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30. November 2021    
When Brad Whitford Revealed Gene Simmons’ Secret About KISS Outfits

KISS - Official Website Fumbles Delivery Of Destroyer 45th Anniversary Box Set; Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast Investigates (Video)

SLASH, PAUL STANLEY And ALICE COOPER Memorabilia Part Of 'Guitar Icons' Auction To Benefit MUSIC RISING

BRUCE KULICK Shares New Promo Spot For Year-End Show
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29. November 2021    
Bei CD Japan gibt es bei der Bestellung der neuen Destroyer CD ein gratis Poster dazu! Preis: ca. 28 Euro.
Japanese KISS CDs & DVDs

Paul Stanley On Stephen Sondheim’s Death: ‘A True Musician Is Gone’

TED NUGENT Says GENE SIMMONS's Anti-Vaxxer Comments Are 'Not Truth, Logic And Common Sense'
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27. November 2021    
Paul Stanley Says Gene Simmons Thinks Everything Revolves Around Him

Bassist Gary Shea recalls ex-bandmate Vinnie Vincent not being able to make up his mind on things

TOM MORELLO And ACE FREHLEY To Perform At ALICE COOPER's 19th Annual 'Christmas Pudding' Concert

E! Rock Star Daughter With Monique Frehley
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26. November 2021    
Carmine Appice Warned Kiss About Hiring ‘Idiot’ Vinnie Vincent

Drum Legend Speaks on What He Had to Tell KISS About Its 'Total Idiot, Douchebag' Guitarist: 'He Acted Like Total Asshole'
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25. November 2021    
Eric Carr / The Cellarmen: live in Brooklyn 1967
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24. November 2021    
Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley Debates Over Who Really Wrote KISS’ ‘Strutter’

Carr Jam – 21 featuring Åge Sten Nilsen, Dregen, Ryan Roxie and more unveil debut single

BRUCE KULICK Remembers Late KISS Drummer ERIC CARR With "The Legend Lives On" 30th Anniversary Tribute; Video

Ex-KISS Guitarist BRUCE KULICK Pays Tribute To ERIC CARR On 30th Anniversary Of Drummer's Death

When Kiss Scolded ‘Rolling Stone’ for Ignoring Eric Carr’s Death

Bruce Kulick Pays Tribute to Eric Carr in New Video

Eric Carr "The Legend Lives On" (30th Anniversary Tribute)
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23. November 2021    
KISS’ Classic ‘Destroyer’ Album Celebrated With New Funko Pop! Figure Set

KISS - Destroyer Pop! Deluxe Album Now Available For Pre-Order; More Details Revealed

KISS: 'Destroyer' Deluxe Pop! Album From FUNKO Coming Soon

Sting, KISS, Stromae oder Roméo Elvis am Paléo im nächsten Jahr

When Paul Stanley Addressed The Main Purpose Of His Solo Career
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22. November 2021    
Nun gibt es auch die LP und das Box Set mit original Logo und schon jetzt lieferbar bei Amazon Deutschland:


William Eisen
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21. November 2021    
Kiss’ ‘Destroyer’ Was Almost Named ‘Dynasty’
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19. November 2021    
When Gene Simmons Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

BRUCE KULICK Shares Video Of "Exciter" From KISS Kruise X

KISS Release Destroyer 45th Anniversary Editions; New Commercial Streaming

Destroyer: an explosion of infernal imagination and Kiss's Sgt. Pepper


Unboxing the KISS Destroyer 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe 4CD+BluRay and 2LP Deluxe Vinyl Sets
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18. November 2021    
Maynard James Keenan Says Ace Frehley Took KISS Songs To Another Level

Paul Stanley Reflects on Success of Kiss’ ‘Do or Die’ ‘Destroyer’

Dave Grohl on 'KISS Guy' and why he invites fans on stage to play guitar with the Foo Fighters
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17. November 2021    
Ted Nugent Accuses Gene Simmons For Being An Anti-Vaxxer

Kiss launch their "drinks portfolio" into the American market

KISS Kruise X - Bedtime Stories with Paul Stanley

Ace Frehley verbreitet Astroworld-Verschwörungstheorie
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16. November 2021    
Gene Simmons Addresses Paul Stanley’s Songwriting Skills

Guitarist Speaks on How KISS Rejection Affected Him & How Gene Simmons Treated Him

KISS Vegas Residency Is Apparently Back On for 2022

TED NUGENT Is Puzzled By GENE SIMMONS's Anti-Vaxxer Comments: 'I'm Gonna Call Him And Try To Fix Him'

45 Years Ago: KISS Crank It Up With ‘Rock And Roll Over’

When Kiss and Lou Reed Created ‘A World Without Heroes’

Ace Frehley teilt Verschwörungstheorie: satanisches Ritual

KISS Manager DOC McGHEE Says Cancelled Vegas Residency Will Take Place In "August Or October" 2022

Ace Frehley Links Travis Scott Concert Deaths to ‘Satanic Ritual’
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15. November 2021    
Tommy Thayer Shares Which Aspect Of Leaving The Band He’ll Be Missing

KISS - "Drink It Up By KISS" Spirits Portfolio Makes US Debut

KISS Debuts Spirits Portfolio In U.S.

KISS's Second Las Vegas Residency Will Now Happen In Late 2022, Says Band's Longtime Manager

Listen to Unreleased Kiss Demo ‘Rock ’n’ Rolls Royce’

Ace Frehley Shares Astroworld Satanic Conspiracy Theory

ALEX JONES Blasts GENE SIMMONS Over Anti-Vaxxer Comments: 'Are You Stupid Or Are You Consciously Evil?'
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14. November 2021    
Gene Simmons Addresses The ‘Missing Piece’ Of The New Bands Like BTS

KISS Guitarist Reveals How Long It Takes Him to Put All the Makeup On, Talks Band's Massive Merch Catalog

ACE FREHLEY Promotes ASTROWORLD 'Satanic Ritual' Conspiracy Theory While Offering Condolences To Victims

PAUL STANLEY Condemns Comparisons Of COVID-19 Mandates And Holocaust: 'Stupidity Is No Excuse For Being Ignorant'

UNBOXING KISS "Destroyer" 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Box Set With Designer Tom Jermann

Ace Frehley Setlist at Hargray Capitol Theatre, Macon, GA, USA, 13.11.2021
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13. November 2021    
Paul Stanley’s Sister Calls Him An ‘Opportunistic Self-Serving Bastard’

Gene Simmons Speaks on What Ace Frehley Was Forced to Do By Producer on Iconic KISS Album, Says He's Still Heartbroken By Guitarist's 'Bad Behavior'


KISS's Manager: GENE SIMMONS Wouldn't Say Anything Against DAVID LEE ROTH


Gene Simmons Reacts To Accusations Of Not Being Vaccinated

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Newberry Opera House, Newberry, SC, USA, 12.11.2021

Ace Frehley Setlist at Newberry Opera House, Newberry, SC, USA, 12.11.2021
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12. November 2021    
JUST ANNOUNCED! KISS Headlining Welcome to Rockville 2022 Festival

Gene Simmons Says His 'Heart Breaks' Because Ace Frehley & Peter Criss Can't Be in KISS Now, That It's 'Tragic' What Happened to Them

KISS Preview Previously Unreleased Demo Of "Rock N' Rolls Royce" From Upcoming Destroyer 45th Anniversary Editions

Rock N' Rolls Royce (Gene Simmons Demo)

KISS werden wohl kein neues Studioalbum mehr veröffentlichen

Gene Simmons (Kiss) hat kein Verständnis für Ungeimpfte

Gene Simmons: the Fortt Knox Podcast interview, with Jon Fortt
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11. November 2021    
Paul Stanley Tells The Real Reason Gene Simmons Didn’t Sign Van Halen

Paul Stanley Explains Why KISS Won’t Release a New Studio Album

KISS' GENE SIMMONS Calls Out Unvaccinated People And Politics - "They Both Spread All Kinds Of Nonsense"; Video

KISS's GENE SIMMONS Calls Unvaccinated People 'Delusional' And The 'Enemy'

Gene Simmons Decries Anti-Vaxxers As ‘Evil People’

Ep. 157 - Doc McGhee talks KISS Kruise, End of The Road, David Lee Roth, Final Show, Motley & more!

Gene Simmons: Politics & the Unvaccinated Are Enemies!!! COVID Really Killed 5 Million

PAUL STANLEY Explains Why KISS Doesn't 'Need' To Release New Studio Album

Bruce Kulick Announces Las Vegas Show With Kiss Kruise Band

Why Kiss’ ‘Music From ‘The Elder” Never Made the Big Screen

Kiss: Paul Stanleys Schwester beleidigt ihren Bruder öffentlich

Paul Stanley Explains Why KISS Refused to Work With Van Halen, Gene Simmons Disagrees & Calls It 'Big Mistake'

KISS - Official Music From The Elder 40th Anniversary Merchandise Collection Available

Ace Frehley - The Space Cassette Set Unboxing
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10. November 2021    
Nikki Sixx Says Gene Simmons Refused To Hug Him

The true story of Kiss’s epic rock folly, Music From "The Elder"

Gene Simmons Regrets Not Working With Van Halen, Paul Stanley Explains Why They Didn’t

GENE SIMMONS Says Not Working With VAN HALEN Was KISS's 'Big Mistake'; PAUL STANLEY Begs To Differ

ACE FREHLEY Is Working On 'Some Heavy Songs'

GENE SIMMONS To Take Part In Livestream Interview / Chat For Upcoming KISS Destroyer 45th Anniversary Box Set Release

KISS's GENE SIMMONS To Appear On TalkShopLive For 45th-Anniversary Edition Of 'Destroyer'
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9. November 2021    
KISS Look Back On Music From "The Elder" On Its 40th Anniversary - "When You Fall, And You Fall Off Eight-Inch Heels, You Fall Hard"

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons remember KISS's failed, 'delusional' concept album 'Music From "The Elder"': 'We sold six copies'

KISS en vivo en Coventry, Queens, NY, USA - Diciembre 21 & 22, 1973

Paul Stanley’s sister lashes out at him as siblings mourn the loss of their 101 year old father
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8. November 2021    
Paul Stanley Mourns The Death Of His Father

Vater von Paul Stanley im Alter von 101 Jahren verstorben

KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY's Father Passes Away At 101

PAUL STANLEY's Father Dies At 101

Kiss: Paul Stanley trauert um Vater, verstorben mit 101
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7. November 2021    
Carmine Appice on Vinnie Vincent, "He's a great talent, but he's a troublemaker," Interview 2021

Bruce Kulick Band (KISS Kruise X) @ Stardust Theater (Inside the Norwegian Gem), at Sea Somewhere Over the Atlantic Ocean 11-2-21
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6. November 2021    
Jay Jay French Shares The Plan That Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons Had For KISS

Video: Kiss Kruise X 2021 Indoor Kiss Show # 2

KISS (KISS Kruise X Indoor Show 1) @ Stardust Theater (Inside the Norwegian Gem), at Sea Somewhere Over the Atlantic Ocean 10-31-21
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5. November 2021    
Wrestling Kiss Demon Returns for Retirement Match

Kochkurs auf See mit Paul Stanley (Kiss)

TOMMY THAYER Performs With Former Band BLACK 'N BLUE On KISS Kruise X (Video)
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4. November 2021    
The 5 Best Moments From the 2021 Kiss Kruise

Watch PAUL STANLEY's Cooking Class From This Year's 'Kiss Kruise'


BRUCE KULICK Pays Tribute To Brother BOB KULICK With Full Live Set Of KISS Deep Cuts On KISS Kruise X (Video)

KISS Kruise X - Full Q&A Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer, Craig Gass
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3. November 2021    
John 5 Recalls The Intimidating Reaction Of Gene Simmons When They First Met

BRUCE KULICK And ERIC SINGER Perform "Domino" On KISS Kruise X; Fan-Filmed Video Available

After a Big Stink, Gene Simmons Returns to Beverly Hills

Videos: Bruce Kulick live at Norwegian Gem, Miami, FL, USA, 2.11.2021

Bruce Kulick Setlist at Norwegian Gem, Miami, FL, USA, 2.11.2021

Bruce Kulick Setlist at Norwegian Gem, Miami, FL, USA, 30.10.2021

Bruce Kulick KISS Kruise Q&A
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2. November 2021    
Carmine Appice feels Vinnie Vincent was trying to be Yngwie Malmsteen on Vinnie Vincent Invasion albums

TWISTED SISTER Guitarist JAY JAY FRENCH Looks Back On Auditioning For WICKED LESTER - "I Wasn't Ready; ACE FREHLEY Was"

DAVID ELLEFSON Recalls His First KISS Concert Experience: 'I Was 13'

Kiss deny crew claims that lax Covid-19 tour protocols led to guitar tech’s death

KISS Perform "She's So European" And "We Are One" Live For The First Time Ever On KISS Kruise X; Fan-Filmed Video Streaming

KISS Setlist at Norwegian Gem, Miami, FL, USA, 1.11.2021

Kiss Announce 2022 Edition Of Kiss Kruise Will Travel From LA To Cabo
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1. November 2021    
Sebastian Bach Addresses The Overdub Controversy Over KISS’ ‘Alive!’

PETER CRISS - Rockologists Records Reissue Former KISS Drummer's Two Solo Albums On Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl; Promo Video

Watch KISS Perform 'She's So European' And 'We Are One' Live For First Time

Former KISS Drummer Peter Criss’ Two Solo Albums Re-Issued on Limited Edition Colored Vinyl

KISS Concerns Fans About Their COVID Precautions By Canceling An Upcoming Show

BRUCE KULICK Joins KISS For Two Songs On KISS Kruise X; Fan-Filmed Video Available

KISS Setlist at Norwegian Gem, Miami, FL, USA, 31.10.2021
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