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31. Oktober 2014

Paul Stanley on KISS: ‘The band will outlive me’

Kiss Go Long With Free Concert for Football Season Ticket Holders

KISS specials abound at Hard Rock Hotel ahead of November shows

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30. Oktober 2014

Podkisst: Boo!

Gene Simmons' Rx to fix Washington: Elect businessmen



Nürburg. Tritt AC/DC im nächsten Jahre beim Festival Grüne Hölle am Nürburgring auf? Oder doch Metallica? Schenkt man in den sozialen Netzwerken kursierenden Festivalplakaten Glauben, sind die australischen Hardrocker AC/DC der Favorit. Außer ihnen sollen unter anderem noch Kiss spielen, Limp Bizkit, Tenacious D und die Scorpions.
Hier weiterlesen.

Set Liste vom Honda Center, Anaheim, CA, USA, 29.10.2014  (LA KISS season ticket-holder concert)

Videos vom Kiss Konzert im Honda Center, Anaheim, CA, USA, 29.10.2014

Paul Stanley of KISS: ‘Winning and living on your own terms defines rock and roll’
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29. Oktober 2014

3 Nellis airmen picked as KISS 'Roadies for a Week'

Gene Simmons: I'm Rich, Peter Criss & Ace Frehley Are Poor Because of Addiction

Gene Simmons: "Frauen, werdet endlich unabhängig"

Gene Simmons Says Ace Frehley and Peter Criss Are ‘Poor’ + Tells Women to ‘Stop Depending on Men’

Video: Dylan McDermott Loves KISS

KISS: Love Gun Deluxe Edition Review

Benennt Robbie Williams seinen Sohn nach "Kiss"-Sänger?

Scott Ian on meeting his idol Gene Simmons

"Kiss"-Bassist Gene Simmons irritiert mit merkwürdigen Ratschlägen zum Feminismus
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28. Oktober 2014

Gene Simmons will starke Frauen!

Gene Simmons & die feministischen Ansichten


Am 14. November wird eine limitierte "Kiss 40" Steelbook Edition erscheinen.

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #99: Ace Frehley Tour Promotion, Where Is It? And the Love Gun Deluxe Release


Podcast Rock City: Why did Gene eat food off the floor?

Gene Simmons imparts tips for success in business, life in new book

10 essential costumed rockers, from David Bowie to KISS

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27. Oktober 2014
Gene Simmons Opens His Mouth Again To Give Women Some Tone-Deaf Career Advice

Kiss: Gene Simmons' Rat an die Frauen

KISS Love Gun Deluxe Edition Promo Clip

Simmons tells women to expect worst from men

KISS - Setlist And Audio Of Complete Hell & Heaven Show In Mexico Posted

Gene Simmons to women: Stop depending on men, eventually your husbands will leave you

Gene Simmons Talks World Domination: Make Me the Malevolent Dictator, I'd Fix Everything

Who Said It: Gene Simmons From Kiss Or Tech Luminary Marc Andreessen?

Video: Paul Stanley's First Impression of Gene Simmons: "I Didn't Like Him"

Gene Simmons: Speak English if you want to make it big

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26. Oktober 2014

KISS - Flaming Youth (Demo Alternate Version)

KISS - King Of The Night Time World (Instrumental DEMO 1975)

Video: Kiss Plaster Caster Live Mexiko 2014


(von Vince Aron)
Meine verrückten Töchter und ihre Freunde haben mir zum Geburtstag dieses hübsche Photo geschenkt...

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Videos: Kiss live beim Heaven and Hell Festival in Mexiko


Kiss spielten gestern in Mexiko. Hier gibt es die Set Liste vom Heaven and Hell Festival zu sehen.
"Creatures of the night" war der Opener, und sie spielten auch "Plaster Caster".

Book notes: Kiss' Gene Simmons signs 'Me, Inc.' at Tivoli

GENE SIMMONS Talks Me, Inc Business Book On Bloomberg TV - "It Was Up To Me To Educate Myself"

Gene Simmons greets fans at Books & Greetings in Northvale
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25. Oktober 2014

Die deutsche Ausgabe der Love Gun Deluxe Edition erscheint am 14. November.

Kiss treten heute in Mexiko beim "Heaven and Hell" Festival auf. Hier ist die werbung dafür zu sehen.

Emailing Vinnie Vincent- The Cassius Morris Show Episode 004

Video: GENE SIMMONS Signs Copies Of 'Me, Inc.' Book In New York City

KISS - Video Of GENE SIMMONS On The Today Show Discussing New Book Me, Inc.

Gene Simmons Does ‘The Tongue’ Thing on Outnumbered, Because of Course

Gene Simmons to women: Stop depending on men

Gene Simmons of KISS Bashes School on Live TV: "Nothing You Learn in School Prepares You for Success
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24. Oktober 2014

Peter Criss music drives Gene Simmons crazy at book signing

'I'm Outing the Guys': Hear Gene Simmons' Advice to Single Women

Video: Gene Simmons: Facepaint Demon Turned Financial King

Video: Paul Stanley's 1st Impression of Gene Simmons | Oprah: Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network

KFIX Rock News: KISS To Release Deluxe Version Of “Love Gun” Next Week
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23. Oktober 2014

Audio: Kiss 1985-12-28 Charlotte,NC(SOUNDBOARD) Asylum Tour

Audio: Kiss - 1985-01-31 - Live In Houston, USA ANIMALIZE TOUR SOUNDBOARD

KISS: 1974-04-01 The Agora, Cleveland, OH 1974-04-01 (Full Show) FM Broadcast

KISS Frontman Paul Stanley Guests On Oprah: Where Are They Now This Sunday

Gene Simmons: I Was “Mr. Super Arrogant” On Reality TV

Gene Simmons on Winning in Life and Business: An Exclusive Excerpt from the Rock Legend's Latest Book Me, Inc.

Video: The secret to Gene Simmons' success


Das 40-jährige Bandjubiläum wird weiter zelebriert. Jetzt erscheint das sechste Studioalbum der Band mit dem Titel Love Gun als 2CD-Deluxe Edition. In dieser Edition befinden:
CD 1: das original Album neu gemastert
CD 2: rare, bisher unveröffentlichte “Love Gun“ Demos von “Plaster Caster”, “Then She Kissed Me”, “Tomorrow and Tonight” und “Much Too Soon”. Zudem, die ersten vier Lines des Demos von “I Know Who You Are” (der später zu “Living In Sin” wurde) und vieles mehr. Die Aufmachung entspricht der Deluxe Editions-Reihe mit gewohntem Digipak-Packaging.

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22. Oktober 2014

Video: Paul Stanley | Oprah: Where Are They Now? | Oprah Winfrey Network

Deluxe Reissue of KISS' 1977 "Love Gun" Album Arriving Next Tuesday

40 Year Itch : The Demons of Rock

GENE SIMMONS: Success Offers You Freedom

Gene Simmons: No High School Course Teaches You ‘How to Be Steve Doocy’

Rocker Gene Simmons: Jews Aren’t Popular Unless They Are Needed

Gene Simmons to ‘Fox & Friends': ‘You Get Paid an Enormous Amount’

Photos: Gene Simmons at NBC's Today Show

Ace Frehley and Chris Jericho Talk Moon Landing Hoax

40 Years Ago: Kiss Release ‘Hotter than Hell’

Interview with Gene Simmons of KISS on ‘Me, Inc.’

Gene Simmons Describes 'The Most Profound Capitalist Lesson' He Ever Learned

Gene Simmons Explains Why You're Probably Doomed

The new KISS principle: Unleash your inner rock god, find the right partners and be a better boss

Paul Stanley Says KISS Characters Will Live On
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21. Oktober 2014

Gene Simmons On How He And KISS Frontman Paul Stanley Have Remained Business Partners For 40 Years

Gene Simmons' new book aims to help you 'Unleash Your Inner Rock God'

Video: Gene Simmons: Young women should marry older men

Kiss star Gene Simmons has some killer ideas about politics, as well as a new book

Gene Simmons has a lot to say when he isn’t busy spitting blood and playing bass with his rock band KISS.

Gene's romance tips for women

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #98: Chris Lendt Returns and Talks Contracts with Peter Criss & Ace Frehley

10 business advice gems from KISS frontman Gene Simmons

Bruce Kulick celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Hot in the shade

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20. Oktober 2014

Paul Stanley Explains Why KISS Replacements Wear Same Makeup

Foto: Helene Fischer im Kiss-Shirt

Gene Simmons: His Secrets To Building A Brand Name

Gene Simmons to Entrepreneurs: 'Unleash Your Inner Rock God'

GENE SIMMONS Talks KISS' Success - "Critics Still Live In Their Mother's Basement; We Own The World"

Video: The Best of Gene Simmons (Sound Bite Edition)

Gene Simmons Me, Inc Book Signing, Sunday Nov 9, 2014

PAUL STANLEY Says Illegal Music Downloading Is 'Morally And Ethically Wrong, And It Hurts People'

Gene Simmons bei der Autogrammstunde von seinem neuen Buch "Me, Inc."

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19. Oktober 2014

Foto: Kiss bei den Proben heute für das Konzert in Mexiko

GENE SIMMONS To Sign New Book Me, Inc. At KISS Monster Mini Golf

PodKISSt #97 Tabloid KISS-How to enjoy KISS in 2014

Lieder schreddern macht einen Höllenspass

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18. Oktober 2014

CBS News: Paul Stanley interview.

Win A Meet & Greet With Gene Simmons & A Copy Of His New Book ‘Me, Inc.’!

PAUL STANLEY: KISS 'Went Astray' By Creating New Characters For Non-Original Members

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17. Oktober 2014

Podcast Rock City, episode 45 – Livin’ in Sin party host Andy Moyen

Gene Simmons of KISS shares secrets of success in 'Me, Inc.'

Gene Simmons and Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp are coming to Canada!

5 things to learn from KISS frontman Gene Simmons' self-help manifesto before he visits Staten Island

Gene Simmons Describes 'The Most Profound Capitalist Lesson' He Ever Learned

Gene Simmons to Play a 'God' on New Music Competition Show

Kiss’ ‘Hot in the Shade’ turns 25 – Bruce Kulick Breaks Down ‘Rise To It’

Paul Stanley: Criss and Frehley were flat tyres


In der neuen Ausgabe des Metal Hammer (November 2014) ist ein zweiseitiger Kiss-Bericht enthalten. Vielen Dank an Mario Ebner für die Info.

Top 10 Vinnie Vincent KISS Songs

KISS: Deluxe 'Love Gun' Reissue Due This Month

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16. Oktober 2014

Ace Frehley : Space Invader

Ace Frehley Tour Dates 2014

20 Inspirational Quotes From Gene Simmons’s Self-Help Book ‘Me, Inc.’

Paul Stanley says KISS wouldn’t have stood a chance if they began their career in today’s music industry.

PAUL STANLEY Says ACE FREHLEY And PETER CRISS Resented Him For His 'Focus' And 'Drive'

If Kiss Started Today? ‘We’d Be F—ed,’ Says Paul Stanley

PAUL STANLEY Guests On The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast; In-Depth Two-Hour Video Interview Available


Ace Frehley ist auf dem Cover von "Scream Magazine" (Oktober 2014) in Norwegen.

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15. Oktober 2014


(von speedy64/Kiss Forum)

In Japan wird sie am 3. Dezember 2014 nochmal als SHM-CD und limitierter Auflage veröffentlicht. Allerdings dieses mal mit der Europa/Australien Tracklist.

Paul Stanley: In The Morning, Peter Criss: For Lunch, Ace Frehley: For Dinner, Gene Simmons: All Night Long

Video: Paul Stanley on The Joe Rogan Experience

Kiss’ Gene Simmons trashes reality talent shows, starts a new one

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #97: Rare Moments in KISSTORY, Were You There? We Were!

Gene Simmons autographs bicycle for raffle

You Can’t Stop Rock and Roll?

Jacksonville on KISS rockers’ restaurant radar

LA Kiss’ Managing Partner Talks Football, TV and Working With Rock Stars – Exclusive Interview

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14. Oktober 2014

Bruce Kulick in Mexico in November with "Big Noize"


KISS Fire “Love Gun” Once More


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13. Oktober 2014

One On One Podcast #58: Eddie Trunk (talks Kiss after 11:45 mark) & Scott Ian

25 Years Ago: Ace Frehley Gets Back on Track with ‘Trouble Walkin”

Video: Gene Simmons gets key to the city

Gene Simmons slams reality TV show judges

Gene Simmons to be tough judge

Gene Simmons Hates on Singing TV Show Judges, Talks Up His Rock Show 'Coliseum'

MIPCOM: Kiss Star Gene Simmons Slams Coddling TV Talent Show Judges


Das VÖ-Datum der "Love Gun" Deluxe Edition hat sich verschoben, nun lautet es 27. Oktober (UK und USA) bzw. 24. Oktober/7. November (Deutscland).


CD ONE – Original Album:
1. I Stole Your Love
2. Christine Sixteen
3. Got Love For Sale
4. Shock Me
5. Tomorrow And Tonight
6. Love Gun
7. Hooligan
8. Almost Human
9. Plaster Caster
10. Then She Kissed Me

CD TWO – Demos, Interview & Live:
1. Much Too Soon (Demo)*
2. Plaster Caster (Demo)*
3. Reputation (Demo)
4. Love Gun (Teaching Demo)*
5. Love Gun (Demo)*
6. Gene Simmons Interview (1977)*
7. Tomorrow And Tonight (Demo)*
8. I Know Who You Are (Demo)*
9. Love Gun (Live 1977)*
10. Christine Sixteen (Live 1977)*
11. Shock Me (Live 1977)*

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12. Oktober 2014

Gene Simmons in Cannes (Frankreich)

Gene Simmons Announces Book Tour For ‘ME, INC.’

Ace Frehley Tour Concert in New Brunswick Tickets 2014 State Theatre

Vinyl Spinning
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11. Oktober 2014

KISS’ Gene Simmons Unveils New Me, Inc. Book

Rock & Brews Continues Expansion With First East Coast Location

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10. Oktober 2014

AEROSMITH's JOE PERRY Comments On GENE SIMMONS' 'Rock Is Dead' Remark

KARE's biggest KISS fan hangs out with Gene Simmons


Chatrandom Help Police Catch Former WICKED LESTER Guitarist Stephen Arthur Coronel Who Was Engaged in Child Porn

Reality Bites: 4th And Loud

Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp coming to Calgary

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL FANTASY CAMP – mit Gene Simmons in Kanada
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8. Oktober 2014

KISS front men Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley to open restaurant in Oviedo next month

Peter Criss at "All things that rock" Philadelphia Festival 2014

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #96: Ace Frehley Ain't No Randy Rhoads & KISS Audio & Video Bootlegs

PodKISSt #96 Make up over Music?

GENE SIMMONS Announces US Signing Sessions For Me, Inc. Business Book
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7. Oktober 2014

Peter Criss Says He's "Really Proud" to Be an Artist Ambassador for Hard Rock Pinktober Campaign

Photos: Peter Criss of rock band KISS appears on Staten Island to raise awareness for male breast cancer

STRANGE WAYS Podcast #37- A conversation with KEN KELLY

Talking Metal Episode 494 Featuring Eddie Trunk talking Kiss

Konzertvertrag für das Kiss Konzert in Stockholm 1976

ACE FREHLEY – “What Happened At The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame...”

Ace Frehley: Space Invader
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6. Oktober 2014
Gene Simmons Autogrammstunden für sein neues Buch "Me, Inc."
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5. Oktober 2014

Video: Husky Marching Band | UW vs Stanford Halftime - "A Tribute to KISS" 9.27.14

Video: Peter Criss on the Early Days of KISS

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4. Oktober 2014

Amber Rose jetzt mit Sohn von Kiss-Rocker Gene Simmons zusammen?

Win an LA Kiss Game-Worn Jersey Signed by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley

Video: Gene Simmons Meets A Huge Kiss Fan – WCCO’s Chris Shaffer!
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3. Oktober 2014


(von Roberto Ariberti)

Paul's Autobiografie wird im November auf italienisch veröffentlicht. Es gibt auch ein Promo Shirt. Mehr Infos hier.

KISS and tell


Ace Frehley ist auf dem Cover von "Metal Maniac" (Sep./Okt. 2014) in Italien:

magMetalManiac2014-09Italy.jpg (11076 Byte)

Video: Through The Keyhole With Gene Simmons (sehr lustig und interessant!)

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2. Oktober 2014

There are no more 'iconic' rockers, insists Kiss's Gene Simmons

The 10 Best KISS Songs

The Playboy Library: KISS Alive!

Video: KISS’ Gene Simmons Eats Food Off the Ground at LAX Airport

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1. Oktober 2014

Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast #95: The Sloppy Episode Ace Frehley is a Sloppy Guitar Player & Some Vinnie Vincent Stuff

Kiss: Gene Simmons verteidigt "Rock 'n' Roll ist tot"-Aussage

Simmons of KISS: Rock & Brews' customers are the bosses

Video: KCL - Joel Nichols rocks out with Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons and Engelbert Humperdinck compare tongues

GENE SIMMONS Stands By 'Rock Is Dead' Claim, Says Technology Has Outpaced Laws

Video: KISS' Peter Criss: You don’t need boobs to get breast cancer

Kisstory Science Theatre Solo Podcasts

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