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31. Oktober 2022  
Paul Stanley Shares Opinion on Jimmy Page's Playing, Reveals What Zeppelin Guitarist Had to Say About Kiss

Paul Stanley Explains Why Jimmy Page Is More Than Just a Guitar Player

Paul Stanley Q & A KISS Kruise 10/28/22 ?Tracii Guns ask a Question KK11

(von Thomas Steinhäuser)
Heute bei Bauer sucht Frau hatten auch KISS einen Auftritt!

PAUL STANLEY Says JIMMY PAGE Is More Than Just A Guitar Player: 'He Paints With Sound'
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30. Oktober 2022  
Hear Kiss’ Stanley and Simmons Trade Vocals on New ‘Creatures’ Demo

Hear KISS's Demo Version Of 'Not For The Innocent' From 'Creatures Of The Night' 40th-Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

KISS Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 29.10.2022
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29. Oktober 2022  
Why Paul Stanley Was ‘Dead Set’ Against Kiss’ ‘Carnival of Souls’
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28. Oktober 2022  
KISS Launch New Line Of "Alive II" Merchandise

‘Spinning Gold’, About Casablanca Records Rise & Fall, Sets Theatrical Release

KISS Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 27.10.2022

Bruce Kulick Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 27.10.2022
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27. Oktober 2022  
BRUCE KULICK - Former KISS Guitarist Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of Carnival Of Souls Album; Video

Bruce Kulick Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 25.10.2022

KISS Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 26.10.2022
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26. Oktober 2022  
Vinnie Vincent's controversial Kiss solos drove Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley mad – watch one of the guitarist's craziest live wigouts

Watch Paul Stanley Mock Lip-Synch Accusations During KISS Kruise Set

Why ‘Long Way Down’ Was Probably Kiss’ Final Single

2023...50 years of 50 Kiss, 50 more shows...

Ace Frehley Asked Gene Simmons’ Permission To Hire His Guitarist, Ryan Cook Recalls
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25. Oktober 2022  
Watch: Makeup-Less KISS Performs 'Two Timer' On 'Kiss Kruise XI'

Video: Kiss geben Privatkonzert in Texas für Mitarbeiter von Tabak-Konzern

Kiss played a private party for less than 100 people at the weekend and there's video

Videos: KISS live at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 24.10.2022

KISS Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 24.10.2022

„Wenn möglich sollte er Medikamente einnehmen“: Kiss-Bassist Simmons über Kanye West
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24. Oktober 2022  
Kiss spielten intime Show vor weniger als 100 Menschen

KISS Performs For No More Than 100 People At Secret Texas Concert; Video

KISS Setlist at Vulcan Gas Company, Austin, TX, USA, 22.10.2022

Kiss: Geheim-Show für Tabakkonzern

Videos: KISS live at Vulcan Gas Company, Austin, TX, USA, 22.10.2022
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23. Oktober 2022  
UNION's 1999 Album Live In The Galaxy Vinyl Reissue Available; Guitarist BRUCE KULICK Shares Video Message

BRUCE KULICK Announces New Years Eve Weekend Experience - "An Exclusive Event For Just 50 Fans"

KISS Reportedly Played Private Show For No More Than 100 People In Austin Last Night (Video)

KISS Plays Portland - 1977 | KATU In The Archives

KISS Performs Secret Philip Morris Concert In Austin, Texas

Gene Simmons Shares His Only Advice For Kanye West
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21. Oktober 2022  
GENE SIMMONS Urges KANYE WEST To Take His Medication And Surround Himself With 'Nicer People'

(von Rainer)
Habe eine nette kleine aktuelle Kiss "Sichtung" zu vermelden:
Aktuell läuft im Radio auf dem Sender WDR4 die "Top 444", eine Hitliste mit Musik aus den 60ern,70ern und 80ern. Das Ganze inkl.Webcam ins Studio. Die Moderatorin (Carina Vogt) im Starchild-Outfit...
Aktuell zu sehen unter:

Creatures Of The Night 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Set momentan für $ 177,78

Bruce Kulick feels a lot of the rough mixes for songs on ‘Carnival of Souls’ sounded closer to ‘Revenge’
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20. Oktober 2022  
Kiss bringen kurz vor letzter Kreuzfahrt eigenen Gin auf den Markt

(von Alain Bellicha)
I'm super excited to announce the release of a NEW book:
You like my seven-inch...KISS Singles Collection
Go to to pre-order! The book will begin shipping November 2022.

I invite you to discover or rediscover the flamboyant discography of KISS throughout their worldwide 45 rpm picture sleeve singles, seven inches at a time.
100 pages of the coolest KISS cover art from all over the world, with photos, trivia, and fun facts.
As always, it is a limited edition with limited numbers available. Don’t miss it! Pre-order NOW!

Also, KISSINJAPAN - The newsletter is back! The reception for #1 was overwhelmingly positive.
So, don't miss Issue #2.
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19. Oktober 2022  
KISS Unveil New ‘Navy Strength’ Bottle of Signature Cold Gin

PAUL STANLEY Blasts 'Mentally Ill' KANYE WEST For 'Speaking Nonsensically And Spewing Hate Speech' On TV

Gene Simmons Says He Came Off as an 'Asshole' to Paul Stanley When They First Met: 'He Hated Me, Right Off the Bat
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18. Oktober 2022  
Vintage KISS Posters Part 2 (Japan & Australia 75 - 83) with John 5 and Special Guest!

Österreicher rocken mit KISS ein Kreuzfahrtschiff von L.A. bis Mexiko

Gene Simmons Shares How Cher Found Out About His Affair With Diana Ross
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17. Oktober 2022  
Bruce Kulick’s Favorite Moment From Kiss’ ‘Carnival of Souls’

Kulick: Thayer richtige Wahl als Frehley-Ersatz bei Kiss

Bruce Kulick Says Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons Didn’t Invite Him To KISS’ Farewell Tour

Former KISS Guitarist BRUCE KULICK - “I Was Always Wondering, Would They Really Ask Me To Become The Spaceman?”
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16. Oktober 2022  
Bruce Kulick Describes His Reaction to Kiss's Original Lineup Reunion, Speaks on Replacing Ace Frehley With Tommy Thayer

Bruce Kulick thinks KISS made the right choice by having Tommy Thayer become the Spaceman

GENE SIMMONS Guests On Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast; Talks Forming KISS With PAUL STANLEY And Dating CHER (Video)

Has GENE SIMMONS Experienced Any Anti-Semitism As A Member Of KISS? He Responds

BRUCE KULICK Says KISS 'Made The Right Choice' By Hiring TOMMY THAYER To Replace ACE FREHLEY In 2002


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15. Oktober 2022  
40 Years Ago: Kiss Refuses to Die Quietly With ‘I Love It Loud’

15 of Kiss's best guitar songs that don’t feature Ace Frehley
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14. Oktober 2022  
Robben Ford Reveals His Weirdest Gig

Gene Simmons Says KISS Chose The Beatles Model Instead Of The Rolling Stones

Kiss‘ Gene Simmons sagte, die Beatles seien „wie Babys“, als sie „Love Me Do“ machten

Gene Simmons von Kiss diskutierte, wie sich moderne Bands mit den Beatles vergleichen lassen
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13. Oktober 2022  
KISS' GENE SIMMONS On Mortality And Death - "I’d Be A Complete A**hole, Certainly More Than I Am Now, If I Wasn’t Grateful For This Amazing Life"

Kiss: Paul Stanley äußert Kritik an Kanye Wests antisemitischem Tweet

Mark St. John: What Happened To KISS’ Lesser-Known Guitarist

CREATURES OF THE NIGHT von Kiss wird 40 Jahre alt
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12. Oktober 2022  
(from Kiss Army Spain)
Dear KISS family,
In the last months many of you have asked us about our former “KISS 12” MAXI-SINGLES & EPs” book/catalogue which we released back in 2014 and it quickly sold-out at the time. So we have decided to release it again but now with a new REVISED, UPDATED AND EXTENDED VERSION WITH 10 MORE NEW PAGES. It’s a re-release exclusively available under pre-sale. Important: we will print as many copies as get reserved at the pre-sale only.

“KISS 12” MAXI-SINGLES & EPs” is a guide-type book which features all the official KISS 12” maxi-singles and EPs released in 16 countries. More than 150 pages, more than 400 full-colour high-quality photos and tons of information. The book will be available in Spanish and English.
Photos: See Kiss Army Spain

The price for one copy of the book is 25 euros + shipping by registered mail.

Spain: 9.30 euros
Europe: 18.10 euros
Rest of the world: 26.45 euros
If you are interested in purchasing more than one (1) copy, please ask us before so we can check out the right postage.
Payment method is by bank transfer to the following bank account:
Account holder: Alejandro Barreiro Barral
IBAN: ES63 0049 5030 13 2716741066
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Once payment has been sent by any of the two before mentioned methods, send e-mail to  with the following info:
•Full name and shipping address.
•Number of books purchased/paid.
•Language chosen for each copy.

We will start shipping the books in the second half of November.
If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to send us e-mail to: 
We want KISS!!! We are one!!!

Javier Rueda, Mauricio Vázquez y Alex Barreiro
Kiss Army Spain

Kiss: Paul Stanley kritisiert Kanye West nach antisemitischem Tweet

Paul Stanley slams Kanye West over controversial antisemitic tweet

KISS’ Paul Stanley Responds to Kanye West’s Anti-Semitic Post

Bruce Kulick: "Back then, I was just doing my job, but now I feel it’s my job to tell people what it was like."

Vinyl der Woche: Unmasked – Kiss
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11. Oktober 2022  
UNION Feat. BRUCE KULICK, JOHN CORABI – 1999 Album Live In The Galaxy To Receive Vinyl Reissue

PAUL STANLEY Criticizes KANYE WEST For Antisemitic Posts

Gene Simmons of KISS Cheated on Cher With Who?! | Howie Mandel Does Stuff

Es gibt zwei neue Kiss 2023 Kalender bei Amazon.

Bruce Kulick Admits Expecting An Offer From Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley To Replace Ace Frehley

See our best photos from Aftershock, including Kiss, Muse and Gwar’s gore-fest
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10. Oktober 2022  
Kiss’ ‘Monster’ Is Now 10 Years Old: Will It Be Their Last Album?

Videos: Ace Frehley live at The Dollar Loan Center, Henderson, NV, USA, 8.10.2022
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9. Oktober 2022  
Videos: Ace Frehley live at The Dollar Loan Center, Henderson, NV, USA, 8.10.2022

KISS Share "Lick It Up" Live Footage From Aftershock Festival 2022

s their money’s worth — and a whole lot more

Ace Frehley Setlist at The Dollar Loan Center, Henderson, NV, USA, 8.10.2022
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8. Oktober 2022  
Videos: KISS live at Discovery Park, Sacramento, CA, USA, 8.10.2022

KISS Setlist at Discovery Park, Sacramento, CA, USA, 8.10.2022
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7. Oktober 2022  
KISS Drummer ERIC SINGER Provides 2022 Tour Kit Rundown In New Video

KISS - Cold Gin - Navy Strength

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5. Oktober 2022  
Gene Simmons Addresses The Beatles Song That ‘Grabbed Him’

Ex-Kiss Manager Recalls Risky Decision to Bring Back This Song to Live Setlist, Names His 'Greatest Accomplishment' With the Band
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2. Oktober 2022  
KISS Share Blistering Live Version Of ‘I Love It Loud’
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1. Oktober 2022  
Bruce Kulick Opens Up on Unsuccessful First Kiss Audition, Says Band 'Intimidated' Him
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