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31. Januar 2024  
Bruce Kulick Thinks Taylor Swift Stole His KISS ‘Asylum’ Look

Ace ist auf der Titelseite von "Rock Candy" Magazin (Feb./March 2024).

Ace Frehley tried to get back on stage with KISS for their last concert but couldn’t make it happen

ACE FREHLEY - "I Would Have Liked To Go On The Road With KISS One Last Time, But It Wasn't To Be"

ACE FREHLEY On His Absence From KISS's Final Show: 'I Did Try, But I Couldn't Make It Happen'

GENE SIMMONS Recalls KISS’ First Show – “We Didn’t Have A Manager; We Didn’t Have An Agent”
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29. Januar 2024  
ACE FREHLEY Announces New York City In-Store Signing Session For 10,000 Volts Album

ACE FREHLEY Announces Rare In-Store Signing Session For New Album '10,000 Volts'


Gene Simmons Offers Fans The Opportunity To Record With Him

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Brown County Music Center, Nashville, IN, USA, 27.1.2024

Ace Frehley Setlist at Brown County Music Center, Nashville, IN, USA, 27.1.2024
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28. Januar 2024  
Neues Kiss Buch - The first masked years (1975 - 1983)
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27. Januar 2024  
Ace Frehley Reveals His IQ To Prove His Genius

Watch: ACE FREHLEY Performs New Single '10,000 Volts' Live For First Time

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Paramount Theatre, Anderson, IN, USA, 26.1.2024

Ace Frehley Setlist at Paramount Theatre, Anderson, IN, USA, 26.1.2024

BRUCE KULICK Receives "Guitar Legend" Award, Presented By PHIL SOUSSAN; Video

Videos: Ace Frehley live at Grand Theatre, Frankfort, KY, USA, 25.1.2024

Ace Frehley Setlist at Grand Theatre, Frankfort, KY, USA, 25.1.2024
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23. Januar 2024  
Ace Frehley Sends A Message To Paul Stanley: Is He Trying To Make Up Now?

KISS' GENE SIMMONS Returns To Social Media

Gene Simmons steht bald wieder auf der Bühne, Paul Stanley legt sich mit Kiss-Fans an

"If you think it’s just about putting make-up on your face and you can have a fifty-year career, boy, are you dreaming": Gene Simmons reflects on 50 years of Kiss
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22. Januar 2024  
Songwriter Desmond Child reveals KISS’ hit “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” is one of his biggest moneymakers

ACE FREHLEY Takes You Behind The Scenes Of Upcoming "Walkin' On The Moon" Music Video

ACE FREHLEY Films Music Video For New Song 'Walkin' On The Moon'

Kiss Frontman Paul Stanley Is A Big Fan Of Beethoven. Who Knew?

In der neues Ausgabe des Metal Hammer (2/2024) ist ein zweiseitiger Bericht über das Abschlusskonzert enthalten. Für die nächste Ausgabe ist ein Interview mit Ace Frehley angekündigt.

JOHN 5 Says He Got The Very Last Photo Of KISS's GENE SIMMONS With His Iconic 'Demon' Makeup On
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21. Januar 2024  
STATIC-X Collaborator EDSEL DOPE Is 'Skeptical' About KISS Avatars: 'I'm Not Sure That The Music Can Speak To A Younger Generation'
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20. Januar 2024  
Ace Frehley Reveals Tragic End Of His 18-Year-Old Girlfriend

How Mötley Crüe Influenced Kiss

Paul Stanley: Alles Gute zum 72. Geburtstag!
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19. Januar 2024  
PAUL STANLEY Assures Fans That KISS Avatars "Still Have Plenty Of Kinks To Be Ironed Out", Says They Are "Really In Their Infancy"

ACE FREHLEY On 10,000 Volts - "I Think This New Album Is Equally As Good As My 1978 Solo Album, And I Think There's More Than One Hit Single"; Video

ACE FREHLEY On Upcoming '10,000 Volts' LP: 'It's One Of The Best Albums I Ever Did'

Paul Stanley: ‘When You Play Beat-The-Clock, The Clock Wins, Always’

KISS treffen auf Scooby Doo: Die schrägsten Metal-Cameos in Cartoons

Kritik an Kiss-Avataren? „In 9 von 10 Fällen hatten Band-Ideen Erfolg“

Ace Frehley recalls firing Richie Scarlet given that Gene Simmons’ band came as a package deal

Kiss: Fans haben Avatare falsch verstanden
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18. Januar 2024  
Kiss’ Paul Stanley On His Music, His Art And His Persona

KISS’ PAUL STANLEY - “The More Famous I Became, The More Drugs Became Currency”

PAUL STANLEY: KISS Fans 'Got The Wrong Impression Initially Of The Avatars'

Paul Stanley’s Not Stressed Over Kiss Avatar Backlash: Exclusive

Ace Frehley Speaks on Most Recent Spat With Paul Stanley, Explains Current Relationship With Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons Announces First Post-Kiss Show

Gene Simmons: Nächster Auftritt (ohne Kiss) steht bevor
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17. Januar 2024  
BRUCE KULICK Joins NUTTY For Jazz Rendition Of KISS Classic "Detroit Rock City"; Video

KISS – GENE SIMMONS’ New Solo Band To Perform At Summer Breeze Brazil 2024

GENE SIMMONS's Solo Band To Perform At 2024 Edition Of Brazil's SUMMER BREEZE Festival

ACE FREHLEY gewährt in einem Video einen Einblick in die Aufnahmen zum neuen Album «10'000 Volts»

Ace Frehley schuldet Finanzamt Hunderttausende Dollars

Ace Frehley über Paul Stanley: „Stecke ihn als Gitarrist in die Tasche“

Ace Frehley reveals first meeting Vinnie Vincent at Creatures Fest back in May 2022

"You're so independent; you're so tough": Relive the bizarre moment Donald Trump fired Gene Simmons on Celebrity Apprentice
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16. Januar 2024  
Paul Stanley’s Son Evan’s Biggest Music Inspiration Wasn’t KISS, It Was Actually Nirvana

ACE FREHLEY Explains Passport Issues Which Have Kept Him From Touring Europe: 'I Owe The IRS A Couple Of Hundred Grand'

Ace Frehley Says He Can Sing Better Than Paul Stanley

“I can play rings around Paul Stanley on guitar. I can even sing better than him and don’t have to use backing tracks” – interview with Ace Frehley
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14. Januar 2024  
Ace Frehley Admits He's 'a Sloppy F***ing Guitar Player': 'I Should Have Practiced More'

KISS In Focus Poster Magazine
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13. Januar 2024  
Paul Stanley Is Back With New Project After KISS Final Show

Bruce Kulick Recalls What Ace Frehley and Vinnie Vincent Were Like When They Played Live Together

ACE FREHLEY: 'A Lot Of People Say My Vocals Are Stronger Now Than They Were 10, 15 Years Ago'

Tod eines Groupies: Wer ermordete Playmate und Kiss-Freundin Star Stowe?
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12. Januar 2024  
Ace Frehley On Rumors About KISS Using Backing Tracks Due To Paul Stanley

ACE FREHLEY Offers Sneak Peek Of New Album With 10,000 Volts: Behind The Scenes Video

KISS Promote Psycho Circus Album And Tour On The Jonathan Brandmeier Show; Rare Audio Unearthed

Kiss sind auf der Titelseite der neuen Ausgae von "Aardschok" (Holland, Jan./Feb. 2024)

ACE FREHLEY Shares Behind-The-Scenes Video From Making Of '10,000 Volts' Album

"KISS - Die heißeste Band der Welt (1/2)" bei Arte im Stream und TV: Folge 1 des Künstlerporträt

"Kiss – Die heißeste Band der Welt": Selbstbewusst auf Plateauschuhen
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11. Januar 2024  
TOMMY THAYER Reflects On His KISS Career - "I've Been In The Unique Position Of Being A KISS Fan First"

ACE FREHLEY On Upcoming 10,000 Volts Album - "It's The Same Guitar Playing Style As On The First KISS Album"

KISS, RUSH, QUIET RIOT, SCORPIONS, JUDAS PRIEST Members Tell Stories About Their Classic 80s Videos - "Suddenly, I'm Doing What Looked Like A Hair Commercial"

Radio BOB! startet KISS-Stream

TOMMY THAYER Reflects On His KISS Career - "I've Been In The Unique Position Of Being A KISS Fan First"
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10. Januar 2024  
Even Tommy Thayer Can’t Predict The Outcome Of KISS’ Bold Avatar Plan

'There Was Criticism. There Always Is': Tommy Thayer Opens Up on His Time in KISS, Speaks on Relationship With Gene & Paul

Kiss Avatars Will ‘Take Some Time’ to Get Right

The Shocking Truth: Why FORMER KISS Member Bruce Kulick Wasn't at the Last Show!

TV-Tipp: Doku über KISS bei Arte

Nach Hörer-Petition: RADIO BOB! startet KISS-Stream

Am Freitag (12.1.2024) wird die zweiteilige Doku "Kiss - die heißeste Band der Welt" um 21: 40 Uhr auf arte ausgestrahlt.
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9. Januar 2024  
EINSTEIN ALERT … Ex-KISS guitarist Ace Frehley claims to have an IQ of 163

Tommy Thayer would like to hear KISS’ last studio album ‘Monster’ remixed at some point
KISS' PAUL STANLEY Announces February Fine Art Shows In Florida

TOMMY THAYER On KISS Avatars: 'It'll Take Some Time To Get The Imagery Where We Want It To Be'

Kiss: Deshalb war Bruce Kulick nicht beim letzten Konzert

Ace Frehley verrät seine Neujahrsvorsätze

BRUCE KULICK Says KISS Did Not Honor And Respect 'Kisstory' At Final Concert
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8. Januar 2024  
Bruce Kulick wurde nicht zum Kiss-Abschluss eingeladen

ACE FREHLEY - New 2024 Tour Dates Announced
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7. Januar 2024  
Paul Stanley’s Son Isn’t Interested In Taking Over KISS, ‘I’m Busy With My Thing’

Bruce Kulick Speaks up on Final Kiss Concert: 'They Never Said Anyone's Names'

BRUCE KULICK Guests On Shout It Loud Podcast, Discusses Final KISS Show And His Departure From GRAND FUNK RAILROAD

Ace Frehley Recalls a 'Dig' from Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley That Inspired his '78 Solo Album

ACE FREHLEY Looks Back On 1978 Solo Album - "It Still Holds Up To This Day"

ACE FREHLEY Explains Why He Hasn't Used Artificial Intelligence During Songwriting Process

Ace Frehley on feeling better off since leaving Kiss: "Paul and Gene have tried to destroy my reputation over the years. And unfortunately for them my new record is going to make them look like imbeciles"

ACE FREHLEY Wants To 'Get Closer To God' And 'Practice The Guitar More' In 2024

Gene Simmons event at electric lady studio 12/5/23

Guitarist Reveals Why He Never Joined KISS, Recalls What Recording Solo for 'Creatures of the Night' Was Like

ACE FREHLEY Plans To Commence Work On ‘Origins Vol. 3’ After ‘10,000 Volts’ Album Drops
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6. Januar 2024  
Bruce Kulick Claims KISS Fans Were Disappointed About Their Final Show

BRUCE KULICK On KISS's Final Concert: 'I Wasn't Asked To Be There And I Wasn't Invited'

Classic Rock 323 Kiss 4-Mag Bundle

Backstage at the final Kiss show: Only in the pyrotechnic new issue of Classic Rock

Ace Frehley Looking For Beer Commercial He Made With Rick Nielsen

Win a KISS Signed Setlist From Their FINAL Hollywood Bowl Show + a KISS Signed License Plate

Bruce Kulick on Final Kiss Show: ‘Kisstory Was Not Represented’
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4. Januar 2024  
Bruce Kulick Leaves Grand Funk Railroad: 'I Don't Want a Crazy Pace, But I'm Not Retiring'

ACE FREHLEY Talks New 10,000 Volts Album - "Creating Amazing Music Is The Best Way To Combat Someone Putting You Down; That's How I Shut Them Up"

ACE FREHLEY Recalls Touring With KISS Support Acts RUSH, BLACK SABBATH, CHEAP TRICK - "Alex Lifeson Used To Dress Up With A Bag Over His Head And We'd Just Entertain Each Other, And Get Loaded... It Was Hysterical"

Guinness confirms, Minnesotan has world’s largest collection of KISS memorabilia

KISS - Tickets für das Kiss Fan Meeting in Castrop-Rauxel zu gewinnen

Eric Carr Rockology Record Store Day Exclusive Vinyl Unboxing and Review

KISS – "Die heißeste Band der Welt" in der Mediathek ansehen

Bruce Kulick Announces That He Left Grand Funk Railroad

Ace Frehley feels the songs on his upcoming album are reminiscent of KISS’ ‘Rock and Roll Over’

Eric Carr Rockology Record Store Day Exclusive Vinyl Unboxing and Review
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3. Januar 2024  
(von Ingo Maurischat)
Wir haben noch das seltene vinyl shape von Iced Earth auf Lager, mit dem creatures Cover und Gene vorne auf dem shape drauf - link unten!
Vielleicht ne News wert, damals bei VÖ etwas unter gegangen!

Ace Frehley Claims Eddie Van Halen's & Yngwie Malmsteen's Solos Lack This One Thing, Explains His Own Approach to Soloing

ACE FREHLEY - "I'm Planning A KISS Movie About My Life... My Life Is Like A Fairytale"; Video

ACE FREHLEY To Work On 'Origins Vol. 3' After Release Of '10,000 Volts' Album

50 Jahre KISS: Aufarbeitung einer Rock-Legende

Ace Frehley an Kiss-Nachfolger Thayer – „zurück in die Brotschlange“

Kiss: Bruce Kulick schreibt seit Jahrzehnten an seinen Memoiren
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2. Januar 2024  
Gene Simmons takes fans inside New York’s Electric Lady Studios

How Gene Simmons Pranked, and Helped, Desmond Child

Ace Frehley feels KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer can’t duplicate his guitar technique

KISS’ Paul Stanley Picks the Best + Worst Records He’s Made

KISS’ Paul Stanley Presents a Social Media Challenge for 2024

GENE SIMMONS On Classic KISS Single "Beth" - "It's Very Representative Of Us... As Much As 'Rock And Roll All Nite' Is"; Rare 1977 CHOM-FM Radio Interview Unearthed (Audio)

KISS' GENE SIMMONS Recaps Electric Lady Studios Fan Experience - "We're Gonna Be Coming Your Way, At A Local Recording Studio Where You Live"; Video

BRUCE KULICK Parts Ways With GRAND FUNK RAILROAD - "I Really Wanted To Look At What I Wanted To Do Personally And Creatively"

GENE SIMMONS On Recording A Song With Fans At New York’s ELECTRIC LADY STUDIOS: 'What An Amazing Experience'

Former KISS Guitarist BRUCE KULICK Could 'Finally' Get Around To Writing His Memoir: 'I Think I Have A Great Story To Tell'

Bruce Kulick Announces His Departure From Grand Funk Railroad

Ace Frehley: ‘It’s Back to the Breadline’ for Tommy Thayer

“I’ve never had a guitar lesson. I was born with a certain technique that many people, namely Tommy Thayer, can’t duplicate”: Kiss guitar icon Ace Frehley on why new album 10,000 Volts is the best he’s ever made – and a wake-up call for his ex-bandmates

(von Marc Scholl)
Der MusicStore in Köln bietet gerade die Tommy Thayer Signature-Gitarre zu einem reduzierten Preis an.

PAUL STANLEY: 'Let's Stop With 'I'm Entitled To My Opinion'. At What Cost To This World?'

Frehley's Comet: 1984 demos (brand new source 2024)
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