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31. März 2024  
Ep. 269 - Doc McGhee Returns talking KISS Avatars, MSG, Biopic, Box Sets, Selling The Brand, Kruise

Ace Frehley interview-'10,000 Volts' Songwriting-Kiss Alive in-Studio-John Belushi-Tom Snyder-Aliens

Ace Frehley Setlist at Paramount Theatre, Rutland, VT, USA, 30.3.2024

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Paramount Theatre, Rutland, VT, USA, 30.3.2024
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30. März 2024  
ACE FREHLEY Says At Least 50% of KISS Alive! Was Either Resung Or Replayed - “If You Listen Closer To The Album You Can Hear That It's Faked”

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Center, Woonsocket, RI, USA, 29.3.2024

Ace Frehley Setlist at Stadium Theatre Performing Arts Center, Woonsocket, RI, USA, 29.3.2024
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29. März 2024  
KISS – 50 Years Ago Today ABC’s In Concert Aired Band’s First National Television Appearance; Video

Watch ACE FREHLEY's Entire New York City Concert

KISS Manager DOC McGHEE Talks Band Avatars And Beyond - "We Had Been Looking At Things For Five Years" (Video)

ACE FREHLEY On ERIC SINGER: 'I Know He Would Have Preferred Having Me Play Guitar' In KISS Over TOMMY THAYER

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Sony Hall, New York, NY, USA, 28.3.2024

Ace Frehley Setlist at Sony Hall, New York, NY, USA, 28.3.2024
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28. März 2024  
Ace Frehley Explains Steve Brown’s Betrayal Over Songwriting Credits

ACE FREHLEY's Childhood Friend PEPPY CASTRO On Being Removed From 10,000 Volts Project Following Negative Remarks From Producer STEVE BROWN - "Ace Could Pick His Nose And This Record Would Sell"; Video

Peter Criss at the Raven Drum Foundation Benefit Show, March 14, 2024
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27. März 2024  
When Ace Frehley Was Too Nervous to Stand Up in the Studio
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26. März 2024  
Kiss’ Gene Simmons Is Promising ‘No More Make-Up’

In der neuen Ausgabe von "Hardline" (April 2024) ist ein zweiseitiges Interview mit Ace Frehley und eine ganzseitige Werbung für sein neues Album "10.000 Volts" enthalten.

Ex-Iron Maiden Guitarist Opens Up on Touring With KISS: 'Ace Frehley Played Great, but Never Came Out of His Dressing Room'
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25. März 2024  
Decibel Geek Podcast - Conversation with Ace Frehley - Ep568

Ace Frehley Predicts Gene And Paul’s New KISS Plans Will Fail

SEBASTIAN BACH Doesn't Mind 'Older' Musicians Like PAUL STANLEY Using 'Some Technology To Help Them Get Through' A Concert

Gene Simmons von KISS gibt im August ein Konzert in Oberhausen

Ace Frehley: „Ich bin ein fantastischer Songwriter“
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24. März 2024  
Steve Brown opines Ace Frehley’s albums in last 30 years prior to ‘10,000 Volts’ were “mediocre at best”
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23. März 2024  
Ace Frehley feels KISS will reform in one way or another or with different people

Ace Frehley says he got an apology from producer who claimed to have written "97%" of former Kiss man's solo album 10,000 Volts

ACE FREHLEY Says At Least 50% of KISS Alive! Was Either Resung Or Replayed - “If You Listen Closer To The Album You Can Hear That It's Faked”

ACE FREHLEY Runs Down Five Essential KISS Classics With PROFESSOR OF ROCK (Video)

Ace Frehley Says 'At Least 50% of Kiss Alive Was Re-sung or Replayed In The Studio'

Ace Frehley Talks New Album '10,000 Volts', Kiss Avatars, Tom Snyder & Kiss Alive Touch-Ups In The Studio

ACE FREHLEY Was 'Shocked' To Hear Collaborator STEVE BROWN Take Credit For Writing '97 Percent' Of '10,000 Volts' Album

Paul Stanley Adds New Art Show

Ace Frehley Spaceman Limited Edition Galaxy Grape Vinyl Unboxing and Review
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22. März 2024  
Justin Hawkins Blasts Ace Frehley On Live Show: ‘You’re A C—t If You Make The Darkness Late’

Ace Frehley Forgives Justin Hawkins for Calling Him a ‘C—‘

KISS: Gene Simmons Band spielt ein exklusives Deutschland-Konzert 2024

KISS - Gene Simmons Band kommt nach Deutschland

Gene Simmons spielt mit seiner Band am 6. August in der Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen und am 8. August in Luxenburg. Tickets gibt es hier.

KISS-Legende Gene Simmons kommt nach Oberhausen
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21. März 2024  
ACE FREHLEY Addresses 10,000 Volts Guitar Solo Rumours - "People Are Always Gonna Say Something That's Going To Start Things Off"

ACE FREHLEY Says He 'Played The Majority The Guitar Solos' On '10,000 Volts' Album, Despite Rumors To The Contrary

CHRIS JERICHO's KISS Covers Band KUARANTINE Releases 'Good Girl Gone Bad' Single

Ace Frehley Addresses ‘10,000 Volts’ Guitar Solo Rumors

Eric Carr - Unfinished Business (Vinyl) - RSD 2024 (CFUSA)
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20. März 2024  
Original KISS Guitarist ACE FREHLEY Guests On The Eddie Trunk Show; Rare 1999 Audio Unearthed

In der neuen Ausgabe von "Mint" (4/2024) ist ein ganzseitiges Review über Ace Frehleys neues Album enthaletn. Vielen Dank an Andreas Balzer für die Info.
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19. März 2024  
ACE FREHLEY Says ANTON FIG Almost Replaced PETER CRISS In KISS – “Within 24 Hours, PAUL And GENE Changed Their Minds”
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18. März 2024  
Tommy Thayer & Friends Benefit 2024

KISS launches first-ever makeup collection with Glamlite
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16. März 2024  
Why I love Kiss, by Bill & Ted’s Alex Winter
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15. März 2024  
48 Years Ago: KISS Make the Leap on ‘Destroyer’

Gene Simmons On Making Ace Frehley Angry By Comparing Him To Eddie Van Halen

ACE FREHLEY Shares Halloween Dress Up Fan Montage Video
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12. März 2024  
Gewinnspiel: 10,000 VOLTS von Ace Frehley im Lostopf
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11. März 2024  
Ace Frehley Wants Ezra Miller To Play Him In His Biopic

Gene Simmons Recalls Telling Ace Frehley to Learn Eddie Van Halen's Solo for Kiss Song: 'He Was Furious'

Kiss: Ace Frehley glaubt nicht ans Ende der Band

"I don't think they're gonna retire. They've been retiring for the last twenty years": Kiss played their final show last year, but Ace Frehley isn't convinced

Ace Frehley Monsters of Rock Cruise 2024 Studio B complete set
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9. März 2024  

GENE SIMMONS Goes Live On Facebook! Watch Live video

Gene Simmons Confirms KISS’ Ending Is A New Beginning: ‘You Can’t Make Us Go Away’

KISS To Release Creatures Of The Night 40th Anniversary Edition In 9LP Vinyl Box Set Next Month
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7. März 2024  
Gene Simmons schwärmt von den Kiss-Avataren

GENE SIMMONS On KISS Avatars - "Our End Is Really Like The Caterpillar Becoming The Butterfly" (Video)

GENE SIMMONS On KISS Avatars: 'What I've Seen Will Blow Your Mind'
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6. März 2024  
Gene Simmons Is Open To Work With Ace Frehley Again

The Day Tommy Thayer Played His First Kiss Show

Watch: ACE FREHLEY Accidentally Sets Off Guitar Smoke Effect While Performing On 'Monsters Of Rock' Cruise

Gene Simmons über das finale Konzert und Ende von Kiss

GENE SIMMONS Looks Back On Final KISS Show - "You Wanna Get Off That Stage While The Getting's Good; We Did This At The Right Time" (Video)

GENE SIMMONS Reflects On KISS's Final Performance: 'We Did This At The Right Time, At The Right Place'
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5. März 2024  
Steve Lukather’s Son Trev Met Gene Simmons While Stoned: ‘Paranoia Was In Full Swing’

Rob Rush Talks With Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley Recalls How Label Owner Was Against Kiss Wearing Make-Up: 'Take It or Leave It, This Is Us'

KISS' GENE SIMMONS Announces Facebook Live Event For Thursday; Video

ACE FREHLEY Shares Recap Video From Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2024

Ace Frehley - Monsters of Rock Cruise - 2024

GENE SIMMONS Announces Facebook Live Event For This Thursday: 'I'll Be Answering Your Questions'
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4. März 2024  
ACE FREHLEY Tops Both The Hard Music And Rock Charts With 10,000 Volts

Ace Frehley Setlist at Royal Caribbean - Independence of the Seas, Miami, FL, USA, 3.3.2024

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Royal Caribbean - Independence of the Seas, Miami, FL, USA, 3.3.2024
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3. März 2024  
ACE FREHLEY's '10,000 Volts' Collaborator Says There Was 'A Ton Of Mediocrity' On Some Of Ex-KISS Guitarist's Previous Solo Albums

Art bringing KISS' Paul Stanley joy and rebellion

Ace Frehley 10,000 Volts Cherry Medicine Limited Edition 750 UNITS Vinyl Unboxing and Review

Ace Frehley’s Worst ‘Destroyer’ Moment With Bob Ezrin
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1. März 2024  
(von Marco Syrjala)
Legendary KISS -guitarist Bruce Kulick will visit Finland after a seven-year break. This time, he has no less than three separate appearances in the program. Kulick will first hold two unique guitar clinics in Helsinki and Tampere. In addition to the clinic, the evenings include interactive Q&A sessions where the audience can ask Bruce questions while enjoying the stories, songs, and music presented by Bruce.

Guitar Clinic + Q&A events are organized in cooperation with Kiss Army Finland, Kaaoszine, On the Rocks, Tuhdimmat Tahdit, and Hönö Bar. In addition to these two events, Kulick will also be seen playing live in Humppila, mainly organized by the municipality itself with the help of Kiss Army Finland, as the main performer of The Great 80’s Festival. There he will perform a full set of KISS classics with a live band, the set list focusing on his time with KISS.

In addition to guitar clinic and live performance, a separate Bruce Kulick Meet & Greet is organized in connection with each event. You can buy tickets for them on the Kiss Army Finland website, where you can also find a more detailed description of the content of the Meet & Greet events. NOTE! To participate in the Meet & Greet event, you must also have a ticket to the main event of the evening.


Bruce Kulick joined the iconic band KISS in 1984 and remained with the band until 1996, earning multiple gold and platinum records. Bruce’s KISS-era recordings included the albums Asylum (1985), Crazy Nights (1987), Hot In The Shade (1989), Revenge (1992), Alive III (1993), MTV UNPLUGGED (1996), and Carnival Of Souls (1997).

After KISS, Kulick formed a new band with ex-Mötley Crue vocalist John Corabi. Union released two studio albums and one live release before disbanding in the early 2000s.

Bruce Kulick is also known as a skilled studio musician, and he has contributed to albums by bands such as Avantasia, Meat Loaf, Michael Bolton, Billy Squier, Blackjack, and the Finnish monster band Lordi. He has also been involved in several projects with his former KISS colleagues, including solo albums by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and Eric Singer’s band ESP. He also appeared three times on the KISS Kruise with his solo band. It is also noteworthy that Bruce played with the American rock band Grand Funk Railroad for 23 years until last December 2023.

Bruce Kulick’s “Finland 2024” -dates:
27.05 On the Rocks, Helsinki TICKETS
29.05 Hönö Baari, Tampere TICKETS
31.05 The Great 80’s Festival, Humppila TICKETS
Bruce Kulick Meet & Greet packages can be purchased HERE


In der neuen Ausgabe von "Slam" (Nr. 132, März/April 2024) ist ein zweiseitiges Interview mit Ace Frehley enthalten.

"I've had to turn my back, because, you know, the big man is not supposed to cry": All the stories from behind the scenes at Kiss's emotional final blow-out at Madison Square Garden
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