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July 31, 2004


According to Kissonline, the bands official website, Kiss have postponed the concerts today and tomorrow in Tempa and Pensacola,FL, due to Paul Stanley suffering from heat exhaustion. The concerts should be rescheduled.

July 28, 2004


On this Tour the attendance figures vary from very good to very bad. In Washington over 20.000 fans came to see the show, Atlantic City was packed as well and in Holmdell the attendance was about 16.500. On the other hand, only about 8.000 fans turned up in Hershey (last years attendance there was 26.000). You may not find Kiss in the Top Concerts list from Billboard, because Billboard are listing the concerts per city and many artists play multiple shows in one city. Further more the ticket prices for many other artists are higher than the ticket-prices for Kiss concerts on this Tour.

July 27, 2004


Kiss filmed two weekend shows on its summer Rock the Nation tour for a forthcoming DVD release. A performance Saturday outside Washington, D.C., and Sunday's show in Virginia Beach, Va., are expected to form the basis for the as-yet-untitled project. No release date has been announced.

Based on the set lists for the two shows, fans can expect to see such classics as "Detroit Rock City," "Deuce," "I Was Made for Lovin' You" and "Shout It Out Loud" alongside more obscure tracks like "Love Her All I Can," "All the Way" and "War Machine," capped by fire breathing from bassist Gene Simmons.

Kiss' most recent DVD was "Kiss Symphony," released last September via Sanctuary, which chronicled the group's performance with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The title debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Music Video chart.

In related news, Simmons will on Aug. 10 release the CD/DVD "Speaking in Tongues," consisting primarily of a lecture tour of Australia. The audio component sports a host of previously unreleased solo compositions. Also due the same day via Universal is the two-disc set "KISS Gold," featuring material from 1974-1982.

-- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

July 26, 2004

The Kiss show in Virginia Beach, VA was supposedly also filmed for a DVD realease, attracted over 19.000 fans and was the best attended concert of the tour so far. Kiss played about 130 minutes and the set-list included songs like Tears Are Falling, King Of The Night Time World, Christine Sixteen and She.

July 26, 2004


(from Richard Beck)
Click here for a concert-review from June 19th from including a slideshow. Click here for a concert-review from the Blossom Music Center 7-6-2004, including a lot of photos as well!

July 24, 2004


During the concert in Washington, Paul Stanley announced, that the show is being taped and will be released on DVD. They played 19 songs incl. All the way and Love her all I can.

July 24, 2004


The first band that ever rocked the Pensacla Civic Center is coming back and some ticket sales will help feed the hungry.

Nearly 20 years after that first concert, KISS will play Pensacola again on August first.

On Monday, July 26, you can get a ticket to the show for twenty dollars.. if you also donate canned food for the Manna Food Bank.

If you'd like to help "KISS Hunger Goodbye" -- here's how:

The tickets are only available on Monday, July 26 from 10am to 6pm, at the Civic Center box office.

A limited number of seats are available for this offer..

July 23, 2004

By Kelli Cooley, Cadillac News

CADILLAC - Jim Neff is certain when the VH1 special "When KISS ruled the world" airs this Saturday, his e-mail will be flooded from KISS fans all over the world asking questions and wanting him to relay the story of Cadillac's own KISS visit.

After all, Neff is the resident KISS expert in Cadillac and the person behind the band's visit to Cadillac in 1975. [read the rest]

July 23, 2004


Several newly-discovered KISS photos from 1973 will be unveiled for the first time Saturday when VH-1 premieres When KISS Ruled The World.

Over 100 color slides of the band were recently discovered by KISS Alive Forever co-author Curt Gooch in a New York basement belonging to a former KISS roadie. The images show KISS auditioning for Casablanca Records President Neil Bogart in a ballet studio, rehearsing at the Fillmore East with and without makeup, and recording their landmark debut album at Bell Sound Studios in November of 1973.

Curt and his KISS Alive Forever co-author Jeff Suhs are currently working on a follow up to their 2002 Billboard Books release and will include as many of the newly discovered 1973 KISS photos as possible in their new book, which is tentatively titled KISS Out On The Streets 1973 – 1976.

When KISS Ruled The World premieres on VH-1 this Saturday at 11:00 P.M. EST.

July 23, 2004


Recently Kiss have made a minor change in the set list: She and Parasite are played, while Christine 16 got dropped.

July 23, 2004


Without any notice at all, the "Best of " Millenium CD Part 2 has been released in Europe on July 19th.
The "Gold" Best of Double-CD being released in the USA in August is scheduled for release on October 10th in Europe at the moment, Supposedly this is a Series from Universal, which contains a DVD as well...

July 22, 2004


You can see bits of interviews with Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter from the upcoming VH-1 Kiss Special here.

July 22, 2004

GeneSimmonsonFoxnews2004.jpg (4325 Byte)
You can check out a short clip of Gene Simmons on Fox News promoting the Instant Live CDs here

July 20, 2004


Shout It Out Loud 'When KISS Ruled The World' Premieres On VH1 On Saturday, July 24 at 11:00 PM*
July 19, 2004: 4:09 p.m. EST

NEW YORK (PRNewswire) - NEW YORK, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Costumes. Make-up. Tongue-wagging. KISS. A phenomenon that changed the "face" of music forever.

KISS founding members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Peter Criss, Ace Frehley come together on VH1's "When KISS Ruled the World," premiering on July 24 at 11:00 PM* as they intimately chronicle the band's successes and downfalls as well as the group's influence on their fans, and the entire music community through over-the-top looks and wild antics.

During the hour-long episode VH1 reveals the greatest moments in "Kiss-tory," including the band's performance at The Diplomat Hotel, their first Top Ten single, "Beth" and group's 1996 reunion tour.

This is the sixth installment of the VH1 original series, "When __ Ruled The World" which charts the rise and fall of cultural trends. Upcoming episodes include, "When Rated X Ruled The World" and "When The Partridge Family Ruled The World," "When Melrose Place Ruled The World" and "When Star Wars Ruled The World."

VH1 connects viewers to the music, artists and pop culture that matter to them most with series, specials, live events, exclusive online content and public affairs initiatives. VH1 is available in over 86 million households in the U.S. VH1 also has an array of digital services including VH1 Classic, VH1 Soul, VH Uno, VH1 Mega Hits and VH1 Country. Connect with VH1 at

Contact: Maura Corcoran/VH1
* all times ET/PT

July 20, 2004


(from Vladimir)
Asia Carrera, Don Lemmon's wife, Adult film actress, retired November 2003 - ASIA CARRERA
Here you can read an interesting interview with Kiss graphic designer Christopher Franchi.

July 19, 2004


Yesterdays show in Hershey,PA was the 8th show in a row with the same set-list:
Love Gun / Deuce / Makin' Love / Lick It Up / Christine Sixteen / Got To Choose / War Machine / I Want You / Psycho Circus / I Love It Loud / 100,000 Years / Unholy / Shout It Out Loud / I Was Made For Lovin' You / Detroit Rock City / God Gave Rock 'N Roll To You II / Rock and Roll All Nite
Paul Stanley keeps on announcing Christine 16 as being from "Rock and Roll over". Meanwhile Tommy Thayer gets to play a guitar solo, also Eric Singer played a Drum-solo on July 16th in Mansfield, MA during 100.000 years.

The concert summer is a real tough one for bands on tour in the US this year. Numerous reports say, that the ticket-sales are down about 30% compared to last year. Not just Kiss, but also other big name bands are not selling as many tickets as they were probably hoping to. Only a few acts are selling out big venues, and many had to cancel shows or even cancel their whole Tour. Since this seems to be mainly an American phenomenon at the moment, many bands are about to play Europe before this movement swings over to other continents, also having the strong Euro and the low US $ in mind.

July 19, 2004

magAttheShore2004-07-16USA.gif (3893 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS
Paul Stanley is on the front-cover of "At the Shore", a local magazine from Atlantic City.

July 19, 2004


KISS frontman talks about Ace, Peter, Gene, future and possible solo album

At The Shore, (609) 272-7017

It doesn't get much bigger than KISS. With possibly the largest and definitely the most loyal fan base in the world, KISS will make its Atlantic City debut at the Trump Taj Mahal's Mark G. Etess Arena on Saturday, July 17 in a Jersey Shore Entertainment production.
One of the most influental bands of all time, KISS' anthem "Rock and Roll All Nite" remains one of the most-played tracks on radio today. The band's other hits - "Detroit Rock City," "Beth," "Shout It Out Loud," "Lick It Up" and many others - have sold millions of albums. The band has more gold records than The Beatles.

Lead singer/guitarist Paul Stanley and bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons still front the band that no longer features troubled members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. In are guitarist Tommy Thayer, a former guitar tech for KISS who blazes on stage, and longtime drummer Eric Singer, who can hit the drums harder than Criss ever dreamed of.

With dolls, pinball machines, action figures, comic books, condoms and coffins, no band has ever been marketed like KISS. Thirty years later, the band remains one of the best concert draws in the world. On this tour, KISS is also selling Instant Live CDs of the concert you attend for $25. The CDs, complete with full packaging, must be purchased before the concert and will be available minutes after it ends.

Stanley took the time to talk about KISS - past and present - in a candid interview.

Q: Paul, this tour has really been a nice surprise for KISS fans since you're changing the set around and playing songs you haven't played in 30 years. Is it cool to play songs like "Makin' Love," "C'Mon and Love Me," "Love Her All I Can" and "Shandi" after all these years?

A: It's awesome to hear these songs being played the way you wrote them so long ago. We get so fired up by the energy of the crowd and the music, it's unbelievable. They hear these songs, and they're louder than the band. It's what KISS is all about. The response to the songs every night is just relentless and deafening.

Q: What song did you really push to get back in the setlist?

A: "Got to Choose" - it just sounds great, it kills. The communication during that song with the audience is exceptional, even for KISS. This time out, we've really upped it. The bar is raised.

Q: But is it nice to do it with the music this time around and not just the pyrotechnics - even though that's still there?

A: Anybody can do a KISS show. Anyone can buy a KISS show. All you need is money. But you can't be KISS. That being said, it had to be more than that this time around. We can add more bombs and special effects, but the show is infinitely more powerful this time around because the band is more powerful.

Q: Was it hard for Eric and Tommy to get up to speed?

A: (Paul laughs.) No. Tommy's been with the band forever, and Eric was in the band before. They guys know more songs than ... other people that you think should know them.

Q: Like Peter and Ace?

A: I didn't say that. For me, this is never about taking pot shots. It doesn't make me any bigger. This band is about smiling and appreciating where we've been and also being excited about where we're going.

Q: Where are you going?

A: Forward. All I can say is that the response in Australia and Japan and the first 20 shows in America has been incredible. We have never been in better form. To be able to change the set nightly and play these songs as tight as they're being played - and as faithfully - is a tremendous treat, but a blessing, too.

Q: Why didn't you do this sooner?

A: The truth is the only thing that bothered me about the past tours is that we made ourselves prisoners to our own setlist. But that was self-imposed. We can't blame anyone but ourselves. We realized there is no reason we can't play the KISS classics and still leave room for other gems that have been put on the back burner - "Makin' Love," "She," "Parasite." It's tremendous. The thing is that I'm not only a member of the band, I'm a fan of KISS. So this is a plus for everyone. I have diehard fans coming to me nightly telling me this is the best tour so far.

Q: What do you think about Gene's new solo album?

A: (long pause) No comment. Let's just say, I hope it's what he wanted to do. He reaps the benefits or takes the ... criticism. If this is the album he chose to make, then he deserves what he gets, either way.

Q: You had the best solo album all of those years ago. Don't you have the itch for another one?

A: It's been in the works for a while; I'm just not on a soap box talking about it. It's half done. I'm not about selling sizzle. My album's about delivering a steak. It won't matter who's involved or what color the cover is. That's what it's not about. I want to release it sometime around the New Year.

Q: I know you did theater work, particularly "Phantom of the Opera," will there be more theater for you?

A: Absolutely. I was recently asked to do "Phantom" for Broadway. It's not a matter of if it will happen, it's when.

Q: You always read about Gene's girlfriends and Gene has books and everything, why don't we hear that stuff about you? Is that a choice, or don't people ask?

A: Most people don't ask. You put it out there if you

want to talk about it. Stuff starts because you keep talking. I've chosen not to. If I tell you I came in last night on a flying saucer with Elvis, I would have to wonder why you would believe it. But people do believe stuff. My private life is private. It's not for public consumption as a rule, and I try not to embellish on that.

Q: How does your voice sound better than ever?

A: I've been doing it for a long time, and you develop technique. With technique, you don't have to sound like Pavarotti. You use it and don't abuse it. My voice is way better than it was when I was younger. It's stronger, and I know how to use it.

Q: It's amazing to me that you and Gene - after all these years - don't seem to take shots at each other publicly like most other bands. Is there a vow you made to each other to keep your fights private?

A: I cannot control what other people do. I am just not interested in making someone else look smaller to make me look bigger. Ultimately, it says I am a dwarf.

Q: Will there be another KISS album?

A: It's possible. There's nothing in the works.

Q: Are Peter and Ace done for good?

A: Yeah. No question. I wish both of them the best, but they don't belong in the band. You can't have members coming and going and we don't know what to expect and the fans don't know what to expect. It's unacceptable at some point. It's just better for everybody. I hope they pursue what makes them happy. Meanwhile, the band continues because it should. The team and the army is about making sure the athlete or the soldiers believe in the cause. That's what makes for a victory. When people no longer share the same drive or focus, it's neither fair to the band or the fans.

Q: Any advice for a KISS fan who wants to be a rock star like you?

A: Don't listen to advice.

July 19, 2004


Bruce Kulick has a new photo on his website posing at the Hard Rock here to see it.

July 18, 2004



Pucker up, baby. The legendary KISS, with original members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, will perform Friday at Montage Mountain.

Who: KISS, with Poison
Where: Ford Pavilion at Montage Mountain, Scranton
When: 7 p.m. Friday
Tickets: $65, $55, $25 and $14.35, available at the Ford Pavilion box office, Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster charge-by-phone at 693-4100 or at
More info: 961-9000

Any doubts about whether a certain legendary rock band made the right move in continuing on, despite announcing its 2000 "Farewell Tour" would be its last?

Take a look at the devoted fans coming out in droves to catch the current tour, vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley says.

Feel the love. And the wisdom of the decision.

The band-fan covenant is sealed. Sealed with a KISS, in fact.

"Interestingly, the only people that seem to want to know why you've come back are the people that wish you wouldn't," Stanley says with a chuckle. "It's been an amazing response, and the turnouts have been incredible. I couldn't have wished for anything this good. Not only big crowds, but huge, boisterous approval of the show. The only thing louder than the band is the audience."

KISS, formed in New York City in 1973, has earned more gold albums than any American rock band. The original line-up of Stanley, vocalist/bassist Gene Simmons, vocalist/guitarist Ace Frehley and vocalist/drummer Peter Criss stayed intact throughout the '70s, but by 1982, only Stanley and Simmons remained.

In 1996, however, the original four reunited, and despite some recurring inner turmoil, they stayed together five years to again become one of rock's top-grossing acts. Now, Frehley and Criss are out again, replaced by guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer. Stanley, who acknowledges Criss and Frehley can be tough to work with, says keeping the re-formed original line-up together for just five years was challenging.

"I don't think a lot of people know the half of it," he says. "It was very difficult. Ace and Peter ... sometimes the problems that are there from the beginning don't really go away. They may recede into the background, and then they rear their ugly head again."

Stanley says KISS has regained its focus. No member is bigger than the band, he says.

"Ultimately, the most important thing has always been KISS, and KISS is a tradition, a legend and something that the public wants on no uncertain terms," he says. "The band has never been better. ... The set that we're playing and the flexibility we have now is amazing, and the crowd response - and I mean, to the die-hards - is fanatically positive. People are coming over after the show and saying 'This is by far the best I've ever seen the band and by far the best show I've ever seen.'░"

KISS has again attracted large crowds on its current tour, indicating its fans are happy the group has gone back on its "farewell" words of four years ago. (The Who and Ozzy did it, too.) Still, some have questioned why Thayer and Singer are donning the famous "Spaceman" and "Catman" costumes of Frehley and Criss. Stanley, the "Starchild," had always said those personas were direct extensions of their individual personalities, and when new members joined the group in the early '80s, they were given a new costume and new makeup character.

The move was similar to sports, in which certain jersey numbers are respectfully retired. Now, however, those numbers, or costumes, have been passed out again.

"The fact is that those original notions - ours or anyone else's - were a mistake," Stanley says. "We spent 30 years building KISS into the icon that those images are. You could take a picture of KISS arguably anywhere in the world, and people would know that it is in fact KISS, but they wouldn't necessarily be able to name all of the members. That's the point. To dilute what KISS has built with a lot of hard work - and not always from the same people, mind you - by having to come up with 'giraffe-boy' or 'ant-man' is ridiculous. It ultimately compromises the fan, and the fan - and I mean the vast, vast majority of fans - want KISS and want KISS as those four iconic images."

KISS also has changed its set list, sprinkling nuggets such as "Got To Choose," "She" and "All The Way" among the classics. Though Stanley chooses not to comment on the musical abilities of Frehley and Criss, he does say playing with the new band has been liberating.

"I would rather talk about all of the positives over the years and let the live band, and everything that we are and everything that encompasses us, speak for itself," he says. "'We virtually became prisoners of our own set list, and that was also because of some of the internal problems. To now be able to celebrate all that we are and all that we've accomplished is glorious, and it's what we should be doing."

At 9 p.m. Saturday, VH1 will debut a new KISS special, "When KISS Ruled the World," which will focus on the band's incredible success in the '70s when a Gallup Poll revealed it was America's favorite group. And a new CD, "The Best of KISS Vol. II," celebrates the group's success in the '80s, when without makeup, it earned a string of platinum albums and scored hits such as "Heaven's On Fire," "Tears Are Falling" and "Forever."

Stanley says he's glad to see some of those tunes get their due.

"There's no way that the '80s - although those albums sold millions of copies - can compete, impact-wise, with the makeup persona," he says. "So as great as those songs are, they sometimes get a bit overlooked. I always find it funny when people say they grew up in the '80s, and almost have to apologize, because there are other people saying, 'Yeah, but the '70s was the real deal.' It's like going to a party and having somebody say, 'You think this party is good? You missed the real party.' It's nonsense. Whenever you show up is the beginning of the party for you."

Although KISS' most famous tune, "Rock and Roll All Nite," talks about "partying every day," many '80s-era KISS songs spoke about individuality, self-worth and self-confidence. Stanley, who was in his mid-30s at the time, says he wasn't trying to be a role model but simply singing about what he believed in.

"Independence and standing your ground knows no age," he says. "What I celebrate and sing in song are the same things that I celebrated and sang in songs on the first album. It's believing in yourself, reaping the rewards and enjoying them to fullest. It's playing by your own rules and winning."

In 1978, KISS' members all released solo albums on the same day. Stanley's is often considered the best. He says he plans to unveil another early next year but won't reveal any details.

"Talk is cheap, and the last thing I want to do is sell sizzle," he says. "I'm more about selling steak. It's very easy to razzle-dazzle people with a tap dance and all kinds of stuff, and then afterwards they kind of wonder what they actually got. I'm spending time making sure it's a great album with great songs, and I'll let it speak for itself."

Bravado has never been a problem for The Starchild, and when talking about the future of KISS, he stays true to form.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Stanley says. "The band is on steroids, and the only thing that matches it is audience. The response, nightly, is overwhelming, but I gotta say it's justified."

July 18, 2004



With Poison and Z02
7 p.m. Tuesday
PNC Bank Arts Center
Exit 116 off the Garden State Parkway, Holmdel
$79.50, $47.50, $30
(732) 335-8698

Published in the Asbury Park Press 7/16/04


Explosions, fireballs, confetti canons, stage blood -- it takes a lot to fuel a Kiss concert. But there was a time, before the painted rockers' '70s breakthrough, when any onstage special effects were of the decidedly low-tech variety.

"In the club days, of course, we could not do very much of anything," recalls bassist Gene Simmons, one of two founding members currently in the band along with singer-guitarist Paul Stanley.

"I remember there was a red pail. And on the pail of what should have been water, it said 'Fire' on the outside, as in, 'In case of fire, use this pail.' And most people thought there was water inside the pail.

"So in the early days before we could afford anything, during (the song) 'Firehouse,' we would fill that up with confetti. And of course, during the song, Paul would grab the pail and dowse the audience with the stuff, and they thought water was going to come out, but -- 'Oh, look at that! Confetti!' And then it was sort of fun."

You can bet audiences will get more than a bucket of confetti during Kiss' "Rock the Nation" tour, which is set to visit Holmdel on Sunday.

Stanley and Simmons are being joined by guitarist Tommy Thayer and drummer Eric Singer (in the costumes of on-again, off-again Kiss members Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, respectively). Opening the shows are '80s glam-rockers Poison, who've stolen a few tricks from Kiss' makeup bag.

When Kiss' self-titled debut album hit stores in 1974, the band seemed like little more than a novelty act. But the following year, a hit song ("Rock and Roll All Nite") and platinum-selling live album ("Alive") catapulted the pancake-and-leather-wearing foursome to superstardom.

"It was astounding, but on the other hand, we expected it," recalls Stanley.

"We were certainly jubilant, but it was a time of adapting to this newfound success, where a year before, people just said, 'Kiss who?' And now, we were virtually on the cover of every rock magazine at any given time. If they wanted to sell copies, we were on the cover. It was an amazing time, and we certainly enjoyed it tremendously."

Thanks to the makeup, Kiss members could enjoy this success in relative anonymity -- that is, except for Stanley.

"I was recognized all the time," he recalls. "People wanted to believe that this was a Clark Kent/Superman situation. But the truth of the matter was, if you saw me walking down the street without makeup, I was still in 8-inch heels; I still had black, curly hair way past my shoulders; I was still over 6-feet-tall.

"You either knew that the circus was in town, or it was a member of Kiss. Because certainly, nobody ever mistook us for doctors."

Minus makeup -- and minus Frehley and Criss -- Kiss sustained its success through the '80s and '90s. In 1996, the original lineup reunited in costume. Ever since, Kiss has worn the makeup onstage.

Some Kiss members have complained about having to slap on all of that face powder, but not Stanley.

"You know, the makeup has always been such an important part of our success," the singer says.

"I think to find any downside to it is just showing disrespect or a lack of gratitude for the success we've been given. I always say that if you win the lottery, don't complain about the taxes.

"The makeup is a badge of honor. It always has been. It's a way of really magnifying, not necessarily only our personalities, but the personalities of our fans."

Stanley and company work hard for that response at shows. The 62-year-old singer is asked if aging ever crosses his mind when contemplating yet another tour.

"Aging is a fact of life; it just doesn't have to be death," he says with a laugh.

"There's no reason you can't, you know, hold your ground. I have to say that every time I hit the stage, I'm well aware that the people who could come close to what I'm doing can be counted on one hand. And you wouldn't need all of your fingers, either."

July 17, 2004

Gene Simmons will be releasing a "Speaking in Tongues" CD/DVD on August 10th, 2004. More infos at

July 16, 2004


After adding a second show in Monterrey, Kiss are also playing a concert in Mexico City. More infis at Pollstar.

July 16, 2004


KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons filmed a cameo appearance in the new video from country artist TRICK PONY on June 17 at the Heartland Mansion in Las Vegas, Nevada. The video, for the track "The Bride", features Simmons in the role of the "whore priest," according to Gene. Watch the video at TRICK PONY's web site: High-Speed, Low-Speed. Click here to see pictures from the video shoot from Wire Image.

July 16, 2004


Kiss are at number 2 this week on Pollstar:

The Charts are determined by the number of times the artists itinerary is accessed during the week (and not ticket sales).

July 16, 2004
The opinion poll continues with "The Elder".  What is your favorite song from this album? Everybody is able to vote only once, othewise you will be punished by Britney Spears...

Kiss.gif (3000 Byte)   THE ELDER

cleardot.gif (53 Byte)

Click here to Vote for your favorite song of other albums!

July 15, 2004

(from Jan Laursen)
Swedish Television has announced a 12 hour long themeday for tomorrow (Friday July 16) evening and night about Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. This includes Penelope Pheeris' ducumentary The Decline of Western Civilization, part 2: The Metal Years, that includes interviews with Gene Simmons.

July 13, 2004


(from The Enquirer)
By C.E. Hanifin / Enquirer staff writer

Thirty years after KISS first recruited its millions-strong army of fans, the band keeps on marching.

The group will take over Riverbend Music Center on Sunday with two of its original four members (Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons), and all the hard-rock anthems, black-and-white face paint and onstage antics with fire and dry ice that landed KISS biggest-band-in-the-world status in the '70s.

This isn't the same old show, though, says Stanley. (He's the guitarist and vocalist with the black star painted over his right eye). Along with monster hits such as "Detroit Rock City," KISS will rock 'n' roll all night with songs that haven't been performed live in decades or, in some cases, ever, he says.

"The tour has a whole renewed energy to it," he says. "The songs are fresh and played with a lethal precision."

The revamped show is designed to allow the whole crowd to catch the explosive (sometimes literally - these dudes still love their pyrotechnics) action. Twenty-one video monitors will be mounted on the main stage. A second stage will be positioned in the middle of the audience; mid-set, Stanley will swoop above the crowd on cables to the small platform and play from there.

Stanley, who plans to release a solo album early next year, says the members of KISS are in peak form, and they're definitely not ready to unlace their platform boots just yet.

"There's no denying that KISS is better, stronger, tighter and purer than it's ever been," he says.

Here's Stanley's take on the current tour, the proliferation of KISS merchandise and how to cop the band's classic style.

Why was '80s hair-metal band Poison chosen as the opening act for the tour?

Poison is a band that gets up there and has fun and gives the audience a really good time.

What's the coolest special onstage effect?

Oh, me. When I get a chance to fly over the audience and play from a smaller stage and give the people in the back a front-row seat, that's an awesome experience.

What's the strangest merchandising request the band has received?

Toilet paper was pretty low, no pun intended, on the list.

KISS's songs have been covered by indie rockers, string quartets and even country star Garth Brooks. What's your favorite cover?

I like the ones that are a little more challenging and offbeat. There's a great version on "Rock and Roll All Nite" by Toad the Wet Sprocket that actually sounded more like Jackson Browne than KISS.

Do you have any fashion tips for fans who want to emulate KISS's look?

Cheap hairspray, cheap lipstick and lots of attitude.

July 13, 2004

(from Alex)
Gene Simmons is on # 4 this week on the charts from radio Roks St. petersburg in Russia ( with the song "Black Tonge" (it was #13 last week).

July 11, 2004


There are some new magazines out featuring Kiss on the cover, such as Fireworks (July 2004, England), Aquarian weekly (USA), Australian Musician (Winter 2004) and a Swedish magazine also had Gene Simmons on the cover recently.
magFireworks2004-07England.gif (3137 Byte) magAustralianMusician2004WinterAustralia.gif (3532 Byte) magAquarianWeekly2004.gif (3998 Byte)

July 10, 2004


(from Alex)
Gene Simmons is on #13 this week on the charts from radio Roks St. petersburg in Russia ( with the song "Black Tonge" (it was #16 last week).

July 7, 2004


There are two more shows added - in Monterey, Mexico and El Paso,TX. More infos as always at Pollstar.

July 5, 2004


Paul Stanley auctioned off a guitar lesson for charity. It went for US $ 7.100,-.

July 5, 2004



Knight Ridder Newspapers
The press releases promise that Kiss' current Rock The Nation Tour will provide "more fire, more screaming guitars and more spectacle than ever."

Given that a typical Kiss concert rivals a post-baseball-game fireworks show, how can that be?

"The bombs last night were the loudest I've ever heard them," Kiss singer/guitarist Paul Stanley said the morning after a recent show. "And it takes a lot for me to say something like that."

The pyrotechnics are fun for the fans, but Stanley is enjoying this tour more than any in a long time because of the music. After playing virtually the same block of songs for too long, Kiss has exhumed some gems not heard live in many years.

"The last six years," Stanley said, "we've played virtually the same set list. We'd almost become prisoners to the Kiss classics. [read the rest]

Juli 4, 2004

magRockor2004-07Russia.gif (3517 Byte)(from Alex)
Kiss are on the cover of the July-issue of "Rockor" (2 page-article + poster) from Russia. In the Russian edition of  "Bravo" #25 there is a Gene Simmons pin-up.

Juli 3, 2004


There are 2 additional Kiss concerts in Texas announced at Pollstar.

July 2, 2004


(from letter-section of
Im sorry to say there will be 2 empty seats in the front row (sec 4) at
tonights show in Minneapolis (Somerset, WI).

My husband has been over in Iraq and Egypt for the past 13 months.  He was heart broken when he missed the Kiss/Aero tour last year.  It was the first tour he has missed since the Asylum tour.  When I found out that he would finally be home on June 25,  I knew KISS would be less than 200 miles away, the very next day...i ran and got the amazing tickets.  I was looking forward to seeing him get off that plane at the airport, but I was also looking forward  to seeing the look on his face when he saw the tickets. 

I got a call this last Thursday, that the USAF delayed the return of the unit for 2 days.   So here I sit, just over an hour away from showtime and without my husband and without KISS.  Tommorow, he will be home...but KISS wont be here.

The point of this letter will probably go unheard but I need to ask you as a KISS fan and the wife of a man that literally has KISS inked in his body and is a part of his soul............please, please, please come back to Minnesota or Iowa before the end of this tour.   Dan has very few heros he looks up to......Gene Simmons and Eric Singer are 2 of them.  Hes given up so much over the last year, I just wanted to start paying him back for how proud he has made me.     

Thank You Gene
Shurie G

Response from Gene:
Please tell your husband that I will be proud to fly you both in to an
upcoming KISS concert. And believe me, it's my pleasure.

July 2, 2004


Eric Singer has some Kiss live photos from Japan on his website now. Check them out here and here.