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February 27, 2005

(from Kissonline)
KISS along with Cedric the Entertainer (Master of Ceremonies), Destiny's Child, GODSMACK, Jay Mohr, Louis Anderson and Ted Nugent have been confirmed for a April 1 performance at the Marine Corps Air Station, Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California.

Rockin' the Corps is a patriotic celebratory concert for an audience of more than 25,000 Marines and their families. Executive producers Quincy Jones and Joseph E. Robert, Jr. have joined forces with Producers Doc McGhee and Spencer Proffer to create a high energy, patriotic celebration for the dedicated men & women of the United States Marine Corps in a show of appreciation.

More information will be available soon.



February 22, 2005

Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer will be playing some Gigs in Europe under the name "ESP". John Corabi (Ex-Mötley Crüe) is also part of the band. The band released their only record back in 1998, which is still available in the Fan Shop. The only German date is said to be on 30.4.2005 in Babenhausen (Hessen). Tickets in advance for this show can only be ordered for 27 Euros by e-mail at At the door tickets will cost 30 Euros. On April 29th the band is supposed to play in Plato in Helmond (Holland). More infos in the Forum.
Dates confirmed so far are:
Denmark (April 28): venue: the Rock. City:Copenhagen
Holland (April 29) : venue: Plato. City: Helmond
Germany (April 30): venue: Stadthalle. City: Babenhausen (bei Frankfurt)
Spain (May 2nd) : venue: Bikini. City: Barcelona


February 19, 2005

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) — The black-and-white painted faces of the rock band Kiss peer from the roof of Dana Morris’ home in suburban Gulf Breeze. In Pensacola, Allan Weaver’s auto repair shop is topped with an ad for a plumbing service.

They are among the first victims of Hurricane Ivan to take advantage of an offer from Lamar Advertising Co. to use vinyl billboard ads as roof tarps until owners can get permanent repairs.

Six months after the first of four hurricanes hit Florida last year, roofers are in short supply and many victims are having a hard time obtaining insurance settlements to pay for repairs.

In the meantime, many of the thousands of blue plastic tarps that the Federal Emergency Management Agency provided immediately after the storm are wearing out and cracking from the sun’s rays, wind and rain — and FEMA won’t replace them.

The vinyl billboard is the first covering Weaver and his partner Lois Justice have had for the roof of Higgins Automotive.

“People with houses, they needed roofs worse than we did, so we didn’t get a FEMA blue roof,” Weaver said. “Now that we have these we’ll wait until summer or even next year so the people who need a roof at home can get one first.”

The billboard material is thicker, more resistant to damage from ultraviolet light and designed to last longer than the FEMA tarps. Nearly 200 Ivan victims have contacted United Way, which is coordinating distribution locally, and there has been interest from other parts of Florida.

Lamar Advertising, based in Baton Rouge, La., has donated the coverings, which can be used facing up or down.

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the associated press
Workmen Charles Downing, left, and David Hooks join homeowner Dana Morris, right, on the roof of his hurricane-damaged home in Gulf Breeze, Fla., to install an old vinyl billboard, advertising the rock bank Kiss, donated by Lamar Advertising.


February 15, 2005

PAUL AT PRE-GRAMMY PARTYPaulStanleygirlfriendFebruary2005.gif (11135 Byte)
(from Kiss Kollector online)
Paul Stanley attended the annual Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party in the Beverly- Hillshotel last Saturday in Beverly Hills, Ca - one day prior to the 47th Grammy Awards. Together with girlfriend Erin Sutton (see photo), he attended the party and met people like Jimmy Page and Clive Davis himself and KISS co-writer Desmond Child.
One of this years Grammy winners were Motörhead, who won in the category "Best Metal Performance" with their Coversong from Metallicas Song "Whiplash" - produced by Bob Kulick, who recently also produced a KISS tribute Album named "Spin The Bottle".


February 14, 2005

(from Rolling Stone)
38. Kiss

They earned $13.1 million on their farewell tour.
ON THE SIDE The Kiss licensing juggernaut -- from T-shirts to band-theme coffins -- brought in at least $5 million.
Last year's rank: 26

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February 10, 2005

PhotoAlbum.jpg (12656 Byte)(from the Kiss Forum)
We have a new feature on our board: the Kiss Photo Album!
The Photo Gallery will not be updated anymore, instead we have the Photo Album with already over 1.500 new photos.

It has great features, it is an interactive Photo Album, where every user can upload as many photos he/she likes. Every user can also create a personal Photo Gallery, where he/she can also make sub-categories and upload up to 15 photos in each gallery of his/her personal album.

The Photo Album has in total over 40 categories, including a test-category for you to test things out 
Most categories have sub-categories.
Basically there is one category for each year, which itself has sub-categories for each band-member and for the whole band or other photos...

Furthermore there is a link to all new photos in the Photo Album since your last login. [read the rest]

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February 9, 2005
Gene Simmons is on the front-cover of a magazine called "Selling Power"... also the third issue of the official Kiss magazine is coming out in the USA with an "Kiss Alive" shot of the cover...

February 8, 2005

Union (with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer) may come to play in Europe for 2 weeks in late April/early May. Dates, which may incude exotic places are now being discussed with promoters around Europe. One date is likely to be on April 30th in Frankfurt. More infos and the complete dates as soon as they are confirmed...

February 4, 2005

Kiss will not be playing at the "Rock am Ring" 2005 festival. Official reason given: the band was not sure, if Paul Stanley will be fully recovered in time after his hip operation...
Meanwhile Union (with Eric Singer on drums and Bruce Kulick on guitar) played a Gig at a Kiss-Expo in Japan. Photos can be seen here and here.

February 3, 2005

bookMaskinTakaaBehindthemaskFinland.gif (3246 Byte)NEW KISS BOOK
The book "Kiss behind the mask" has been released in Finland now with a different cover...

February 2, 2005

Q - So, What have you been up to lately?
Peter - I have been building my studio and working on my CD.

Q - When can the fans expect new music from you?
Peter - I don't know myself but, I am working on it and it will be out.

Q - Do you plan on playing out to support your new CD?
Peter - First things first, let's get the CD done and out there.

Q - Are you still planning on doing "Peter Criss Days"?
Peter - Yes, but I can't you a date as of yet.

Q - What can your fans expect from them (Peter Criss Days)?
Peter - I'm really looking forward to doing them...but, I don't want to let
the cat out of the bag just yet... Stay tuned to

Q - How is your book coming along?
Peter - I have put the book on hold for now. To work on the CD but,
have no doubt the book will come out.

Q - Who are you working with on your new CD?
Peter - I'm working with Tom Perkens with Nutmeg studios, also Charles Kipps who wrote some music for Aretha Franklin and now works with Bill Cosby and Charles just won an Emmy for his work on "Little Bill" and he also wrote the hit film "Fat Albert". He is co-producing. Also some friends of mine Mark (Tallman) Montague on bass and Mike (Angel) McLaughlin on lead guitar...and some other surprise guests.

Q - What kind of music will it be like?
Peter - It's a love song/ballad album. Autobiographical, meaning songs dedicated to my Mom, down to the fans. All new originals and maybe a couple of cover songs as well.

Q - Finally, what would you like to say to your fans?
Peter - Every time I go on my site, You guys just blow me away. I love all of you to death.
Thank you all for your undying support.
God Bless, Peter Criss


February 2, 2005

specialGrandesMitosDoRock2005Brazil.jpg (4047 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS
(from Marcio Siqueira)
A new poster-magazine has been released in Brazil. It´s a poster pull-out
special named GRANDES MITOS DO ROCK  featuring photos, bio, lyrics, etc....