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January 22, 2005

(from Keith Leroux)
Get ready for a huge KISS Weekend!
The INDY KISS Expo has been confirmed and this year's Expo will be a 2 day event taking place Saturday March 5th and Sunday March 6th.

Saturday's Expo will feature special guest KISS drummer Eric Singer who will perform live in concert with Eric Dover (Alive Cooper) and Stefan Adika (Dee Dee Ramone). Eric will also do a Q&A as well as sign autographs and pose for photos. KISS Tribute band MR. SPEED will perform a set of classic KISS not usually performed live by KISS!!

Sunday's Expo will feature special guest Bruce Kulick. Mr. Speed will play a different set and Bruce will join them on lead guitar for 6 Kulick era KISS songs. Bruce will also do a Q&A as well as sign autographs and pose for photos.

Both days will feature a KISS Costume contest and KISS trivia for prizes!! KISS merchandise and collectibles will be on sale both day.

Expo will take place at the Holiday Inn Indianapolis - East, 6990 East 21st St. For hotel rooms - call 317-359-5341 and ask for the special KISS Expo rate.


January 21, 2005

It's pretty quiet now around Kiss, meanwhile Paul Stanley is recovering from his second hip operation, Germanys biggest daily newspaper "Bild" has a report in todays issue about the upcoming "Rock am Ring" festival and lists Kiss under the bands performing. But truth is, that the promoter still has not confirmed anything and in fact it seems very uncertain at this point, that Kiss will play at the festival due to financial disagreements between Kiss and the promoter.

Union have recently played a gig in Los Angeles with Eric Singer on drums and Bruce Kulick on guitar.

The opening of Kissworld has been delayed.

The Kiss Board is getting more and more poular, you usually find all interesting news already in the forum before you can read it here.

The complete Kiss News-website will be moving to another, faster server and will be completely integrated into the board. The Photo Gallery and the board has already moved to the new server. The Fan Pages, Tattoo pages and the Tribute band pages will be updated for the last time soon. In the future everybody can use the nickpages in the board instead of the fan pages, which everybody can set up and change themselfes. Similar features will be available for tattoos and tribute bands. There will be an interactive Photo-Album soon, where everybody can also upload photos to. It is in the testing stages and looks absolutely amazing. It includes also other features like sending pictures as e-cards and much more... more infos soon!

January 13, 2005

(from derFAN/Kiss Board)
In the 80' the FBI thought it could come to excesses and civil unrest at their concerts  and so at that time began an active correspondence between the responsible FBI officials in America and Germany.
[P.S.: Click here for more infos and to see the FBI documents.]


DVDBatwithoutwings.jpg (48443 Byte)January 10, 2005
(from Andreas Balzer)
The Bat Without Wings is a masked Phantom, which rapes and murders women at night, and he is masked like Gene Simmons... a Japanese movie from 1980 now gets released on DVD!
Orginal Title: Wu yi bianfu (1980)

January 8, 2005


Samuel Maull of The Associated Press is reporting that a woman who says she is a former girlfriend of KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons is suing him for slander, saying the bass guitarist made her sound like a "sex-addicted nymphomaniac" during a "rockumentary" on VH1 television.

Georgeann Walsh Ward, 53, of Chester, N.Y., says in court papers that a photo of her appeared 11 times during the report on KISS, shown on the network several times in July and August, while Simmons claimed to have had sexual encounters with 4,600 women.

The documentary, "When KISS Ruled The World", purported to chronicle the band's 30-year career, assess its impact on rock music, and expose the quartet's "wild" antics. The other band members were guitarist/singer Paul Stanley, drummer Peter Criss, and guitarist Ace Frehley.

Simmons says during the show, "There wasn't a girl that was off limits, and I enjoyed every one of them," court papers say.

At another point Simmons says, "I was a 24-hour whore. All I ever thought about was sex." This, court papers say, was shown and followed by a photo of Ward with Simmons.

Ward's papers say that because a photo of her with Simmons was shown during remarks about his sexual adventures, she was in effect portrayed as "wild" and "unchaste."

"The implication was that (Ward) was a prostitute and/or solicited prostitutes, and/or (she was) a sexually loose woman," court papers say.

Ward, married with a 21-year-old son, said she met Simmons at a concert in October 1972 when she was 21. For the next three years through fall of 1975, she says in court papers, they were in what she believed was "an exclusive, monogamous, romantic relationship."

During much of the time they were together, Ward's court papers say, Simmons was a college student and then a sixth-grade teacher "until the success of KISS propelled him out of the classroom and out of plaintiff's life."

Ward's lawsuit, filed Thursday in Manhattan's State Supreme Court, asks for unspecified damages from Simmons and his company, and from Viacom, VH1's parent company, for alleged defamation and invasion of privacy.

Laura Nelson, spokeswoman for Viacom, said she could not comment on pending litigation.

No spokesperson for Simmons could be reached for comment.

January 8, 2005


The movie "Remedy", starring former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley, will be released at the end of March, according to an e-mail received by BLABBERMOUTH.NET from the film's lead writer, Nicholas Reiner. The movie, which features Frehley in the role of "Johnny," will have national video distribution via MTI Home Video in Blockbuster as well as other stores. A trailer for the film can be viewed at this location.
According to the movie's official web site, "Remedy" is "film-noir in the fast lane — a darkly comic tale. It is the mystery surrounding the murder of one of a tightly knit band of friends. Extreme indulgences and the never-ending New York nightlife drive the group into realms of insanity. Eventually they destroy each other and themselves."