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July 31, 2009

(from Blabbermouth)
Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has inked a European deal with Season Of Mist for the release of his fifth solo album, "Anomaly". Due in the U.S. on September 15 via Ace's own Bronx Born Records, with Rocket Science providing a full label service platform, the CD was produced and recorded in Westchester County, New York between 2007 and 2009 and was mixed in Los Angeles.


July 31, 2009

Click here to read an extensive interview that Bravewords did with Ace Frehley.

July 29, 2009

Kiss ended the Alive/35 Tour yesterday with a concert in Paso Robles, California. No surprises at the show.
You can see a clip from the show here on YouTube.
ews on the upcoming album are expected shortly.

July 29, 2009

Click here to see a clip from the photo-shoot at the Meet & Greet in Halifax.

July 29, 2009

Kiss invited the press into the studio to listen to some songs from the new album.

Here is what Guitar Player Magazine/Editorboy wrote on Facebook:

Heard 5 songs. If you dig KISS, you're gonna dig this new album. Paul sings his ass off. Eric plays some amazingly powerful drums. Gene was finally made to play all of his bass parts (apparently, in the past, if someone had a cool bass idea, he let them play it), and he DOES have a pretty driving sound. Finally, Paul and Tommy's guitars sound HUGE -- with some fab riffs and '70s-style solos.


July 28, 2009

(from Kissonline)
KISS will perform Tuesday night at the California Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles.

KISS, one of the most influential rock bands of all time, will be performing in the Main Grandstand Arena at 7:30 p.m.

You can buy tickets at the California Mid-State Fair box office, online at , any Vallitix outlet, or charge by phone at 1-800-909-FAIR. In addition, a special phone number has been added to better serve ticket buyers: 866-872-2007


July 27, 2009

Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer played "Deuce" unmasked at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego last Saturday, July 25th, 2009 at the Comic Con International where Genes son Nick Simmons promoted his first comic book.

lick here to see the video.

July 27, 2009

(from AAP News July 2009)

Obzcure, the guys responsible for putting together a monster tribute album of rare KISS tracks from 1974 - 1983 have debuted at Number one on the Melbourne independent chart.

"The response has been unbelievable, there is a real hunger for Rare and Obscure tracks" says executive producer Tim Mc Cartney. "I knew it would appeal to some diehards; however I did not anticipate this avalanche for demand"

There are talks, and actions currently being undertaken by the guys moving forward, in doing a 'volume two'. Mark Baldan, Obzcure's lead guitarist and the "Vinnie Vincent" of the project has started work on a few of gems that KISS fans will love. "It's just great fun!". Mark says. "The fans are becoming greater in numbers and sales quite amazing…we're even talking to fans and asking them what they want", adds Mark.

"I heard some new material at Mark's studio last week" reports Tim. "I couldn't believe how good it sounded; Mark really adds the mystique to the rare tracks and knows how to put the Obzcure magic into the song, and I am excited about the possibility of doing a volume 2, now that the Volume 1 demand has exceeded expectations."

The CD is almost sold out with limited numbers still available.

July 26, 2009

Click here to see a video of ACE FREHLEY on guitar and Steven Adler on Drums playing Rock and Roll Night with Paul Green's School of Rock.


July 26, 2009

We continue our KISS special feature with the 33rd interview of a KISS-related figure. This week, Spiro Papadatos, KISS’ graphic designer/head of merchandising. Here’s an excerpt:
When you put on the make-up, you have a strong resemblance with Gene. Was there ever a time that you were close to replace him for a concert?

Spiro Papadatos:
No. Gene has never missed a show. But, there was this one time in 2000 when Ace thought it was going to happen. We were in Binghamton, New York for a show on the Farewell Tour. Paul, Ace and Peter were already at the gig and in the dressing room. Gene, who often travels separately, hadn’t arrived yet because his flight out of New York City was delayed due to bad weather. At the time, I was KISS’ merchandise manager and was working on the main concourse level of the arena when I got a call on my radio from someone who sounded a lot like Ace. The voice on the other end said, “Hey Spiro, get down here, you’re playing tonight… I’m not getting ready until you start putting on makeup.” I said, “Who is this?” It was hard to hear because of all the noise in the arena but it sounded like Ace or someone just trying to screw with me. “It’s Ace, come down to the dressing room, you’re playing tonight!” I love Ace. I think he’s a great guy, but the truth is, he was really spiraling out of control on his last KISS tour. Without getting into detail, it seemed that every day on that tour, he was getting into trouble or new “adventures”. You really didn’t know what to expect with Ace and this just seemed like another one of his pranks. So, I went down to the band’s dressing room to find out what was going on. When I got there, Paul and Peter were sitting in front of their mirrors putting on their makeup. Ace was lying down on a couch. Gene wasn’t around. I asked Ace if he called me on my radio. He said, “Yeah, Gene’s not here, you’re playing with us tonight.” I remember thinking this had to be a joke so I just looked at him and kinda laughed and said, “What? Says who?” He said, “Me. Gene’s not here so you need to start getting ready… you know all the songs, right?” I said, “Yeah, but… where’s Doc?” That’s when I found out that Doc wasn’t there either and Tommy, who was the band’s road manager back then, was in LA editing “The Last KISS” video. Suddenly, Peter walked over to our side of the room and said, “Hey Ace, are you crazy? Paul is sitting right over there, he can hear everything you’re saying.” I looked over at Paul, hoping he would shed some light on the situation but he wasn’t paying any attention. He was getting ready for the show, business as usual. For a moment, the thought of actually playing with KISS entered my mind. I mean, doing a commercial or a TV show just wasn’t the same as playing with the band in an actual live show. Was this really going to happen? I knew I could do it, I knew all the songs… then I gave my head a shake and said, “This is crazy. As much as I’d love to do this, I can’t do anything unless I hear it from Doc, Paul or Gene. I have to go back to work” and I left the room. As I was walking down the hall, Gene, who had just arrived, was walking towards me making his way to the band’s dressing room. He walked into the room, didn’t say a word to anyone, sat down beside Paul and started putting on his makeup. Later that night, KISS was on stage, on time, as usual.

Read the full interview on:


July 24, 2009

The concert is at 8 PM on Saturday night at THE MUSIC BOX at the Henry Fonda Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard.

Admission is 100% free to all who attend.

The concert is a special charity event to benefit PAUL GREEN'S SCHOOL OF ROCK. Paul Green and his school are flying in with around 12 of their best kid rockers, who will be the house band for the entire event.

The artists participating in the event are: ACE FREHLEY original guitarist of KISS, Mike Starr of ALICE IN CHAINS, STEVEN ADLER original drummer of GUNS 'N ROSES, KYLE GASS of TENACIOUS D, SHIFTY from CRAZY TOWN, BOB FORREST from THELONIOUS MONSTER, DR. DREW, and the kids from the SCHOOL OF ROCK.

Address: The Music Box @ Fonda, 6126 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028


July 24, 2009

Get A Life Inc. and Cincinnati KISS Expo presents the 2009 Cincinnati KISS Expo. The 2009 Cincinnati KISS Expo will be held Sunday September 13h from 11:00PM to 8:00PM Holiday Inn Eastgate 4501 Eastgate Blvd. Cincinnati Oh. 45245. Tel: 513-752-4400. (Please do not call the hotel about tickets they will not have that information.) Ask for the KISS Expo rate! Cutoff for the special rate is soon so get your room soon. 

Special guest is Bruce Kulick (KISS, Grand Funk Railroad and ESP). Bruce is best known as lead guitarist for KISS from 1984 to 1996. Bruce recently been appearing with the band Monster Circus. Bruce also takes part any many projects with the Eric Singer Project. He will do a Q/A and be available for photos and autographs throughout the day.
More surprises to be added soon!  There are not a lot of Expos this year so don't miss out!
VIP ticket holders get in at 11am and receive a special suprise KISS collectible!  Regular admission gets in at 12 noon. VIP tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Regular admission is $25 in advance and $30 at the door.
Children 12 and under get in free! KISS merchandise and collectibles will be on sale throughout the day. There will be giveaways and contests too.
For vendor information contact us at:
For more info keep checking in.
To Order Tickets Click Here!


July 24, 2009

(from Blabbermouth)
Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will guest on the nationally syndicated radio show "Rockline" with host Bob Coburn on Wednesday, September 16 at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET. Fans are encouraged to speak with Frehley by calling 1-800-344-ROCK (7625).
For more information, visit


July 24, 2009

(from Ole Funch)
Danish funny guys Wulffmorgenthaler´s 2009 Calender...
Is that a Beaver ?

calendar2009Wulffmorgenthaler.jpg (33099 Byte)

July 24, 2009

Classicrockrevisited made an interview with Bruce Kulick about his new CD, his relationship with Gene and Nick Simmons and a lot of other Kiss-related issues. Click here to read the interview.

July 23, 2009

ATTENDANCE FIGURES has made some attendance figures public, including also the Kiss concert in Montreal:
15.242 tickets went on sale, 13.566 were sold, gross sales: $ 992.525, ticket prices ranged from 55 to 107 Dollars.


July 23, 2009

(from YouTube/OutThereWithMelissa)
Melissa DiMarco interviews KISS backstage just before they go onstage a Casino Rama - an Out There Exclusive!
Click here to see the video.


July 23, 2009

Click here to see a photo of Ace jamming with Nickleback recently.

July 23, 2009

(from Trunk report)
Met up with Ace Frehley last night in NJ to hear his final version of his new CD Anomaly. I had been talking to Ace often over the last few months helping him where I could navigate the music business in 2009 and some thoughts on his upcoming release. As he stated on my radio show this past Monday I talked him out of releasing a cover of Sweet's "Fox On The Run" as a first single, my thinking being that after twenty years he should no way lead with a cover as the first new music people will hear from him! After talking it over with his new management they decided I was right so the first song will be an original titled "Outer Space" which sums up Ace perfect! Was fun to put my A&R hat on again as Ace was the first artist I ever worked with in that capacity back in my Megaforce label days.

Ace wanted me to hear the final product and told me he was going to a venue not far from me in NJ (PNC) to jam a song with Nickelback who were playing. Ace's new management also handles them, so that was the connection. I arrived at PNC to late to see Ace play Highway To Hell with Nickelback but it was super last minute with him literally getting out of his car backstage and walking out, but by all acounts fun for all. After the jam Ace and I sat in my car in the backstage lot and listened to the whole CD together. I had heard this album in various forms and mixes through the years but this was the first time mastered and done and with the final mix. I'll say what I have said all along; Kiss and Ace fans will love this. It is exactly the type of album you would want and expect from Ace. Straight up in your face hard rock. Probably the most striking thing about the album is Ace's voice.

He is past three years sober (there is a song about his battle with the bottle on the CD) and singing like the '78 album. A friend of mine who was in the car said the exact same thing. His voice sounds great due to the fact he is clean for sure. Guitar tones sound great as does the playing. Ace sings the entire CD and there are two instrumentals; another in the Fractured series ends the CD and then there is a Zep like heavy jam called "Space Bear". I know hard core Kiss fans will smile at that title! Other stand out tracks for me were "Change The World" (again great vocal), "A Little Below The Angels", "Too Many Faces" and the super kick ass "Sister" , a track that has been around for a bit but sounds great here. The album has a great deal of edgy tracks but it's also dynamic with some Beatles touches in some songs and a real nod to some early 70's stuff. The guitar work is classic Ace as well. Anton Fig handles most of the drums and is a monster as always. Ace is giving his fans exactly what they would want with this album, and who knows, in this age of Guitar Hero and Rock Band he will no doubt grab some new ones as well. After all guitar hero = ACE FREHLEY!

Can't wait for everyone to hear it and of course we will do much with Ace and the album on the radio shows when we get closer to release. I thank Ace for the early listen and as a long time close friend I am extremely proud of him not only for making the album he wanted to, but for being a changed man the last few years.


July 22, 2009

Nickelback were playing "Highway to Hell" with Hinder's Austin Winkler and Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix on vocals and Ace Frehley of Kiss on lead guitar at the July 21, 2009 show at PNC bank arts center in Holmdel, NJ.
Click here to see the performance (bad video, but good sound).


July 21, 2009

Today Kiss will play their last Alive/35 concert at the Casino Rama in Orillia, Canada.
Kiss played at the Casino also yesterday. Click here to see clips from the show on YouTube.


July 21, 2009

Ace was a guest on "The Opie & Anthony Show" yesterday.
Here you can see some video-footage from the show:
Clip 1
Clip 2
Ace will be jamming with Nickleback tonight (supposedly "Highway to hell"). The first single from his new album will be "Outer Space" and comes out late August.


July 19, 2009

(from Blabbermouth)
Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will guest on "The Opie & Anthony Show" on Monday, July 20.
"The Opie & Anthony Show" airs every weekday from 6:00 a.m. to noon on Sirius/XM satellite radio (XM Channel 202 / Sirius Channel 197: The Virus), with replays throughout the day.


July 19, 2009

Kiss played yesterday in Halifax for approx. 50.000 people.
Click here to see videos from the show on YouTube.


July 19, 2009

In this special epsisode, John Ostronomy recaps Ace Frehley's Talking Metal video shoot and Guitar World photo shoot.

Click here to see some photos of Ace at the video-shoot.
Click here to listen to the podcast.


July 17, 2009

Click here to see Kiss' appearance on "Vorsicht Musik" in Germany in 1982 performing "I love it loud". The show originally aired on December 13, 1982 and was repeated earlier today.

July 17, 2009

(from Patrick Hughes)
Initial report was indeed 55,000 saw KISS in Quebec city last night, watching TV this morning, the organizers now have the crowd attendance at 90,000! Which would be the biggest crowd to ever see KISS in Canada.
News source TVA, and RDI news channels.


July 17, 2009

According to Kissonline, over 55.000 people saw Kiss at the Quebec City Summer Festival yesterday. Click here to see footage from the show on YouTube.

July 17, 2009

Kiss will be featured in "Guitar Hero 5" with "Shout it out loud". It will be out on September 1 and can be ordered here. (Amazon USA) or here (Amazon Germany).

July 17, 2009

As a long-time fan of rock and a resident of Enid, Oklahoma, Richard Galbraith has attended countless concerts since the early ‘70s, and documented most of them with this photography. Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, and Black Sabbath (among many others) have all passed through the lens of Mr. Galbraith. In his first-ever photo book, ‘Richard Galbraith Photography Presents: KISS,’ the reader is offered a glimpse of almost every single major concert the masked quartet played in Oklahoma from 1976 through 1986. Comprised of nearly 100 never-before-seen pix (in both color and black and white), the book also contains notes and memories of the shows from Richard, from interviews conducted by renowned rock writer Greg Prato. Additionally, many of the photographs in the book are available for individual sale through Richard (as well as more other photos not included in the book).

The shows that are photographed and featured in the book include:

01. 3/8/76 - Tulsa, Oklahoma [Tulsa Assembly Center]
02. 7/26/76 - Kansas City, Missouri [Municipal Auditorium]
03. 1/6/77 - Tulsa, Oklahoma [Tulsa Assembly Center]
04. 1/7/77 - Norman, Oklahoma [Lloyd Noble Center]
05. 11/23/77 - Tulsa, Oklahoma [Tulsa Assembly Center]
06. 10/17/79- Norman, Oklahoma [Lloyd Noble Center]
07. 10/29/79 - Tulsa, Oklahoma [Tulsa Assembly Center]
08. 3/21/83 - Norman, Oklahoma [Lloyd Noble Center]
09. 2/22/86 - Tulsa, Oklahoma [Expo Square Pavilion]

To view sample pages from the book and for ordering info, visit:

For more information on Richard Galbraith, visit:

For a limited time, people can get 10% off their purchase of the Kiss book, by ordering the book through and entering code RTGENIDSR6U at checkout.


July 16, 2009

(from Rolling Stone)
Kiss‘ original guitarist, Ace Frehley, has primarily focused on playing live shows since he left the band in 2002, though no new studio material has surfaced. But that’s soon about to change. September 15th will see the release of Ace’s first solo album in nearly 20 years, Anomaly, via his own label, Bronx Born Records. Produced almost entirely by Frehley, the album shows why many rock and metal guitarists list “Space Ace” as a prime six-string influence, as evidenced by the epic “Genghis Khan” and a kick ass cover of Sweet’s “Fox on the Run.” Frehley recently sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss the new album, his ex-bandmates and kicking booze once and for all.

The September 15th release of Anomaly will be your three-year anniversary of sobriety.
I’ve accepted the fact that I can never drink again as long as I live, and I’m ok with it. And it should be easy when you think about it - some people get allergic to shellfish. When they eat it, they break out or get sick. And you know what those people say to themselves? “I can’t eat shellfish anymore for the rest of my life.” And they’re ok with it. But for some reason, when it comes to alcohol, people get crazy. It’s getting past that.

How does Anomaly compare to your previous work?
Everybody keeps talking about my first solo album [1978’s Ace Frehley], and I keep thinking, “Right now, I feel exactly like I did after I finished mixing that record.” I kind of knew I had something hot, that everybody was going to like. Maybe history will repeat itself again — 31 years later.

I understand you had to re-think one of your concert trademarks.
The biggest problem with the smoking guitar thing now is the fire marshals. So right now, I’m working on a miniature fog machine that goes in the guitar [laughs].

Are you still in contact with Kiss?
Yeah, I spoke to Paul, Peter — I haven’t spoke to Gene in a couple of years. The last time Gene left a message on my answering machine, it was to do his television show. He was doing a roast. I wanted to do it, so I called Paul and Peter, and both of them told me that they weren’t going to do it. So after hearing that, I felt like, “Well, if the whole band isn’t going to be there to roast Gene, maybe it would be better if I didn’t do it either.” Because initially, Gene told me it was going to be Steven Tyler and Cher, and they backed out. You don’t jump on a sinking ship [laughs].

Would you ever consider another Kiss reunion?
I’m having so much fun with this new album. It’s not something I think about at all anymore. The reunion tour was supposed to be it — that’s what they told me when they asked me to do it. But then they go, “Now we want to do a farewell tour.” I said, “OK, I’ll do a farewell tour.” It ended in Australia, and then I get a phone call when I come back, “Now we want to do something else.” Then Gene is on my answering machine, “Ace, we’re going to go out. If you don’t want to do it, we’re going to use another guitar player.” What is that, a threat? I didn’t even answer the phone [laughs]. That was that.


July 16, 2009

Kiss played for about 40.000 people yesterday at the Ottawa Bluesfest. During the show Paul announced, that the new Kiss album will be out on October 6th (supposedly US release date). Click here to see clips from from the Ottawa show.

July 16, 2009

"Inside Atlanta" recently interviewed Paul Stanley mainly about his paintings, but also about Kiss, American Idol, the Canadian tour and the new album. Click here to read the interview.

July 15, 2009

(from Trader Crack's Card Blog)
KISS 360, Press Pass' second set based on the legendary band, is set for release next month. This will mark the first time autographed KISS cards will be inserted in packs. The recently released KISS IKONS had redemptions for autographed photos, but no cards.

Here's a peek at the instant-classic quad cut signature card that will be limited to five copies. It includes autographs from Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss (please note that while I've seen one side of this card posted online, I think this is the first time both sides have been shown). There will also be single cut signatures.

Click here to read the rest.

July 15, 2009

The legendary TV appearance from Kiss on the German show "Vorsicht Musik" from 1982 will be repeated on "3Sat"! It will be shown only once in the middle of the night. It is the night from July 16th- 17th at 3.05 am (tomorrow night).

"3Sat" can be received through Astra satallite TV in Europe or eventually cable TV.

Vorsicht Musik from December 13, 1982:

Musical Youth: "Pass the dutchie"
Stefan Waggershausen: "Bäng bäng"
Kiss: "I love it loud"

Kim Wilde: "Child come away"
Wonderdog: "Ruff mix"
Gianna Nannini: "Latin Lover"
Orion: "Look me up"
Spider Murphy Gang "Ich schau Dich an"
Shakin' Stevens: "I'll be satisfied"
Boney M.: "Zion's daughter

More infos see here.


July 14, 2009

We continue our KISS special feature with the 32nd interview of a KISS-related figure. This week, Andre Augustine, head of security for KISS in the 90s. Here’s an excerpt:
Please, share with us a funny incident from the time that you worked with KISS (that includes KISS members, of course…)…

Andre Augustine:
Funny with a twist…We were in Chicago at the Ritz Carlton and I was getting ready to settle down and hit the sack when I got a call from Peter. He was napping but could not get to sleep. He told me he kept hearing a buzzing in his wall by the bed. He had called the front desk and maintenance came up there 2 or 3 times already but couldn’t find what it was. So at 12:30am I went to Peter’s room and knocked. He let me in and showed me the area that the buzzing was coming from. It was in the area of the nightstand next to the headboard. So I sat there for a few mins and after about 5 mins I heard the buzzing. It seemed to be coming from the nightstand. So I opened the drawer to the nightstand and low and behold there was the culprit. His pager was set on vibrate and had been buzzing for the last 4 hours in the drawer… BTW his fiancé and daughter had been trying for hours to reach him since he had a DO NOT DISTURB on his phone. Go figure…
Now that you remember those years, which KISS member –in your mind- was the one that moved the KISS vehicle? Gene, Paul or both?

Andre Augustine:
Gene is the main person who moves KISS but Paul is right there nipping at his heels every step of the way…

Read the full interview on:


July 14, 2009

Kiss played in Montreal yesterday in front of 15.000 fans.
Click here for pictures from the show.
Click here for a concert-review from "The Gazette".
Click here to see videos from the concert on YouTube.


July 14, 2009

During his bass solo Gene got stuck on the way up during his flying stunt. Click here to see Gene struggling in the wires...

July 14, 2009

(from Pavel Hromada/Czech Republic)
January 30, 1981 - this was the day when I became a confident "044046" of Czechoslovak State Police (called "StB") due to Kiss records listening.
My code name was "The musician" (or "Muzikant" in Czech). I had no idea about that yet. But today I have been very surprised when I found that record about myself via Internet here: .
All I had to do was to fill in my surname (prijmeni), name (jmeno) and tick an agreement (beru na vedomi). After click to "Vyhledat" button the reason was here - three records about myself!
Kiss was very explosive material to our communist and police state. The reason was not only "SS" in the end. It was its rock and roll, make-up and the show. Everything about Kiss was strictly prohibited. And their fans was hunted by the police.
Now, after more than twenty years some top secret files have been declasified...


July 12, 2009

Click here for a concert-review of yesterdays Kiss concert in Windsor.

July 12, 2009

(from Pavel Hromada)
The Kiss movie "Detroit Rock City" can be seen in Czech on the movie channel Nova Cinema (July 19, 2009 - 22:30 CET).
More info in Czech at:


July 12, 2009

(from TheWindsorStar/YouTube)
Randy Girard was 21-years-old when he played drums for Joe, the band that opened for KISS at the London Arena in London, Ont. in 1974. This video, which has no audio because it was filmed on a Super 8mm camera, shows footage from the concert, including a backstage meeting with KISS.

Click here to see the silent film (Kiss appears after about 5 minutes).


July 12, 2009

(from Tim McPhate/
Artists representing Australia, Europe and the United States celebrate 30th anniversary of classic KISS album

The Return Of KISS Dynasty....

A stable of nine diverse artists have joined forces under the KISS banner to release Succession: A 30th Anniversary Tribute To KISS Dynasty. The album is available for download at CD Baby (link to ) and will be available at other digital distribution outlets such as Amazon, iTunes and Napster thereafter.

Released in 1979, Dynasty is one of KISS' more popular and widely recognized albums, reaching the Top 10 in countries around the world and spawning hit singles “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” and “Sure Know Something,” and containing classic deep album cuts such as “Dirty Livin’,” “Magic Touch” and 2,000 Man,” and fan-favorites “Charisma,” “Hard Times,” “X-Ray Eyes,” and “Save Your Love.”

To commemorate this anniversary, artists from Australia, Europe and the United States have contributed their musical talents to Succession to create spirited modern versions of the tracks comprising Dynasty. "With Succession we wanted to expand on the diversity of the original Dynasty album and take the songs into new territories, which not only showcase the unique style of each artist but also reveal the influence that KISS has had on their creativity,” said Mikel Black, Succession executive producer. “It’s important for people to know that this is truly a KISS tribute album...made by genuine KISS fans. KISS and music fans in general are sure to enjoy it."

Succession features all nine songs from the multi-platinum album presented in the original track order, but with a 2009 DIY facelift.

Succession: A 30th Anniversary Tribute To KISS Dynasty track listing:

1. “I Was Made For Lovin’ You”: The Wildflowers
2. “2,000 Man”: Andy Samford
3. “Sure Know Something”: Tim McPhate
4. “Dirty Livin’”: Coal Bin Bros.
5. “Charisma”: Shawn Fox
6. “Magic Touch”: Anthony Tyler
7. “Hard Times”: Roxy Swain
8. “X-ray Eyes”: Das Fark
9. “Save Your Love”: Beeblesaurus

About the artists:

Beeblesaurus is a few dinosaurs, a cave with primitive recording equipment and a desire to be the world's most adequate band. Mix this special brew together and allow it to ferment for a few million years...the result: Beeblesaurus.

The Coal Bin Bros. just may be "the best three-man comedic prog-folk-rock band you never heard!" With two folked-up albums in the can (Barred For Life, Funeral Album), and a third in the works (Full Contact BINGO), the Bros. cover all the hottest subjects: death, politics, bars, zombified samurai, disco, and religious cults...just to name a few!

Das Fark is a pseudonym used by Emil Ortenmark for his one-man project that has been used to cover many bases over the years -- from straight KISS covers to experimental electronica.

Shawn Fox is a New York-area musician/songwriter working with his band Prom Queen Massacre, who will be releasing a CD in August.

Tim McPhate is a graduate of the prestigious GIT program at Musicians Institute. A songwriter and guitarist, he is currently completing tracks for Spectrum, his debut instrumental album scheduled for late 2009 release.

Andy Samford, currently the guitarist/vocalist for the heavy psychedelic rock band Telestrion, has been recording and releasing music with bands and on his own since 1992. He has recently formed an online record label, Electric Minnow Music, in order to release new and archival music from various projects he has been involved with over the years.

A recent signing to Spade Kitty Records, Roxy Swain will release her debut album this year. The members of Roxy's band are drawn from Chicago's favorite sons (and daughters) Loomis and ex-members of the Three Fifths -- all ably supporting her sultry vocal talents.

Singer/songwriter/musician Anthony Tyler has spent the better part of a quarter century writing, recording and self-producing 15 album releases. Most recently, he released the five-volume, 118-song retrospective Second Time Around (…Or Third) in January and 2010 will mark the eagerly-awaited release of Tyler’s new concept album, Ghosts In Every Room.

The Wildflowers consist of Mïkel Black, bass player from ‘80s Aussie glam-metal pioneers Vice; Jenny Waite, best known for her work as backing vocalist for Savage Garden and former lead singer of Aneiki, who scored a Top 10 hit with "Pleased To Meet You" in 2001; and Michael Tuttle, lead guitarist extraordinaire and a regular on the Brisbane club circuit.

Succession YouTube promo link:

For more information on the project, visit  or


July 11, 2009

The Observer has posted a concert review and video footage from the show from Bayfest in Sarnia online. Click here to read the review and to see the concert footage.

July 11, 2009

Kiss started their Canadian tour yesterday rocking the Bayfest in Sarnia. Reportedly about 21.000 fans attended the Bayfest and Paul Stanley mentioned the new album coming out in October. There were no surprises at the show. See Youtube for clips of the concert.

July 11, 2009

The legendary concert venue COBO arena is to become the victim of a city expansion plan. This historic structure has hosted KISS concerts on many occasions, not the least of which was the series of shows that became the KISS ALIVE! album. As producers of the documentary film "Live at COBO" we wish to get the word out to all artist who have a connection to COBO.

Detroit area filmmakers Douglas Akers, Lisa Hagopian, Eric Harabadian and Jake Hall are currently producing an independent full-length documentary feature entitled “Live at Cobo.” The film will focus on the origins of Cobo Arena and its rise as a world class venue via the remarkable variety of events presented there and the long-lasting impact it has had on our culture through musical, political and professional sporting means.

The filmakers have been granted full access to COBO arena for filming interviews there with the artists about their experience there during its golden era. Time is running short for us to give artists one last opportunity to step into the hall that help make music history. Please pass this information along to anyone that can help us document the stories before COBO is gone.

Contact us at


July 10, 2009

(from Pavel Hromada)
Kiss videos playable online courtesy of Universal:

July 10, 2009

TORONTO -- If Kiss fans are fretting that the band's upcoming eight Canadian shows will pale in comparison to the 60-city megatour planned for this fall -- when the band will unveil new outfits and new material -- bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons says not to worry.

The band behind "Love Gun" has no shortage of ammunition in store for its quick jaunt north of the border, which begins Friday, the reliably entertaining Simmons told The Canadian Press in a telephone call from his Los Angeles office.

"Kiss always has the same firepower," Simmons said.

"This is less of a tour and more of a warmup -- you know, when you go to the gym and really push it hard and sweat it. "

"No coasting. We're deadly serious about this."

The Canadian trek will see the band playing festival stages and arenas in Sarnia, Ont., Orillia, Ont., Windsor, Ont., Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal and Halifax.

But Simmons said the band can adapt its elaborate show to whatever surroundings necessary.

"We're like the Transformers -- with much longer tongues," he said. "We can get bigger and smaller, so physically we're able to ... set up and do our shows in an arena or stadium."

The fall will also mark the release of Kiss's first studio album since 1998's "Psycho Circus."

Simmons refused to provide the title for the new record, but otherwise wasn't coy with details.

He said the new disc will feature track titles including "Russian Roulette," "Modern Day Delilah," and "Stand."

Click here to read the rest.

July 10, 2009

A new compilation CD will be released in Canada on July 14th called "Legends of Rock" containing the following songs:

Lick It Up
Hotter Than Hell
Hard Luck Woman
Shout It Out Loud
I Was Made For Lovin' You
Christine Sixteen
Black Diamond
Detroit Rock City
King Of The Night Time World
Calling Dr. Love
Rock And Roll All Nite (Alive Version)

CDLegendsOfRock.jpg (17919 Byte)

July 10, 2009

Ace has some Audio samples on his website on the right side at the audio player. "Sister" is one of them...

July 9, 2009

‘ANOMALY’ on September 15th
Rocket Science provides worldwide physical and digital marketing and distribution

LOS ANGELES - For the first time in nearly 20 years, legendary guitarist Ace Frehley has emerged to add a new exclamation point to his celebrated solo career. Scheduled for liftoff on September 15th, the original KISS guitarist’s fifth solo album, Anomaly, will be released on his own Bronx Born Records, with Rocket Science providing a full label service platform. Frehley, a long time Gibson artist, will launch his second Gibson Ace Frehley Signature Les Paul guitar with the musical instrument giant later this year. His first signature Gibson guitar (in 1997) was one of the best selling signature models of all time.

One of the most beloved personalities in rock ‘n’ roll, Frehley’s the man behind not only KISS’ iconic logo, but the all-time stadium anthem “New York Groove.”
From the thunderous guitar riffs of the first single “Outer Space” to his supercharged cover of Sweet’s 1975 classic “Fox on the Run,” Anomaly includes several nods to his distinguished career. The pickup acrobatics of “Fractured Quantum” and wah-wah scourge of “Genghis Khan” (featuring backup vocals from Meat Loaf’s daughter Pearl Aday) are signature Ace. It should go without saying, but “this album has some heavy, heavy songs,” Frehley promises.

Check out the new commercial for Anomaly:

Rocket Science is a complete music label services organization that provides all record label departmental needs under one roof. As such, clients are able to use Rocket Science as a scalable platform and still have the accountability of one team handling multiple facets of project interface. Rocket Science offers turnkey services with a focus on execution.


July 9, 2009

Gene was interviewed by the Ottawa Xpress, which you can read here. He said Kiss will play Ottawa on the next tour, which begins in September amongst other things.


July 9, 2009

The Canada Tour starts tomorrow, which will be the end of the "Alive 35" Tour.

10.07.2009: Bayfest, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
11.07.2009: The Colosseum, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
13.07.2009: The Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada
15.07.2009: Ottawa Bluesfast, Canada
16.07.2009: Quebec City Summer Festival, Canada
18.07.2009: Commons Park, Halifax, Canada
20.07.2009: Casino Rama, Orillia, Canada
21.07.2009: Casino Rama, Orillia, Canada


July 8, 2009

Click here to read an interview with Tommy Thayer for the Kiss Army Greece.


July 8, 2009

Click here to read an interview with Spiro Papadatos. Spiro was in a Kiss cover band with Tommy Thayer before they started working for Kiss.


July 8, 2009

This is how the 2 for 1 Destroyer/Rock and Roll over double CD looks like:

CD2for1front.jpg (15443 Byte)

CD2for1innersleeve.jpg (7679 Byte)
Thanks to Pavel Hromada for the photos.


July 7, 2009

(from Kissonline)
If you been reading KISSONLINE, it's no surprise to you now. We ARE done recording our new album.

What might well be a surprise is that at the least, the album is right up there with our best. As much as we may have tried at some other times to achieve this, the chemistry, line-up or lack of total commitment from everyone might have been cause for it being impossible. Not now. Not this time.

I know that when you hear it you will agree.

Before we began the album, I said I was only interested in doing it if I produced and we followed set ground rules; Total commitment by everyone, pure guitar driven KISS, no outside writers, no outside players and my opinion and say would always be final.

All said yes and I know we'd all say we've never had more fun together.

All four of us made this our priority. Everyone was involved everyday. From the first day of writing to the last day of recording everyone was there giving 100% to making this the album we knew we had in us. I've never seen Gene more selfless (yes...Gene!), focused or harder working. His bass playing, songs and overall contribution help to make this the album you've wanted for so long. Without his spirit, this wouldn't have been possible.

As far as Tommy's guitar playing, he took this chance at bat to consistently hit it out of the park. His playing is fiery and rooted firmly in our history, while making his own mark. Tommy's singing, writing contributions and total involvement made clear what's been missing for so long.

In the twenty years I've known Eric, I've never seen him this relaxed or creative. His playing is the foundation of our next step forward. Relentless and full of spit and swagger. Many lead singers don't have Eric's chops or range. He's singing great on his track and all over the album.

Wait till you hear what we've got for you.

Do I sound proud of everyone and what we've done together? I am, and I should be.

Eleven songs. Eleven winners.

This IS KISS. Classic KISS.

It's been a long time coming.



July 7, 2009

Believe it or not, but another even older legendary TV appearance from the orriginal Kiss make-up days will be repeated soon. If you live in Europe and have cable TV or receive Astra channels, get your DVD recorder ready. Which TV appearance it is, and when and where it will be shown will be posted here one day ahead of time. It's only a few days away...

July 7, 2009
GENE SIMMONS STOPPED BY COP posted some photos of Gene Simmons Frisked By An Off-Duty Cop at the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills, CA on July 2, 2009. There are no further infos if this a shoot for "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" or something else. Click here to see the photos.

July 7, 2009
(from Yahoo News Canada)
When Gene Simmons and KISS invade Ottawa to play in the Bluesfest July 15, he'll be bringing along actress and former Playmate Shannon Tweed.

Simmons and Tweed have lived in "unwedded bliss" since 1985 and raised two children.

Tweed has a strong connection with the Ottawa area. She lived here in the early 1970s and was even crowned Miss Ottawa Valley in 1977.

Simmons says the city plans to declare July 15 Shannon Tweed Day, although no one at City Hall yesterday would confirm that there would be a Shannon Tweed Day.

"She's gonna fly in with me," said Simmons. "I think we're gonna tour Parliament. My guess is somebody's gonna throw a pie in my face."

That seems unlikely, given the undying love Canadians seem to have for the makeup-sporting glam-rockers, who are releasing their first new studio album in a decade later this year and play a handful of shows in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia this month.

Earlier this year, KISS announced it would determine its upcoming tour stops based on fan voting. After the polls closed June 30, it was revealed the Top 3 cities on the list were all Canadian: Oshawa (14,569), Winnipeg (12,913) and Sault Ste. Marie (11,315).

"Clearly, these cities are out of their minds," Simmons said. All three are "guaranteed" slots on the band's itinerary ? though not necessarily in that order.

Our home and native land's love for KISS goes both ways, he added.

"More and more, I (think), 'Gee, I wish I was Canadian,' " he said. "There's just a purity of heart up there. I don't know how else to put it."

Given his wife's heritage and the many ties he has to this country ? he'll be the grand marshal at Honda Indy Toronto race on July 12, and his Simmons Record label (a partnership with businesswoman and former MP Belinda Stronach) is based in this country ? he might as well apply for citizenship.

"It's not a bad thought. I actually bought Shannon a house up there. I can't tell you where, but she goes up a lot."

July 7, 2009
Here are some attendance figures that showed up from the South American tour:

It lists:


gross income
tickets sold/capacity
number of shows/number of sells outs
ticket prices range

Arena Anhembi
Sao Paulo, Brazil
April 7, 2009
27,865 /38,000
1 /0
$158.08, $76.78

Estadio River Plate
Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 5, 2009
36,298 / 64,457
1 / 0
$118.09, $17.65

Praca de Apoteose
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
April 8, 2009
9,517 /38,000
1 /0
$157.47, $71.99


July 6, 2009
Well the brand new KISS studio album is almost ready to go - actually more like ready to EXPLODE! We finished recording last week, with the exception of one tune that needs an hour or so more --- I have to tell you it KICKS!

Paul has done a fantastic job keeping everyone in line and the direction clear. As you might have heard, all the tunes were written within the band and recorded analog -- which means hot, heavy and rockin' in the classic sense!

We definitely didn't over-think it.

From the beginning stages of writing, rehearsing and arranging the tunes, to putting the trax down on tape, we went with our GUT... kept it raw and real. We didn't go more than two or three takes when we recorded the basic tracks, which by-the-way, we recorded with all four of us together -- which is a rare (or non-existent) occurrence with bands in this modern digital age. We had a laugh when we were tracking the 11th and very last tune and Eric said, we have to get this in two or three takes like all the others or it ain't no good!

The true test for how new tunes hold up is when you play them live. As everybody probably knows, we haven't played any of these brand-new songs in concert, but we did run a few of them at our sound check in Milwaukee last week. Yep, you guessed right... They SCORCHED! Our tour crew guys were like, HOLY S**T, what was that?!!

It's been a gas doing this record with Paul, Eric and Gene -- truly a collaborative effort! I told the guys the other day that in my humble opinion, this is by far the most cohesive sounding record KISS has made in a long, long time -- meaning that ALL the tunes are great, the sound kicks my ass, and it all fits together perfectly as an album.


Can't wait for you to hear it... You're gonna LOVE it!



July 5, 2009
TORONTO - Gene Simmons says he's heard enough celebrity tributes to Michael Jackson, and wants to hear from the kids who accused the late pop singer of molestation.

Simmons, the bassist/vocalist for classic rock stalwarts Kiss, says he's less interested in Jackson's talent than he is in accusations that the singer molested young boys.

"I want the kids who've accused him, to be blunt, of molestation, to have their say," Simmons told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview from Los Angeles on Thursday.

"I want to hear what they have to say. Not celebrities. Let's celebrate the talent and everything later, let's just figure out if there are any victims here."

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July 5, 2009
PodKISSt #17: Reconstructing "Hotter than hell"
On this edition of the PodKISSt we take a trip back to 1974 when KISS released their 2nd album “Hotter Than Hell.” In true PodKISSt fashion,we reconstruct the album track-by-track, with an assortment of live rarities and other goodies for you, the KISS Army, to enjoy! Join James, Ken, and Gary on a trip through this KISStoric record, and don’t forget to listen to both parts of this 2-part show!
Clicck here to listen to the podast


July 5, 2009
If you have missed the repeat of the "Bananas" show from 1984, you can now watch Kiss' appearance on the show playing "All hell's breakin' loose" live in the studio right here on YouTube.

July 5, 2009
You Wanted The Best ?

Well the wait is almost over...

I have been hearing KISS fans say for a longtime that "All's we want is NEW KISS music" ... Well, sometimes wishes do come true !

Last December Paul called me up saying he wanted to make a new KISS record. He seemed very keen and was very specific about the approach to our latest endeavors.

He basically said he wanted us to make a KISS record and music in the purest sense. Meaning No outside writers, the BAND plays on everything, and we use vintage equipment.

Guess what ?

The end result is everything I could have hoped for.

I have to say this has been the most fun and pleasure making a record I have ever been involved in. The chemistry and overall vibe really made for such a great atmosphere and the playing, sounds and songs just really capture what KISS is all about. Classic Rock & Roll.

As we were working up song ideas everyone was very in tune and conscious of our goals at all times. Gene and Paul would retrace their steps from the past and focused on paying tribute to their roots of the early styles of Classic KISS by paying close attention to the way they sang and the sounds of the instruments.

The camaraderie between everyone and especially Gene and Paul really made it easy for all to bring the best out of each other.

Paul took the reigns and headed up the project like the leader that he has been for over 35 years but, this time with a renewed, inspired and very patient style (he is a great dad after all). He really knew what he wanted from each of us individually and collectively.

We did the 11 new songs in small batches by getting into a rehearsal studio first to work up ideas. We then would move to the recording studio. The recordings would entail all of us playing "live" together in the room. As we captured each performance we would then add extra guitar parts and usually put a guide vocal on the track so we could live with it for a few days and make sure the tempos and vibe was right.

By the way we used NO click tracks on this record I am proud to say. We really went for capturing the live feel and essence of each song. And, Paul, Gene, Tommy and myself are the only musicians playing these songs. A true band effort and performance !

As for the songs ?

Well, no ballads, no slow songs, no filler...

The band really has come full circle.

Just pure straight ahead Rock and Roll that has all the elements that made you love KISS from day one.

Everyone sings lead on a song (Tommy and myself) and even trade off vocal lines and parts throughout the record.

Believe me the wait IS over and well worth it !

I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it...

More as it happens !



July 5, 2009
Remember when Kiss released an album called Rock And Roll Over? Well, now the band have their very own Rock And Roll Odour – and it could be yours for just £4.99. Come inside for all the aromatic information…

Kiss have introduced a range of ‘his and hers’ fragrances – shrewdly titled ‘Kiss Him’ and ‘Kiss Her’.

They’re available to buy now from The Perfume Shop, which has over 170 stores across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Go here to find your nearest outlet.

…And get this: the RRP for each fragrance is normally £26, but The Perfume Shop has cut the price to a mere £4.99! That means you can purchase both fragrances for under a tenner.

The Kiss Him Cologne Spray comes in a 50ml bottle and is, we hear, ‘spicy-warm, oriental, distinctive, boldly masculine and lasting’. It’s packaged in a shiny black patent leather box, embossed with Kiss graphics and the Kiss logo in flames – representing ‘heat’ and ‘passion’, natch.

The Kiss Her EDT (That’s Eau De Toilette – Perfume Ed.) Spray also comes in a 50ml bottle and is ‘succulent, wild… it entices and seduces like a high-energy, forbidden aphrodisiac’. Crikey!

We’ve got samples of both Kiss Him and Kiss Her in the Classic Rock office, and we can confirm the above descriptions are 100 per cent true.

One little squirt of Kiss Him makes us guys feel as boldly masculine as David Coverdale wrestling a grizzly bear, while Sian Llewellyn says of Kiss Her: “It’s more succulent than Gene Simmons’s tongue.”

Strut down to your local Perfume Shop to pick up some Kiss fragrance today. You know it makes scents!

July 4, 2009
(from Kissonline)
Our new album (title of which you'll just have to wait a bit longer for) is just a few steps from being completely done. We're planning on re-visiting one of the eleven songs, to make sure it's gotten everything it deserves. Maybe re-arranging it one last time. Then, time to mix.

The entire writing and recording process of the album harkened back to an earlier, more innocent time. A time that produced albums such as ROCK AND ROLL OVER and LOVE GUN. And, the new songs have that feeling, I have to say.

It all started with a point of view Paul had. The view had to do with ignoring the times, ignoring the critics, not over thinking who and what we are...and that we had nothing to prove to anyone....nothing. We have been releasing albums and touring for 35 years and why wouldn't we want to do an "honest" record. Just do it!!! And, he wanted to produce the album himself!!!

While it's true in the past we had produced KISS records together. And we had both produced other acts outside of KISS. But here was Paul saying he wanted to shoulder the responsibility and burden of steering the good ship KISS on his own.

He was serious. And, I saw it was real. I saw the commitment he was going to make to the album and the band... and I agreed. We all trusted each other and saw the same vision of the band...and perhaps democracy is overrated...and sooner or later, someone had to decide.

And I will tell you here and now, he's done a great job.

The process of writing songs involved both writing separately, but often, in hotel rooms and rehearsal halls, literally starting from scratch and throwing riffs and chords at each other. Then working on melody and lyric...starting alone, then bringing it into the rehearsal halls and even during recording, we would often critique the lyrics all the way down to the last minute.

Tommy really stepped up in the songwriting some songs with us and actually sings his first song on a KISS album.

Eric, likewise was always encouraging and of course, provided his always dependable bombastic drumming style. But unlike other drummers, Eric is also a great singer. Wait until you hear him tear it up on his lead vocal.

What else, you ask?
Well, Paul and I trade vocals on a few tunes and had a lot to say about each other's songs...
Result? Maybe the best record we've done in 30 years.
Bold statement? You bet.
Wait till you hear it.



July 4, 2009
NEWPORT -- Critter Smith flew on an airplane for the first time June 27.

"It was awesome taking off and looking out the window at how high we were," he said.
But that was nothing compared to what was waiting for him and his mom, Carol, after they landed in Milwaukee.
They were flown there as guests of KISS, one of the world's most famous rock-n-roll bands, for a concert that night.
Critter got to meet the band - Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer - before the show, take pictures during the show and returned home with a stash of memorabilia almost too big to carry.

Click here to read the rest.


July 3, 2009
We continue our KISS special feature with the 31st interview of a KISS-related figure. This week, Victor Stabin, the famous artist of the excellent “Unmasked” cover. Here’s an excerpt:
In comparison with your previous artworks, how different was the KISS cover?

Victor Stabin:
It was a little bit different, but mainly it was slightly different techniques…I’d say, a little bit different.
Did you have the chance to meet a member of KISS?

Victor Stabin:
I met Gene, Paul and Ace.
What was the impression that they gave you?

Victor Stabin:
Gene was really into the whole project…he had a broad understanding of the comic history, he was very articulate and he seemed to be the one who was really interested in the KISS business side of things. Ace and Paul were there…they checked out the drawing and they were observing over the whole thing…see what’s going on, you know…

Read the full interview on:


July 3, 2009
The legendary "Bananas" show, originally aired on January 10, 1984 on German TV will be repeated on Saturday.
Kiss had an appearance in this show performing "All hell's breakin' loose" live in the studio. A rare TV appearance from the "Lick it up" tour.

Saturday, July 4, 2009 on "Eins Festival" (ARD Festival) at 16:30 (repeated at 1:40 am on July 5)
"Eins Festival" can be received through Astra satallite TV in Europe or eventually cable TV.

Bananas from 10.01.1984:

Laid Back: High Society Girl
Tina Turner: Let´s stay together
David Knopfler: Soul kissing
Marie Deutschland: Frau Trude
Rocksteady Crew: Hey You
Yello: Lost again
Kiss: All Hell´s breakin´ loose

Yes: Owner of a lonely Heart
Trio: Turaluraluralu
Kim Carnes: You make my Heart beat faster
Paul Young: Love of the common People


July 2, 2009
Ace Frehley has made a commercial for his new solo album. "Anomaly" will be released on September 15, 2009 worldwide on CD & Vinyl.
Click here to see the commercial for "Anomaly" on YouTube.


July 2, 2009
Tommy Thayer will host the 2009 Legends Golf Tournament on August 2 & 3. Click here for more information and video footage with Tommy.

July 2, 2009
The following stetement was made from Kiss through Eventful:

"Thanks for standing up to be counted! We heard you loud and clear and we'll see you soon with our biggest show ever!"
- Paul Stanley

Thank you for being a part of history and participating in the First-Ever Fan Routed Tour Competition for KISS! Official tour dates will be announced in August. Updates will be announced on


July 1, 2009
(from Laine and Kisstory)
10 years of KISStory in Belgium is being celebrated in style. The 5 man tribute band from Belgium is pulling out all the stops on Sunday November 1st. At the Hippodrome in Kuurne, Belgium they plan a Kiss expo with special guest LYDIA CRISS, the usual worldwide kiss dealers accompanied by a rock and metal market and this from 14h00 onwards.

Check out more details on their site   or at

Lydia will be bringing along her fantastic coffee table book 'SEALED WITH A KISS'. Your chance if you don't have it already to purchase it at the expo. There will of course be a meet and greet moment and a Q and A round with LYDIA. Tickets can be purchased online and from halfway July at several ticket agencies in Belgium. Prices for the expo are 20 €.

KISStory will be performing a special 'Dressed to kill/unplugged' set during the expo and will close the event with a MEGA BIG show. Anyone who's ever seen the band perform live know what to expect. An all over the top live show with all the kiss trimmings we all love. Fans who just want to see the evening show can get in from 19h30 for 10 Euro and when you dress up Halloween style you get in FOR FREE!!!

After the show, there will be a dj-set and a Halloween party......More extra surprises concerning this expo will be revealed on this site in the near future.


July 1, 2009
According to Rocket Science, Ace Frehleys solo album "Anomaly" will be released September 15th, 2009.

July 1, 2009
(from OfficialKISSOnline/Youtube)
KISS perform Nothin' to Lose and C'mon and Love Me during their Alive 35 Summer Tour at Milwaukee's Summerfest on 6/27/09.
Click here to see the clip.