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30. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons

Paul Stanley Admits Gene Simmons Was The Better Choice To Sing KISS’ ‘God Of Thunder’

Gene Simmons Shows Support To Britney Spears, ‘She Earned Her Money The Hard Way’
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28. Januar 2022    
Paul Stanley was devastated when Gene Simmons got to sing the song “God of Thunder” on ‘Destroyer’

PAUL STANLEY Was "Devastated" When BOB EZRIN Decided GENE SIMMONS Would Sing KISS Classic "God Of Thunder" - "At Least I Have The Satisfaction And Joy Of Knowing That The Song That Personifies Gene Is Mine"

PAUL STANLEY Was 'Devastated' When GENE SIMMONS Got To Sing 'God Of Thunder' On 'Destroyer'

GENE SIMMONS Weighs In On BRITNEY SPEARS's Conservatorship Battle: 'No One Should Have Any Say Regarding Her Finances'

Kiss sind auf der Titelseite vom "Rock Candy" Magazin (Feb./March 2022).

KISS’ Paul Stanley Wanted to Sing ‘God of Thunder’ Instead of Gene Simmons
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27. Januar 2022    

Ace Frehley Recalls Bob Ezrin Calling Him ‘The Most Rock And Roll Guy In KISS’
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24. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Says KISS Can’t Do What The Rolling Stones And B.B. King Did

Kiss: Fortsetzung der offiziellen Live-Serie OFF THE SOUNDBOARD

Kid Rock Recruits Foreigner and Grand Funk Railroad for U.S. Tour

KISS - "Off The Soundboard – Live In Virginia Beach" kommt im März
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23. Januar 2022    
Jim Crean feels Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin and himself could have put Vinnie Vincent “back on the map”

KISS veröffentlichen „Off The Soundboard – Live In Virginia Beach” am 11. März
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22. Januar 2022    
KISS’ Paul Stanley Reflects on Turning 70

PAUL STANLEY Reflects On Turning 70 - "I'm A Work In Progress But Am Always Striving To Do Better"

PAUL STANLEY On Turning 70: 'I'm A Work In Progress But Am Always Striving To Do Better'

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons rate Kiss's lead guitarists and reflect on the band's history in this classic 2014 GW interview

Weltgrösste KISS-Sammlung – Meet & Greet im Hallenstadion (2015)

Montag, 24.1.2022 um 0:45 Uhr:
Rockpalast: Meat Loaf mit Bob & Bruce Kulick
Aufzeichnung vom 11.06.1978 aus der Stadthalle, Offenbach
Schon jetzt abrufbar in der Mediathek

KISS - Gene & Paul German TV Interview - 1980

Bootleg Serie von KISS geht weiter – VIRGINIA BEACH 2004

(von Alexander Zihlmann)
SO 23.01. 19:00 Radio 1 (FM 93.6)

Radio 1 Musikchef Dani Wüthrich präsentiert KISS, mit über 100 Millionen verkauften Tonträgern eine der erfolgreichsten Rock-Bands der Welt.
Dazu alles zum eher scheuen Leadsänger Paul Stanley über seine schwierige Kindheit und Alexander Zihlmann, KISS-Fan und Besitzer von einer der weltweit grössten KISS-Sammlungen.

(Wiederholung 26.01. 19:00 und Podcast)
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21. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Thinks Geddy Lee Would Pass Out If He Performed With KISS Outfits

KISS Premier First Unreleased Live Track, "Lick It Up", From Off The Soundboard: Live In Virginia Beach; Audio

Listen To KISS's Live Version Of 'Lick It Up' From 'Off The Soundboard: Live In Virginia Beach'

When Bruce Kulick Joined Meat Loaf’s ‘Magical’ ‘Bat Out of Hell’ Tour: Exclusive Interview

Remembering Gene Simmons’ Contentious Interview with Terry Gross, 20 Years Later

Gene Simmons congratulates Mexican garbage collector dressed as Kiss

Gene Simmons Shares The Business He’ll Focus On After KISS’ Retirement
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20. Januar 2022    
Auf Abschiedstournee: Paul Stanley wird 70

Paul Stanley: 70 Jahre und noch immer glamourös unterwegs

Auf Abschiedstournee: Paul Stanley wird 70
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19. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Says English Rockers Are Looser With Same-Sex Relationships

KISS Announce Rescheduled End Of The Road US Tour Dates

KISS Announces May 2022 U.S. Tour Dates

Kiss-Rocker Paul Stanley wird 70

KISS-Frontmann Paul Stanley feiert 70. Geburtstag
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18. Januar 2022    
Tommy Lee And Paul Stanley Show Support To Criss Angel For His Son’s Cancer Battle

Cocaine, Quaaludes and chaos: the Casablanca Records story

“God's Pulling the Strings and Playing the Whole Thing”: Ace Frehley Talks Life Before, During and After Kiss

BRUCE KULICK Confirmed For Creatures Fest 2022 Alongside ACE FREHLEY, VINNIE VINCENT

Gene Simmons’ Guitarist Reveals Gene’s Only Condition To Let Him Play With Ace Frehley
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16. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Says Paul Stanley Is The Best Frontman In The Rock Scene

Gene Simmons Reacts To His Rare Video With Prosthetic Makeup
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15. Januar 2022    
The Strangest KISS Appearances in Movies and TV
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14. Januar 2022    
BRUCE KULICK And Band Perform KISS Track "Thou Shalt Not" On KISS Kruise X; Video

Schluss mit Rock 'n' RollPaul Stanley von KISS auf seiner letzten Tour

Paul Stanley Shares His Way To Heal From Shoulder Surgery

20 things only Kiss fanatics know about Destroyer

KISS Guitarist TOMMY THAYER Featured In New Episode Of "My First Gibson"; Video
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12. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Congratulates Mick Jagger And Keith Richards On Their Royal Mail Stamp

former CREEM Editor DUSTY WRIGHT talks KISS

Mega KISS Collector JOHN DOWNS Discusses $300,000+ Collection On Three Sides Of The Coin Podcast; Video

'I' (Official Video) [remastered]

KISS Rare Backstage Dynasty Tour 1979 from Madison Square Garden
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11. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Reflects On Selling KISS’ Music Catalog

Paul Stanley Recalls Contacting Bob Saget When His Friend’s Daughter Got Sick

GENE SIMMONS - Take A Video Tour Of KISS Legend's Las Vegas Mansion

Bei CD Japan gibt es "Off the soundboard: live in Virginia Beach 2004" auf CD mit Bonus Poster vorzubestellen.
Japanese KISS CDs & DVDs
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10. Januar 2022    
Here Is A Video Tour Of GENE SIMMONS's Las Vegas Mansion

Touring Gene Simmons' LAS VEGAS MANSION with Life Size Alien?!

Frank Bello Recalls Seeing Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley Without Their Makeup For The First Time
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9. Januar 2022    
GENE SIMMONS On MARVEL COMICS Legend STAN LEE: He Will Be 'Forever Loved And Missed'

Gene Simmons Reacts To Sharon Stone Telling The Story About Bob Dylan’s KISS Admiration

KISS to Release Live Recording of 2004 Virginia Beach Show

ANTHRAX's FRANK BELLO: 'My First Time Meeting KISS Was So Influential For Me'
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7. Januar 2022    
GENE SIMMONS Is A "Big Fan" Of Australia - "I May Have A Few Children Running Around In Your Country," Says KISS Legend (Video)

KISS To Release New Archival Title With Off The Soundboard: Live In Virginia Beach; Video Trailer

KISS's 2004 Performance From Virginia Beach To Be Released In March

Kiss Announce ‘Off The Soundboard: Live in Virginia Beach’ Album

KISS rocker Gene Simmons says he 'may have a few children running around Australia' - after claiming to have slept with 4,800 women

Klassik ’78 release new album ‘Phantoms’

Gene Simmons on his new mission and upcoming Aussie tour
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6. Januar 2022    
Eric Singer of Kiss – Everything is a Choice- Hold the Sugar

(von Thomas Steinhäuser)
Habe heute folgende Wüstenrot-Werbung gesehen:

John 5 Chickened Out of Asking for Gene Simmons’ Autograph
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5. Januar 2022    
'I was trying to get them laid' - what happened when Rush toured with Kiss
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4. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Says KISS Might Continue Without Paul Stanley Or Him

Gene Simmons' New Year's Resolutions are pretty much the most Gene Simmons thing ever

Kiss: Rechteverkauf im Bereich des Möglichen

KISS: Gene Simmons will “netter, besser aussehender und reicher” werden!

John 5 Was Too Nervous to Ask for Gene Simmons’ Autograph
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3. Januar 2022    
Gene Simmons Says Rock Bands Should Always Try To ‘Sell-Out’

Will KISS Ever Sell Its Catalog? 'How Much Have You Got?' GENE SIMMONS Says

Kiss sind auf der Titelseite von "Rock Hard" (1/2022) in Frankreich.

Gene Simmons Wants to Get ‘Kinder, Better Looking + Richer’ in 2022

Gene Simmons will ein besserer Mensch werden

Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS Shares Video Of New Solos
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2. Januar 2022    
REVIEW: Bruce Kulick and his band of merry men live at Count’s Vamp’d

The Only Thing Guns N’ Roses And KISS Have In Common, According To Axl Rose

Gene Simmons Criticizes Streaming Services For Their Royalty Payments

GENE SIMMONS's New Year's Resolutions: 'I'd Like To Be A Better, Kinder, Better-Looking And Richer Guy'

Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS Rings In 2022 By Sharing Video Of New Drum Solos

Looking back at KISS’s Creatures of the Night tour date in Toronto
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1. Januar 2022    
Creatures Fest set in Nashville, TN for May 27-29, 2022 and to feature Vinnie Vincent, Ace Frehley & more

ERIC CARR - Ludwig Classic Custom Maple Black Cortex Drum Kit Up For Sale

The Contrarians Presents: Is WOW the Best 80's KISS Album?

Gene Simmons David Foster Did Nothing Wrong ... Praise The Wife Every Day!!!

KISS - Live in Montreal - April 21, 1976 - 8mm Film - Synced Audio
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