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April 28, 2007
Paul Stanley and Kiss' manager Doc McGhee keep on talking about a Kiss Tour in 2008. Supposedly an Australian Tour in March 2008 is in the works. In which line-up is unknown.

April 27, 2007

Paul Stanley is on the front-cover of "X-Press" magazine in Australia.
You can see plenty of reviews and photos from Pauls Solo Tour in Australia at .


April 27, 2007

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April 25, 2007

The release date for the new Kissology Vol. II (1978 - 1992) DVD release has been delayed. The earliest release date seems to be July 22, 2007 as of now.

April 25, 2007

In honor of the impending 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga, noted artist Matt Busch has been interviewed by the mysterious Maul Stanley (a parody hybrid of Star Wars character Darth Maul and Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley). Maul Stanley asked Matt about his work with a number of hard rock & heavy metal artists, including an upcoming collaboration with Gene Simmons of Kiss. A few excerpts from the interview follow:

Maul Stanley:

Maul Stanley commands you to tell him one good Kiss story.

Matt Busch:

Okay. A couple of years back, I read the Gene Simmons book Sex Money Kiss. With the exception of Gene's views on women, I loved the book and thought it was one of the best I'd ever read. Ironically, two weeks later I actually met Gene at the San Diego Comic-Con. So it was a perfect time to get into an in-depth discussion about it.

I was there with my then-girlfriend and during the conversation, Gene motioned to her and said, "You're not going to marry her, right?" I was like a deer in the headlights! I told him that I was going to marry her and that she wasn't like other girls. Gene was disappointed and said, "You didn't learn anything from my book, did you? Read it again."

He continued to cut down my girl, saying that she would eventually leave me for something better when the opportunity presented itself.

Long story short, a year later she did break my heart and did leave me, just like Gene said she would. I don't mean any disrespect since my ex and I are now on good terms, but Gene was right about her. I have since gone back and re-read Gene's book and he was totally on.

The funny thing is that I never introduced myself as Matt Busch, since I figured he'd have no idea who I was. I came to find out later that he's actually a big fan of my work. How different that conversation might have gone had he known who I was.

So here we are several years later and I'm illustrating the Gene Simmons' House of Horrors comic book at IDW Publishing. Small world.

Maul Stanley:

When you painted the wall scroll of The Crow, were you tempted to add Kiss make-up over the whiteface?

Matt Busch:

No, but holy shit, I totally need to do that now! I should do that with Gene's make-up and send one to him! Haha!

Maul Stanley:

How different a place would the world be today if your own band Passion had really taken off?

Matt Busch:

Haha! Not a chance. The grunge invasion would have killed us just like every other hair band! Hypothetically, if Passion had taken off, I expect our most recent CD would feature Maul Stanley as guest on a few tracks...

Maul Stanley:

Tell the world why you think Maul Stanley is so great.

Matt Busch:

Because he's the only Sith Lord who knows that Detroit Rock City is the place to be.

The entire interview is available here:

Maul Stanley is the unlikely new anti-hero who combines the spirit of the Starchild with the essence of the Sith, spiked with a dash of irreverence. Drawing inspiration from both the Star Wars movies and the rock band Kiss, the so-called Sithchild mixes the dark side of rock & roll with the dark side of the Force. Maul Stanley has appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and in the Triumph the Insult Comic Dog DVD. He can also be seen in the VH1 special When Star Wars Ruled the World. In honor of the impending 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga, Maul Stanley will be issuing a series of interviews conducted with various rock stars regarding their own unique Star Wars experiences. Maul Stanley is about to descend upon the realms of both sci-fi and rock & roll in a
big way, heralded by the ominous whisper...


April 20, 2007

(from Herald Sun)PaulStanley2007-2.jpg (36165 Byte)
KISS frontman Paul Stanley has lashed out at people who download music illegally.

"Downloading is one of the tragedies of the 21st century," Stanley said yesterday.
"Under the guise of technology and fancy jargon, people have legalised stealing.

"When you say you're sharing files . . . you can't share what you don't own.

"I can't share your car. Sharing something with one person is one thing, sharing with tens of thousands of people is a crime. It's robbery."

Stanley rejected claims rock bands such as Kiss and Metallica had made enough money to not worry about downloading.

"I don't owe anyone any justification for wanting to get paid," he said. "For anybody else to decide when I have enough money is bollocks.

"I feel angry about it happening to me, but it will kill new artists.

"New bands depend upon that money to carry on. They desperately need that money and, on principle, I want it."

Stanley is in Melbourne for a solo tour to promote his album Live to Win.

The album is a creative outlet for Stanley, with Kiss canny enough to know their fans only want to hear greatest hits, not new material.

But fans attending Stanley's solo shows at the Palais tonight and tomorrow won't miss out on Kiss favourites such as I Was Made For Lovin' You, Detroit Rock City and Shandi.

"I don't think anybody should . . . force an audience to hear a whole new album," he said. "That's not what they came for.

"Whether it's the Stones or (Sir Paul) McCartney, if you went to their show and they played their whole new album you'd want to hang yourself.

"So I'm mixing in Kiss songs with some solo songs: it's a pretty healthy night of me."

While Stanley, 55, remains a private rock star, his Kiss bandmate Gene Simmons has opened his life to TV cameras for reality show Family Jewels.

The second series of the program opened this year with Simmons filming himself having a facelift and liposuction.

While Stanley has had hips and knees replaced, he said a brief flirtation with Botox five years ago was misguided.

"There's footage on YouTube of (me on) The Chris Isaak Show.

"It's the best advertisement for not putting Botox into your face.

"I couldn't move my forehead yet my eyebrows were going up.

"There's nothing wrong with vanity, with wanting to hold on to your youth.

"But lipo will never take the place of dieting, plastic surgery will never take the place of quitting smoking or not doing drugs."


April 18, 2007

(from Wladimir Ilyin)
On the Russian TV-channels starts new advertising campaign of the russian drink called "Kvas Nicola". You can see here our favourite Gene "The Demon" Simmons. Watch the video here --


April 18, 2007

Myrtle Beach, SC – If you want rock and roll all night, KISS Coffeehouse will be the place to be. On Saturday, June 16th from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley will greet fans at Myrtle Beach South Carolina's Broadway at the Beach to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the world's first KISS Coffeehouse.

"The response to the KISS Coffeehouse has been overwhelming and it's time to celebrate our success," explains long-time KISS fan and storeowner Brian Galvin. "Having Ace Frehley at the 1st Anniversary Party will bring KISS fans from all over the country to Myrtle Beach. This is a rare opportunity to meet one of rock music's most acclaimed and influential guitar players," states Galvin.

Through a deal brokered by Signatures Network, Inc., KISS's exclusive merchandising company, the KISS Coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, SC is the first licensed coffeehouse by the band known for their incredible stage show, face paint and full throttle rock and roll.

The KISS Coffeehouse opened to huge crowds last summer and features Signature KISS Coffees, including KISS Army Blend and French KISS Vanilla, the KISS Frozen Rockuccino™, cookies, brownies and other sinful sweets.

A limited number of VIP Tickets for the event are on sale at VIP Ticket holders will enter the KISS Coffeehouse early, meet individually and have their picture taken with Ace, get an autograph and receive unique KISS Coffeehouse merchandise.

To add to the festivities, KISS tribute band, Mr. Speed, will be performing on the Celebrity Square Stage at Broadway at the Beach from 8:00- 10:00 p.m.

April 17, 2007

"TOKYO RAIN " Original mixed media on canvas by Paul Stanley 20"x20" .

Paul's vivid memories of driving through the neon filled districts of downtown Tokyo are captured in his latest piece which he completed just prior to leaving for Australia on the continuation of his solo tour.

Limited edition prints from this painting may be released in the future. No decision will be made until Paul returns from Australia. Until then - enjoy!! .
PaulPaintingTokyoRain2007.jpg (27424 Byte)

April 15, 2007

(from Kissonline)
Mark tried his best to become the guitar player that KISS and our fans needed, so that we could continue moving forward. I enjoyed and am proud of our work together on Animalize and know how much he wanted to take that leap to the stage to play with us live. He was gracious in his acceptance that it wouldn't happen and was supportive of Bruce and a gentleman when it was clear that his ailment would end his time with us.

Paul Stanley

Mark was a great guitarist and a good man. He will be missed.

Gene Simmons

I would like to express my thoughts on the loss of Mark St. John. He was a talented guitarist that has his place in KISStory. I met Mark many years ago when he was looking for a drummer for White Tiger. I was flattered that he contacted me about the drum chair but I had other commitments at that time.

I wish his family all my prayers in this tough time.

Eric Singer


April 15, 2007
(from Cisco Live)
Parties and Receptions

Welcome Reception
Kick off this year's program on Monday with a lively evening reception on the outdoor plaza. Enjoy an evening of music and hors d'oeuvres while you socialize with other attendees under the palm trees of Southern California.

World of Solutions Reception
Join over 150 Cisco partners and thousands of colleagues for the World of Solutions reception on Tuesday evening in the World of Solutions Expo. Enjoy food and drinks while you walk through partner exhibits, the Cisco booth, and participate in exciting activities.

Customer Appreciation Event
Wednesday, July 25, Rock Your Senses at the 2007 Customer Appreciation Event. Watch live entertainment featuring the legendary band KISS, three female rock tribute bands and maybe even you! This once-in-a-lifetime experience includes:


April 15, 2007
Live WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong
Friday the 13th April 2007
Review & Photos by Cameron Edney

As a life long Kiss fan I never imagined it would be so hard to find the words to write a review on Paul's first solo tour visit to our Australian shores. It has been said that the Kiss Army are fans like no other, a member of the army myself over the years I have heard comments used about Kiss fans describing them as obsessed, deranged, crazy, dedicated, loyal, stupid and fanatical all of which are true. In my case I took my Kiss obsession too extremes getting the members to sign my back and having it tattooed! In some cases we [the Kiss army] have a love/hate relationship with the band that has in some way shaped our lives. I personally was a little annoyed when Paul first announced his solo tour. Not at the fact that he was returning without the other members of Kiss, but because he had again announced the meet/ greet packages. I have always looked at the platinum package deals as the best deals for Kiss fans who can afford to pay for those front row seats, but not necessarily for the extreme die hard fans who spend their hard-earned money on each and every piece of memorabilia released throughout the year!
Looking past that though I knew that Paul would still put on an amazing show without Gene, Tommy, Ace, Peter or Eric (depending on who is in Kiss this week). I knew we would finally get to hear obscure Kiss songs never played in Australia to date.

Paul2007-04-13.jpg (56840 Byte)In the days leading up to Paul's show at WIN Entertainment Centre my excitement was building just knowing that it wouldn't be long until I seen one of my all-time heroes live onstage once again. What made this show more nerve racking for me was that I was also going to be standing in the photo pit for the first three songs directly under the almighty front-man. Paul would have to be very pleased with the amount of promotion that surrounded this tour. Securing radio spots and television appearances on the Sydney Footy Show where Paul performed Detroit Rock City live as well as an early morning appearance on The Today Show performing 'Shandi' acoustically. Paul then sat for an interview with host Richard Wilkins and answered questions from members of the Australian Kiss Army.

The night was upon us, and I honestly can't think of a better way to spend Friday the 13th than seeing a rockin band live no matter where you are. Being such a massive Kiss fan and collector I was bound to run into many people over the course of the night that I knew, it is the one thing I always look forward to when it comes to Kiss and Kiss related events.

Opening band for the night was Hell City Glamours. I didn't really bother to make my way inside the venue to see them live, but from what I heard they sounded great. I instead spent my time looking at the merchandise that was for sale and catching up with new & old friends including rockers Andy (bass player from Lord) and Stephen (guitarist from Lycanthia). By 8:30 pm all the photographers were meeting in the foyer to be escorted to the photo pit; we all got along really well and were checking out each others equipment! I want to give a shout out to Keith right here who gave me a 30 second crash course on some of the features on my cam that I hadn't used up to that point!

As I looked around the venue I noticed plenty of empty seats, unlike the Sydney Enmore shows I figured the Wollongong show would only sell about half its capacity, which was one of the reasons I chose to go to Wollongong rather than Sydney. I was hoping to see more of an intimate, impromptu live show and that's exactly what I got. The lights dimmed and Paul walked out onstage backed by the house band from the American T.V. series Rock Star Inxs and Supernova. The crowd went crazy and fans were jumping out of their seats behind me. Paul opened with 'Live To Win' which isn't one of my favourite songs off his latest solo album but live WOW, it blew me away. The band sounded fantastic live, heavy, and clear, their harmonies were awesome and Paul was his usual superstar self!
Following 'Live To Win' was Kiss' first single from 'Hot in the Shade', 'Hide Your Heart' and this has to be the best version I have heard of the song live but I didn't really think too much about the songs as I was too busy clicking away with my camera by this point!

We were only allowed in the pit for the first three songs which is pretty standard to anyone who knows about these things and when the third song announced was 'A Million to One' I was just frozen with surprise! This has always been one of my favourite Kiss songs, and to finally hear it live was just insane! Nates's drumming especially during this song was extremely impressive and Rafael Moreira's guitar work all night long was just superb. I was a little disappointed with Paul's voice during 'A Million to One' but honestly didn't care. I was just so happy to finally hear one of my favourite songs played live. Once the song ended we were escorted out of the pit and I got to enjoy the rest of the show from down on the floor. Throughout the show the lighting and sound was phenomenal and to be honest I really didn't expect anything less. I will say though that it was a little weird hearing songs like Love Gun and Detroit Rock City and not having the massive explosions and pyrotechnics that you would see at any Kiss show, but I think that is one of the things that I loved the most about this show!
Paul2007-04-13Australia.jpg (52442 Byte)
It was so stripped back and yet the songs sounded just as good, if not better than ever before. Between songs Paul would say the usual things to the crowd, how much he loves us; we'll be seeing us again soon and so on. On this occasion it just seemed so much more intimate; fans were yelling all kinds of things out from the crowd. One guy said "show us your tits", to which Paul replied "your mums are much better than mine", That had me in hysterics. Another moment that sticks out was during Paul's vocal gymnastics in I Want You, at one point Paul handed the microphone to one of the guys from the Australian Kiss Army to belt out his best Paul Stanley vocal impersonations. Through out the night fans were yelling out for all kinds of requests at one point someone shouted out '2000 Man' and Paul being the guy that he is started playing it backed by Nate Morton on the drums and singing the opening bars. The crowd continued to sing the song up until the chorus where Paul had stopped and said "how about this one", playing and singing the intro and opening lines to 'Beth' which didn't receive such a warm response.

All night long you could tell the guys were onstage just having a fun time. During the show there were a few minor solo errors and a few lyrics that may have been muddled up but it was all in the looks on their faces, the laughs, smiles, and sheer happiness. It made for a great change, seeing a fun down to earth show rather than such a massive spectacle. Paul had made a joke about Paul Mirkovich playing keyboards for Nelson before redeeming himself by working with Whitesnake a joke I found quite amusing. The band introductions were really cool, Paul introduced Nate as Peter Criss which was hilarious. Paul described Sasha as "my favourite bass player with a short tongue"! Unfortunately Jim McGorman never made it to Australia for these shows. Filling in on guitar was Australia's own Brett Garsed. Brett's best known for his work with Nelson and Australia's own John Farnham. The crowd saluted Brett with the Aussie, Aussie, Aussie chant which was cool and well received.

At one point I had actually yelled out "play a Zeppelin cover", which Paul had then repeated in the microphone with a bad English accent. Unfortunately he didn't break into any Zeppelin songs but I was hoping he would do 'Communication Breakdown' or 'Whole Lotta Love' as he had done during his first solo tour shows back in 1989. The Acoustics in WIN Entertainment Center were amazing and were highlighted during songs such as Tonight you belong to me, I Want You and Shandi.

Over the night Paul played four songs in total from his latest solo album Live to Win and the one that really stood out for me was 'Everytime I see you Around', not only is it one of the better songs on his solo album but live it rocked! It was one of the songs where I could really hear Paul Mirkovich's talent shining through. For me the highlight song of the night was 'Magic Touch'. This was another all-time favourite Kiss song that I had always wanted to hear live and Kiss fans… it was well worth the wait. The harmonies, amazing, the song had heavier elements to it which worked well and Paul did a fantastic job vocally.

The band had returned to do an amazing encore which included Kiss' biggest Australian hit 'I Was Made For Loving You', 'Detroit Rock City' and 'Goodbye' taken from Paul's 1978 solo album. 'Goodbye' was a fantastic choice and the most appropriate closing song and showed the band rockin out under the lights one last time.

Overall Paul's solo show was killer, as I mentioned earlier the stripped down, raw feel that the show had made it that much more special. For a large part of the night I was turning to a friend of mine talking about the way Rafael was playing the solos, bringing his own unique sound and style to Kiss classics and anyone who attended that show has to take their hats off to him for the marvellous job that he did. Nates powerhouse drum style just reminded me of how heavy some of those kiss songs could sound live. Nate too was extremely impressive to watch throughout the night. I'd love to see Paul do this as a yearly event. After seeing his solo show I'm not too sure if Kiss has any real future. Friday the 13th 2007 will be a night I shall remember forever.
ę Cameron Edney 2007

Paul's Complete Set-List was as follows
Live To Win (Opener)
Hide Your Heart
A Million To One
Got To Choose
Wouldn't You Like To Know Me
Magic Touch
Move On
Lick It Up
Tonight You Belong To Me
Do You Love Me
2000 Man(60 Seconds or So)
Beth (Intro)
I Still Love You
Everytime I See You Around
I Want You
Love Gun


I Was Made For Lovin You
Detroit Rock City

Make sure you check out Paul at these remaining Australian shows
4/16/07 Sydney,Enmore Theatre SOLD OUT
4/17/07 Sydney, Enmore Theatre
4/20/07 Melbourne, Palais Theatre SOLD OUT
4/21/07 Melbourne, Palais Theatre
4/24/07 Perth, Burswood Theatre
4/26/07 Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre

To Purchase these rockin live photos and more, head to Pure Metal Pix

April 15, 2007
There has been a new Kiss book available in Russia for a while. It is called "Unmasked" and it has 260 pages.
bookUnmasked2006Russia.jpg (16974 Byte)

April 15, 2007
Five new "Poster" Kiss Special magazines are available in Russia. The posters are taken from the famous Swedish "Poster" magazines from the '70s, in perfect quality. It looks just like a real old Swedish Poster magazine. There are five different covers. Each Special includes 12 Kiss posters and one poster is different in each edition. They cost a little fortune in Russia... around US $ 30,- each.
specialsPosterRussia2006.gif (50052 Byte)


April 14, 2007
PaulonTodayShow2007-04-14.jpg (15258 Byte)
Paul performs "Shandi" in the studio of the "Today" show in Australia. See it here.
He was also interviewed on the show. See it here, and the second part here.


April 13, 2007
Hi, Bruce!

My name is Mai 'Stanley', I'm from Brazil and I do a lot of things about KISS in Kiss Killers Oficial web site, like interviewing cover bands, a hot and good link there with my friend Mi Rose called "Firehouse" and other things in a zine, the biggest about KISS in my country, Sikoras. And I know that the date of "KISS FEST" in Campinas is coming, so I decided to ask some questions to you about your plans in this festival. Thank you very much, I see you there!

Mai: How did you get in touch with the guys who are organnizing "KISS FEST" ?What did you like more about the project?

Bruce: I am very excited to return to Brazil! My manager has been in touch with people since Eric Singer made a visit a few years ago.

Mai: What do you think that is essential to happen on theses festivals and celebrations?

Bruce: Just that we all celebrate KISS music and I get to see the smiles on the KISS fans faces.

Mai: As long as your carreer is, you always go on KISS expo, parties and festivals. What do you think that one festival has of different from the others? Do you believe that "KISS FEST" will be different?

Bruce: In some ways they are the same in that everyone enjoys the event. I do my best to have a great time. I will say that Brazilians are VERY passionate people so I guess there will be more kissing going around!

Mai: Tell us about your plans for future.

Bruce: I start my gigs with Grand Funk this week. We get really busy in the summer months, so May is a good time to visit South America. I will go to London as well to do the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp. Of course I will be working on my next solo disc BK3 in between travel shows.

Mai: Send a message to brazilian fans, I'm sure that they want to know everything that will happen to you, here in Brazil on May 12th.

Bruce: I really am excited about the visit to Brazil in May! See you all soon!

Mai: Thank you, cheers.

Bruce: All the best,


April 12, 2007
Report by Keith Tarrier for Paul

Tonight in Australia on Channel 9 Paul Stanley and the house band were guests on The Footy Show.

Quite a few members of the KISS ARMY AUSTRALIA were in attendance and made themselves very vocal throughout the show. George Xirocostas and myself from KAA can be seen holding KISS ARMY AUSTRALIA certificates through out the broadcast. Paul Vaugtin showed his certificate to the cameras and let the whole of Australia know the KAA was in the house.

The Footy Show host Paul Vaugtin is a huge KISS fan and he asked Paul a few questions before Paul kicked off with a killer rendition of Detroit Rock City. Paul and the house band looked in top form as the got the audience up on their feet.

KISS ARMY AUSTRALIA fans in attendance were, Arthur Xirocostas, Micheal Fitzpatrick, Mark McNair, Adam Walsh, Andrew Tredwell, Kaori Hashimoto, Ronda Spandeaux, and Tammy Berzac.

PaulFootyShow2007-04-12.jpg (47392 Byte)

April 12, 2007
The legendary Gene Simmons (of KISS fame) rocked hard in Times Square promoting the newly released Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360. The nation's (supposed) top Guitar Hero masters were invited to perform in NYC's Virgin Megastore, and the top hero would be gifted with an autographed guitar and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to play with Simmons. Of course, as any legitimate rock star would do, he played with the ladies too.

The large audience may have proven too nerve-wracking, as many of the performances were stiff, littered with missed notes, and lacking personality. Of course, everything changed when Simmons walked in the room, tongue intact. His charismatic interaction with the audience proved that it takes a lot more than fast fingers to become a real rock star. Remember that, next time you "strap on."

GeneSimmons2007-04-11.jpg (30137 Byte)

April 11, 2007
Paul has finished his first Australian Solo concert. Here is the set-list:

Live to win

Hide your heart
A million to one
Got to choose
Move on
Tonight you belong to me
Lick it up
Wouldn't you like to know me
Magic touch
I still love you
Every time I see you around
Do you love me
I want you
Love gun
I was made for loving you
Detroit rock city

You may also check out for new photos from this show.

Paul will also do some TV live appearances in the coming days.


April 10, 2007
(from (9760 Byte)
Legendary rocker Gene Simmons has taken off the paint and is appearing on the cover of Equities magazine (view cover here) for the April 2007 edition.

Many people know about the Gene Simmons who has toured the world with one of the most influential rock bands off all time, KISS, but most don’t know about the businessman behind the makeup.

Simmons sat down with Equities to discuss his involvement in business ventures ranging from coffee houses to clothing lines to his new reality show "Gene Simmons Family Jewels" and shared insight into what lies ahead for the rock enigma.

The interview with Gene Simmons in the April 2007 edition of Equities magazine is on newsstands now.

Simmons and his unconventional family star in an all-new season of the hit real-life series "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", which premiered with back-to-back episodes on A&E on March 25.

"Gene Simmons Family Jewels" follows Simmons and his family — Shannon Tweed (the woman he's been "happily unmarried" to for 23 years), and their children, Nick and Sophie.


April 9, 2007

Gene Simmons was on the Tom Green show. You can watch the interview online on


April 9, 2007

Greg Prato, N.Y.
Former Kiss guitarist Mark St. John died yesterday morning (April 5) from an apparent brain hemorrhage. He was 51.

Born Mark Norton in Hollywood, Calif., St. John was Kiss' third official guitarist, having replaced Vinnie Vincent in 1984. By this point, Kiss had done away with its trademark makeup and costumes, but the group was enjoying a career renaissance. The lone Kiss album on which St. John appeared, "Animalize," re-established the group as one of the world's top arena metal bands. The album spawned the popular MTV video, "Heaven's on Fire" (the only Kiss video to feature St. John).

St. John's flashy playing reflected the era's Van Halen-influenced rock guitarists, but it certainly helped spark the material on "Animalize," which many fans consider one of Kiss' strongest non-makeup releases. However, right around the time Kiss was to launch a worldwide tour in support of the album, St. John was diagnosed with a form of arthritis called Reiter's Syndrome, which caused his hands and arms to swell, and prevented him from playing guitar.

Guitarist Bruce Kulick filled in (St. John did manage to play one full show with the group, and portions of a few others) and eventually replaced St. John as Kiss' permanent guitarist.

His medical condition improved after leaving Kiss, and St. John launched a pop/metal outfit, White Tiger, with ex-Black Sabbath singer David Donato. Since then, St. John briefly teamed up with original Kiss drummer Peter Criss in a group that didn't release any recordings, and appeared as a guest speaker at Kiss conventions. In 2001, he released an all-instrumental album, "Magic Bullet Theory."


April 8, 2007

Mark St. John replaced Vinnie Vincent in Kiss in 1984 and recorded "Animalize" with the band, but then was replaced himself by Bruce Kulick before the tour started.
Kiss1984withMark.jpg (33106 Byte)
Markt St. John with Kiss 1984

In 1986 he released an album with his band "White Tiger".
He also played in David Hasselhoffs band in the late '80s...

DavidHasselhoffMarkStJohn.jpg (19777 Byte)
Markt St. John with David Hasselhoff

In the early '90s he was in Peter Criss' band for a while.
Criss1991.jpg (30762 Byte)
Markt St. John with the Peter Criss Band 1991

In the late '90s he started being a regular Special Guest at Kiss Expos. In 1999 he released an EP and in 2003 a full CD named "Magic Bullet Theory". Last time he was seen in public was at this years NAMM show in California.

from Kissonline
Sad to report that Mark Norton aka Mark St. John, KISS' lead guitarist on Animalize, passed away this morning of a cerebral hemorrhage. Mark was 51 years old. KISS remembers Mark for his contributions and sends their condolences and deepest sympathies to his family and friends.


I wish to express my sympathy to Mark St John's family and friends. Though Mark was the guitarist I replaced, I respected his talent and contribution to KISS. May he rest in peace.


From the Family of Eric Carr: We wish to send our heartfelt thoughts to the family of Mark St. John, during these hard times.
It was not long ago, that Mark contacted our family. He was a very sweet and kind man. He wanted my family, to have a demo tape from 1984, which contained an unreleased song written by Eric. He told me, because it was so special, my family would be the best ones to have it.
We did stay in touch and spoke from time to time.
We will always remember his kindness.
As Eric, please keep Mark in your thoughts, and celebrate all the good times he gave to us


April 5, 2007
MARK ST. JOHN DEAD AT 51 has issued the following report:

KNAC.COM air personality Junkman just checked in with the following sad news:

"Just got a call this afternoon stating that my friend, former Kiss guitarist Mark St. John, died this morning from a cerebral hemorrage. He was 51. I have known him for a long time. I roadied for his band White Tiger, and just spoke with him at the recent NAMM show. As soon as I find out more info I will let you know. My heart goes out to his family. A very sad day.


Mark St. John was born Mark Norton, in Hollywood, California, on February 7, 1956 and serves with noteriety as KISS' shortest lived guitarist. During a hectic and disruptive period of two years KISS would change from Ace Frehley to Vinnie Vincent to Mark St. John and then finally to Bruce Kulick, on guitar, with St. John lasting less than eight months. His parents moved to Garden Grove, CA in the early 1960's where Mark was initially more interested in sports than music. In an interview with KISS Strike, Mark recalled, "I played all sports, in fact I played sports before I got into music. Especially basketball, I mean I tried all sports but basketball is what I excelled in. And when I got into High School we started playing CIF with other teams from L.A. and they were all black and I felt that I wasn't a very good basketball player. I mean they just slip and slide all over you, they jump higher and they run faster and you felt belittled after the first five minutes and I gave it up after that" (KISS Strike 46). Growing up in Southern California Mark didn't start playing guitar until he was a sophomore in highschool in 1972 when he also started to grow his hair longer, undoubtedly part of that age-group's rebellion from their parents and society. Initially guitar playing started as a hobby but within a year Mark had become quite serious about it. The techniques and the styles. As to why he started plaing guitar, Mark recalled, "I guess because the guitar was the new thing happening - it was the sound. I'm from a generation that went through a whole different thing in music, like a culture-type thing. It was the voice of the people. It was a source of rebellion and the guitar was one of the biggest things. I remember watching television and seeing the Beatles and the Rolling Stones on the Ed Sullivan show. They didn't have tubas, they had guitars and everyone was going crazy and that put a spark in my mind... The guitar is rock 'n roll. That's what it's all about. From the 50's on, the emphasis was on the guitar sound. Everyone was trying to make the guitar sound like other instruments, but it's not so easy to make other instruments sound like the guitar. The guitar is what's happening" (KISS Force via Otaku). Mark has a brother, Michael (born 1964), who plays bass. The two would be in bands together following Mark's tenure in KISS. They also have one sister (born 1960).

Our condolences goes to Mark's family.


April 4, 2007
Here is a picture of Pauls latest painting.

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April 3, 2007
Boston Herald reports, that Joel Brodsky, photographer of the very first Kiss album, died at age 67 of a heart attack.


April 3, 2007
Paul will perform on The Footy Show in Sydney on Thursday April 12, 2007 at 9:30 PM. Check local listings for time schedule.