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31. Januar 2023  
"A lesser band might have been humiliated" - the story of the first Kiss show

KISS Announce Support Acts For Final UK Tour Dates

KISS Preparing Announcement For Final Concert Date, Venue

KISS machen Schluss – ihr letztes Konzert steht fest

Paul Stanley Names The Band That Inspired A KISS Stage Prop

Das letzte Kiss-Konzert ist für 2023 geplant

Rockband Kiss seit einem halben Jahrhundert auf der Bühne
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30. Januar 2023  
Longtime Kiss Manager Reveals When to Expect Band's Last Ever Show, Compares Kiss To Marvel

KISS's Longtime Manager Says Final Show Of 'End Of The Road' Tour Will Definitely Happen In 2023

50 Jahre Kiss: "Rock and roll all night and party every day"

Heute kommt in "Brisant" im Ersten um 17:10 Uhr ein Beitrag über Kiss:
100 Millionen verkaufte Alben weltweit: Wie vor 50 Jahren die Erfolgsgeschichte von Kiss begann
Die Sendung wird mehrmals auf verschiedenen Kanälen wiederholt.


When we were Animalized
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29. Januar 2023  
GENE SIMMONS Invites You To Get Up Close & Personal In Vegas

(von Udo Zielke)
KISS im deutschen Fernsehen.
Das ZDF bringt in ihrer Dokureihe einen Bericht über die heißeste Band der Welt.
Die Sendung kann jetzt bereits in der Mediathek abgerufen werden.
Sendetermin: So, 26.2.2023 um 11 Uhr auf ZDFinfo
Info: nur über eine deutsche IP Adresse zu sehen. Wer nicht in Deutschland wohnt, kann sich z.B. hier mit VPN eine deutsche IP-Adresse zulegen.

GENE SIMMONS Invites You To Get Up Close & Personal In Vegas
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28. Januar 2023  
Why Paul Stanley Thinks Chasing ‘Out of Reach’ Goals is Idiotic

Why Paul Stanley Didn’t Try Hard at School

PAUL STANLEY: 'If You Choose To Pursue Something That's Out Of Reach, You're An Idiot'
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27. Januar 2023  
KISS releasing fifth installment of ‘Off The Soundboard’ live bootleg series

KISS Announce Fifth "Off The Soundboard" Live Release, Available In April

KISS Officially Releases Only Known Soundboard Recording With Guitarist MARK ST. JOHN

Kiss to Release Rare 1984 Mark St. John Show as Next Live Album

Brazil End Of The Road Shows!

KISS’ Paul Stanley On Coping With Losing Loved Ones
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26. Januar 2023  
Gene Simmons: Kiss ruled the world by choosing not to play the game

Gene Simmons Thinks This Is Why Kiss Became So Successful, Names His Favorite Thing About Being in the Band
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25. Januar 2023  
For KISS’ Paul Stanley, time is too precious to not love what you’re doing

GENE SIMMONS Explains How KISS Became So Successful Without Chart-Topping Singles - "The Philosophy Was To Put Together An Entire Statement, A Body Of Work If You Will, As Opposed To One Song"; Video

Die Rock-Band "Kiss" gibt es seit 50 Jahren

Kiss oder wie alles mit ein paar Dollar begann
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24. Januar 2023  
KISS Army / Aucoin Management Employee MARK BROTTER Guests On Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast; Video

PAUL STANLEY Leaves The Door Open For KISS One-Off Shows In The Future

50 Jahre Kiss: Zum ersten Konzert kamen nur zehn Zuschauer

Paul Stanley Reveals KISS’ Ultimatum For The First Record Deal

Kiss rocken seit 50 Jahren

Tickets, Preise, Städte – Alle Infos zu den Deutschland-Konzerten von Kiss
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23. Januar 2023  
Kiss Co-Founder Paul Stanley on Turning an Emotional Outlet Into a Multimillion-Dollar Business
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22. Januar 2023  
Gene Simmons Admits Assuming That Robert Plant Was A ‘Chick Singer’
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21. Januar 2023  
Rock & Brews Releases Cocktail to Honor 50th Anniversary of the First KISS Concert

'Gene and I realized that we were on the brink of implosion': Paul Stanley talks 'Creatures of the Night'

Kiss: Geht es nach der Abschiedstour doch noch weiter?
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20. Januar 2023  
Ep. 223 - KISS In The Clubs 1973 with Rik Fox (Coventry, Hotel Diplomat, Academy Music) & NYC 70s

(from Pavel Hromada)
I have seen Czech Kiss rockumentary Rock Legends on OCKO STAR. This is actually Kiss Rock Legends from 3DD Productions that was released in 2016 and you can watch this in English via following links:

Paul Stanley Addresses Criticism That KISS Farewell Tour Is Taking Forever

(from Pavel Hromada)
There is a music television in CZ called "OCKO" (An Eye in Czech) which presents in one of their channels "OCKO STAR" KISS / ROCK LEGENDS today - see attach or following link
TV Broadcasting is available via DVB-T in CZ area for free or via satellite ASTRA 3B - 23.5°E and also via following link:
I am not sure if internet broadcastig is available outside CZ area.

Tod eines Groupies: Wer ermordete Playmate und Kiss-Freundin Star Stowe?
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19. Januar 2023  
When Kiss’ Boss Asked Them to ‘Play Worse’ Onstage

Why Paul Stanley Rejected Bandit Makeup After a Month

Gene Simmons (Kiss): ABBA haben sein Leben verändert

Gene Simmons (Kiss): ABBA haben sein Leben verändert

Kiss: Durch weibliche Gunst zum Erfolg
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18. Januar 2023  
KISS' Gene Simmons Shares Opinion on ABBA, Says He Likes Death Metal

KISS' GENE SIMMONS Reveals The 10 Albums That Changed His Life - "Yes, We Like Death Metal..."

GENE SIMMONS Praises ABBA's 'Undeniable Songwriting'

PAUL STANLEY Doesn't Rule Out One-Off KISS Concerts After Final Show Of 'End Of The Road' Tour

How Bob Ezrin Re-Wrote ‘Beth’ to Get Girls to Like Kiss

Paul Stanley Recalls Realizing KISS Were ‘On The Brink Of Implosion’

Producer Bob Ezrin says the key to Kiss's success was getting girls to like them

Gene Simmons schwärmt von Begegnung mit Jeff Beck
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17. Januar 2023  
Kiss: Paul Stanley will in Würde von der Bühne gehen

Gene Simmons on the 10 Albums that changed his life

Paul Stanley Explains How He's Conflicted About KISS Retirement

Kiss: Paul Stanley will in Würde von der Bühne gehen

Gene Simmons Assures KISS Have A Lot More To Offer Their Fans

Paul Stanley on the End of Kiss: 'Do I Want to See That Day? No. but It's Necessary'

SAXON Covers RAINBOW, KISS, NAZARETH, ALICE COOPER, Others On 'More Inspirations' Album
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16. Januar 2023  
GENE SIMMONS On The End Of KISS - "Your Life And My Life, Even The Planet We’re On At Some Point Is Just Going To Stop, And Maybe That’s OK"

PAUL STANLEY On KISS's Final Tour: 'Before We Have No Choice, I'd Like To End It'

KISS Tokyo, Japan 2022 PRO, Full Show

Gene & Paul sind auf der Titelseite von "American Songwriter" (Jan/Feb. 2023).

KISS have an “awful lot of material” for more ‘Off The Soundboard’ releases
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15. Januar 2023  
PAUL STANLEY In Praise Of KISS Army During KISS Kruise 2022 Q&A - "We Wouldn't Be Here Without You" (Audio)

KISS have music vault full of material for more Off The Soundboard releases
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13. Januar 2023  
Paul Stanley: other bands wish they had fans as good as Kiss fans
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12. Januar 2023  
The KISS Song Paul Stanley Inspired By A ‘Poisoned Idea’
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11. Januar 2023  
You Can Rent Ace Frehley’s Scenic Former House on Airbnb Now – 7 Bathrooms!

ACE FREHLEY's Former Connecticut Residence Available To Rent On Airbnb

Original KISS Guitarist ACE FREHLEY's Early 1980s House In Connecticut Is Available As Airbnb Rental

Bruce Kulick New Year’s Eve 2022

KISS announces first U.S. show of 2023

Paul Stanley Names Jimmy Page A Timeless Source Of Inspiration
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10. Januar 2023  

Lebe wie ein Rockstar!!! (Ace Frehley)

Paul Stanley announces new art gallery appearances

5 Deep Cuts From KISS That You Should Be Listening To

KISS’ Paul Stanley denies Gene Simmons knows “last day and date” of their farewell tour: “Really? Tell *me*!”
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9. Januar 2023  
The bizarre time Bob Dylan collaborated with Gene Simmons
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6. Januar 2023  
Gene Simmons Reacts To Not Being Included To Greatest Singers List

JLDC Approves $50,000 in Downtown Programming Monies for Ace Frehley Concert
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5. Januar 2023  
Gene Simmons Calls Ozzy's Placement on Rolling Stone's 'Best Singers' List 'a Crime', Says 'How Well You Sing Is Not the Most Important Thing'

GENE SIMMONS Says It's 'A Crime' That OZZY OSBOURNE Didn't Place Higher On ROLLING STONE's '200 Greatest Singers' List

Gene Simmons Calls Rolling Stone 200 Greatest Singer List B.S. After Snubs | TMZ
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3. Januar 2023  
Paul Stanley Responds To A Fan’s Complaint About KISS 2020 Goodbye Fiasco

Gene Simmons Privatvermögen 2023 – so hoch ist das Vermögen von Gene Simmons! Hier die Biografie
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1. Januar 2023  
Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS Shares New Version Of 'Dynasty' Song 'Dirty Livin''

Peter Criss - Dirty Livin' - December 31, 2022 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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