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April 29, 2005
The Kiss "Gold" Double CD has been released now with a different cover without the Bonus DVD in Europe. It is available for 20 Euros. Ask for it by e-mail.
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April 28, 2005

Last August, the attorneys for KISS obtained an injunction against the sale of counterfeit KISS merchandise and seized bootleg videos of KISS concerts that were being offered for sale at a KISS Expo in North Carolina. Our attorneys (Ray Scott and William Randolph), following up on that seizure, obtained last week a permanent injunction against defendant Roy Damm and damages awarded to Kiss Catalog of $7,000,000, plus attorneys fees.

We hope that this judgment sends a clear message that KISS will not tolerate being ripped off by counterfeiters and bootleggers. This is also a rip-off of KISS fans who have a right to expect that when they spend their hard earned money for KISS merchandise and videos, they are getting high quality, authorized KISS products. When you purchase bootleg videos, including bootleg DVD’s marketed under the KISSVISION label, we ALL lose. This is our $7,000,000 warning to those who are selling counterfeit and bootleg KISS goods, that they risk the same fate as Roy Damm. We have directed the KISS attorneys to continue protecting KISS’ rights as aggressively as allowed. No slaps on the wrist. We will find you and we will take you out.


April 28, 2005

The Eurpean ESP Tour kicked off in Stockholm yesterday with 5 more dastes to follow. Eric Singer has not played on the new Alice Cooper album, but meanwhile he has confirmed, that he will be back in Europe touring with Alice Cooper in the summer.

April 16, 2005

Click here to see the TV spot featuring Kiss.

April 15, 2005

In France zou can see the following ad for Coca Cola:
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April 13, 2005

Gene Simmons has announced on his private website, that he will be going on tour with Kiss again soon:
"KISS is happier and more together than I've seen it in decades. We WILL do a proper tour soon. Stay tuned to KISSONLINE.COM for details"

Whatever that means...

April 13, 2005

It's great to catch up with you, Bruce. I'm really glad to see the Union DVD is out, man. Tell me a little about that.

The past month and a half has been really exciting. A DVD from the band I had with Corabi from 2001 was finally finished up and we got the rights to put it out. The reaction's been great. I'm selling it myself on my website, just like I did for my solo records. We only got to do a couple of club tours throughout the states. We did a little better when we went international. We couldn't get everywhere. It wasn't like a KISS tour where we got to travel everywhere. There were a lot of people that hadn't seen the band. They liked what they heard with the two discs we put out and they'll get to see us now. It's going really well and it's something I'm very pleased about.

Fans have been asking about that forever. It was also great to see Kiss My Ass and Konfidential/Xtreme Close-Up out on DVD. That era of KISS is actually my favorite. My first concert was KISS on the Hot In The Shade tour.
Unfortunately sometimes that lineup is ignored. I know the fans that saw the band really respect what we were trying to do.

You always hear guitarists say how Ace Frehley influenced them but I think a lot has to be said for what you did with them.

Cool. I've heard that before and it's very flattering, especially with the makeup era being the icon of KISS. I've heard your sentiment many times.

You've got some tour dates coming up with the Eric Singer Project (ESP).

ESP, which is what we really call it anyway, came out's interesting how these different journeys keep affecting each other. Knowing that the Union DVD would be ready in early 2005 and that there was a Japanese promoter who had asked me to go gig there, I committed to playing some dates in Tokyo. I didn't want to do it as Bruce Kulick solo. I wanted to draw some attention to the Union DVD and have everybody available to play. Unfortunately, the drummer Brent, who was with Vince Neil is now with a new band called Theory Of A Deadman. He couldn't come to Japan. I was stuck. We already had a plane ticket for him. I ended up asking Eric what he was doing and he didn't have anything going on. I got him to commit to come to Japan. The event was very successful. It was Union with Eric Singer on drums. We had a great time. The reaction was terrific. The club nights were fun and full. We thought maybe we could do some more. I go to Europe at least once a year as either a guest at a metal-fest type of thing or I'll go as Bruce Kulick with a band that I'll pick up over there. I'm always trying to evolve it. I had plans of trying to take Corabi out. People were asking to see Union. It's sometimes hard to round the whole band up because we're not really active. I approached Eric and said we could do this. It isn't really Union if he's playing. He helped us out in Japan but he didn't join Union. He's still in KISS no matter how active KISS is. Me, John and Eric actually had a band called ESP which was really put together specifically not to confuse my fans into thinking I had another band. I was just a part of the Eric Singer Project. It can have different people in it but the strength of the band would be people like me and John. It's me, John Corabi, Eric, and I asked Eric who he'd like to play bass. He mentioned someone he'd worked with from Alice Cooper, this guy named Chuck Garric. The guy's terrific. He's another LA guy like us. We went ahead and booked these gigs. I know we were offered more than a weeks worth. Because of my Grank Funk schedule I can't block off weeks and weeks at a time because it affects everybody. Grand Funk can get a gig anytime, any week of the year. We usually only work about 50 shows a year. ESP has six gigs together at the end of April. Maybe we'll do some more things in the future, too. The set-list will definitely be some cool KISS stuff. We're going to do some Union material. We'll do a half-dozen Union songs, a Motley Crue song or two. We'll probably do an Alice Cooper song just for the fun of it. We're going to do "American Band" from Grand Funk and some cool covers. We could be the legitimate ultimate cover band. The fans will have a good time with it. [read the rest]


April 7, 2005

Hello everyone! Hope spring is treating everyone well. I know Los Angeles has finally dried out from all the rain this winter, if I can call it a winter. As you all know I have been busy with trips for Grand Funk, and also was able to appear at the Indianapolis KISS expo with Eric Singer and John Corabi. Great event as we jammed and had some of our friends from Japan there as well to visit the US. You all know the UNION DVD "Do Your Own Thing Live" has arrived and is in stock and please send in your reviews. Everyone is excited about the reaction, and I can't promise anything yet for UNION in the future, but over two hours of us on the DVD should help your curiousity!

Coming up this month (and remember to always visit for the info on my shows with them), is a trip for ESP. In this case I don't mean the guitar company, I mean ESP the band. Eric Singer, John Corabi, Chuck Garric on bass (Alice Cooper and Dio) and my self. We have booked 6 shows for Europe that begin April 27th, in Stockholm. We will be in Denmark, Holland, Germany and Spain. The night before the first show in Sweden, Eric and I will be at the Hard Rock Cafe, Stockholm for a meet and greet and some interviews. We will play songs from KISS, UNION, MOTLEY CRUE, and various covers of bands we love. So check out all the dates:

ESP Project Live in Sweden - April 27, 2005 in Stockholm at Mondo.

ESP Project Live in Denmark - April 28, 2005 in Copenhagen at The Rock.

ESP Project Live in Holland - April 29, 2005 in Helmond at Plato.

ESP Project Live in Germany - On April 30, 2005 in Babenhausen (near Frankfurt) at the Stadthalle.

ESP Project Live in Spain - May 1, 2005 in Pamplona at Artsaia City.

ESP Project Live in Spain - May 2, 2005 in Barcelona at Bikini.

Regarding meet and greets, the band will do our best to sign and meet the crowd, usually AFTER the show. As our schedule with travel has not been completely worked out, I can't commit to how long etc, but we will attempt to get to meet our fans.

Some of you may know that KISS recently was involved in a show for the troops here in the US, (visit for the news). I do want to mention that the show in Germany which is in Babenhausen, near Frankfurt, we would like to invite any of the troops who are stationed there. We know how much they love KISS and rock music, so please contact Tickets are 23 Euros in advance or 26 Euros at the door. To order tickets in advance they only have to contact Heike at that email.

The summer is really filling up with shows for Grand Funk, but I do want to mention that I will be at the Cincinnatti KISS Expo on April 24th. Looking forward to that event, and  please know that I will have the UNION DVD with me for sale. The same for Europe of course.

So hope to see you all on tour this summer and fall. More updates coming after my trips.

April 7, 2005

GENE IN NEW TRAVOLTA-MOVIEGeneinTravoltamovie2005.gif (12526 Byte)
(from Torsten Hu▀)
Gene Simmons has a guest appearance in the new John Travolta-Film "Be Cool" (in the cinemas right now)! Gene can be seen at the end of the movie at the MTV-Music-Awards. He is sitting two rows behind John Travolta and Uma Thurman and can't be overseen. Besides Gene there are a lot of other music artists in the movie such as Steve Tyler (in a bigger role), Joe Perry and Aerosmith & various stars from the Rap- and R&B-scene.

April 2, 2005

(from tigermask72 from the Kiss Board)
The show was great! Got there about 2pm, and it was general admission, so I got my first ever front row for KISS!!! Great crowd, over 30,000 people.
The show didn't start until 730 and the music didn't start until about 810. The Hooters Girls came out and threw frisbees to the crowd. The San Diego Chargers cheerleaders did a routine.
Cedric the Entertainer was MC for the event, and was hilarious. Louis Anderson did a short comedy routine, and Chris Tucker did one.
Ted Nugent started with the National Anthem on guitar, then Godsmack played, then Nugent with Godsmack did Cat Scratch Fever.
Then Richie Sambora's band, Ja Rule, and then Destiny's Child.
Destiny's Child played from 1045 to 1125 and then the KISS crew had to get the stage ready. [read the rest]