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January 31, 2007
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News broke this morning of the creation of the KISS Comics Group and its inaugural title, "KISS 4K." A joint venture between Platinum Studios and the hugely popular, multi-platinum American rock band KISS, the new title will be the first KISS comic ever produced in concert (heh) with the band themselves. Platinum will debut the "KISS 4K" with an oversized $50 Destroyer Edition at the Wizard World Los Angeles Convention in March, with an ongoing series to follow in May by writer Rcky Sprague and artist Kevin Crossley.    Additionally, an online KISS comic will run concurrently to “KISS 4K,” expanding on the continuity and story of the print version. As Platinum put it to CBR News, “Think ‘Civil War,' without having to spend a ton of money and without having huge continuity problems.”

CBR News spoke this afternoon with KISS members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley as well as Platinum Studios founder/chairman Scott Rosenberg about the band's affinity for comics and their involvement with “KISS 4K.”
Click here to read the interview

January 31, 2007
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LOS ANGELES, CA, January 30, 2007 - Platinum Studios, Inc.,, an entertainment company that controls the world's largest independent library of comic book characters, and KISS Catalog Ltd., the billion-dollar merchandising empire created and managed by original members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, announced the creation of a new worldwide comic book entertainment company, the KISS Comics Group - . This is the first time KISS will be producing its own comic book-based characters; this co-run venture will enable KISS and Platinum Studios to publish and expand the comic book characters' images onto numerous multi-media platforms including print, mobile, online, film, television and licensed merchandise products.

KISS 4K, the story of the transformation of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and the other KISS band members from rock stars to world-protecting warrior spirits, is the first branded property released by KISS Comics Group. KISS 4K will debut as the world's largest comic book priced at $50. Limited edition preview book, character merchandise and mobile comic art are available now online at . This is the first comic book-based property to simultaneously launch all of its merchandise in the United States, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

"We have been talking with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley about doing something together for years and when Gene approached me with the idea of creating the KISS Comics Group co-venture, we knew we could build something massive," said Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Platinum Studios' founder and chairman. "Platinum Studios has been working with independent comic book creators for years creating record breaking box office numbers and comic book sales. With more than 4,000 KISS fan sites worldwide supported by cross generations of fans, we have a built-in global audience for the KISS Comics Group."

"We've had licensed KISS comic books before but never our own imprint and never with the wide reach across so many multi-media platforms," said Gene Simmons, a founding member of KISS. "Paul Stanley and I are personally involved in all day-to-day decisions and we are looking forward to extending the KISS legacy, images and sound to our fans around the world."

"As the iconic KISS characters have continued to evolve far beyond our beginning in rock music, we have always looked for the ideal situation for a KISS comic book outlet that was as far reaching as we originally conceived and intended. Platinum fills that slot perfectly," said KISS co-founder Paul Stanley.

Signatures Network and Dell Furano will be handling worldwide licensing for KISS Comics Group and for KISS 4K on behalf of the co-venture. Characters from Platinum Studios library of more than 3,800 will appear in the KISS books.


January 29, 2007
The 2007 MYRTLE BEACH KISS Fan Expo is Saturday, February 24th from 12pm-6pm and will take place at the CLUB BOCA (Broadway at the Beach) directly next door to the KISS Coffee House. CLUB BOCA is located at 1325 Celebrity Cir Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.

Special guest Bruce Kulick will hold Q+A and autograph sessions, Lydia Criss will be signing her new book and KISS Coffeehouse owner Brian Galvin will also do a Q+A! Additionally, there will be trivia, costume contests and door prizes/raffles, throughout the day. Dealers from around the country will be on hand selling official KISS merchandise.

To order tickets or for more information call 1-800-567-5561. will be on hand to meet fans and sell exclusive KOL merchandise!


January 29, 2007
Like father like son: Kiss frontman Paul Stanley and his son Evan Stanley showed that they both love rock 'n' roll at the Gibson Guitar booth at NAMM 2007. Photo by Vaughn Youtz.
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January 28, 2007
Iconic KISS frontman Paul Stanley will embark on his first solo tour outside America when he heads Down Under in April.

Stanley recently released his second solo album "Live To Win" (coming 28 years after his self-titled 1978 solo debut) and backed it up with a hugely acclaimed US club tour late last year. Stanley has only done one previous solo tour in 1989, so the buzz amongst fans about the shows was huge.

And he had the backing band to make it very special, the band everyone has wanted to see live - the fantastic musicians who formed the house band in the hit CBS TV series "Rock Star: INXS" and "Rock Star: Supernova".

Stanley put together a crowd-pleasing set list with tracks from "Live To Win", from his 1978 solo debut, and the remainder, some surprising selections from his bursting KISS catalogue - hits, rarities and songs that have never been played in concert before.

The charismatic frontman whose career with KISS spans three decades and in excess of 100 million records, says he had an absolute ball playing the US club shows.

"The US shows were incredible and reconnected me to the reasons I loved live music growing up," he says. "Between all the KISS classics, songs we've never played and songs from my two solo albums, it's an ultimate night that's as good or better than anything else around. I want to continue this sweat fest as long as I can and my first questions was "Can I get to Australia?". Night after night the fans across the US were blown away. I can't wait."

With Australia one of THE most diehard of KISS territories around the globe, news of Stanley's visit has already got the KISS army on heat! Stanley's tour takes in seven cities, including Newcastle and Wollongong where KISS have never previously performed, and is set to be a great night of no-fuss rock'n'roll.

Tour dates are:

Wednesday 11: GOLD COAST Twin Towns
Tickets from: Box Office 1800 014 014

Friday 13: WOLLONGONG Entertainment Centre
Tickets from: and 132 849

Saturday 14: NEWCASTLE Entertainment Centre
Tickets from: and 4929 1977

Monday 16: SYDNEY Enmore Theatre
Tickets from: and 132 849

Friday 20: MELBOURNE Palais Theatre
Tickets from: 136 100 and Box office 9537 2444

Tuesday 24: PERTH Burswood Theatre
Tickets from: and 132 849

Thursday 26: ADELAIDE Thebarton Theatre
Tickets from: Venuetix 8225 8888



January 27, 2007
(from Birgit/Mrs Blackwell)
The new video from Jan Delay to the song "Feuer", in which Andy Paul from KISSED has a guest appearance, is already shown on several music channels in Germany (MTV, Viva etc.). The CD will be released in early February. You can see the video here: .

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January 26, 200
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Antonelli produces KISS guitarist “Paul Stanley—Live To Win Live!” feature-length concert film

Louis Antonelli was 12 years old and an amateur photographer when he first met KISS guitarist Paul Stanley. It was 1974 and KISS was appearing at a Mt. Prospect record store.

“Paul gave me a lot of encouragement,” recalled Antonelli. “He looked at me and said ‘promise me that you’re going to be the best that you can be.’”

Antonelli drew inspiraton from his encounter with the musician, and as KISS grew into international icons, Antonelli became a professional filmmaker, directing features, commercials and music videos for artists including the Ramones and Metallica.

Thirty-two years later Antonelli has come full circle with the production of “Paul Stanley – Live To Win Live!”, a feature-length concert film documenting Stanley’s second solo tour that culminated in a November performance at House of Blues Chicago.

Over the years Antonelli had become friends with KISS drummer Eric Singer, who introduced him to Keith Leroux, who runs KISS Online and Signatures Network, and who helped set up the project through Stanley’s management company Doc McGhee Entertainment.

“It’s been one of my dreams to direct a KISS concert in IMAX,” Antonelli said. “KISS management said ‘see what you can do with this, and we’ll go from there.’”

The 12-camera DV-cam shoot of the House of Blues show is the heart of “Live to Win Live!”, book-ended by black and white film that Antonelli shot in New York telling Stanley’s life story.

Antonelli is director, producer and editor of “Live to Win Live!” His company is Quadrama Films.

Chris Sheppard of Chicago Recording Company engineered the concert on a mobile 48-track recorder. McGhee is executive producer. Scott Wanner and co-editor Lester Cohn are co-producers.

DP Carlson of Foetus Films, who was a camera operator at the concert, is also directing a behind-the-scenes documentary on the production of the concert film.

Antonelli is presenting a cut of the film to Stanley and McGhee in mid-January to discuss plans for a prospective DVD release. Stanley’s solo album “Live to Win” was released by Universal Music.

Among various projects, Antonelli is also developing a documentary called “Lost in Brooklyn,” “a history of the 20th century told through the eyes of a little boy who died on Ellis Island in 1920, and how his family refound him 80 years later,” he said.

Email —Ed M. Koziarski

Ed M. Koziarski is the co-writer/director/producer of the untitled feature film “Okinawa Project,” now in post-production. Email: Ed M. Koziarski

January 26, 2007
Here you can find some pictures of Gene and his family in London.

January 21, 2007
Click here to see some recent pictures from the Simmons family in England.

January 22, 2007
Paul Stanley has also attended the NAMM show in California last Friday.

January 21, 2007
The Kissology DVD has now been certified 5 x Platinum (!) by the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America)! No Kiss release before has ever reached such a high status. Kissology is now the most successfull release by Kiss ever!

January 20, 2007
(from Kissonline)
There will be a KISS Fan Expo in Holland on Saturday, March 17th from 16:30 - 01:00. The event will take place at PLATO in Helmond, Holland (about 2 hours from Amsterdam).

The Expo's Special Guests are Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick. Eric and Bruce will be doing a question & answer session and will also be available for autographs and photos. KISS merchandise will be on sale throughout the event. Eric, Bruce, John Corabi (Motley Crue) and Chuck Garric (Alice Cooper) will end the evening with a full concert beginning at 22:00.

KISSONLINE will be attending the Expo!

For more information or to buy tickets - visit the club's site at .


January 20, 2007
Check out Pauls website for a series of new "Peace & Love" paintings. Paul will also appear at the New York Art Expo on March 3 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM at the "Celebrity Publishing booth" #2563.

January 18, 2007
(from Kissonline)
QUESTION: Hi Gene, KISSOLOGY is just fantastic and I can't wait for the next volumes. Please tell me that you will not forget about the 80's. I know some fans don't really care for the non makeup years but that was my KISS. I was a teenage in the 80's and went to dozens of shows. Thanks. --- Bill Getchall, San Diego, CA

ANSWER (Gene): There is a lot of material few people have seen and, yes -- we plan on releasing all of it. Give us time. And, it WILL include stuff from the 80's.

QUESTION: Gene, A friend of mine works at a distribution company that handles comic books. He tells me there is a new KISS comic book coming fairly soon. Is he leveling with me? Can you say anything yet? --- Rob Taylor, Tampa, FL

ANSWER (Gene): There is going to be very big COMIC BOOK news coming within a month. Kindly bare with us until we're ready to announce the story.

QUESTION: Hi Gene, Did you get a chance to see Paul's solo tour and if so what did you think of his performance. Is there any chance you would do a solo tour or even just one solo show? I would love to hear "Hate" and some other heavy rare songs live! --- Jac Olsen, Oslo, Norway

ANSWER (Gene): I flew into Atlanta to see Paul's first show and..what can I say? Who else can sing, write, play and perform like that. For my money, he's got the best singing voice out there. And I went to see Paul play again in LA, with Bruce and Tommy.

As for a Gene Simmons solo tour: Hey, you guys out there are familiar with my way of doing things. I just won't do something if I don't feel it. What might appeal to me is ...going to Nashville, sticking on a cowboy hat, putting on rhinestones and singing 1st generation country songs...

KISS has been around for over 30 years...everyone in the band, and out of the band, deserves to do whatever they want to do -- even if all of you don't get it. Sometimes, you just gotta do stuff for yourself.
No plans for solo tour -- though I have no problem going out on a lecture tour -- you know how I love the sound of my own voice...

QUESTION: Mr. Simmons, I'll get right to the point - when will KISS tour again?? Will you ever come back to Europe? I am having KISS withdrawals! --- Jay Mitchell, London, England

ANSWER (Gene): Sure we'll tour. But no one knows right now, exactly when that will be.


January 18, 2007
It seems, that you can book Kiss (& other artists as well) to perform at your birthday party or other private events through
Some of the information at contains information on:

Booking KISS For Corporate Events, Business Meetings and Special Event
How to book KISS for your next Christmas Party Event
Information about Event Production Featuring KISS
Appearance of KISS at Corporate & Private Event
Planning your next Convention with KISS as your special guest
Plan a Wedding, Birthday or Anniversary featuring KISS

In fact, Kiss have done already several "private events" in the past such as many other big bands. However, to book Kiss for a private event you gotta be a millionaire...


January 16, 2007
Click here to see a commercial for the Kiss tooth brush.

January 15, 2007
There is a Kiss Special on Radio Reality Check on January 18th. Check out for more info.

January 15, 2007
(from the Biography Channel)
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Kiss front man Gene Simmons and his family, Shannon, Nick and Sophie, are coming to the UK this month to promote their new real life series Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

Expect to see them out and about in London frequenting the odd premiere or chatshow. Want to know when he gets here and where he'll be going? Then read on...


Gene Simmons & family will arrive at Heathrow Airport at 3:30pm on Wednesday Flight number VS24.
Gene will arrive at Kabaret Prophecy (16-18 Beak St, London W1) on Thursday 18th at around 8pm.
Get there early so you don't miss him!

Gene Simmons Family Jewels starts Monday, January 22, 2007 at 10 pm on "The Biography Channel". The Biography Channel® is available on Sky channel 161, ntl:Telewest channel 242, and HomeChoice channel 199. Check out more Infos about Gene Simmons Family Jewels here.


January 13, 2007
(from Kissonline)
Paul confirmed that he will serve as a "counselor" at next month's Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. The five-day camp takes place Feb. 15-19 in Hollywood and culminates in a Battle of the Bands at the House of Blues on Sunset in Hollywood, California.

Last night Paul gave KISSONLINE the following message on his Camp appearance:

"When I was first approached about participating in this, I never imagined I would. Once it was explained to me in detail, it sounded like it would be a real kick and I'm really looking forward to it. I wasn't a great student but I'll be an awesome teacher. Campers...Line Up!"

For more information, visit


January 12, 2007
Check out USA Today for a report and interview with paul, where he also mentions, that he will tour in Australia and Japan soon.
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Comfort and opulence: Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley and his wife, Erin, live in a 9,000 square-foot Italian-inspired villa.
By Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY


January 12, 2007
Check out Pauls website to win an autographed Paul Stanley guitar.

January 11, 2007
ESP (Eric Singer Project) in the line-up Eric Singer - Bruce Kulick - Chuck Garric - John Corabi - will play 9 shows in Europe:
15.03.2007 Bergen / Norway / Garage Club
16.03.2007 Copenhagen / Denmark / The Rock Club
17.03.2007 Helmond / Holland / Plato
18.03.2007 Bochum / Germany / Zeche Bochum
21.03.2007 Budapest / Hungaria / Wigwam Club
22.03.2007 Madrid / Spain / Heineken
23.03.2007 La-chaux-de-fonds / Switzerland / La croix-bleue
24.03.2007 Cerminate / Italy / Black Horse Club
25.03.2007 London / UK / The Underworld Camden


January 11, 2007
Question 1: Hey Tommy, I'm a really big fan of yours. You are a great guitar player and I would say a very good role model. I would like to ask you, say if the planets line up and KISS makes a new album what do you think your guitar solo technique would be? Do you think you will stay closer to Aces solos or would you start your own type of sound?
- Jay Bendici, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Answer: Thanks for the question Jay. The most important element for a guitar solo is that it's memorable, and feels real good. Beyond that, I would say the guitar solos on a new KISS album will sound like me.

Question 2: Hello Tommy. I was just wondering who your favorite guitar players are? I play guitar too. I grew up listening to Eddie, Randy, Ace, Angus and of course Jimi.
- Mario, Chicago, Illinois

Answer: My favorite guitar players are Pete Townshend, Jimmy Page and Brian May. I grew up and was influenced by Ronnie Montrose, Richie Blackmore, Ted Nugent, Davey Johnstone, Peter Frampton, Pat Travers, Robin Trower and Ace Frehley.

Question 3: Hi Tommy, I am in a band called "Ace." Suprisingly, it didn't evolve from Ace Frehley's name! Anyway, we are planning to play an instrumental rendition of "Love Gun" in a few of our shows. I realized that on the "Love Gun" record and on other songs, it seems as if you guys are not tuned in standard tune. Am I correct? If so, could you kindly tell me how you guys tune your guitars? I would love to hear form you. Thanks for your time.
- Kameron, Grundy, Virginia

Answer: Good question. KISS has generally always tuned down 1/2 step from standard pitch. What that means, is starting with the low E string, the low E string is tuned to E flat, the A string to A flat and so on. This is done mainly to add a bit ballsier sound to the guitars. It also helps the singers because it brings the pitch of the song down a 1/2 step. It's not uncommon these days for bands, particularly metal and hardcore bands, to tune down one full step or even a step and a half below standard pitch.

Question 4: Hey Tommy, I was just wondering what kind of guitar and equipment I would need for getting my third guitar? Is there any kind of foot pedals you would also recommend for me?
- Tommy White, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Answer: I don't know what your first and second guitars are, but your local guitar shop has people that can help you find something that feels right and is in your budget, since you can buy guitars today from $100 to $5,000. I think it's always a good idea to have an acoustic guitar as well as electrics. I have never been big on pedals or effects, because I've seen so many guitar players completely overdo effects. It always seems to take the "pureness" of the sound away, but that still doesn't mean an occasional effect isn't a bad idea.

January 10, 2007
WENTWORTH GALLERY cordially invites you to meet acclaimed artist, rock legend, and lead singer of KISS - PAUL STANLEY - at an exhibition featuring his newest works.

Friday, February 9th 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. at The Shops at Riverside Hackensack, NJ (201)488-7661.

Saturday, February 10th 4:00 - 7:00 p.m. at the Mall at Short Hills Short Hills, NJ (973)564-9776.

For a Special Private V.I.P. Reception with Paul -call the Gallery for details.


January 10, 2007
(from Kissonline)
In order to get the missing Best Buy bonus tracks to KISS fans quickly, Universal Music has set up this alternative, free download site. If any KISS fans can’t get the replacement discs from Best Buy, they can use the code below from January 8th through the 14th ONLY to get the two tracks: "God Of Thunder" [Live 2000] and KISS "2000 Man" [Live 2000].

The following Code is valid January 8th through the 14th: P3Hw6qV6. Visit the link below and enter the code to down the songs now.

URL: .

[note: the download only works, if you are located in the US, otherwise you will get an error]


January 6, 2007
Coming in January 2007 will be the first of a series of bass transcription books covering the work of bassist Gene Simmons with the rock group KISS. This first volume covers the earliest days of the band and features complete transcriptions of every song from the band's first two albums, KISS and Hotter Than Hell. All transcriptions are in standard notation and tablature and include chord symbols. Includes information on Gene's basses and amps, and detailed notes for each song. Featuring 'Strutter', 'Firehouse', 'Cold Gin', 'Let Me Know', 'Deuce', 'Black Diamond', 'Got To Choose', 'Parasite', 'Goin' Blind', 'Watchin' You', 'Comin' Home' and more.

January 5, 2007
EDGUY frontman Tobias Sammet has tapped KISS/ALICE COOPER drummer Eric Singer to play on the upcoming third installment of his solo project AVANTASIA.

"We've recorded the drums in Hamburg at Vox Klangstudio, where we recorded the drums of EDGUY's 'Hellfire Club' too," says Sammet. "Great room, great equipment!

"Eric is a killer drummer and a cool guy to work with. It is really exciting to hear his interpretation of European-style metal. It definitely adds something fresh and unique to the sound, mainly because he's got a different approach to that kind of music. And although he doesn't do it with ALICE COOPER, KISS and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS' solo band: There IS fast double-bass shit on AVANTASIA, and Eric did a great job!!! You'll hear it, it's fantastic.

"Anyway, listening to the material so far I can really say that even though the new AVANTASIA will be a different conceptual story, the ambition remains the same: To create something epic and big! Or how Eric put it, 'Let's make some kewl music!' No doubt, the spirit of AVANTASIA is there — in every note."

Check out a picture of Singer and Sammet in the recording studio at this location.

AVANTASIA's last release was the two-part epic called "The Metal Opera" (issued in 2001 and 2002), which featured an impressive array of guest vocalists playing the various characters of the opera, including Michael Kiske (ex-HELLOWEEN), David DeFeis (VIRGIN STEELE), Sharon Den Adel (WITHIN TEMPTATION), Kai Hansen (GAMMA RAY), André Matos (ANGRA, SHAAMAN), Timo Tolkki (STRATOVARIUS), Rob Rock (WARRIOR), and others.

For more information on AVANTASIA, visit

EDGUY filmed a live DVD on November 3 at the Credicard Hall in São Paulo, Brazil. The band has spent most of the past year touring in support of its latest album, "Rocket Ride", which entered the German national album chart at position No. 8 upon its release in late January 2006. The CD also came in at No. 8 in Sweden, No. 25 in Finland, No. 32 in Hungary, No. 48 in Japan, No. 50 in Switzerland, No. 50 in Austria, No. 79 in Norway and No. 81 in Italy.


January 5, 2007
Gene Simmons Family Jewels will be on the "Biography Channel" in the UK from January 22nd, 10pm.

January 5, 2007
ESP has just finalized its schedule of artist meet-and-greet sessions at the NAMM show (National Association of Music Merchants), which is scheduled to be held January 18-21, 2007 the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The details are as follows:

Friday, January 19 (12:30 - 2:00 p.m.):

George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB)
Page Hamilton (HELMET)

Friday, January 19 (2:30 - 4:00 p.m.):

Dan Jacobs (ATREYU)
Travis Miguel (ATREYU)
Stephen Carpenter (DEFTONES)

Saturday, January 20 (Noon - 1:30 p.m.):

Will Adler (LAMB OF GOD)
Michael Wilton (QUEENSRŸCHE)

Saturday, January 20 (2:00 - 3:30 p.m.):

Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY)
Wayne Static (STATIC-X)

ESP is in the same booth they've had for a long time (4368, Hall C) at NAMM.


January 5, 2007
The 2007 Cleveland KISS Expo is Saturday February 10th from 1pm-8pm (12 noon for VIP Ticket Holders) and will take place at the Holiday Inn Hotel Cleveland Airport. The Hotel is located at 4181 West 150th Street, Cleveland, OH 44135. For hotel rooms - call 1-216-252-7700 and ask for the special KISS Expo rate.

Special Guests are Eric Singer and the ultimate KISS tribute band Mr. Speed. Eric will be doing a Q/A and will be available for autographs and photos. KISS merchandise and collectibles will be on sale throughout the day. KISSONLINE is also attending the expo.

A limited number of VIP Laminates as well as regular tickets are on sale now. For Tickets or more info Click Here:


January 5, 2007
creditcard2007.jpg (10106 Byte)KISS CREDIT CARD
The KISS Visa Card with Chase Flexible Rewards. Let everyone know you're a real KISS fan and enjoy the ability to choose real rewards. You'll earn 1 point for every $1 in eligible purchases that you make on your card. Best of all, you can start redeeming at 1,000 points. All with no annual fee! More infos here.

January 4, 2007
Kissology fell from # 5 to # 9 this week in the DVD charts, but is in its 9th week still in the Top 10. Kissology is the most successfull Kiss DVD ever and has reached already quadruple platinum status. So far it has only been released in USA & Canada.