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31. Dezember 2023  
Vinnie Vincent Receives Fans’ Criticism After Increasing Membership Fee To $200

ve covered Lick It Up by Kiss and we may never sleep again

KISS Frontman PAUL STANLEY Chooses The Worst Record They Ever Made - "Unmasked Was Tepid And Had No Balls To It"

Ace Frehley Explains If He’ll Form A Band With Ex-KISS Members

Paul Stanley Names Soul-Funk Band That Inspired Kiss' 'Rock and Roll All Nite'

Vinnie Vincent charging annual fee for his ‘Euphoria’ Facebook group starting on February 1st

Ex-Night Ranger guitarist Jeff Watson recalls KISS having burnt toast next to their stage when playing live

Why Kiss’ Dressing Rooms Always Smelled Like Burnt Toast
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29. Dezember 2023  
Original KISS Guitarist ACE FREHLEY Discusses "Good Guitar Player" VINNIE VINCENT And "Excellent Musician" BRUCE KULICK


Ace Frehley Shares Opinion on Other Ex-Kiss Guitarists, Explains What He Likes About Vinnie Vincent's Musicianship

Petition: „Radio Bob“ soll einen eigenen 24/7 KISS Stream an den Start bringen

B-movie monsters, IQ tests and The Village People: 50 obscure Kiss facts only hardcore Kiss fans know
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28. Dezember 2023  
Morgen um 10:25 Uhr kommt auf ZDFinfo "The story of Kiss".

Bei Amazon gibt es momentan folgende Versionen des neuen Ace Frehley Albums vorzubestellen:

KISS Quietly Drops New ICON Splatter Vinyl! Unboxing and Review!

KISS Lick It Up Japanese 40th Anniversary Vinyl Unboxing

KISS Lick It Up 40th Anniversary 3LP Unboxing
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27. Dezember 2023  
Paul Stanley Names The Worst Two Records KISS Ever Made

Kiss kommen 2027 als Avatare: Zwei Meter groß und sie fliegen

Desmond Child On Why He Owes Everything To Paul Stanley

"Even now it can still get the tears running down my face": Paul Stanley - the soundtrack of my life
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25. Dezember 2023  
KISS ON TOUR, 2002 - 2023
(von Amazon)
KISS on Tour" is a KissFAQ title that had been in print in physical format for some years. This is the fiftieth anniversary printing of the former standalone volume that covers the period following the "Farewell Tour" in 2001, when Kiss decided that they weren't actually ready to retire after all, through their conclusion to active touring in late-2023 with the End of the Road tour. There are substantial refinements and additions from previous printings.

KISS: Legendäre Rock-Band bald nur noch als virtuelle Avatare zu sehen
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24. Dezember 2023  
KISS geben Update zu Avatar-Show… und verraten, wann es soweit sein soll
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23. Dezember 2023  
BRUCE KULICK And Wife LISA LANE KULICK Perform "Merry Christmas Baby" At Home; Video

KISS: Erstes Avatar-Konzert soll 2027 stattfinden

First Kiss avatar shows set to take place in 2027

Here’s When the Kiss Avatars Will Debut
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22. Dezember 2023  
Ace Frehley Expects To Get Paid By KISS For The Spaceman Avatar

First KISS Avatar Show Announced For 2027; Video

First KISS Avatar Show Scheduled For 2027

ACE FREHLEY On Getting Paid For KISS Avatars Using His Spaceman Make-Up - "I Get Paid For The Usage For Merch, And I Would Consider This Avatar Stuff A Merchandise Ploy"

Ace Frehley Reveals if He Earns Money From His Kiss 'Spaceman' Make-up Design

ACE FREHLEY Believes He Will Get Paid For Use Of 'Spaceman' Makeup In KISS Avatars
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21. Dezember 2023  
Paul Stanley’s Message To Peter Criss Receives Backlash From KISS Fans

Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS Celebrates 78th Birthday With Surprise Party In Florida; Video, Photos

Why Paul Stanley Rejected Bandit Makeup After a Month

Original KISS Drummer PETER CRISS Gets Surprise 78th-Birthday Party: Video, Photos
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19. Dezember 2023  
John Regan’s recollection of why Frehley’s Comet’s sophomore album ‘Second Sighting’ “sort of bombed”

Bei kik gibt es ein Kiss Tanktop um € 2,99! Vielen Dank an Thomas Steinhäuser für die Info!

Nach der letzten Show: Kiss machen sich mit 200 Millionen Dollar Avataren unsterblich
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18. Dezember 2023  
Gene Simmons Promises That KISS’ Virtual Avatars Will ‘Get Better’

David Hasselhoff Is Everybody Happy (Ft.Ex-KISS Guitarist Mark St. John) 1989

Kiss: Ihre Avatare kosten 200 Millionen US-Dollar

Kiss: 200 Millionen Dollar-Investition in die Avatare

GENE SIMMONS On KISS Avatars - "There's So Much Being Planned, Even Beyond My Comprehension"
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17. Dezember 2023  
GENE SIMMONS Says KISS Avatars Will 'Get Better': 'They're Spending 200 Million To Take It To The Next Level'
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15. Dezember 2023  
Geddy Lee Shares Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley’s ‘Trick’ To Attract Girls

KISS – New York City Collection Now Available Online
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14. Dezember 2023  
Ace Frehley versteht nicht, was die Kiss-Avatare sollen
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13. Dezember 2023  
Ace Frehley thinks that the Kiss avatars are "not rock and roll" and "geared towards children"

ACE FREHLEY Is Less Than Impressed With The New KISS Avatars - "It Kind Of Looked Like It Was Geared Towards Children... And It's Not Rock And Roll"; Video

KISS - New Destroyer-Era KnuckleBonz Statues Available For Pre-Order

ACE FREHLEY Doesn't 'Get' The KISS 'Avatar Thing': It Looks Like It Is 'Geared Towards Children'

Geddy Lee Reveals Why Kiss Had to Party in Their Makeup

Ace Frehley Mocks Kiss’ Avatars: ‘It’s Not Rock ‘n’ Roll’

Ace Frehley 2023: About his new soloalbum "10.000 Volts" and KISS

Watch ACE FREHLEY's Entire Three-Song Set At EDDIE TRUNK's 40th-Anniversary Party

The Gene Simmons interview
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12. Dezember 2023  
311 Drummer’s Childhood KISS Story Will Make You Facepalm

Ace Frehley at Eddie Trunk's 40th Anniversary Party 12/11/23

Swatch feiert die Rock-Legenden der Band KISS mit einer personalisierbaren Uhrenlinie

KISS - Swatch-Edition zum letzten Konzert kommt auf den Markt
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11. Dezember 2023  
KISS' GENE SIMMONS Promotes 1980 Album Unmasked With Radio Denmark Interview; Rare Audio Surfaces

Kiss sollten keine Avatar-Shows ausrichten, sagt Biff Byford

The Paul Stanley interview
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10. Dezember 2023  
KISS - Full Last Show - New York - December 02, 2023 - (Madison Square Garden) incl. Beth
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9. Dezember 2023  
KISS - Rare Soundboard Video Of Entire Tokyo 1995 Show Surfaces On YouTube
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8. Dezember 2023  
KISS reach the end of their road

SAXON's BIFF BYFORD On KISS Avatars: 'I Don't Think They Should Do It'

DEE SNIDER On KISS's Farewell Tour: 'When I See The Bodies In The KISS Coffins, Then I'll Say, 'They're Done.''

Kiss weiter auf der Bühne: The Show must go on – und zwar virtuell

Kiss: Dee Snider zweifelt am Bühnenabschied
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7. Dezember 2023  
KISS - Complete Pro-Shot Livestream Video Of Last Show Ever Surfaces On YouTube

GENE SIMMONS Recalls KISS Supporting BLACK SABBATH On Sabotage Tour - "Ozzy Told Me That Geezer Had Said He Felt Threatened By The Bass Player In The Opening Act"

KISS sagt, dass ihre zukünftigen Konzerte von digitalen Avataren aufgeführt werden

'Paul & Gene Tried to Destroy My Reputation', Ace Frehley Says - This Is How He Plans 'to Shut Them Up'

Paul Stanley feels there are people who don’t like KISS’ music but love the band and what it stands for

"Our intention was to go out on stage and destroy all living things": How Gene Simmons intimidated Geezer Butler when Kiss supported Black Sabbath
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6. Dezember 2023  
Frontmen Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley – KISS

GENE SIMMONS Spotted Eating A Hot Dog After Final KISS Concert; Photo

Radio Q: Das letzte Konzert von Kiss
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5. Dezember 2023  
Ace Frehley: Kiss Fans Aren’t the Brightest, My Fans Are Sharp

Ace Frehley: „Kiss-Fans sind nicht die klügsten der Welt, meine schon“

Galerie: Kiss – das letzte Konzert

Machen Kiss jetzt in Zukunft auf ABBA?

KISS - Reflecting On The Past, Present And Future As A New Era Begins (Video)
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4. Dezember 2023  
Ace Frehley Accuses Paul Stanley of 'Not Even Singing' Parts Live, Says 'Lot of Kiss Fans Aren't the Brightest People'

KISS - Avatare sollen die Band nach letztem Konzert virtuell fortführen

W.A.S.P.: Blackie Lawless würdigt Kiss

KISS Promotes Dynasty Tour With Appearance On Chicago's WLS Radio; Rare 1979 Audio Unearthed

Gene Simmons Credits Family For Making It to End of the Road

Kiss to become 'immortal' thanks to Abba's avatar technology

KISS: Madison Square Garden, New York City - Livestream

Konzertkritik: Das allerletzte Kiss-Konzert – The Last Kiss from New York

Kiss: Live im Madison Square Garden, New York (02.12.)

'One Cool Thing' Ace Frehley Did Before Eddie Van Halen's 'Eruption,' According to Trixter Guitarist Steve Brown

Kiss kündigen neue Ära mit Avataren an

GENE SIMMONS Aftershow Interview Following Last KISS Show Ever Streaming - "It Needs To Be Said: Everything Is About The Fans"

Video: Kiss Final Concert Madison Square Garden 12,02,2023
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3. Dezember 2023  
W.A.S.P.'s BLACKIE LAWLESS Pays Tribute To KISS: 'What That Band Was In The Beginning Was Astonishing'

TOMMY THAYER On KISS's Final Concert: 'I Thought It Was A Fantastic Night'

KISS - A New Era Begins (The Conversation)

Kiss feiern Abschied mit Rock und Raketen in New York

Kiss-Sänger Simmons hat Tränen in den Augen: "Mir fehlen die Worte"

Abschied von Kiss in New York: Die besten Fotos des finalen Konzerts

Die neue Avatar-Show von Kiss: Was wir bisher darüber wissen

Hier verwandeln sich Kiss in Avatare – Video

Kiss gaben ihr allerletztes Konzert in New York

Kiss zum Abschied: «Das ist also das Ende der Strasse»

Kiss gibt Abschiedskonzert in New York City

Rockband gibt Abschiedskonzert in New York und verspricht: "Kiss wird es immer geben"

KISS kündigen neue Ära an: Bandmitglieder wollen als digitale Avatare weitermachen

Kiss wollen weitermachen wie Abba

W.A.S.P. frontman Blackie Lawless recalls the unbreakable camaraderie between the original KISS members

A new era begins: Kiss announce that they're continuing as avatars

Watch KISS Livestream And Fan-Filmed Video From Last Show Ever

KISS - "A New Era Begins" (Video)

KISS Announces 'New Era', Plans To Continue As Avatars

Kiss Announce ‘New Era,’ Will Continue as Virtual Band

Videos: KISS live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA, 2.12.2023

KISS Setlist at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA, 2.12.2023

Kiss feiern Abschied mit Rock und Raketen in New York
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2. Dezember 2023  
Watch: KISS Plays First Of Two Final-Ever Shows At New York City's Madison Square Garden

ANTHRAX And PANTERA Drummer CHARLIE BENANTE Pays Tribute To KISS On Eve Of Final-Ever Concert

Kiss geben ihr (angeblich) letztes Konzert

Nach 50 Jahren: Darum gibt Rockband Kiss das letzte Konzert!

KISS waren die Helden meiner Abi-Party!

Kiss spielen Abschiedskonzert in New York - oder doch nicht?

Ein Hintertürchen bleibt offen: Rockgiganten Kiss spielen ihr Abschiedskonzert

KISS: Abschied nach 50 Jahren Horror-Show – auch als Stream

Rockband Kiss spielt angeblich letztes Konzert

Ace Frehley Doubts Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley Are Really Retiring: 'How Many Times Did They Say They Were Gonna Retire?'

KISS - Fan-Filmed Video Of Second Last Show Ever Streaming

PETER CRISS On KISS's Final Shows: 'It's Hard To Believe It's Over'

Videos: KISS live at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA, 1.12.2023

KISS Setlist at Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA, 1.12.2023
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1. Dezember 2023  
Peter Criss reportedly weighs in on KISS’ final upcoming shows

ACE FREHLEY On KISS's Final Shows: 'I Don't Really Believe They're Ending Their Touring Career'

Go Inside KISS Pop-Up Store In New York City: Video, Photos

Ace Frehley Doesn’t Believe Kiss Is Done Touring

In "Brisant" gab es heute einen Bericht über Kiss in New York. Die Sendung wird in der nacht im Ersten wiederholt.

Unter Strom: Ace Frehley zeigt erste Single „10,000 Volts“

ACE FREHLEY veröffentlicht neues Solo-Album «10'000 Volts» Februar '24. Erste Single und Titeltrack erscheint jetzt!

Kiss Tour 2023: Finales Konzert im Stream – und 2024?

Kiss - New York Post, Pop Up Store Experience, Swatch Times Square Gene Paul Eric Tommy Nov 30 2023

KISS Lights Up The Empire State Building In Honour Of Their Final Shows Ever; Video

Watch: KISS Lights Up Empire State Building In Honor Of Band's Final Shows Ever
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