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April 28, 2008
Aces Gig at the "Live Music Hall" is now listed here on the official website of his publicist.
Here is a map, which shows also Aces concerts in green.
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April 28, 2008
(from One of the most memorable photos in KISSTORY was the Dressed To Kill Sessions. Who had the idea for this one and are there any unpublished photos from that day?

Bob Gruen: We were taking the photos for Creem and the first part had them wearing suits in a subway station. It was my idea to take the picture of them on the streets as well. To answer, the second part of your question, there are lots of other photos from that day. Someday, If I get someone to publish it, they might be in a book.

You can find the whole interview on:

April 28, 2008
MAUL STANLEY AT NJ EXPO MAY 3MaulStanley.jpg (7928 Byte)
(from Maul Stanley)
The malevolent Maul Stanley will be a featured guest at this year's NY/NJ Kiss Expo!

Taking place from noon until midnight on Saturday, May 3 in Secaucus, NJ, this will be his very first appearance at any Kiss function. As a special treat for Kiss fans, Maul Stanley will be interviewing former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick live on stage! If his previous series of rock star interviews is any indication, this should be an entertaining interrogation indeed. Maul Stanley will also be available for photo ops with fans, giving the Kiss Army its first real taste of the sinister Sithchild. Further information and updates will be available at the official website of the NY/NJ Kiss Expo.

Maul Stanley is the unlikely new anti-hero who combines the spirit of the Starchild with the essence of the Sith, spiked with a dash of irreverence. Drawing inspiration from both the Star Wars movies and the rock band Kiss, the so-called Sithchild mixes the dark side of rock & roll with the dark side of the Force. Maul Stanley has appeared on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" and in the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog DVD. He can also be seen in the VH1 special "When Star Wars Ruled the World." In honor of the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga, Maul Stanley issued a series of interviews with members of Twisted Sister, Poison, Cinderella and Quiet Riot regarding their own unique Star Wars experiences. Maul Stanley is about to descend upon the Kiss Army in a big way, heralded by the ominous whisper...

You've got Maul!


April 27, 2008
Bill Baker is back with a massive update to his Ace Frehley Archive website.

Rare unreleased Ace Frehley footage is now available to view on the site! These clips come via my personal Ace Frehley Archive of shows I shot. The Seaside Heights 92' & Suntan Lake 94' clips all have remastered stereo audio thanks to Matt C.

Everyone knows Ace is a big Jimi Hendrix fan, so I’ve included a rare clip of Ace performing ‘Foxy Lady’ from 1994. Make sure you check out the Ace Frehley Archive youtube site for exclusive video clips from my archive.

I’ve also added a new Ace gallery page with a bunch of solo era photos. Check them out!!

The all new Fractured Mirror DVD is now available. This 2 DVD set is packed with live songs, backstage footage and secret hidden clips of the world's only Ace Frehley tribute band.

I’ll be appearing at the 22nd Annual New York KISS Expo on Saturday May 3rd, 2008. The layout of the book is almost done, so I will be taking my FIRST pre-orders for the scrapbook (which will get you a free set of Ace Art Prints) and I'll be selling the Fractured Mirror DVD set. So come by and say HELLO!

To see all these new updates and more please check out


April 27, 2008
According to their own website, Cinder Road will open for Kiss at the following shows:
12/05/08 Wiener Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria
13/05/08 Verona Arena - Verona, Italy
16/05/08 Akademik Stadium - Sofia, Bulgaria
18/05/08 Terra Vibe Park - Athens, Greece
22/05/08 Arena Riga - Riga, Latvia
24/05/08 Olympic Arena - Moscow, Russia
26/05/08 Ice Palace - Saint Petersburg, Russia
27/05/08 Hartwall Areena - Helsinki, Finland
28/05/08 Hartwall Areena - Helsinki, Finland
31/05/08 Valhall - Oslo, Norway
06/06/08 Sazka Arena - Prague, Czech Republic
17/06/08 Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy - Paris, France
18/06/08 Schleyerhalle - Stuttgart, Germany
26/06/08 Rockhal - Luxembourg, Luxembourg
27/06/08 Nuremberg Arena - Nuremberg, Germany


April 27, 2008
Here is a graphic tourmap from the European Tour:
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April 26, 2008
(from greekissarmy/Kiss Forum)
Gene Simmons is on English TV channel 4, on Monday the 28th.
A new series of the psychologically-based interview show in which Dr Pamela Connolly talks to celebrities.

Next celebrity on the show is Gene Simmons of KISS.

After the show is broadcasted on Monday you will be able to watch it online from channel 4 online TV.

Check out now the promo video of the show... GENE SIMMONS WITH THE ENGLISH DOCTOR!!!


April 26, 2008
LEXINGTON (FOX25,  --  Rock and Roll legend Paul Stanley (Kiss) apparently is a big fan of the FOX25 Morning News and decided to drop by Lexington for the first Zip Trip of the year. Stanley did decide to bring some art with him that will be on display at the Wentworth Gallery.

Click here to see the video.


April 26, 2008
Ace was supposed to be playing at the Download Festival on the same day (Friday, June 13th) as Kiss, but they have rescheduled Aces performance now for Saturday. Probably this has to do with Ace rescheduling his gig in Holland. The club in Holland was very unhappy to have the gig on the same day as Kiss play in Oberhausen, so Aces performance at the club in Tilburg in Holland was rescheduled for June 12th - probably too close to make it to the Download festival the next day in the afternoon. Supposedly day tickets for the Download festival go on sale May 2nd.

Speaking of Ace, it seems that Ace might play in Cologne at the "Live Music Hall" on June 9th. This date is supposedly already in the system for ticket sellers, but not confirmed yet.

April 26, 2008
Click here to watch a clip of Paul answering fan submitted questions, earlier today on Mike-FM in Boston.


April 23, 2008
(from Børge Johnsen)
While we are waiting for KISS to come to Europe, I have made a poll where you can vote for the best KISS-song ever!

April 23, 2008
The Ace Frehley concert in Holland in Tilburg at "013" has now been rescheduled for June 12, 2008! So all the Kiss fans can go to see Kiss in Oberhausen AND Ace in Tilburg the next day!

April 23, 2008
Posters for the concert in Vienna are hanging in the streets of Vienna theses days.
concertposterVienna2008-05-12Austria.gif (15091 Byte)

April 23, 2008
For 35 years, Paul Stanley has been known as the star- spangled, face-painted frontman of rock megastars KISS. In his downtime, however, Stanley expresses his creativity through fine art, and the rocker presents an exhibition of his original paintings April 25 & 26 at the Wentworth Gallery in Chestnut Hill. Visit for more information.

Q: What led you to try your hand at painting?
Well, as a teen I attended the High School of Art and Music in New York but I wasn’t painting at that time. About eight years ago, I was going through a hard divorce, and a friend suggested I paint as a type of therapy. I really connected with my emotions and wanted to keep doing it.

Q: How would you describe your artistic style?
It’s very personal, stream-of-consciousness, fly by the seat of my pants stuff. I compare it to going on a trip without a map. I like abstract art because it appeals to people on an emotional rather than analytical level.

Q: Are there more KISS tours or a new album on the horizon?
We just did some massive shows in Australia and New Zealand, and in three weeks we’re heading to Europe. So, KISS is alive and ready to blind you, deafen you and pummel you into submission (laughs). A new album? We’re asked about it, but we know fans don’t really want new material. I could write the next “Let It Be” and people would say, “That’s great. Play ‘Love Gun.’” And we’re happy to do that.

Q: Why hasn’t KISS been elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
Because the people who own it are part of what I call the “East Coast Music Mafia,” and their opinions don’t really reflect rock fans’ in general. Unfortunately, it’s a sham with a very official-sounding name.

Q: Anything you’re looking forward to doing while you’re in Boston?
My sister lived in the North End for a time, and you can bet I’ll be heading there for some real Italian soul food.


April 22, 2008
(from Louis Kostopoulos)
I'm sending you one photo with Greek KISS Army w/ KISS poster in Athens, Greece.

posterGreece2.gif (16160 Byte)

April 22, 2008
(from John Rigas/
Here you are... some posters from Athens streets!!!
We are getting ready for KISS!!!!

posterGreece.jpg (92613 Byte)

April 22, 2008
You can hear a new interview with Paul from WBCN on his website on


April 21, 2008
Click here to see Ace play "Rock Soldiers" at Nokia Theater in New York on April 4, 2008. It looks professionally filmed with several cameras.


April 21, 2008
Click here to see how the Kiss concert-posters from Sofia look like.


April 20, 2008
Here you can see the German TV commercial for the Kiss Alive 35 Tour.


April 19, 2008
(from Orange County Weekly)
Was ex-Kiss guitarist Mark St. John a victim of OC’s brutal jailhouse justice?

A month before roughly two dozen inmates at Theo Lacy Jail viciously killed John Chamberlain in an attack that would earn national headlines and lead to a major scandal that continues to unfold, an inmate named Mark Leslie Norton told deputies he feared for his life. He asked to be moved from one part of the jail to another.

Although deputies may not have recognized him, Norton is better known to most of the world by his stage name, Mark St. John; he had briefly been a guitarist for the world-famous rock band Kiss in the mid-’80s until a nasty bout of arthritis forced him into early retirement.

Norton, according to published reports, grew up in Garden Grove and had been living with his parents there while earning a modest income giving guitar lessons. He was booked into Theo Lacy on Sept. 14, 2006 to serve a two-week sentence after pleading guilty to possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest and attempted destruction of evidence. For a week, Norton stayed in D Barracks, a medium-security dormitory for nonviolent offenders. But on Sept. 21, according to Norton’s inmate file, which the Weekly recently obtained from the sheriff’s department, he told deputies he wanted to be moved somewhere else because he “stole crackers out of another inmate’s property box” and was “in fear for his safety.”
[Read the rest]

April 18, 2008
Supposedly Aces gig in Holland on June 11 will be rescheduled. The fact that Kiss are playing nearby in Oberhausen on the same day seems to be just too much competition...


April 18, 2008
During the European tour there will be different opening bands. At the beginning of the tour, opening band will be a band called "Lit", later on "From first to last" will take the opening spot and at the end of the tour it will be "Cinder Road".


April 18, 2008
We were recently chatting with "Detroit Rock City" screenwriter, Carl V. Dupre about his upcoming horror projects. During the discussion, Carl revealed that the film "Detroit Rock City" will be playing as a double feature with "Dark Backward". Both films were directed by Adam Rifkin.

The double feature will be playing on April 24th at the Aero Theater which is located at 1328 Montana Avenue at 14th Street in Santa Monica, California. Showtime is 7:30 PM. The real kicker here, however, is that both Director Adam Rifkin, and actor Bill Paxton will be present.

Slightly more interestingly, Carl V. Dupre also stated he's working on what he called an unofficial sequel to "Detroit Rock City" called "Battle of the Bands".


April 18, 2008
Bruce Kulick is a guest musician on the new CD from Chris Catana "Discovery". On under "CD Reviews" you can read a review of this CD.


April 17, 2008
(from Kayos Productions)

First and foremost, Ace would like to thank all of his fans for their support on his most recent tour. Throughout the course of this Rocket Ride, people have requested ways they could meet Ace. We may have found a way of satisfying that craving, and will be trying it out in Nashville on May 22. If all goes well, we will continue this throughout the rest of the tour. Stay tuned.

April 17, 2008
If you would like to see (or tape) the commercials for the Kiss concerts in Germany, tune in on "RTL" (via cable o ASTRA satellite) at the following time:

in the night from Saturday to Sunday at around 0.50 - 1.00.
23.4. in a break during "Stern TV" 23.20 a break during "Alarm für Cobra 11" and "Im Namen des Gesetzes"
25.4. in a break during "Nachtjournal"
26.4. in a break during "Formel 1" ca. 13.20 and again later in a break during "Die Autohändler"


April 16, 2008
(from Deuce67/KissForum)

Just few minutes ago Tommy talked to a national Rock radio in Italy about the forthcoming European leg of the ALIVE35 World tour.
Tommy confirmed that Kiss will play all songs from ALIVE !!!
Plus they will play obscure songs never played before and they can't wait to play in Verona where they are going to show all Kiss stuff from big pyros great lights and the biggest stage ever!!!
After the European part of the ALIVE35 tour they will play US and Canada and they are planning to play in South America and maybe also Japan....


April 16, 2008
(from & Bon & Sheri)

Paul just couldn't stay away from Sheri, so with that said he joined us live in the studio!  He talked about his current art tour and touring with Kiss over the past six months! CLICK HERE to visit Bob & Sheri's audio archives. Scroll down to April 11th to listen to Paul's Interview.

April 15, 2008
Click here to read a report from Aces London gig with photos on Diamont Noir.

April 14, 2008
As revealed during the March 15th episode of "Talking Metal on Fuse," SplitScreen Entertainment has announced its upcoming tribute album, KISS MY ANKH: A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent. Though Vinnie himself has not released any new material in over a decade, KISS MY ANKH will pay tribute to the undeniable musical legacy of the former Kiss guitarist. Vinnie's compositions are widely regarded as a highlight of the Kiss catalog and remain a staple of the live Kiss set list. Included on the tribute will be selections from the three Kiss albums to which Vinnie contributed, as well as the two albums he released with the Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Participating artists and track listings will be announced as they are confirmed.
KISS MY ANKH: A Tribute To Vinnie Vincent is scheduled for a Summer 2008 release.


April 13, 2008

The first time in Berlin he had threw “In Rock” to our unsuspected chief editor, the second time in Athens he checked with us some luxurous wrist watches and now he called us from Los Angeles imposing (almost) equal number of questions wit us. On the other side of the telephone line we find Eric Singer and of course you didn’t think that we would do a typical interview. It was more of a friendly chat and let’s see what Eric said to us…

Interview: Sakis Nikas

Eric Singer: This is your cell phone number. Right? Yeah. Why don’t you call at home?

Eric Singer: Wait a minute…let me try again…(ed. note: after a few seconds) Now, it’s better, I have to do 20 interviews in a row and I really hope to get over with them really quickly. Everyone has 10 minutes, but I know that you are a crazy KISS fan so I will give you an extra minute! Do we have a deal? Much obliged, Eric! We will see about that. I won’t take much of your time…after all, we will talk again in Greece so…Do you prepare for the European Tour?

Eric Singer: Of course! Now that we are talking, I play “Do You Love Me” on guitar, exclusively for Rockpages…(Eric sings the chorus of “Do You Love Me”). Will you change the set-list for the upcoming tour in Europe?

Eric Singer: I am not sure, yet…but I think that we will do a special set-list for the European audiences, so as to express our gratitude for making this tour so succesful. You will like it…wait and see. I know that I will like the set-list…no question about it!     I was talking with Paul a few days ago and he told me that he didn’t expect the success of the European Tour, at least at such extent. Did you see it coming?

Eric Singer: Well, I have to say that I agree with Paul 100%. Nobody expected that this tour would be bigger than the Reunion Tour and especially for Paul and Gene was a big surprise but also a big satisfaction. Tickets are selling out fast everywhere…that’s great! Why do you think this is happening right now? I don’t know…maybe, the fact that KISS hasn’t been to Europe for almost a decade or maybe the fans here in Europe don’t really care about who is in the band…who knows?

Eric Singer: I must say that I agree with both of these arguments. KISS is an institution, an idea…the only thing that people want is two hours of entertainment and KISS provides exactly that! That means that there will come a time when KISS will be a band without any of the original members in the line-up. At least, Paul has said so….but do you think that this is possible?

Eric Singer: Let me tell you this: Never say never with KISS! I won’t rule anything out. Do you see yourself in a few years in KISS and at the same time being the oldest of the line-up?

Eric Singer: I would like that…why not? But, despite of what Paul says about KISS carrying on without him, the truth is that I haven’t seen anyone that could replace Paul! I have seen many tribute bands and the problem was always the fact that nobody, and I mean nobody, could immitate Paul’s voice or moves. There’s only one Paul Stanley! I agree! Tell me something…you were there without make-up and now you are playing with the famous cat make-up. Do you see any differences in the band from all the years that have passed by?

Eric Singer: Well, I think that the band, now, knows exactly what it wants regarding the live shows and its career in general. In the early 90s we were thinking about things like “which direction we should follow”, “what kind of an album we will release”, “the stage show” etc. Now we offer exactly what the people want: A KISS show with full make-up, fireworks, explosions, platform boots and all the other stage acts that will entertain each and everyone! Each KISS fan has grown up in a different phase of KISS career…”Asylum”, “Revenge”, the 70s records etc. We try to please as many as we can…after all everybody loves the make-up show! Is there any truth to the rumor that KISS entered the studio recently to re-record some classic songs from the back catalogue?

Eric Singer: Where did you hear that? I have my sources…well, is it a valid information?

Eric Singer: I will tell you, but tell me first who told you? Jimmy Haslip…he saw you in the studio a while ago and he was quite certain that Paul had told him that KISS re-recorded old tracks…

Eric Singer: OK! Yes, that’s true! You know that many bands re-record songs so as to have the control over the copyrights. For example, if someone asks for a KISS tune, the band doesn'’ have to get into a bureaucracy with the record label. It is very convenient… Tommy Thayer sang “Shock Me” causing some turmoil amongst the KISS Army. Would you sing “Beth” is Paul and Gene asked you to?

Eric Singer: Yeah, although I don’t really think that Gene would ask me (to do) such thing as he doesn’t like at all ballads. But, I wouldn’t have any problem. It’s not a sign of disrespect…I know that almost everybody has linked this song to Peter Criss. But, at the same time it is a good song and by singing it I only saw respect to KISS and Peter. What do you think? Do you like “Beth”? I am not that crazy about it, but it was a definite and memorable moment during the show from 1976 and as long Peter was a member of the band.

Eric Singer: Right. How would you feel if I sang it? Personally, I would have no problem…although I know that many fans would be furious! But, I might be prejudiced because you are my favorite drummer.

Eric Singer: Say that again! What…that you are my favorite drummer?

Eric Singer: It sounds good…it’s always nice to hear it! You have worked with many prolific artists like Tony Iommi, Alice Cooper, Gary Moore and of course KISS. When was the first time that you considered yourself to be a full member of a band?

Eric Singer: Look…when I play with KISS, I am totally focused on KISS…I am absolutely dedicated! The same thing with Alice Cooper. I am a proffesional drummer and musician who makes a living by playing drums. I feel really forunate that I have achieved that! Has any of your bandmates in KISS asked you about KISS?

Eric Singer: Why? Haven’t they played in Greece before? No!

Eric Singer: I didn’t know that…no, they haven’t asked me anything…maybe, in the next weeks when the concert date approaches. I know that you have a passion for wristwatches. How many do you own?

Eric Singer: I don’t have a huge collection…but they are way over 100. And how much costs the most expensive piece?

Eric Singer: I’d say about 10.000 dollars. Before we close the interview, rate the following albums with 10 being the highest grade: Revenge, Alive III, MTV Unplugged.

Eric Singer: 9 for Revenge, 7 for Alive III and 10 for Unplugged. Thank you, Eric. See you in May.

April 13, 2008
We continue our year-long KISS special article with the 8th interview with a KISS-related figure.

This week we publish an interview with David Wolfert, producer of Peter Criss’ “Out of Control” album. Here’s an excerpt of that interview: You also played guitar, synths and you arranged the strings. What do you remember from the recording sessions? Do you have any stories to share with us?

David Wolfert: Peter and Stan Penridge had an existing band, which played most of the record. I only added my playing after the fact, when I felt something was missing. Also, I had a lot more experience in the studio than any of the band members (except Peter), so it was often easier to play what I was hearing rather than describe it. The string sessions were great because they were a real departure from Peter's past recordings.

You can find the whole interview on:


April 13, 2008
(from Kissonline)
We regret that due to security concerns relayed by US government intelligence and the unwillingness of our tour insurance policy to cover our concert, we have been left with no choice but to cancel our show in Belgrade. Because of our excitement at returning to play for our many Serbian fans, we all share in the same disappointment and it is our hope to return soon.


April 13, 2008
Gene made a Guest Appearance on the "Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Click here to see the clip.

April 12, 2008
After 20 years Ace came over to Europe for 2 (in words: two) shows.
In Sheffield there were problems with the sound, but people were happy to see Ace again.
The Astoria in London was packed. It was extremely loud. Ace could have made a killing with merchandise, but there was none... Here you can see some clips from those shows. Thanks to Albert Zellner for the pics.

Rip It Out
Hard Times
Snowblind/I Want You
Rock Soldiers
Into The Void
Torpedo Girl/Speedin' Back To My Baby/Five Card Stud/Trouble Walkin'/Stranger in a Strange Land
New York Groove
2,000 Man
Shock Me
Rocket Ride
Lover Her All I Can
Love Gun
Cold Gin

AceAstoria2008-05-11.jpg (36694 Byte) AceAstoria2009.jpg (31569 Byte)

April 11, 2008
(from (15804 Byte)
Bruce's "KKB" release is not a new project. In fact, it is more interesting as it dates back to the before the beginnings of Bruce's professional recording career! Recorded in September 1974, the material was the work of an unnamed band that Bruce was a member of, along with Mike Katz (bass) and Guy Bois (drums), and is in a "Cream meets Yes" style. The CD features:

I'll Never Take You Back
My Baby
You've Got A Hold On Me
Tryin' To Find A Way
You Won't Be There
To Be Free
You Won't Be There (Alternate Jam Take)

The CD will be officially released at the New York KISS Expo on May 3, and then available directly from Bruce, as a strictly limited hand-signed and numbered edition, from his website. Bruce also continues to work on a new solo album...


April 10, 2008
KISS RUSSIA NEWSmagClassicRock2008Russia.gif (14733 Byte)
(from Albert Buchatsky/

I just wanted to tell you some news from Russia.

* First of all KISS are on the cover of the April issue of Russian "Classic Rock" Magazine (see cover). The whole VERY BIG article can be downloaded
from (1st part) and (2nd part).

* Then probably the biggest Russian KISS-fan web-site "KISS RUSSIA" ( was completely re-designed and finally lauchned. I hope you'll like it!


April 9, 2008
The concert from Ace Frehley in Holland in Tilburg at 013 on June 11th is confirmed. Tickets will cost 25 Euros and will go on sale on April 19th. Kiss play in Oberhausen on the same day, not too far away...

April 8, 2008
(from Blic Online)
The agency “Lupa”, organizer of the concert, explained that the agent of the band “Kiss” informed them about the concert cancellation, explaining that it was due to political situation, which reminded them of their previous stay in Belgrade, especially because of the forthcoming elections in Serbia. “The members of the band regret to inform you that the concert has to be cancelled, but the situation in Serbia does not leave them much choice. However, they hope they will perform in Serbia on some other occasion,” it has been stated in organizers’ report. They also added that management of the popular American hard rock band did not explain the reasons, nor what exactly happened during their stay in Belgrade.
Ticket refund will start for those who bought their tickets at “Card Service” and “Eventim” on Monday, April 7th, and for those who bought the tickets at “Bilet Servis” on April 14th.


April 8, 2008
His first and only European concert so far was in March 1988. After over 20 years Ace Frehley is coming back to Europe on April 10. He will play in Sheffield, followed by a gig in London on April 11.

April 7, 2008
Click here to hear a new interview with Bruce Kulick from Hardrock Heaven.

April 7, 2008
(from Diamant Noir)
In June, just in time for the band's return in France with a concert in Bercy (the first in 9 years!) Wetta will be publishing "KISS 1977", French edition of the very first KISS comic book in the History!!

DELUXE format for this exclusive album which had remained UNPUBLISHED in French version until now!

A "variant cover" edition limited to 100 copies will be available for collectors, as well as a "HARD ROCK MAGAZINE" special edition, also limited to 100 pieces.

This mythic comic book (the members of the band had put their own blood into the red ink used for printing it) is the work of Steve Gerber, John Buscema, Sal Buscema and Alan Weiss. It features Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace, attacked by Fatalis, the Fantastic Four's seminal villain! With appearances of famous super-heroes like Spider-Man, Thor, Captain America...

bookMarvel1977France.jpg (75399 Byte)

April 7, 2008
The hard rock bass guitarist and vocalist lives here. He is best known as "The Demon", his blood-spitting, fire-breathing, and tongue-wagging persona in the hard rock band Kiss, an act which he co-founded in the early 1970s.
Click here to see it.


April 7, 2008
Click here for a live show review from Ace from Nokia Theater April 4, 2008 New York City.

April 7, 2008
Click here for a report on Peter Criss in his early days before he joined Kiss.

April 7, 2008
According to their website, Tigertailz will be opening for Ace Frehley on his two UK dates on April 10 in Sheffield and April 11 in London.

April 6, 2008
Check out the huge promotional display for the Kiss concert at the Olympiahalle in Munich. Many thanks to Albert Zellner for the photo!
displayMunich2008.gif (40084 Byte)

April 6, 2008
Click here to see a PM Magazine report from the Dynasty tour.

April 4, 2008
Best of Kiss: Green Series (release date: April 19th, 2008)

CDThebestOfKissGreenSeries.jpg (11701 Byte)

1. Shout It Out Loud
2. Shock Me
3. Hotter Than Hell
4. Lick It Up
5. Strutter
6. Cold Gin (Live)
7. Deuce
8. Got To Choose
9. Beth
10. Detroit Rock City
11. King Of The Night Time World
12. I Was Made For Lovin' You
13. Christine Sixteen
14. She
15. Rock N Roll All Nite (Live)
(thanks to John Rigas/


April 4, 2008
Kiss are on the cover of the new "Mailer" (April 2008). It also includes a great 4-page article in small format. This magazine is available for free at the Bank Austria.
magMailer2008-04Austria.gif (10829 Byte)

April 3, 2008
Kiss will play in Luxembourg at "Rockhal" on June 26, 2008.

April 3, 2008
A new 3 CD-Kiss compilation called "Playlist plus" will be released on April 29th.
1. Strutter
2. Deuce
3. Hotter Than Hell
4. C'mon and Love Me
5. Rock and Roll All Nite
6. Detroit Rock City
7. Beth
8. Hard Luck Woman
9. Calling Dr. Love
10. Love Gun
11. Christeen Sixteen
12. I Was Made For Lovin' You

1. Creatures of the Night
2. I Love It Loud
3. Lick It Up
4. All Hell's Breakin' Loose
5. Heaven's On Fire
6. Thrills In the Night
7. Tears Are Falling
8. Uh! All Night
9. Crazy Crazy Nights
10. Reason To Live
11. Hide Your Heart
12. Forever

1. God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You
2. Unholy
3. Domino
4. Hate
5. Childhood's End
6. I Will Be There
7. Comin' Home
8. Got To Choose
9. Psycho Circus
10. Into the Void
11. I Pledge Allegiance To the State of Rock and Roll
12. Nothing Can Keep Me From You
(thanks to John Rigas/


April 1, 2008
(from Pavel Hromada)
Stripes on new police cars reminds rock band Kiss
see more at


April 1, 2008
The opening bands for Kiss in Europe will be the bands called "Lit" and "From first to last".

April 1, 2008
The Kiss Forum is going to change the provider. It will be closed at least until tomorrow. If everything works out fine, it will be available again tomorrow afternoon.