kisstory Science Theatre see a Monster

Podcast: The Kiss Room July edition

Set list from Winnipeg

Set list from Brandon

Photographer Bob Gruen talks about his work with Kiss

Photo: Tommy Thayer visits Rock Camp in Winnipeg

July 18, 2013
KISS to take Brandon stage ahead of Winnipeg concert

Get ready to 'Shout It Out Loud'

Videos: Kiss live in Regina

Photo from Gene: Kiss backstage just before going onstage

July 17, 2013
Regina Kiss fans rave about rock show

KISS to appear at Brennan Rock & Roll Academy dedication on Saturday

CONCERT REVIEW: Kiss in Regina

Set list from Regina

Preview: Kiss' circus-like Regina concert sure to showcase rock-anthem jewels

Video: Tommy Thayer Gibson Artist Spotlight


(from Amazon)

Volume IV of the "KISS Album Focus" series covers the story of KISS, and its associated members, from mid-2006 (the cut-off point for Volume III) through the middle of 2013. This period includes the massively successful "KISSology" series of DVDs, in lieu of an active recording career between 1999 and 2007, and the two studio albums of new material they did record. Former members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss are covered in detail, though the other former members, with numerous projects, have become somewhat condensed. This volume celebrates a line-up that has now lasted nearly a decade with guitarist Tommy Thayer, who is rapidly approaching tenure equal to Bruce Kulick's twelve-years, and Eric Singer, who has been in the band longer than any member apart from Gene and Paul - "The legend's growing as the story's told!"


July 16, 2013
KISS – Press conference, 40th anniversary tour

'70s KISS Tribute Band A.L.I.V.E. - Members Of GUNS 'N ROSES, PANTERA, WHITESNAKE, KILL DEVIL HILL Confirm New Live Date

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #32

Message from Bruce Kulick: Bruce at a guitar show


Hal Leonard has released a new Kiss Songook: Guitar Play-Along Volume 168. It is currently available at Amazon for a Special Price. Thanks to Andreas Balzer fot the info.

More Kiss Songbooks at Amazon:


... the the Solo Records have been released on coloured vinyl in El Salvador? The Peter Criss Solo LP on green vinyl just sold for $ 651,- on eBay!

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1974 Press Kit: $ 750,-

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Promotional Dsplay from Canada 1976: $ 610,-
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Eric Carr HITS drumstick 1990: $ 420,-

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Alive II Misprint: $ 415,-

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Bedspread: $ 400,-
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July 15, 2013

Videos: Kiss live in Saskatoon

Photos: KISS rocks Saskatoon

Review: After 40 years, KISS still knows how to rock

Win a Tommy Thayer Epiphone Guitar

Two newshows at Budokan in Tokyo now officially confirmed: October 23. & 24, 2013

Set list from Saskatoon

Decibel Geek Podacast: Mitch Lafon discusses Kiss Tribute Project

"Kiss in Sweden" book coming soon
(Translation here)

July 14, 2013
Video: Interview with Gene on msnbc

KISS store pops-up in West Edmonton Mal


The Kiss/Mötley Crüe Tour is at #84 in the Pollstar Midyear Report of Top 100 Worldwide Tours. Average attendance stated: 11.315

Video: Stryper playing "Shout it out loud" live in concert

July 13, 2013
Set list from Edmonton

Stanley: We were scared to record Destroyer follow-up

Edmonton Kiss Army Depot Store opens today

KISS frontmen to open restaurant in Overland Park

Tommy Thayer Meet & Greet at Long & McQuade in Winnipag on July 18


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Kiss pinball machine

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Monster Tourbook 2013

Paul Stanley RIAA Award

Gene Sunn Amps Promo Poster
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Gene Monster Guitar Pick 2013

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Eric Monster Guitar Pick 2013

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Ace Frehley Guitar Pick 1976/77

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Paul Stanley Guitar Pick 1976/77

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Kiss Smyphony Tourbook 2003

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Eric Carr HITS Drumstick

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Japan Elder Promo Bag

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Japan Poster 1977
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The Originals/Rock and Roll Over Canadian Promo Display

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96[1].jpg (4061 Byte)

Bath Towel

96[1].jpg (5421 Byte)

Kiss sticks to its guns

Videos: Kiss live in Lethbridge

Videos: Kiss live in Edmonton

July 12, 2013
"Larger than life" from the Tribute CD "A World With Heroes"

Kiss co-founders Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons have set a new opening

King Kobra - Have a Good Time (Official Videoclip 2013
featuring  Zakk Wylde, Vinnie Paul, Little Steven, Ron Keel and also Ace Frehley at the end)


(from Tim McPhate/

Heat -- an early '80s West Coast R&B/rock/fusion collective led by bandleader/principal songwriter Tom Saviano -- are set to release "Heat Revisited" in Japan on July 17. In advance of the release, KissFAQ has the exclusive online premiere for "What Does it Take," an infectious up-tempo rock shuffle dusted off from the Heat vaults. Recorded circa 1981, the track features lead guitar by a then-young hotshot guitarist named Vinnie Cusano, who would later be rechristened Vinnie Vincent in KISS.

The track is available to stream here.
More information on the song/Heat here.

In conjunction with the premiere, KissFAQ's Tim McPhate conducted an exclusive interview with Heat bandleader Tom Saviano.
"I thought [Vinnie] played real melodic on this track," says Saviano. "He played like a studio musician."
Full interview here.


New North American Tour Merchandise is now available in the Official KISS Store, such as the new North American Tourbook and Tourshirts!

Kiss Official Store

July 11, 2013
Message from Bruce Kulick: Good Rats has lost founding member Peppi Marchello

Vote for Kiss to play the UK Download Festival in 2014


Check out some new Kiss merchandise at Amazon, including Rocket kits:

DANKO JONES - Meeting A Muse: Sitting Down With KISS' Beth

Concert preview: Kiss tour includes Edmonton pop-up store

Lethbridge Herald's KISS concert Photo Gallery

Set list from Lethbridge, July 10, 2013

July 10, 2013
Video: Kiss Press-Conference in Vancouver on July 4th, 2013

Video: Kiss rocks Kelowna

Set list from Kelowna

Meet & Greet with Tommy Thayer in Saskatoon on July 14th

"Tears are falling" from the Tribute CD "A World With Heroes"

The final season of "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" is now available for pre-order on DVD at Amazon.

Fan films his Kiss collection

Engelbert Humperdinck to record duet with Gene Simmons due out in October

Calgary Kiss Army Depot Store now upen until July 14th

Photos: KISS army invades Rogers Arena for glam rock spectacle

KISS donates cash to Sophie's Place, a Surrey facility for abused children

Video: Flight To Mars featuring Ace Frehley of Kiss doing Black Diamond at the Casbah in San Diego, CA

July 9, 2013

Videos from Kelowna

Set list from Kelowna

Here are some interesting recently closed auctions on eBay:

Gibson Les Paul Guitar: $ 8.992,-

Peter Criss signed Bass Drumhead: $ 1.400,-
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Toy Guitar: $ 1.300,-

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Cadillac High Yearbook & Flyer: $ 1.300,-

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Leather Jacket: $ 845,-

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Aussie bag 1980: $ 731,-

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Casablanca Singles Vinyl Box Set: $ 631,-

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Microphone: $ 361,-

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"Sure know something" Promo-Single: € 250,-

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Destroyer UK LP: $ 304,-

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Bravoposter 1976: $ 287,-

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Shandi 7" from Bolivia: $ 290,-

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Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast # 31

Kiss rocks Vancouver

"Little Ceasar" from the Tribute CD "A World With Heroes"

July 8, 2013

Decibel Geek Podcast Episode 92 - GPS: Kiss Landmarks Volume 2

Creatures of The Net Podcast Episode 60- KISS Debut Album Review

KISS Monster Tour at Rogers Arena

KISS hit Victoria, journalist eyes Paul Stanley from audience

Photo: Gene posing with his Golden Awards

"Hard luck women" from the Tribute CD "A World With Heroes"


July 7, 2013

Photo: Gene with his daughter backstage in Vancouver

Edmonton KISS fan, who has one of the largest memorabilia collections in Canada, excited for Friday concert

Videos from Vancouver

Photos | KISS @ Save On Foods Memorial Centre – July 5th 2013

Set List from Vancouver

Victoria teenager ‘earned his wings’ after Kiss sent message of prayers

concert review: KISS / ShinedoneSave-on-Foods Memorial Arena, Victoria BC, July 5

Simmons takes care of business

July 6, 2013

Videos from Victoria

Video: Bruce Kulick's solo from "Unholy" during his gig with the Lonely Drunks Club Band at The Viper Room in Hollywood on July 5, 2013

Guitar World interview with Tommy Thayer

Photos: Kiss at Kiss Army Depot Store

Kiss puts on full-scale spectacle for Victoria fans

Photos: Kiss live in Victoria last night


Here are links to some interesting Kiss Auctions that are ending soon on eBay:

Kiss Car


Gene Simmons used Monster 2013 Guitar Pick

Tommy Thayer used Monster 2013 Guitar Pick

Bravoposter 1976

Tommy Thayer Guitar Pick

Ace Frehley Necklace

Kiss Car

Kiss Jacket

Key Chain

Set Kiss Specials

Destroyer Van

Trash Can

Lunchbox & Thermos

Spanish Kiss Special 1981

Audio Magazine 4/1978

Set list from Kiss' first show in Canada in Victoria, BC

Photo: Gene Simmons backstage 2 hours before the first show in Canada

July 5, 2013

After cancelling 36 years ago, Kiss finally plays for Victoria tonight

Gene on the cover of "Vancouver Metro" today

Meet & Greet with Tommy Thayer tomorrow in Vancouver

KISS still struttin' after 40 years of rock thunder

Kiss are on the cover of the newest issue of "Burrn!"  magazine (August 2013) in Japan. It is available for $ 17,- on eBay.

Vancouver sun video report: Kiss pops up in Vancvouver ahead of tour

Photos: KISS puckers up in Vancouver

"Tomorrow" from the Tribute CD "A World With Heroes"

The Kiss of life: Rockers keep it real onstage

July 4, 2013
KISS presents $10K cheque to Surrey child centre

"I stole your love" from the Tribute CD "A World With Heroes"

Concert Fireworks: 10 Explosive Videos


(from Rob Valeo)

A few years back I designed some custom artwork for KISS tour apparel. Along with the Rockin' the Corps artwork KISS used, this was one of the designs on KISS online they feature KISS fan Boban Lukic from Serbia with my artwork tattoo'd on his back! Wild! I am honored! Cheers Boban!
KissTattoo.jpg (49803 Byte)

I rocked Gene Simmons’ demon look

July 3, 2013
Simmons & Stanley Launched Rock Star Worthy Brunch

Eddie Trunk reports via Twitter: Had a good chat with my friend Ace Frehleey. Was good catching up a bit. Has some good things in the works that will be revealed soon.

Video: Gibson Backstage: Tommy Thayer of KISS about his Epiphone signature guitar

TRIBUTE album live shows...

Kiss concert in Calgary (July 13) cancalled due to flood


July 2, 2013

Here are some interesting recently closed auctions on eBay:

Set Japan Solo LP Picture Discs: $ 1.000,-

Signed Gene Axe Bass: $ 2.700,-

1980 Paul Stanley Ibanez PS-10: $ 1.500,-

Set Halloween Costumes: $ 1.200,-

Kissology RIAA Award: $ 800,-

Cadillah High school yearbook 1976: $ 715,-

Japan Solo LP Box Set: $ 550,-

A Taste Of Platinum US Promo EP: $ 500,-

World Tour 1980-1981 Jacket: $ 385,-

Signed "Creatures of the night" LP: $ 345,-

Set "Psycho Circus" Zippos: $ 660,-

Promo Book: $ 114,-

Poster Magazine 1977: € 86,-

More interesting closed auctions: see above the news
most expensive recently closed KISSLogo.jpg (1003 Byte) Auctions >>
most interesting Auctions >>

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast: Did Gene Simmons Family Jewels Save KISS & the AXS TV Live Monster Concert

36 Years Ago: Kiss Fire Their 'Love Gun'

New message from Bruce Kulick on his website

"Breakout" from the Tribute CD "A World With Heroes"


July 1, 2013
Kiss live in Zürich in HD (in 3 Parts)

Decibel Geek Podcast Episode 91 - Best of Solo Albums Post 1978

Meet & Greet Infos for Japan

Tickets for Japan available here

"Shout mercy" from the Tribute CD "A World With Heroes"