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August 31, 2004

magMax2004Norway.gif (3412 Byte)KISS IN THE PRESS
Kiss are on the front-cover of the Norwegian "Max" Comic. This issue was released in 2 different covers: a Kiss cover and a regular cover. It includes 23 pages from the Dark Horse comic.

August 31, 2004


Exposed will be included in the "KISS Gold" CD as a Bonus DVD.

August 27, 2004


(from via Vladimir)
NEW YORK (AP) — How would the guys from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy make over the black and white makeup of Kiss? We may get to find out.

Gene Simmons, the tongue-wagging bassist of Kiss, is considering an appearance on the Bravo reality show. On his web site, Simmons says that producers for the show have asked him join the Fab Five for an episode.

"They called me and asked me if I would do it. I'm a fan of the show. We may shoot on the 28 of September," Simmons says.

Bravo did not immediately return calls seeking a comment.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is in its second season, airing on Bravo at 10 p.m. (ET) on Tuesdays.

August 24, 2004


There are some Mexican magazines featuring Kiss on the cover, that came out lately: R&R, Comics and Citara. There are also plenty of newspaper reports about Kiss' visit to Mexico... Thanks to Francisco Trejo for the photos.
specialCitara2004Mexico.gif (3230 Byte) magComics2004-08Mexico.gif (3673 Byte) magRR2004Mexico.gif (3462 Byte)

August 24, 2004


(from Markus Reke)
I finally found some details about the upcoming KISS GOLD-CD/DVD COMBO, which is coming out in the USA in October. It seems to be a 3-pack, that is 2 CD´s plus 1 DVD [as reported here on KISS NEWS already on July 23]. Here is the artwork & additional info:  CD-DVDGold2004-10-05USA.gif (3511 Byte)
Gold (1974-1982) (Sound+Vision) [2 CD/DVD Combo]
Release Date: Oct 05, 2004

August 22, 2004


Click here to see "Love Gun" (4' 46") live in Monterrey, Mexico on a Mexican website. You have to choose the settings first.

August 18, 2004


The Kiss "Rock the Nation" 2004 Tour has ended in Mexico City. The last show was attended by over 18.000 enthusiastic fans and was completely sold out. There were no extra cameras to record the show for a DVD release in Mexico City. The band and the crew seemed to be happy, that the tour is finally over. Kiss Fans can now look forward to a Paul Stanley Solo CD and a Kiss concert DVD release, probably around X-mas.
There will also be a very important additional feature available here on KISS NEWS for all KISS fans worldwide very soon. It will be an incredible feature and it will set new standards for this website. Watch out for an announcement right here in the News very soon! 

August 18, 2004


(from Joseph Zaufenberger, Jr.)
Here some infos about the second night in Monterrey.
They included C'mon and Love me and Calling Dr.Love in the set. There was a small press-conference. A Kiss DVD Box set might be coming soon. Gene was not amused about Bootleggers. There were about 30-40 dealers selling Bootleg merchandise outside the venue. Everybody was happy, that the Tour was ending soon. Eric was in great mood sharing weird roadstories with everybody...

For the second night only about 5.780 tickets were sold, the venue was only about half filled, but they got to see a band in great mood.

August 17, 2004

(from Joop van Pelt)magKissKollector49.gif (3035 Byte)
The August issue of KISS Kollector magazine is in the making, once again it will be a jampacked issue. KISS Kollector no. 49 will include part 1 of an exclusive and very long interview with KISS designer Christopher Franchi, who also designed the cover of this issue as well as the special "pop art" centerfold, a report on the KISS Rock The Nation 2004 Tour with reviews from opening night and a handful other shows along with amazing live photos, part 2 of the interview with former KISS manager Bill Aucoin, an indepth report on the recent Australian leg of the Rock The Nation 2004 Tour including some exclusive backstage photos, an interview with Vandenberg singer Bert Heerink about the days these Dutch rockers toured the USA with KISS in the '80s, and much, much more.

August 17, 2004


(from Xlibris)
The Man Music History Has ForgottenHELL BOX
"New Book, a Riveting Biography of KISS’s Theatrical Creator"

Tempe, AZ – (August 16, 2004) – In 1966, a young hippie named Sean Delaney arrived in New York City and checked into the YMCA with two dollars in his pocket. Years later, he became one of the top ten record producers in the music industry, and was in part responsible for signing a little-known band to their first six-month contract. The band was KISS, and the rest became history that had forgotten his presence until the day he died. In the highly anticipated new book, HELLBOX, author Bryan J. Kinnaird chronicles Sean Delaney’s journey, a pilgrimage that epitomized a radical lifestyle, and spanned over a broad spectrum of events leading to the creation of KISS.

The book reveals previously untold tales from behind the mystical veil that shrouds KISS, painting a fascinating portrait that depicts their formation while it follows the life of Sean Delaney, the self-proclaimed creator of theatrical KISS, and one of the most enigmatic and forgotten legendary songwriters and record producers in the music industry. HELLBOX hints at a formidable tale of betrayal and gives unique insight into a secret alliance—and quite possibly a conspiracy—that corrupted the partnership of the people who originally guided KISS to superstardom. It dares to defy myths that have been passed off as popularized truths in the history of the legendary band.

HELLBOX, a riveting account of tragedy and deception, proposes a theory that conspiracy may have rocked the business that became the most lucrative rock-and-roll dynasty in music history. Littered with intimate trysts from his openly homosexual lifestyle and destructive relationships, Sean’s story mends damaging and apocryphal truths that he claimed had been published over the years. It finally gives a collection of facts that have never been accounted for, and rewrites an erased volume of missing history, which was the void that sent Sean to his self-imposed exile from the music industry for more than fifteen years.

About the Author
Bryan J. Kinnaird is an award-winning screenwriter, author, and creator of the popular sci-fi graphic novel series the THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES. Bryan was a staff writer for morning radio and later wrote marketing scripts for sales companies before professionally writing and producing corporate training programs under his own video production label. He has also written and produced several documentary films including Behind the Scenes of Destructive Metal and Comic Book Mayhem.

HELLBOX * By Bryan Kinnaird

Trade Paperback; $20.99; 118 pages; 1-4134-5136-5 * Cloth Hardback; $30.99; 118 pages; 1-4134-5137-3

Xlibris is a strategic partner of Random House Ventures, LLC, and a subsidiary of Random House, Inc. Xlibris books can be purchased in any major bookstore, or online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders or Xlibris. For more information, contact Xlibris at (888) 795-4274 or on the web at

August 16, 2004

(from Joseph Zaufenberger, Jr.)
Here is a report from Mexico:
First Night Monterrey.
Brandnew Arena, capacity: 12.000
Tickets sold 10.730
Set List:
Love Gun
Makin Love
Lick it up
War Machine, Gene spits fire
Got to Choose
Christine 16
I want you
Psycho Circus
I love it loud
100.000 Years
Unholy, Gene flies & spits blood
Shout it out loud
I was made for loving you, Paul flies
Detroit Rock City

God Gave Rock n Roll to you
Rock n Roll all nite

About the show: there was a lot of press there from TV and radio. Inside the hall you feel like you are in a bar, hundrets of waitresses running around serving drinks, certainly a premiere for me. Security was very tight, you got checked at least three times bevor entering the venue. But that didn't stop the Mexican to bring their digital cameras with them. Hundrtes of cameras were taken by the security, which everybody could pick up again after the show.... the line there was endless.

The concert was almost sold out, so there was a great vibe in the arena. Hundrtes of fans came in make-up and costumes. The band was in great mood, especially Eric Singer played like his life was depending on it.

Prices for some tickets were as high as 2.000 Pesos.
After 105 minutes the first of the two shows was over.

August 16, 2004


After thier arrival in Mexico Kiss gave a press-conference and played 2 packed shows in Monterrey (about 13.000 fans), although the tickets were really expensive (up to about 120 Euros). They played a really long set, over 2 hours. The show in Mexico City will be the biggest and the last one of this Tour. It will be taped for a DVD-release.

August 16, 2004


(from Rikk Schölvinck)
Special guests BRUCE KULICK, DRESSED TO KILL and IAIN LEE are confirmed.
(Other special guests T.B.C)
Dealers from U.K -- Europe -- U.S.A
Main stream rock dealers also welcome
Question and answer session with Bruce
Guaranteed autograph & photo session with Bruce
2 Hr set from Dressed To Kill
Plus signed guitar raffle, quiz, and all usual activities.
Tickets £14.00 in advance. 1pm entry
VIP laminate, including exclusive early entry £24.00. 12pm entry (limited to 50).
(entry to rock night also included in admission cost, open till 2.30am.)
Expo will finish at 9pm.
Tickets and Dealer information are available by calling 07971 984144 between 2pm --10.00pm or e-mail 
dealer info,
david herron
176 logan street
ng6 9fu
0115 9771739
07971 984144 
guitar clinic confirmed for sun 28th nov Hard Rock Cafe Nottingham approx 4pm--7pm.
dealer price £50.00 in advance.

August 13, 2004


The DVD has just been released in the USA. In Europe there will be a CD (not a DVD) coming out of the same title, scheduled for a September 16, 2004 release according to a European Sanctuary Records/BMG statement.

August 12, 2004


(from via Matze)
The following press release has been issued in regards to the news reported here yesterday (August 10) that revealed that Federal Marshals showed up with a lawyer at the KISS Expo in Charlotte, NC on August 8th and confiscated bootleg DVDs [read it here]

August 11, 2004


It seems that the concert in El Paso has been cancelled now as well. This show had been officially announced, but without any notice this date disappeared from the Tourdate schedule, although it is still listed on Pollstar. Tickets never went on sale for this show. The band supposedly decided not to cross the Mexican borders again for just one small show in a very small venue.

August 11, 2004


Click here to see a lot of recent live-photos (and you can even enlarge them).

August 10, 2004


Federal Marshals showed up together with a lawyer at the Kiss Expo in Charlotte, NC this Sunday and confiscated Bootleg DVDs. Supposedly they were after the "KissVision" Bootleg DVDs, that are made to look like official DVDs.

August 8, 2004


(from Rodrigo Dippold)
MTV Brazilian reported, that KAISER MUSIC FESTIVAL (Bier Trademark) has contacted KISS to play in Brazil this year. This festival takes place every September, the last years bands like Deep Purple, Hellacopters and Sepultura played there.

August 14th Brazil will have the second KISS EXPO. Mark St. John is the Special Guest. The event will be in São Bernardo do Campo, Sâo Paulo, more information here.

The KISS ARMY ONLINE FAN CLUB, will release a Brazilian Tribute to KISS. No dates to release at moment.

August 5, 2004


The two shows in Tampa and Pensacola (Florida) have now been cancelled. The concert in Mexico City will also be taped for the upcoming Live-DVD.

August 4, 2004


Warner Bros have just released a 5 DVD set (10 hours) called "The History of Rock'n' Roll". It features interviews with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley amongst many other artists. There is also a chapter on KISS on DVD 4.
TheHistoryofRocknRoll.jpg (11304 Byte)

August 4, 2004


(from Roman Schwarz)
Click here and here to see some great photos from the current US Tour.

August 1, 2004


There is one page on gene Simmons in "Tracks" (Sept.6, 2004, USA) and 4 pages about Gene in "Blender" (June/July 2004, USA). Furthermore there are articles about Kiss or Gene Simmons in: Metal Hammer (May 2004, Italy), Il Mio Computer (Aug. 2004, Italy), Musica de Repubblica (27.5.2004, Italy), Psycho (June 2004, Italy), and even the Russian Bravo magazine (16.7.2004).