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30. November 2022  
KISS Seattle WA Love Gun Tour 1977 08 12 8mm

KISS Seattle, WA Dynasty Tour 1979 11 21 8mm Film

Videos: KISS live at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, 30.11.2022

KISS Setlist at Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan, 30.11.2022

Gene Simmons: "Everything Vinnie Vincent did sounded like Yngwie Malmsteen on crack"

Kiss' Gene Simmons Says Vinnie Vincent Was 'Like Yngwie Malmsteen on Crack': 'It Was Ridiculous'

Video: KISS Got to choose, Tokyo Dome, 30 Nov 2022 Sound Check
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29. November 2022  
GENE SIMMONS To Launch MoneyBag Vodka At Canadian Stops In December

KISS And The Story Behind The Lost 1970s Authorized Biography; Video

KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY To Make Personal Appearance At New Jersey's Wentworth Gallery Next Month

KISS's PAUL STANLEY Announces Wentworth Gallery Appearances

People who visit your site may enjoy this one. In my new episode, I talk with Steve and Scotty the masterminds behind the book Pictures: Alive (Rock Shows of 80’s and Beyond). We talk about how this killer book came about and we discuss the visual evolution of bands featured like Motley Crue and KISS. There’s a lot of KISS discussion - especially the Creatures tour which is featured heavily in the book.
Here’s the episode :

ACE FREHLEY - New Studio Album Expected In Spring-Summer 2023

ACE FREHLEY Is Putting Finishing Touches On New Studio Album

Trump enttäuscht, aber Biden ist zu alt, sagt Gene Simmons von KISS
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28. November 2022  
KISS’ Gene Simmons Explains Why He Doesn’t Have Any Friends

GENE SIMMONS Guests On Club Random Podcast With BILL MAHER (Video)

GENE SIMMONS Says He Was Initially 'Happy' When TRUMP Became President, Admits He's An 'Ageist' About BIDEN

KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park - Filming Locations - Horror's Hallowed Grounds - Then and Now

Gene Simmons | Club Random with Bill Maher


Kiss sind auf der Titelseite der schwedischen Zeitschrift "Sweden Rock Magazine" (11/2022).
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25. November 2022  
(from Alain Bellicha)
"You like my seven-inch...KISS singles collection" is a book of 100 pages showcasing the KISS single picture sleeves worldwide, with cool photos, info, and trivia. Get the few remaining copies at
Don't miss the combo with the "The Demons of Rock" book on all the memorabilia from the cult classic "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park"!

The Rush Record Paul Stanley Didn’t Understand
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24. November 2022  
Ep. 58 - Eddie Trunk Discusses Eric Carr (KISS, Palladium 1980, Ace Frehley, Creatures)

Als Kiss endlich nicht mehr floppten

KISS – Creatures Of The Night (Re-Release)
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23. November 2022  
Test: Gibson Gene Simmons G2 Thunderbird
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22. November 2022  
Gene Simmons: my stories of Eddie Van Halen, Donald Trump, Cher and more

KISS' GENE SIMMONS Knocks Another Million Dollars Off Asking Price For Las Vegas Estate
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20. November 2022  
A couple of members of Kiss Army Spain Fan Club were onboard the last two Kiss Kruises (two timers) and since the gifts given for both weeks were exactly the same, they have decided to sell these items so other fans who could not attend the Kiss Kruise can own these incredible and exclusive collectibles. Check them out here.

Why Nikki Sixx Doesn’t Like Gene Simmons Anymore

GENE SIMMONS Drops Another Million From Asking Price Of Las Vegas House
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19. November 2022  
KISS in Köln: Einlass, Zeitplan, Infos – gibt es noch Tickets?

Joe Lynn Turner schimpft über Backing-Tracks bei Kiss-Konzerten
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17. November 2022  
JOE LYNN TURNER Blasts KISS For Allegedly Using Backing Tracks: 'All It's Doing Is Destroying Your Legacy'

Kiss Vancouver, BC Dynasty Tour 1979 11 19 8mm Film uncirculated footage! (Paul on drums!)

METAL HAMMER präsentiert: Kiss

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood, NJ, USA, 16.11.2022

Ace Frehley Setlist at Bergen Performing Arts Center, Englewood, NJ, USA, 16.11.2022


Neue Deutschland-Termine für den Abschied

Kiss 2023 auf Deutschland-Tour, erstmals in Köln seit 24 Jahren

Kiss kommen erneut auf Abschiedstour
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16. November 2022  
KISS - Deutschland-Konzerte für 2023 angekündigt

(von Wizard Promotion)
Aufgrund der überwältigenden Nachfrage: KISS kündigen Zugaben für Deutschland an.
Shows in München, Dresden, Berlin, Mannheim und Köln im Sommer 2023.

Tickets ab sofort im Presale hier erhältlich.

GENE SIMMONS Says He's "Not Ready" For Daughter's Wedding - "He Doesn’t Know What He’s In For Because Sophie Wears The Pants," Says KISS Legend
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15. November 2022  
Gene Simmons Gives An Update After Having A ‘Simple’ Procedure

Kiss: Gene Simmons ließ sich Nierensteine entfernen

GENE SIMMONS Says KISS Has Decided On Date And Venue For Final Concert

KISS - Gene Simmons unterzog sich Nierenstein-OP

KISS's GENE SIMMONS Undergoes Procedure To Have Excess Kidney Stones Removed

INDEPTH UNBOXING of KISS "Creatures Of The Night" 40th Anniversary Box Set With Designer Tom Jermann
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14. November 2022  
Gene Simmons: „Ich bin nicht bereit“, dass Tochter Sophie einen „potenziellen Ehemann“ heiratet

Gene Simmons: ‘I’m not ready’ for daughter Sophie to marry ‘potential husband’
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13. November 2022  
35 Years Ago: Kiss Hits a Dead End on the ‘Crazy Nights’ Tour

Gene Simmons talks honoring veterans, donning drag for lost cult flick, and why he'll always 'totally support anybody who wants to be unique'
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11. November 2022  
Rare cuts, make-up contests and chef Paul Stanley - eight awesome things we learned on-board Kiss Kruise 2022

KISS Portland 1983 - Backstage and On Stage Footage from the PIT Area (Very Rare!)

Kiss Kruise 2022 Summary: A cruise to success!

KISS-"Sure Know Something" 1979 Video Outtakes

KISS Alive Unused TV Ad

Kiss - LIVE - Hot In The Shade Tour - 6/16/1990 Weedsport, NY (1 Tripod In House Steady Cam)
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10. November 2022  
4 Songs You Didn’t Know Kiss’ Paul Stanley Wrote for Other Artists

Ex-Kiss Guitarist Reveals Difficult Aspect of Writing With Paul and Gene: 'It Was Always Very Complicated'

The story of Gene Simmons’ iconic Axe bass
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9. November 2022  
Bruce Kulick Speaks Up on Feud With His Late Brother Bob: 'I Know He Always Knew I Loved Him'

Former KISS Roadie KEN BARR Has Passed Away

The Return of Sam Loomis… Again: KISS Love Gun Tour + Dynasty Promo Rushes Emerge

Paul Stanley Addresses Tommy Thayer’s 20 Years Of Commitment To KISS
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8. November 2022  
An Interview with Rik Fox of Steeler & W.A.S.P.

Paul Stanley ist auf der Titelseite der japanischen Zeitschrift  "Burrn!" (Dec. 2022).
Das Heft ist hier bei CD Japan zu sehen und zu bestellen.
Japanese KISS CDs & DVDs
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7. November 2022  
Videos: Ace Frehley live at EPIC Event Center, Green Bay, WI, USA, 5.11.2022

Ace Frehley Setlist at EPIC Event Center, Green Bay, WI, USA, 5.11.2022
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6. November 2022  
Paul Stanley mourns 'phenomenal' Taylor Hawkins

BRUCE KULICK Believes He And BOB KULICK Would Have Resolved Their Differences If His Brother Hadn't Died

The Night Peter Criss Cried Like A Baby On Paul Stanley’s Shoulder

Bruce Kulick Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 1.11.2022

Videos: Bruce Kulick live at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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5. November 2022  
PAUL STANLEY On TAYLOR HAWKINS: 'Nobody Loved Music Like He Did'

Ace Frehley Setlist at Arcada Theatre, St. Charles, IL, USA, 4.11.2022

Bruce Kulick On Replacing Mark St. John In KISS After The ‘Test’

Ex-Kiss Guitarist Bruce Kulick Recalls How Gene Simmons Reacted to His Failed First Audition, Explains What He Did Wrong
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4. November 2022  
KISS’ Paul Stanley Explains His Role In Bon Jovi’s Breakthrough Album

Paul Stanley Recalls First Impression of Bon Jovi, Reveals His Role in Band's Best-Selling Album

Ace Frehley Setlist at Eagles Theatre, Wabash, IN, USA, 3.11.2022

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Eagles Theatre, Wabash, IN, USA, 3.11.2022
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3. November 2022  
BRUCE KULICK Performs Crazy Nights Medley, Revenge Album Hits And More On KISS Kruise XI; Fan-Filmed Video Streaming

KISS Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 1.11.2022
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2. November 2022  
Kiss: So überwand Paul Stanley die Allüren von Gene Simmons

Kiss book - Planete Metal #9 (04 2021) Hachette Collection

KISS's PAUL STANLEY: 'It Breaks My Heart To See The Cancer Eating Away At The Heart And Soul Of This Amazing Nation'

Kiss' Paul Stanley explains how he put his beef with Gene Simmons to bed
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1. November 2022  
PAUL STANLEY Explains How He Got Over His 'Issues' With GENE SIMMONS

KISS Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 31.10.2022

Bruce Kulick Setlist at Norwegian Jewel, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 30.10.2022

KISS-Cover Band „Kissin" Time“ rockt das E-Werk mit „Coke for Annie“ als starker Vorgruppe
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